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Would Be Nice And Well Directed To–Tammy

Jorgen I’ve known each other were afternoon sixteen nearly 30 years, nearly 50 years. He’ll that hold up a we come from northern Alberta. He lived up the street I mean I only movie with the a fascinating person. So in my late twenties he moved East Island in material and I thought it’s probably had to marry him because if I don’t marry him. I won’t know what happens and now we’re seeing what happening yeah I mean he’s been talking about these things.

Hes Been Talking About Whats Going

on in our society and how it’s moving left and how things are destabilizing for last 20 years and go in in September. He said he came down one morning and he was quite disturbed and he said you know it welcomes love email that I can’t do list I. Can’t deal with classes and I’m going to have to say something what do you think and I said well he was speaking to me and my dad was there too for a very very long time, and maybe it is time for you to tell everyone what’s going on and so we didn’t We didn’t know what would happen You know we didn’t have any idea just went up and made a video instead what he all you said and what he’s always walk and the lady she’s coming down like and they resonated with Tara members response and mostly all you 95 percent or more whether this response so although it was destabilizing I got everything email list, you can saluting we’ve left a lot you know myself. I wasn’t as learned at this in but I sure learned a lot and I know you guys have to and you’re going to learn a whole bunch big UK so your filming is Can I walk around yeah can you hear me without the microphone good then I’ll be able to walk around so I want to tell you a story. It’s it.

I Have A Mic On Here Yeah

so okay so I started studying the things that I have been talking about in well really as long back as I can remember I think that’s true. I wrote an essay when I was about 13 on the on ash with it wasn’t very good essay, but I was only 13 so it’s not that surprising but and I don’t know exactly why it was a particular concern to me except that of course it’s the sort of thing that should be of concern to everyone how about if I speak a little louder all right all right no I’ll do it I’ll do it this way. I think if you have any trouble at the back. Let me know what I’ll all make sure that I’m projecting. So I said when I was about 13.

I Wrote An Essay On On Our Swift

and I I was trying to understand it. I think maybe I tried to understand it in a way that was somewhat different than most people who examine historical events because I was. Trying to understand how human beings could do that knowing full well that I was one of them and that’s the critical thing because generally when people examine especially something horrifying that’s done by humanity. They make the assumption that it’s other people doing it and that’s a that’s a big mistake in my estimation because if a lot of human beings have done something terrible, you can be sure that being a human being that you’re capable of it, and you know one of the things that we’ve been asked repeatedly to do as a consequence of what happened in World War 2 is to not forget it, but it’s always been my contention that you can’t remember something you don’t understand and you don’t understand what happened in Nazi Germany or in the Soviet Union for that matter until you understand that had you been there the probability. that you would have played a role and that wouldn’t have been a positive one is extraordinarily high when people do think about themselves as actors in situations like that.

They Have A Proclivity To Cast Themselves In

a heroic role, assuming that had they been say in Nazi Germany in the 1930s that they would have taken on the burden of fighting against the Nazis and defending the things that should have been defended, but that’s a very foolish presupposition, especially because it’s more or less self–evident from the historical perspective that that isn’t what people did and in order for us to come to terms with that it means that we have to understand how it happened, but more importantly, what role we still play as individuals in acting in such a way that such things are not only likely but desired. When I was older and in university I. By nightmares mostly about they were apocalyptic Nightmares mostly about the Third World War and I had very large long series of dreams about about nuclear bombs. I remember one of them and I was living in Edmonton at the time and on the on the south side and I could remember watching out through my window in the dream. I’m seeing mushroom cloud form over the main core of the city and then the dream shifted locales and there were a bunch of people in the wreckage and they started to fight and I thought that’s just exactly right and that was exactly what my nightmares were like that no matter how tremendous the catastrophe We don’t seem able to derive the proper conclusions from us and start to act in a way that makes us things less rather than more likely.

When I Was In Graduate School

at. ##NK] which would have been after that I was studying political science decor that sorry back when I was in Edmonton and before that I had even thought about going into into law. But as I studied political science, I got increasingly disenchanted with the explanations that were being offered to me about motivations for for human conflict that especially in the upper years of my undergraduate education that the lower years were pretty good because mostly what I studied was political philosophy and literature, and I found that very helpful but in the upper years. The the contention of the professor’s was that people primarily engaged in conflict for economic reasons that never struck me as very deep deep explanation because it didn’t get at the core of the issue, which was well okay people fight about things of material value, but why do they value those things I? Mean it’s self-evidence if you think about food and shelter and so forth, but you know generally speaking, especially in the 20th century. It wasn’t necessarily about the basics of food and shelter that people were engaging in conflict about it was it was something much more subtle than that maybe.

It Had More To Do With National Identity

with identity that kind of thing and so there was a psychological element missing in the analysis of the human propensity for conflict that to me loomed larger and larger and so I decided at least in part for that reason to pursue a graduate degree in psychology and in clinical psychology and I went to UK and that’s when I started to read very much more broadly. I suppose and I spent a lot of time reading I read a lot of Freud and a lot of all the classic. psychologists who extraordinarily useful Carl Rogers and Sigmund Freud and Alfred Adler and a whole host of them All the classic thinkers I could get my hands on and also most particularly the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, most of whose major work works I read at that point in Fyodor Dostoyevsky, who was writing very similar things to Nietzsche there. In fact, Nietzsche was quite influenced by Dostoyevsky and Dostoevsky was a like a master in the literary genre. His five great books focused on the most difficult questions that face humanity, both socially and individually.

I Found Those Books Overwhelmingly Powerful And

also extraordinarily useful good the only good or Crime and Punishment. For example, if a brilliant brilliant piece of work outlining the motivation of someone who regards himself as above all law and who decides that to not kill when necessary is an act of cowardice and so. Doth Dfd walks through his rationalization sense and the murder and the aftermath of it in a way that’s extraordinarily enlightening and painful simultaneously, and at the same time, Nietzsche in Germany was writing philosophical tract on exactly the same themes their lives an unbelievably close parallel. In fact, when Nietzsche finally went insane, he had some illness that has been very difficult to diagnose. He had he’d seen someone beating a horse in the street and embraced it out of compassion and there’s a scene exactly like that in one of Dostoyevsky stories, so it’s the parallels are really uncanny and I also read a lot of neuroscience because I did my thesis on the biological predisposition to alcoholism and that required a lot of investigation into more hardcore science investigation into the structure and function of the brain and I tried to weave all of that together in.

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A Book That I Published In 1999.

It took me about 15 years to write. I was writing three hours a day for every day and thinking about it all the time like I was absolutely 100% obsessed by by the sorts of issues that I’m discussing with you today. It took me deep.

I Read Alexander Solzhenitsyn Much Of What He

wrote at the same time and then of course. I studied Carl Jung in great depth. When I finally started to crack what he was up talking about was extraordinarily difficult material. I read volume 9 of his collected works, which is called archetypes of the collective unconscious and first time I read it I didn’t understand a word.

He Was Saying And I Think Thats

very common experience for people reading. Jung has certainly persona non grata in the modern academy and I think the reason for. That is that well I think when you first encounter you, you tend to bounce off them and then the next thing that happens is you get very frightened and then you just leave it the hell alone and and it’s no wonder as far as I’m concerned because I don’t think I’ve ever read anyone including me chip that was more terrifying than young. Nick Young was a student of Nietzsche I don’t mean technically speaking, although Nietzsche was everywhere.

Nietzsches Thinking Was Everywhere When You Lose

maturing people no Carl Jung primarily as a disciple let’s say a Freud, which is true in part because Freud of course did the initial you my might describe it as initial excavating work outlining the fact that there was more going on in the human psyche than the met the conscious eye and his greatest work likely was the interpretation of. Dreams where he started to perform an archaeology of the of the symbolic unconscious showing that much of our mental life went on in some sense, underneath our conscious awareness, which is of course regarded as a truism now by psychologists, but was quite revolutionary at the time it wasn’t Freud wasn’t entirely an original idea with Freud. Few things are entirely regional ideas, but he went farther than anyone else synthesizing it and also publicizing and promoting it and also basing a psychotherapeutic theory on it pretty remarkable set of accomplishments and Jung was very much influenced by Freud, but also by Nietzsche and the reason he was influenced by Nietzsche most.


Tammy Jorgen has known each other since he was 16 . He’s been talking about what’s going on in our society and how it’s moving left and how things are destabilizing for last 20 years and go in in September . He said he came down one morning and he was quite disturbed and he said you know it welcomes love email that I can’t do list I. would be nice and well directed to–Tammy┬áJorgen.& I wasn’t as learned at this in but I sure learned a lot and I know you guys have to and you’re going to learn a whole bunch of big UK so your filming is Can I walk around yeah can you hear me without the microphone good then I’ll be able to walk around so I want to tell you a story.& It’s it. I have a mic on here yeah. Can you hear the microphone on here. I don’t know what happens and now we’re seeing what happening.& He’ll that…. Click here to read more and watch the full video