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Year hit it Eric boss this is Phillip Molina and welcome back to the big question. Phillip and I are starting off 2020 with a slice humble pie No one knows we’re gonna reflect on our theorizing from 2019 and all the stuff we okay so this episode I have just I put it very simply it’s the one big question. I ask you every year what did I do to deserve you Oh good or bad yes I know it’s what theories did we get completely wrong past year so this is our performance review right yeah We’re having a performance review with you the viewer and this is what we own up to this we go out on a limb, but then we call ourselves out on it. Last year my favorite was to call out Eric for thinking that. Cop would eat the soul Stone-h and given hustle sun-powered which now after endgame might be true.

We Dont Know What He Might Have

eaten it okay but let us start with Avengers in game. This is the the first of a the biggest thing that we theorized about we made like dozens of videos pointing in various different directions. We got a lot right, but we got a lot wrong. The first one. I want to point out that we got wrong is that the front-door footage from the first Avengers in game trail UK remember this of Ant-Man_(Scott_Lang)” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Scott Lang being like hey is anyone home.

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Its At Archive And Upper Corner And Man

Oh man did our trailer breakdown theorized that that was evidence that Scott Lang had to travel through time. This isn’t the front door of the facility at this moment. This is a old. And somehow Scott is showing up in it now while time travel did end up being a big part of the plot that had nothing to do with it. It was not the huge discovery of time Travel Archive was just a random detail that had no effect on the plot, which when no sense to be up.

There Actually Has Not An Archive And

what’s so weird about it. It’s not like they they just they chose to design that frame with having the word archive up there right first maybe it was being archived in the immediately immediately Yeah Yeah everything’s being archived okay so that mat was wrong looks likes okay. The next thing we got wrong was the theory that we speculated that Loki did not actually die or that somehow he faked his death or that he would be resurrected or my favorite is that. He disguised himself as the whole and the equals. Hulk I remember the judging from the issues that hope should not have remembered these things because Hulk is supposed to black out like Banner.

Doesnt Remember Anything Thats That Hulk Sees

so how did he remember all this stuff to tell Dr. strange about at the beginning of a infinity war. It was just a weird little plot hole, but Loki‘s dead. He wasn’t resurrected in a sense through time-travel, but you did not describe yourself as Hulk okay so the next thing that we we got a bit wrong about. In game is that the ending scene that was deleted from the film of Tony Stark in the soul realm meeting his daughter Morgan.

I Have Speculated That The Reason

that we never saw that is because Tony was really talking to a cosmic entity to negotiate to get. a Natasha Romanov life and that she would be resurrected in the post–credits scene of Black Widow Yes I am submitting to you. The theory that the Black Widow movie will feature the resurrection of Natasha Romanov well. Since Disney Plus has come out we have seen that scene it was just deleted because people didn’t have an emotional connection to Catherine Lankford and that’s the horrea such a bummer Yeah, But I did like your theory that that entity was not his daughter, but rather a cosmic entity, Which was a separate theory that you had about cosmic entities. Yes that’s another thing that we should point out that we had speculated that characters like Chronos in the Living Tribunal would show up in a ventures endgame and that maybe even Thanos would team up with the Avengers to take on that bigger threat was not the case.


did reveal that The Living Tribunal wasn’t a deleted scene of Infinity war when Doctor Strange was battling Thanos on Titan that he’s gonna take him through this like wizard duel through the multiverse and that the Living Tribunal would try Thanos for his crimes, but was not the case in any game that did not have it’s pretty clear that they are headed there At some point they’re headed that level of cosmic and I like that we spected on that I know. We also speculated on who noob Master 69 yeah dead wrong on that one that was we did a whole video about who knew Master 69 could be and in the video. I specular that it could be Flash. Thompson given the fact that he’s a troll not at all.

I Just Completely Blanked On The Fact That

Flash Thompson blipped he was one of the. people who got tested away in a snap, He would not be around during that five year period to become a new master to Troll Korg and Thor and there’s by the way there are so so many theories about who new master Yeah Yeah it could be it could be Deadpool could be a start. Mergen start it’s probably no one unless the creators like an answer law and the big Yeah another one that is probably wrong was one of our first episodes of total conspiracy that Howard Stark was using Zola in the 1970s to try to genetic engineer a super Sun in his wife Maria’s womb that end of the beam are no stark Tony Stark’s brother may be. Howard was one of those hands-on Dads who keeps bringing home all kinds of crazy prenatal supplements or in this case a particular comfort food that just. happens to be a popular German side dish that is probably laced with vitamins.

Ola Sir Probably Not Be Not

the craziest leap aside from all of it, but but the in the comics Tony does have a brother He does. It was based on a 2013 arc of the Iron Man comics that reveals Arno stark as someone in an iron lung. There was a sequel kind of tear cap eight the soulstone theory Yes you went in on this year. One of the things we speculate on is the post-credits scene after Ant-man the wasp where you see Ant-man in the quantum realm and they’re all these like orange quantum healing particles that are floating around him. We speculated that those particles are pieces fragments of people’s souls that now flood the quantum realm the moment of the snap because we tried a time when the snap would.

Scott Was In The Quantum Realm In That

moment we said, Oh, there’s more of those particles now So we speculated those are pieces of people,’s, souls or their souls kind of like in like the galaxy quest way of travel. We write the particles that form when people teleport no probably not the case. I’ll say, though this one when we went with that theory I was pretty into it, especially at that time, we were still trying to figure out what was gonna happen with how they were gonna bring people back and so we got obsessed with this idea of where do you store half the University of where do we go? Where are they in the meantime turns out that wasn’t really addressed at all they just didn’t exist us but I actually still kind of liked that theory. I don’t know that that there is. Actually disproven hey that’s the thing here in the Rock Sirs We don’t necessarily believe every theory we put forth sometimes we just find them interesting and we would like to think that in Headcanon and fanfiction and like entertain imagination, we’re not trying to be a hundred we’re not meteorologists we’re not trying to perfect.

We Predict Every Movie Like Meteorologist

perfectly predict every right in most of time they’re wrong and then you call them out on it like. We are right a lot of times, but we’re just throwing most of the stuff that we theorized directly contradicts other stuff we’ve theorized so when you watch a theory video don’t go in the comments be like this is wrong that’s not gonna be the case like just use your imagination to think about what if it could be right which is kind of fun now a lot. of these theories were based on you know comic book origins or crazy things that are have happened and these cosmic characters and all that But I like the the really grounded theories that went along with the Joker fair right coming out and the one that you we almost cut out of an episode of rogue theory because it was so incredibly dark and you were just like in a way Yeah, This is rogue theory. We started our warding points based off of how rogue your theories get so I just went real dark when it came to predict how the Joker will end and my prediction was that it will end in a mass suicide of clowns dead clowns throughout the streets of Gotham like they’ll be inspired by the joke suicide on the talk show and one by one like the invitation. They’ll murder themselves and it’ll just be streets filled with dead clowns eat some guy.

Whats Also Unclear Is Whether Or Not.

Eric means that a bunch of people will be motivated to put on clown makeup and kill themselves or anyone who’s a professional clown and it’s defined as a clown It’s just like well we can’t come back from this he’s ruined clowns as a career force yes clown clown them. We also speculated in that episode and lots of other episodes that it will end with the Arth reflect killing young Bruce Wayne Yeah instead of the parent we thought we could potentially head to almost a flash points of situation where Thomas Wayne actually is the character we come to know as Batman I was super into that I’ve said it a million times. I’m really into Batman like alternate universe tales and that I think. They might as well make the if they’re and ocher is one basic yeah.

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They Might As Well Just Lean Into

that both were wrong, but hey we had fun being wrong let’s move on to Spider Man far from home. Another huge movie, We speculate a lot of stuff about what might be the case my favorite theory that we got wrong was that Quentin Beck is actually Peter from the future and or another reality talking to his young self warning him about the future to avoid nope sounds ridiculous, but very cool if it was that Spider-man is also Mr. . yes you become the it because it’s kind of based on this idea of Kang, the Conqueror being a young Iron ore being an old version of Iron lad.

You Know Uk The The Person Youre

battling is yourself from the future looper right great just based. that I actually have a theory that I like less in that I’m more happy. It was wrong, and there’s the idea that Tony Stark would appear in this movie as a Jarvis type Oh the UK in the glasses yeah as if Robert.


Phillip Molina and Eric Stonestreet take a look at some of the biggest things they’ve theorized about this year . The Rockstars mouth is back for a performance review with you the viewer . This is what we own up to this we go out on a limb, but then we call ourselves out on it . Time travel did end up being a big part of the plot that had nothing to do with it. Time Travel Archive was just a random detail that had no effect on the plot, which when no sense to be up. It’s not like they they just they chose to design that frame with having the word archive up there right first maybe it was being being used as a reference to the time travel. It was not the huge discovery of time Travel Archive.& There actually has not an archive and what’s so weird about it. We don’t know what is so weird around it. I want to point out that we got wrong. The first one. The last one….. Click here to read more and watch the full video