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If You Relax Like We Talked About

and don’t tense up too it’s me Why are you doing it? Why so tense it’s me? They don’t want me to be doing little jokes as you can tell that’s no. I am a student of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu also known as BJJ even after free form God is it five years. I still consider myself a beginner and a proud wearer of a blue belt. In this video. I’m going to talk to you about what I’ve learned from BJJ.

Five Things In Fact And Five

aspects of BJJ that could make the world a better place, but if you’re gonna do a Youtube video about BJJ, why would you not include the foremost online voice in this space Joe Rogan. There’s a lot of people that they learn how to deal with life through the struggle of Jiu-Jitsu because. The struggle of training is so much harder than most of the struggles that you face in your daily life. It makes you more accustomed to dealing with uncomfortable positions. I recognize what Joe Rogan is saying there and the time that it became most obvious to me was one time when I was choked out in a guillotine choke by someone that I thought I was about the same level as in jiu jitsu.

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There Are Many Many Philosophies And Ideas That

are not at the forefront but seem to me to be present in practice. I. e it’s literally hierarchical because of the belts. It’s a culture of respect. It’s quite ceremonial you line up at the beginning, you bow to the masters like you know pictures of the founders Helio Gracie being that one just in case you don’t know BJJ as it’s known is a grappling wrestling.

Martial Art That Sort Of Originated

in Japan, but as the name suggests went via Brazil and has now practiced the world over and reached prominence in many people’s minds eyes consciousnesses when the Gracie family began the sport of UFC mixed martial arts where fighters from different disciplines would get involved in combat. Like like someone that’s an expert in karate would fight someone who’s an expert in kickboxing a wrestler would fight a BJJ practitioner and Bjj proved its dominance. The first four UFCs were won by Hoyce Gracie and this sort of established the supremacy of Bjj as a martial art and as the Gracie brothers, Hiron and Genna told me that the BJJ argument was then won Now. At this point anyone who is a mixed martial arts fighter has to have BJJ as part of their game. It’s like part of the standard I became.

Fascinated In It Because Of Joe Rogan

when I went on his podcast one time hearing him talk about it. I felt like yeah. This is the martial art. I’ve always known that martial arts would be part of my awakening and my coming into my own adulthood. Because I guess I felt somewhat disembodied like I didn’t have a positive relationship with my um physical body other than really through sexuality and like through Bjj.

I Learned To Have A Different Type

of physical awareness. It can be really really intimidating and really really scary, but it’s ultimately beautiful. The first lesson. I suppose I learned was humility. You’ve got to put on that little outfit the white ghee, the little pajamas and a white belt that if you’re anything like me.

Youll Be Wearing For An Awful Long Time

and then you have to learn something that seems. So sort of well for me at least unnatural. I’ve got no background in football or boxing or anything that would be applicable you know like so or rugby or anything like that so like for me. At first, I didn’t even want the close physical contact of another male. I didn’t want another mouse stubble on my face.

I Dont Want To Feel Breath Against Me.

I don’t want to feel someone else’s weight on me but after a while this became kind of incredible as they say. In Jiu jitsu, you get comfortable being uncomfortable the psychological applications of that are obvious that sometimes you’re being held in the Bjj position and you just have to get used to it. You just have to accept that that’s happening and like that it will pass that will be over at any time. This leads to another point surrender like that at any moment if a choke or a submission like arm bars chokes, etc.

Is Becoming Too Much You Can Tap And

your partner will let go. This really increases and enhances the sense of community many times. I’ve questioned that if I’d started doing this earlier in life. A few things would have been different. I think I’d have had a different relationship with my body a different relationship with men and possibly I would have explored homosexuality in my life at some point because the number of male crashes that I’ve developed over the course of it here on Gracie at the Gracie brothers I’m sorry let’s find myself like staring like when I’m going to be fighting him or whatever like he’s a bit of a dreamboat isn’t he I suppose a lot of men struggle with what being.

A Man Is Supposed To Be

about There’s a lot of images and suggestions and ideas about manners, A lot of talk of male toxicity and stuff well being in a situation where men are encouraging to one another and the fact that when you tap it’s over and then after the end of the fight little hug or this kind of slap thing you do and then on you go it’s sort of beautiful Bjj 2 tells you important things about community When I got my blue belt. I attended a ceremony where a lot of other people got their blue belts and black belts and brown belts and people were called out one by one. There were people from all different kind of ethnic and social backgrounds and in that situation in that context, the only thing that mattered what belt you got and everyone was encouraging to. You no matter what belt you got people of all different guys like everyone was just getting on In this shared context. I felt like even though the rules of BJJ are to a degree of contrivance.

Even Though Its A Contrivance Based

on efficiency and excellent and maximum ability. Also it creates tribalism. It creates a sort of a situation where we’re safe to not encourage of course but under usual circumstances touch one another the familiarity of that I like imagine in early hominid existence How much physical play would be part of our development. You need only look at how animals roll around and wrestle and fall around with each other to establish dominance hierarchies, but also to establish rapport and affection and love with one another. It sort of brings something to the surface that is otherwise latent and dormant.

I Learned As Well That You.

know pretty basic things that I’m capable of doing quite sort of strong things with my body. I’m capable of exerting pressure of protecting myself, but also that you don’t know what you’re dealing with just by looking at someone you don’t know who you’re encountering it may be less likely I think to be sort of confrontational or rude in a sort of a street made me sort of think about the escalating confrontation situations. It created a real sense of fraternity. Some of these people that have taught me like my teacher Chris clear Like Kiron and Henna Gracie and Professor Ricardo feel like deep affection and respect for these people you know like because there’s a sort of sense that you’re in this situation that is very very intense and pressuring, but they’re teaching you.

Theyre Teaching You How To Deal With Stuff

and it’s kind of. like being dominated in that way, it can be very frustrating, but you’ve got to let go you’ve got to accept your limitations. You know it brings things to the surface. I believe and like Joe Rogan was saying there that otherwise would remain latent. You know.

Im A Sort Of Person Who Could Be

made to feel insecure because someone shout something out a car window at me, but if earlier in the day, someone’s tried to choke me unconscious. I have a different way of looking at that a different context. I also for a lot of people. I know think are sensitive to the potential threat of violence well knowing that you know under no circumstances should you initiate a violent altercation. Having that as a principle is really really brilliant, but knowing that were one to take place.

You Have A Series Of Suggestions

and methods. That are relevant in that context? I think it de-escalates the likelihood of violent confrontation with life experience and developing confidence and understanding of who you are and why you had those feelings and why you were insecure and why you had so much self–doubt martial arts helped me with with that tremendously I think like with Joe Rogan. You can see how martial arts is in his body and in his manner. He’s a person who talks from a place of kind of gentle quiet certainty and with a degree of acceptance that people are going to have differing opinions about him and I think that much of his success comes from the stability that he has doubtlessly learned.

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According To His Own Testimony From Being Involved

in that discipline. I think that’s why he has such respect and authority in certain communities as well because he’s a person. a number of initiations and processes who can speak from clear authority who’s willing to listen to people from a variety of different backgrounds who has apologized when he’s heard. I think many of these principles are kind of embodied and inhabited in the martial arts world.

So Many Other Fascinating Things About It

as well. Though like you know you don’t like I’m thinking then Oh next time, I go on Joe Rogan were that ever to be the case I was thinking Oh maybe I would roll with Joe Rogan you know who’s like a black belt and a badass like but you don’t ask someone who’s got a higher belt than you to roll it’s against the protocols. It’s like you know like the age of innocence or like being in Victorian London or something sir did you just ask for a jewel with that brown belt. Yes yes I did like it’s like there’s protocols in place literally at the beginning of every lesson you sort of run around and you line up and go hoos and bow and then you sort of run around the room doing what are ostensibly the warm-up drills for like shrimping and bridging and all these things but you’re all doing it as a group it’s like you’re being hypnotized into one sort of body.

Then You Pair Up And Demo The Various

different moves like an escape from half guard or some other little bit of Jargon someone the other day here on gracie could we go Russell what method would you use if you have someone in an arm bar, What are you gonna do to complete that arm bar if they’re locking their hands. I step back hello here on um I suppose what I do is. Would use the foot maybe on the bicep to try and unlock it or and I didn’t add this My teacher Chris Leia told me you know use my wrist to sort of apply pressure, then he’s like a few days later goes no the best thing to do is.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a grappling wrestling. martial art that sort of originated in Japan, but as the name suggests went via Brazil . The struggle of training is so much harder than most of the struggles that you face in your daily life.& It makes you more accustomed to dealing with uncomfortable positions.& I recognize what Joe Rogan is saying there and the time that it became most obvious to me was one time when I was choked out in a guillotine choke by someone that I thought I was about the same level as in jiu jitsu. I. think it’s quite ceremonial. You line up at the beginning, you bow to the masters like you know pictures of the founders Helio Gracie being that one just in case you don’t know BJJ as it’s known . BJJ is quite ceremonial you line up to the beginning of the process. You bow to your masters. You are quite ceremonial and you bow at the start of the start, you ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video