2 HUGE Wins Against Sony Naughty Dog Along With More False Strikes Last Of Us 2 Controversy


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Whats Going On Guys This Is Ryan

with dark’ outpost and we have won our first major victory in the war between Youtubers who are getting false copyright struck and Sony Naughty Dog in their third-party Lapdogs. Musso UK limited we’re the ones abusing the copyright system and filing these false UK claims but Tagore is by no means over it is only just begun, but it’s good to have a little good news makes me feel a little better about my channel that has to false copyright strikes from Musso UK limited acting for Sony and Naughty Dog. I can be terminated any point but the news we got today makes me a little hopeful, but it is not over because these people are still as we speak I was sitting down to film this video anomaly Inc got another copyright strike He is one strike away as well. Gonna put his link in the description of this video make sure you support him and subscribe to him spread his message as far as it can go because as a couple of these strikes get removed. We have more people getting hit but back to some good news before I get back to more bad now as from Heel vs.


babyface who I was on Friday Night Tights with just a couple of days ago has had a victory you can see right here. Naughty Dog / Sony forced to release copyright claim against me now his strike that was on his channel is now been rescinded. The video is not public yet because there are still some copyright claims that need to get sorted out on that video and UK is dragging their feet with that as well, but at least that strike is off his channel, which is great news for him and then Mr. .

H Reviews As Well.

About the same time that Mr. . H reviews was one of the first channels to be affected by this you can see copyright strike claim removed Naughty Dog’s, Sony Neil, Druckmann The Last of US-leaks and this is Act. This is really encouraging to me because I feel like our strikes were for very similar things.

I Also Submitted The Counter-Notification And Im Going

to go over exactly what I said in my counter-notification as well as tell you what Mr.. H reviews said so if this ever happens to you you know exactly. You have to do to kind of get it rescinded. I’m hoping that mine will the same thing will happen to mine.

I Dont Quite Have The Same Level Of

access to the behind the scenes inNK] that big youtubers like Mr.. H and He’ll verse babyface do but I’m hopeful that I’ll get the same result Eventually given a little time. You can see right here what he wrote this is what Mr. .

H Reviews Wrote When He Submitted His Counter-Notification.

It’s important to note that when you file a counter-notification it’s no small thing. You are basically telling UK and you are telling whatever company false UK to you that you are willing to start a legal process. You are willing to go to court for this to defend yourself and you’re gonna make them take you to court in order to keep this away from. the public but this was his response Mr.


H reviews the claimant is abusing the copyright system. The fair use and failed fair dealings law state that I can provide commentary and critique for reporting news whilst using copyrighted material. The material used in this video was an image which did not appear on screen without commentary or critique right so just like in my videos as I’m scrolling through news articles that happen to have a few images that was some leaf content that however, it may have been released illegally hackers whatever it was if somebody broke a UK to do it. It doesn’t matter once it gets out there it is out there in public which was an image which did not appear on screen without commentary or critique.

Its Not Like The Image Was Just

on there sitting there for twenty thirty-a minute. Not at all. It was on there for a couple seconds as I was talking and then it scrolled past I provided commentary for the material and as such it was transformative. An image did not make up the sole video length of nearly twenty minutes and thus an image seen on screen for roughly one percent of the video with the accompanying commentary and critique is fair use It is transformative and it meets fair dealings and UK response was they agree and they went ahead and forwarded that claim to Musso and Naughty Dog who approve I did this is the thing guys they are. abusing the copyright system this is the thing that is so irritating what they are supposed to do and I’ll zoom in so you can see it a little better.

When They Make This Copyright Claim They Are

supposed to tell you exactly what was infringing upon copyright, but they claimed his entire video just like they have acclaimed my entire videos and all they said was the Last of Us-they didn’t type they didn’t do any time codes they didn’t say oh this image. This video nothing like that all they did is claim the entire video that’s absolute nonsense and this is what we mean when we’re trying to tell people. This is an abuse of the copyright system. Maybe people don’t quite understand what is going on but they are not doing what they should be doing to get these videos to come down and. And hopefully this can continue to be the case as more people get their counterclaims accepted and the videos come back up but like I said this is not the end just like as it Hilversum a be face just some guy said now Mousou TNt dropped the copyright strike against my channel, but the video is still blocked from Sony their copyright blockiness, so that is a copyright takedown request not a strike just some guy is dealing with that Jeremy with Geeks and gamers Oh we are awaiting over at geeks and gamers.

We Have Submitted A Counter Notification

as well. But now everything he does it involves. The Last of Us-is getting limited monetization immediately, regardless of how whether every brother he senses himself, whether he swears anything like that limited monetization for no reason whatsoever I posted over here on my Twitter some problems. problems I had with the video today. I was trying to use the tag Hash tag Last of US-or Hash tag Last of US part-or Hash tag The Last of US-and it would not let me use that Hash tag even though I had been using it in like seven or eight of the past videos.

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Nk] Refused To Let Me Use That Hash

tag and I don’t know why is it a glitch on mine. It has not rectified itself in over 12 hours. Is it UK somehow censoring my channel from using that I’m gonna try to use it in this video as well. See if it works hopefully it’s just a UK glitch, but it’s tough to tell with these things now. I wanted to go and show you guys exactly what I wrote because I had two strikes on this.

Two Strikes On This Channel.

One of them you can see right here. I got this thank you for your counter-notification. Unfortunately, it’s unclear whether you have a valid reason for filing a counter-notification, so we won’t be able to honor your request, but then the other one thank you for your counter-notification. It’s been forwarded to the party that sent a takedown notification so that is my status I am sitting here.

One Of The Videos That I Submitted A

counter notification for it’s been sent to UK so they have 10 to 14 days to officially respond or not now. In the case of Mr. . Eysher views it got right back up very very quickly because they realized that they did not properly utilize the UK system. I’m hoping that’s gonna be the case for me too I can’t wait to tell you guys that.

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And Be Away From The Brink Of

elimination, but my wording was a little different in these claims. Now I’m not a lawyer you saw Mr. . ages response it was very well written. It looks to me like he may have consulted someone before which I think is a great idea.

I Probably Should Have Done That Before I

did. These I have since and I have much better wording on my subsequent counter-notification, but let’s see what I wrote because the thing is I don’t feel like you should have to be a lawyer to use this I’m a Youtuber. I’m A lawyer and this is not meant for lawyers in my opinion, but this is what I wrote for my first strike and this might have been the key problem. When I said I fully believe instead of I just made a statement of fact instead of a statement of belief.

But I Said I Fully Believe

my video falls under the guidelines for fair use and was transformative and that it was abuse of the copyright system. These images and plot leaks are out there for the world to see and my video was taken down because I was critical about the content now I fired this off pretty quick. I probably should have took my time and worded it a little better, and I have I’ll actually pull it up right now and show you guys the next one that I submit. This one is very comprehensive and I have no doubts that this will have no problems being sent on to Musso UK limited but let’s go on to the one that actually did get sent on that was for it a success now that starts that clock.

This Is The Second Copyright Claim On This

channel for a video that clearly falls under the guidelines of fair use. This video was wholly transformative and this isn’t a bitter abuse of the UK by a company that is upset that people are being critical of the game and I think if there’s anyone that’s watching this video right now that somehow doesn’t think that it was an abuse of the copyright system that thinks that Sony and Naughty Dog are well within their rights to copyright strike people who are just talking about the leaks or just talking about Sony and Naughty Dog’s reaction Yeah I think you’re you’re fooling yourself at this point wake up because it’s very clear what’s going on very clear that for everyone to see again even if you do scroll through these publicly available articles. These publicly available images and you’re providing commentary you’re providing criticism you’re providing critique to go along with the fact that Neil Druckmann today said that nothing compares. to playing The Last of Us-from beginning to end all of that if you look at the people have actually done a legal analysis who are actually lawyers such as Hogue Law and Nick RockNK] then you’ll see that it’s it’s very clear that it falls under fair use or at least should there be.

There Should Be An Argument There

for fair use and the way they’re going about it just manually claiming all these videos is absolute UK I’m glad we have the first step the first step in a long battle against Sony and Naughty Dog. We are not stopping we’re gonna keep fighting our voices will keep getting louder as they continue to do this again. I just wanted.


Heel vs.&.& babyface who I was on Friday Night Tights with just a couple of days ago has had a victory you can see right here . Naughty Dog / Sony forced to release copyright claim against me now his strike that was on his channel is now been rescinded . Mr.&& H reviews was one of the first channels to be affected by this . Sony’s, Sony Neil, Druckmann The Last of US-leaks and this is Act.& . Act. & H reviews were the first channel to be hit with a copyright strike claim removed from Naughty . Dog’s, Mr. & . Neil’s, The Last . of US Leaks and . Druckman The .leaks were also hit . The strikes were for very similar things. They were for similar reasons. Mr. and Act. and this was the first of these strikes. Naughty.& H Reviews were the last channel to have a strike.& Leaks…. Click here to read more and watch the full video