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Theatre in Louisville, Kentucky on June 14th 2018 and I thought I’d read you an excerpt from maps of meaning the architecture of Belief, which is a book I published in 99 with Routledge and IT’s been the basis of my UK lectures and I would say also Twelve rules for life. A lot of the ideas and twelve rules for life were first worked out with maps of meaning I just recorded. An audio version of the book was released two days ago. June 12 2008. Een and It’s available from Penguin Books on audible.

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the video. I’m hoping that the audio version with its Careful intonation will be easier to understand maps of meaning is a rather difficult book In any case. I’m going to read you an excerpt from it. Today and That’ll serve as a bit of an introduction to the book I’ll make some more excerpts over the next coming weeks. I think as well, but We’ll start with this one.

I Was Reading Jeffrey Burton Russells

mephistopheles the devil in the modern world. When I came across his discussion of Dostoyevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov. Russell discusses Ivan’s argument for atheism,, which is one of the most powerful ever mounted. Ivan is one of the brothers in The Brothers Karamazov. Ivan’s examples of evil All taken from the Daily newspapers of 1876 are unforgettable The nobleman who orders his hounds to tear the peasant boy to pieces in front of his mother.

The Man, Who Whips His Struggling Horse On

its gentle eyes. The parents, who locked their tiny daughter all night in the freezing privy while she knocks on the walls pleading for Mercy. The Turk, who entertains a baby with a shiny pistol before blowing its brains out. Ivan knows that such horrors of Kur daily and can be multiplied without end. I took the case of children.

Ivan Explains To Make Case Clearer Of

the other tears with which the earth is soaked. I will say nothing. Burton Russell states the relation of evil to God has in the century of Auschwitz and Hiroshima once again become center of philosophical and theological discussion. The problem of evil can be stated simply God is omnipotent. God is perfectly good Such.

A God Would Not Permit Evil To

exist. But we observe that evil exists. Therefore. God does not exist. Variations on this theme are nearly infinite.

The Problem Is Not Only.

abstract and philosophical. OF course. IT is also personal and immediate Believers tend to forget that their God takes away everything that one cares about possessions, comforts success, professional craft, knowledge, friends, family and life. What Kind of God is this any Decent religion must face this question squarely and no answer is credible that cannot be given in the face of dying children.

It Seems To Me That We

use the horrors of the world to justify our own inadequacies. We make the presumption that human vulnerability is a sufficient cause of human cruelty. We blame God and God’s creation for twisting and perverting our souls and claim all the time to be innocent victims of circumstance. What do you say to a dying child. You say You can do it.

There Is Something In You That Is

strong enough to do it and you don’t use the terrible. vulnerability of children as an excuse for the rejection of existence and the perpetration of conscious evil. When I wrote maps of meaning I did not have much experience as a clinical psychologist. Two of my patients however, stayed in my mind. The first was a woman about 35 years old.

She Looked 50.

She reminded me of a medieval peasant Of my conception of a medieval peasant. . She was dirty clothes hair teeth, dirty with the kind of Filth that takes months to develop. She was unbearably Shy.

She Approached Anyone Who She Thought Was Superior

in status to her,, which was virtually everyone hunched over With. Her eyes shaded by her hands both hands as if she could not tolerate the light emanating from her target. She had been in behavioral treatment in a Montreal Hospital before as an outpatient and was in fact a sight known to. The permanent staff at the clinic Others had tried to help her overcome her unfortunate manner of self-presentation, which made people on the streets shy away from her Made. Them regard her as crazy and unpredictable.

She Could Learn To Stand Or Sit

up temporarily with eyes on garden But. She reverted to her old habits as soon as she left the clinic. She may have been intellectually impaired in consequence of some biological fault. It was difficult to tell because her environment was so appalling. It may have caused her ignorant.

She Was Illiterate As Well.

She lived with her mother, whose character. I knew nothing about and with an elderly, desperately ill bedridden. Aunt Her boyfriend was a violent alcoholic schizophrenic who mistreated her Psychologically and physically, who was always muddling. Her simple mind with tirades about the devil and the worship of Satan.

She Had Nothing.

Going for her. No beauty. No intelligence. No loving family.

No Skills No Employment Nothing She Didnt

come to therapy to resolve her problems. However, nor to unburden her soul nor to describe her mistreatment and victimization at the hands of others. She came she Came because she wanted to do something for someone who was worse off than her Of the clinic where I was interning was associated with a large psychiatric hospital. All of the patients that still remained after the shift to communityNK] in the aftermath of the 60s were so incapacitated that they could not survive on the streets. She had done some volunteer work of some limited type in that hospital and Decided if she could maybe befriend a patient take him or her outside.

For A Walk.

I Think. She got this idea because she had a dog which he walked regularly and. And what she liked to take care of All she wanted from me was help arranging this helped finding someone who she could take outside Help finding someone in the hospital bureaucracy who would allow this to happen. I Was not very successful in aiding her,, but she didn’t seem to hold that against me.

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It Is Said That One Piece

of evidence that runs contrary to a theory is sufficient to disprove that theory of Course people do not think this way and perhaps should not in General. A theory is too useful to give up easily Too difficult to regenerate and the evidence against should be consistent and believable before it is accepted. But the existence of this woman made me think she Was destined for a psychopathological end from the viewpoint of biological and environmental determinism fated as surely as anyone I had ever met And maybe. She beat her dog sometimes and was rude to her sick aunt Maybe I never saw her vindictive or unpleasant even when her simple wishes were thwarted. I don’t want to say that she was a saint because I didn’t know her well enough to tell But the fact was that in her misery and simplicity, she remained without self-pity and able to see outside of herself.

Why Wasnt She A Criminal Cruel,

unbalanced and miserable. She had every reason to be And. Yet she wasn’t in her simple way. She had made the proper choices. She remained bloody, but unbowed, and she seemed to me rightly or wrongly to be a symbol of suffering humanity sorely afflicted.

Yet Capable Of Cur And Love God

justifies his creation in Milton’s Paradise Lost Such I created all the ethereal powers and spirits both them who stood and them who failed. Not free what proof Could they have given sincere of true allegiance, constant faith or love where only what they needs must do appeared not what they would What praise could they receive what pleasure I from such obedience Paid when will and reason reason also his choice Useless and vain of freedom both de spoiled made passive both had served necessity not me They therefore as to right belonged so were created nor can justly accuse their maker or their making or their fate. As if Predestination overruled their will disposed by absolute decree or high foreknowledge they themselves decreed their own revolt. Not I If I for new foreknowledge have no influence on their fault, which had no less proved certain unfair known SO without least impulse or shadow of fate or ought by me immutably foreseen they trespass authors to themselves in all Both what they judge. And what they choose For so, I formed them free and free.

They Must Remain Till They Enthralled

themselves.. I. Else must change their nature and revoke the high decree unchangeable eternal Which ordained their freedom they themselves ordained their fall. The.

Other Patient I Wish To Describe Was The

schizophrenic in a small inpatient ward at a different Hospital. He was about 29 when I met him a few Years older than I was at the time and had been in and out of confinement For seven years. He was of course on antipsychotic medication and participated in occupational therapy. Act. He’s on the ward making coasters and pencil holders and so on, but he could not maintain Attention for any amount of time.


IT was not even much good at crafts. My supervisor asked me to administer an intelligence test to him. The standard ways are more for the sake of my experience than for any possible diagnostic. Good.

I Gave My Patients Some Of

the red and white blocks that made up the block design sub tests. He was supposed to arrange the blocks so they matched a pattern printed on some cards. He picked them up and started to rearrange them on the desk in front of him. While I timed him stupidly with a stopwatch. The task was impossible for him.

Even At The Simplest Of Stages.

He looked Constantly distracted and frustrated. I Asked what’s wrong. He said the battle between good and evil in heaven is going on in my head. I Stopped the testing at that point.

I Didnt Know Exactly What To Make

of his comment He was obviously suffering and the testing seemed to make it worse. What was he experiencing He wasn’t lying. . That’s for sure in the face of such a statement. It seemed ridiculous to continue.

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I Spent Some Time With Him That

summer. I never met someone who was so blatantly mentally ill. We talked on the ward and Occasionally I would take him for a walk through the hospital grounds outside. He was the third son of first generation immigrants. His firstborn brother was a lawyer the other a physician.

His Parents Were Obviously Ambitious For Their

children hard-working and disciplined. He had been a graduate student working towards a degree in Immunology. , I don’t precisely remember his brothers had sent him a daunting example, and he felt pressured to succeed His experimental work had not turned out as he had expected. However, and he apparently came to believe that he might not graduate not at least when he had hoped to so He faked his experimental results and.

Up His Thesis Anyway He Told

me that the night he finished writing he woke up and saw the devil standing over him at the foot of his bed. This event triggered the onset of his mental illness, from which he had never recovered. IT might be said that the satanic apparition merely accompanied the expression of some pathological stress induced neural development, whose appearance was biologically predetermined or that the devil was merely Personification of his cultures conception of moral.


Maps of meaning the architecture of Belief is a book I published in 99 with Routledge and IT’s been the basis of my UK lectures and also Twelve rules for life . An audio version of the book was released two days ago. It’s available from Penguin Books on audible.& I’m hoping that the audio version with its . Careful intonation will be easier to understand maps of meaning is a rather difficult book. In any case. I’m going to read you an excerpt from it. Today and That’ll serve as a bit of an introduction to the book. I’ll make some more excerpts over the next coming weeks. I think as well, but We’ll start with this one. I was reading Jeffrey Burton Russell’s mephistopheles the devil in the modern world. He states the relation of evil to God has been a very difficult book In any . I will say nothing. He says. He writes. He explains that such horrors of evil can be multiplied without end….. Click here to read more and watch the full video