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s this piece from search for the Holy Grail. . And. The Holy Grail is a myth that was constructed in England.


UK The myth goes something like UK There is a–There is a cup, the Grail, used to hold Christ s blood. And that cup has a–has redemptive significance and it s been lost.


The Knights King Arthur s Knights who go off to look for the Holy Grail are after this Cup.

So, It

s a redemption story, right It means, the world s Damned, unredeemed. There s some object that can serve as, as the source of redemption

The Source Of Nourishment, Say, Thinking

about it from a symbolic perspective and it s worthwhile to go on a quest of that sort. And. The King Arthur story Arthur story is set up in an interesting way,

Cause There

s a king, Arthur,, but he has all these knights, these nobles, and they all sit at a round table. . And they re at a round table because they

Re Equals.

So,. Although it s a hierarchical story, there s-there

S A Motif In It That Transcends The Hierarchy.

It UK Well yeah, under normal circumstances. Everyone s arranged in a hierarchy.

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But When You

re out to seek whatever you need, then everyone s an equal. And so, fine, so they sit at the round table, and then they go off to search for the Holy Grail. And.

The Story Opens With A Very

interesting motif, which is the knights look at the forest and then they try to find the part that looks the darkest, to them.. And then, they go that way. That s the marker for their mission, right, to go to the darkest place.

Of Course,, Each Knight Goes Off In A

different direction because the world looks slightly different to each knight.. So objectively speaking, they re going to a different place.

But Psychologically Speaking, They Are Going To

the same place, right And that place, I suppose, is being represented in mythology and literature as UK Heart of Darkness. And if you were ever curious about why people aren t enlightened since it seems to be a possibility

You Can Always Think About The Story Of

King Arthur and the knights of the Holy Grail, and UK Well, do you really want to enter the forest at the darkest place. And the answer to that is ofNK] No, because the darkest place means precisely that place you least want to go. And it s the same for everyone So then, I have this little nephew, although he s almost 15 now.

He Had.

Had this dream when he was four years old. . And the background to the dream isNK] He was waking up in the middle of the night for months, screaming. He had night terrors.


This went on for like six months. And what was happening in his life was UK There was some instability in his family, cause. His parents got divorced about a year after that.

And Also, He Was At The Transition Point

from staying at home to going to kindergarten. So, you know, not only was he making the big move out there into the terrible world,, but the stable point from which he might like to have moved was Shaky. So, you know, he wasn t having that great a time. so anyways he

S Screaming Away At Night, And This

is pretty unsettling, right, cause night Terrors are no joke, and so he s upset about it,. It, and his mom s upset about it, and so I

M Watching Him And He

s running around the house; he s only about this high, a very verbal kid, and he s got this knight hat on, and this sword and this shield, and he s running around the house being a knight, and at night.

He Takes His Night Hat And His

shield and his sword to bed, and I think, well that s pretty cool, and you can see how that makes sense, right, and you can see how it s an enacted reality cause children enact or act out their reality before they can explicitly understand it, just like we do, and so I

M Staying There, He Wakes Up, And He Has,

you know, one of these fits, and then the next morning he comes to breakfast, and I said, hey, did you have any dreams last night, and he goes, yeah, I. had a dream; I said, well, tell us the dream, and there s six adults sitting around the table and, you know, we re ready for this dream, or so we think, and then he says, okay, I was out in this field and I was surrounded by beaked dwarfs, and they came up to my knees, and so these dwarfs They had no arms, they just had shoulders,, and powerful legs, and they had, They were all covered with hair, and they had a cross shaved on the top of their head, and they were all covered with grease, and everywhere I went. These dwarfs would jump up with their beaks and bite me, and you

Re Looking At Him Like, That Accounts For The

night terrors, right, and so then he says, yeah, and theres more to it too; if, if you look in the background behind all the dwarfs there. was a dragon way in the background and it was puffing out fire and smoke, and every time it puffed out fire and smoke, a whole bunch. More of these dwarfs would get made, and you think, that s pretty cool, that

S A Hydra Story, Right, Remember The Story Of

the Hydra, cut off one head, two more grows, its one of Hercules trials, and that s an observation about the world, which is, you solve one problem, and like two more problems pop up, and then you solve those and Anyways, he says, okay, well.


ve got this dragon back there, and so this is his problem, right, he s been eaten by beaked dwarfs, and that s not good, and there s not much sense fighting them off because there

S Just More Of Them Made Every Time This

thing lurking in the background breathes, so I said, what could you do about that. It s like his brain was working all these ideas around and he d heard lots of Disney stories and had lots of books read to him, and had abstracted out a lot of information, but he hadn t quite got it right, and it was all seething around in his head, and I just said, well, what could you do, tap, and he went, Oh I know what I could do.

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I Could Take My Sword And I

d get my dad, which is a good notion, right, cause. He s small, and then I

D Jump Up On The Dragon And I

d pop out both of its eyes with the sword. So it couldn t see me, and then I d go down its throat to the box where the fire came out.

, And Then I

d Carve a piece out of the box and I d use that as a shield, and I thought, great, you really got the story, and the story s something like this, UK If you re being plagued by midget dwarfs and you wipe them out and they keep multiplying, well you

Re Obviously Aiming At The Wrong Target,

right, you should be going to their source, so he went after the Dragon, but not only after the dragon,. He went right down the throat of the dragon,, which is, you know, a fairly brave thing to do, and then right to the place where the fire, the transforming element, was being produced. , and he took a piece of the device that made the transforming element, and he used it as a. Shield. Okay.

Well That

s really cool, and the story s better than that, I think, and it s true even, so it s not one of those fake, he-was-dreaming-and-then-woke-up sort of stories; this actually happened; he didn

T Have Any More Nightmares, So When I Checked

with his mother, repeatedly after that because I thought, well this is too good to be true, right, hes got this terrible night terror thing, he does one little mythological dream thing, and, bang, he s, he s better, but that s the case, it is the case, he didn

T Have Any More Nightmares After That, And I

think thats because he d almost already got it, right; he was running around like a knight; he knew, almost, it just had to be made a little more explicit, and not even that explicit cause it was still a story. he didn

T Know You Should Go To The

source of your anxieties, right,. the most, and you should explore that in detail until you find the information that it contains that will protect you against it. He couldn t say that, but he could tell the story, and he could act it out, and that looked like it was good enough, so that s pretty cool, so he basically, you know, he managed this, essentially, he fought the Dragon of Chaos, popped back up, as what, as he who can obtain victory over the Dragon of Chaos.

, And That

s a pretty good story because it says, well, if your frame of reference gets blown away by something you don t understand, some new challenge, and you face the challenge, at least courageously and, and humbly, which means, you know, you re not gonna run away, and you still have something to learn, then you can extract something out of the battle that will enable you to withstand. It.

And You Think, Well Why Should I

believe that, right, and the answer to that would be, well, Dont knock it Till you try it, and the second answer would be, that s exactly what we do in clinical psychotherapy all the time, and there s endless amounts, I think, of empirical evidence saying that, you bring someone in, they ve got an anxiety disorder, maybe they

Re Even Depressed, Whatever, They

re running away. You say, you actually don t have to run away; here s what you have to UK you have to break the problem down into little pieces, digestible pieces, and then you have to hit it one by one, and what you

Ll Discover Is, Not That You Habituate

to the anxiety because thats a silly theory; instead what you discover is that you thought you were the person who had to run away,, but it turns out you re not the person. who has to run away, you re the person that can stand there while you

Re Anxious And Learn Something, And What You

most particularly learn is that youre the person who can stand there when they re anxious and learn, and if you ve learned that, you don t have to be anxious anymore, or even more importantly, if you

Re Anxious, It Doesn

t matter, it doesn t mean your life s over, it just means that there you are on the threshold, right, between what you know and what you don t know, and you have something to learn, and you can learn it, and I think that

S What The Empirical Evidence Suggests Too

because you got Edna Foas work with post-traumatic stress disorder victims, primarily women who were violently raped, and Foa says, well I know you don t like to think about the event, and it s no bloody wonder, look what it did to you, and how terrible it was,. If you re-live it over and over and over again in your imagination, in as much detail as possible, including all the motivational and emotional details, which she measures psycho.

-Physiologically, You Will Get Better Faster And You Will

stay better longer, and her works well documented, and then there s endless cases of exposure in psychotherapy, you can certainly eliminate simple phobias within an hour, and even complex phobias like agoraphobia, which is more like fear of everything. It

S Not An Intractable Disorder.

IMagine that throughout your whole life you never turned away from a mistake, not even once, never. SO that whenever you made a mistake.


The Holy Grail is a myth that was constructed in England . The story opens with a very interesting motif, which is the knights look at the forest and then they try to find the part that looks the darkest, to them.& And then, they go that way. That&s the marker for their mission, right, to go to the darkest place. The place, I suppose, is being represented in mythology and literature as UK Heart of Darkness. And if you were ever curious about why people aren&t enlightened & since it seems to be a possibilitilit, it seems it seems that there&s a possibility, you can be enlightened, right. And so, fine, so they sit at a round table.& The story is set up in an interesting way, but when you’re out to seek whatever you need, then everyone&s an equal.& But when you&re an equal, then there&re going to a different place. And that place,…. Click here to read more and watch the full video