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I hope you all had a good time watching the Golden Globes. I myself really didn’t get to watch a lot of the Golden Globes because I was doing this video, but the time has come to reveal the you reviewers movie awards nominations officially the ballots were in there tallied up here they are before we get started. People have asked me if I’m gonna do an Oscar snubs video. I’m not going to just because I like being positively proactive in a proactively positive kind of way. I would rather just concentrate on the you reviewers movie Awards and do our thing without further Ado and no other lectures Here are the nominations.

Were Gonna Start Off With Best Script For

best script. We have silver Linings playbook followed by Argo then we have Seven Psychopaths followed by Django Unchained. and Looper next category is best trailer. This is a trailer that came out in 2012 for any movie. It could be for a movie that comes out in 2021.

But If The Trailer Came Out

in 2012. It is all good and here. We are the best trailer. Nominees are Man of Steel, followed by Looper, followed by Iron Man 3. Then we have star trek into darkness and then The Place Beyond The Pines apparently avengers trailers are Place Beyond The Pines that’s the one that really got the blood pump Alright Moving on next category is best animation and for best animation.

We Have Uk Followed By Wreck-It Ralph.

Then we got the Pirates band of misfits. Then we got brave and then finishing off the list is Frankenweenie The next category is best visual effects. It’s funny because Michael Bay didn’t make a movie this year. It’s like what are we gonna do without dispersion? What world would we live in where we do the you? Reviewers Movie Awards and Michael Bay doesn’t make a movie it looks like this for Best Visual Effects.

We Have Prometheus Followed By Life

of Pi, followed by The Dark Knight Rises. Then we got the Avengers, killing it off in 48 frames. A second is the Hobbit and unexpected journey the next category is one of my favorite categories I like categories like this and that is most underrated film. This is the movie that came out didn’t really get the publicity and hype that it should have gotten. There were quite a few of those in 2012 and we have the nominations and they are Seven Psychopaths, followed by arbitrage followed by the Gray Nice.

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Then We Got End Of Watch And Then

perks of being a wallflower. I saw two of those movie apparently they were very underrated and another year reviewers exclusive category is best hero because there are a lot of heroes out there in movies today and so we’re gonna celebrate that fact a lot of heroes in 2012, especially and they start out with Batman from The Dark Knight Rises James Bond from Skyfall Django from Django Unchained Iron Man from The Avengers and The Incredible Hulk from The Avengers. Here are the Avengers to get a couple and I’m just saying there were a few to pick from and for every hero you need a villain for him to fight. So now we celebrate the best villains of 2012 because there were some cool badasses last year and the nominees are Tom Hardy as Bane and The Dark Knight Rises Javier Bardem from Skyfall Guy Pearce from Lawless Tom Hiddleston as Loki. from The Avengers and killing it off is Leonardo UK as Calvin Candie in Django Unchained so the next couple categories are the breakthrough performances.

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These People May Have Been In

a movie here and there but 2012 was the year where they’re like hey by the way here We are and we’re here to probably stay. I say probably because if this was for 1999 Haley Joel Osment would probably win and he’s currently so the nominees for breakthrough actress are Samantha Barks from Leigh Miserab or Lady Zara Bluth for you people who are really gonna Nitpick Jennifer Lawrence for silver linings Playbook not not Katniss silver Linings Playbook Oh maybe you can stack them and be like Lil Sis for 2012 here two movies Keira, Hayward and Moonrise Kingdom Rebel Wilson aka Fat Amy and pitch Perfect and Qua one second Wow Qua vans in a quote. Vaughn‘s and a Wallis that sounds about right Cole Evans and a Wallis for beasts of the Southern wild so now the dudes need their shot. These are the breakthrough actors of 2012 and they start out with Suraj Sharma in Life of Pi Dane UK in Lawless and Chronicle Pierce Gagnon from Looper Scoot Mcnairy from Argo killing them softly and Promised Land and Logan Lerman from Perks of being a wallflower and now this was a much requested category. People were like why Don’t you name the worst movie of the year.

So Now We Have Biggest Stink

pile of the year that’s that is clearly a Schmoe title right there aka biggest piece of if you’re on my channel whatever you want to call it the worst thing that came out in 2012 and the nominees were really for them are we start off with Silent Hill. Revelation then we got a thousand words then coming in after that is that’s my boy Adam Sandler It will never cease to be on these lists Apparently they got resident evil retribution and then Piranhas three double D or three D D or 3 D. The next category is a pretty fun category. Also we’ve seen now the worst movie of the year. So now we’re gonna go on to I’m shocked it didn’t suck.

These Are The Movies Where You See

the trailer and you’re like that’s probably not gonna be good and then you see the movie and you’re like holy that was that was good. We start off with American Reunion. Then we’re going on to the grey. Then we got dread and coming in next is Magic Mike. Then we kill it off with 21 Jump Street so the next category we got is best.

Soundtrack Slash Score I Know Theyre Two Different

things, but we just integrate them into one why because we’re fun like that I’ll say best music so the nominees for best music are the Hobbit and Unexpected Journey, followed by Django Unchained, followed by Skyfall. Then We got the Dark Knight Rises and Killing it Off Is Lame Is Iram a Musical is nominated for that category. One would think the next category in the category of Fun is Best comedy Jew Laughs in 2012 so did I a lot. These are the reasons why nominated for Best Comedy is Silver Linings Playbook followed by Seven Psychopaths. Simile got cabin in the woods.

I Always Saw It As A

horror movie, but if you look at it more or less a comedy and of course the two that had to be in there are Ted followed by and finishing the. List 21 Jump Street So now We’re getting into the best performances. We got the best supporting actors and actresses and Chivalry is not dead while I’m Breathin We’re gonna start off Ladies first starting off with Best Supporting Actress of 2012 is Emily Blunt from Looper, followed by Judi Dench from Skyfall. Then we got Sally Field from Lincoln, then we got Amy Adams from the master finishing it off is Anne Hathaway aka Catwoman for the just Kiddin Lame is Our Rob and now the best supporting actors of 2012. They are Javier Bardem from Skyfall.

Then Weve Got Philip Seymour Hoffman From The

master Gracing us with some douchebaggery is Leonardo UK from Django Unchained followed by Christoph Bolts from Django Unchained then killing it off with Robert Nero from Silver Linings Playbook. Now We’re down to the lead performances My friends Best Actress and best actor. of 2012 these nominees are Jessica Chastain from zero Dark thirty Marion Cotillard from Rust and Bone while Vaughn’s and a Wallace for Beasts of the Southern Wild Did we got Naomi Watts from the impossible and then Jennifer Lawrence from Silver Linings Playbook. The chicks are done let’s see the Do’s bring it for the best actors of 2012. The nominees are Denzel Washington from Flight Joaquin Phoenix from the Master We got John Hawkes from the sessions.

He Was Also In Deadwood Just

Sayin Bradley Cooper from Silver Linings Playbook and then killing it off. We got Daniel Day-lewis from Lincoln. This next category goes without saying without these people. We wouldn’t have movies We got Best Director and the nominees for 2012 are Kathryn Bigelow for zero Dark thirty Joss Whedon for The Avengers, David UK for Silver Linings Playbook, Quentin Tarantino for Django Unchained and Ben. for Argo and never got the category of categories the Best Picture nominations for the third annual year reviewers Movie Awards Best Picture of 2012.

The Nominees Are Zero Dark Thirty Then

we got Moonrise Kingdom, then cabin in the woods. Then we got Looper followed by The Avengers, then we got Django Unchained then we got silver linings playbook followed by Argo, then we got Skyfall killing off the entire list is the Dark Knight Rises So there we are my friends. These are your nominations for the third annual you reviewers movie awards will get the award show to you in February Don’t know the exact date yet I’ll collaborate with the schmoes will let you know I’m gonna be on the schmoes know podcast it’ll ultimately be like a little mini you reviewers thing it’s gonna have me the schmoes Chris Stockman Flick pick we’ll all be. On there talking about the nominations for the you reviewers Movie Awards I put a link below two-toed hoc network. We will be on that show 8 p.


Thursday Night as 8 p. m. Pacific Standard Time, otherwise known as La Time and We’ll all be in the studio together there and it should be cool. Should be a lot of fun so what do you think of the nominations guys let me know who do you thinks gonna win.

This Is Im Telling You Some Of The

nominees surprised me. I was surprised that some things didn’t get nominated curious for your opinion. My friends so calm below. Let


The you reviewers movie awards nominations officially the ballots were in there tallied up here they are before we get started . Nominees are Man of Steel, followed by Looper and Iron Man 3 . The next category is best visual effects . Frankenweenie finishes off the list with best animation and for best animation, UK followed by wreck-it Ralph. The Place Beyond The Pines that’s the one that really got the blood pump is Place Beyond the Pines. It’s like what are we gonna do without dispersion? What world would we live in where we do the you? Reviewers Movie Awards and Michael Bay doesn’t make a movie it looks like this for Best Visual Effects. What app people of the world of life? I hope you all had a good time watching the Golden Globes. I’m not going to do an Oscar snubs video. I like being positively proactive in a proactively positive kind of way. But I would rather just concentrate on the you reviewer movie Awards…. Click here to read more and watch the full video