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Well Guys Slightly Different Setting For This Video But

that’s because this is a very special video. This is my 500th video wow I don’t even know what that even means that’s a lot of videos and I thought to myself I had to do something special. I can’t just put up some random video for a random movie. I have to do something special. I’ll do something a lot of people have asked for it.

I Do Something Thats Really Requested

something a lot of people been like Gris I have to see this please and by far. One of my most requested videos is a blu-ray collection video in which I show you guys every film that I own now the reason I haven’t done this yet is simply because a month from now this video will be very out of date. I will have bought more blu-rays. This collection isn’t exactly what I own and so for that reason I was like what’s the point of doing it. I started thinking to myself though how about I do like one or two of these a year and you guys can just see like how much more the collection has grown and that way you guys can get into what I own at least see some of my weird thing because I don’t own every great movie ever let me just say that really quick.

Theres A Lot Of Movies That I

really enjoy that I don’t own I don’t own everything yet I really just started collecting in the past couple months. So this collection isn’t humongous. This isn’t some big thing like what my buddy John, The Flick Pic has I mean he’s got like some thing where he just owns like every movie. I’m also. Not a completist if I want to own a certain films in a series if I don’t like the sequel to that film I’m not going to buy it.

You Know What I Mean Im

not gonna buy X-men origins just because I like X-men-that’s not how I am my collection is in alphabetical order, and it starts first with numbers and that very first one is UK to Yuma. This is by James Mangold stars Russell Crowe, Christian Bale really intense movie pretty Badass movie one of my favorite westerns actually and I really enjoyed this film if you haven’t seen it yet if you haven’t realized by now I’m not going to spend too much time on these films because I’ll be here forever 10 Things I Hate About You is one of my favorite 90s comedies. In fact, this is one of my favorite comedies. General it stars Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles and Joseph Gordon-levitt lots of cool people on this movie now Fans of The Criterion Collection will be disappointed that I only have one criterion Blu-ray, but I picked in my opinion. One of the best 12.

Angry Men Is Actually My Favorite Black-And-White Film

I can watch this film so many times over and over again, and it never gets old to me now My fiancee SAm actually suggested that I review 500 days of summer for my 500th video that’s a really great idea. Unfortunately, I’ve already reviewed the film so I didn’t feel that I should do it again but 500 days of summer is actually one of my favorite indie romances. There’s an interesting story with this movie. This is actually the first movie that I ever drove out of my way to see because it wasn’t playing in. me! It was playing in a theater about 45 minutes away from me and now I’m used to that because all of my film screenings are about 40 minutes from my house and I Drive to all of them and I’m used to that now we’re back then.

This Is The First Movie That I

ever actually went you know what I really want to see that I’m going out of my way to see it and I loved it. I loved every second of it. 500 days of summer is all my favorite romance movies next I have an action movie that I really loved as a kid and I still love today. Air Force One with Ford” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Harrison Ford. This is another one of those movies that I can watch a couple times a year and still get really into it Now We get to my very first collection.

And That Is The Alfred Hitchcock Essentials Collection.

This has rear window vertigo North by Northwest Psycho and the Birds, which in my opinion are his best and I love watching each one of them. My favorite. One of Alfred Hitchcock’s films is rear window. I think rear window is a master class of suspense.

I Actually Had A Privilege Of

seeing that in theaters recently they had a special showing of it in Cleveland. They even showed a Looney Tunes cartoon before it started and had an organ player before it started playing the organ live next. I’m going to bunch these into one thing. I have alien and Aliens not Alien 3 not alien resurrection not alien vs. .

Predator And Not Alien Vs.

. Predator 2. These are the only ones worth owning in my humble opinion. They’re both terrific films.

I Like Aliens Just A Little Bit

more. James Cameron gave a really great sci-fi action vibe to it and it was also very funny and Sigourney Weaver’s performance improved even more-but alien is still a terrific suspense film that’s really creepy and has this great sense of Violation to it the way the aliens infect humans and this next film I’ve already done a review for in my favorite movies segment that’s American Psycho You guys know I love this movie. Christian Bale is fantastic in it it’s hilarious. It’s very well made now you guys know I have to have the Avengers on blu-ray it just you know I have to it’s the ideal suit hero movie you know I like the Batman films more myself but for superhero films for fun comic book films. This is the epitome of what we’ve had so far.

It Was Terrific.

I loved every second of it. Me also just warn you guys you’re going to be like where’s your slipcovers Chris Oh my word where’s your slipcovers. I keep all my slipcover separate. I keep them in a drawer for two reasons.

I Want To Keep Them Safe And In

good condition. Just in case they ever become rare. The other reason is it saves more space on my shelf. If I take the slipcovers off that way. I can have more room because I know you collectors are like Oh my god is he throw the slipcovers.

I Hate Him Dont Worry, I Dont

and speaking of the Batman films. I have each one of them on Blu-ray Batman, Begins, The Dark, Knight and the Dark Knight Rises best comic book films ever made in my opinion. I can’t get enough of these movies I would say every few months I feel like watching one. them and I generally do I love Every second of these movies, the villains were so well portrayed Christian Bale was perfect as Batman Christopher Nolan gave a great realism to the characters. The script was so well done and so realistic in the sense where you were able to actually buy this guy in a bat suit and it just worked it all worked.

These Are Three Of My All-Time

favorite films gotta have them a lot of times. You guys ask me Chris, what are some of your favorite comedies. I don’t know my number one pick is, but I certainly know what one of them is and that is The Big Lebowski. This movie is hilarious okay I’m serious this movie is absurd. It’s awesome Black Swan was actually the very first movie I ever saw out of the United States.

I Saw This Movie In Canada.

I was visiting a friend and it was kind of funny because there were all these teenagers in the movie theater because in Canada this movie is rated 14 a, so there was always 14 year-olds like in the theater and I was like what’s going on This is kind of weird. Now here’s a movie that every February Walmart has like this Valentine’s Day rack where you can go and get the special Valentine’s Day movies for you and your couple to have a nice night and maybe do little stuff to not elope and there’s always this one movie that’s in there simply because of the title and every time I see it I’m like that really should not be in there because any couple that rents that movie they’re done for Blue. Valentine Blue Valentine is an excellent movie with two fantastic performances by Ryan Gosling. and Michelle Williams, but this is not a movie that you should be watching with the date.

No I Wouldnt Feel Right As

an action fan and a movie reviewer. If I did not own Braveheart starring Mel Gibson loved this movie. This is actually when you really think about this movie. It’s so famous now because it’s Braveheart but imagine you’re in 1995 okay and you hear that the guy from lethal weapon is gonna direct a movie. This big humongous movie and then you see it and then he wins Best Picture for it and then he wins Best Director for it that’s unheard of really that doesn’t really happen that much hardly at all and Gibson really deserved it.

He Did A Great Job In Braveheart.

I think it’s one of my favorite action films ever made, but it’s not just a really good action film it. Has a really good emotional core to it and that’s one of the reasons why I had resonated with a lot of people I really loved Braveheart and this next Blu-ray is actually not available in the United States. It was only released in Canada, but since Canada is also region one just like the United States is it works fine on us players so to me it doesn’t really matter. Brick Brick is one of my favorite indie movies.

Its Actually The First Movie I Saw That

made me want to do the overlooked movie review segment and I’m really glad I did that because it’s been a consistent segment that I’ve had a lot of fun doing. But this movie is available in Canada for some reason, but not in the United States and it works just fine on UK players. The only difference is that it has. Little French subtitle here and a rich I shouldn’t have lived it dad so there are a few movies in my collection that I like and I know that other people Don’t like and it’s just kind of a special thing for me. Maybe I saw it on the right day.

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Maybe I Grew Up Watching It Maybe It

just is a nostalgic film for me and so I own it because of that I recognize it Not everyone likes this film and there’s a few movies in my collection like that but for me Broken Arrow is just awesome. I love this movie. I don’t know what it is. It’s a really stupid cheesy action movie but I love it John Woo directed at John Travolta Christian Slater. It just does something for me.

I Dont Know I Just Enjoy It Now

I have my one and only Blu. Ray Steelbook and the only reason is because I don’t really care about steal books You know there’s always an edition of that same film for much cheaper. I don’t care if I get a little knick or a dent in it I always on my does it dent so I never really cared that much about steal books but this was a really good price so I got Chinatown on Steelbook with Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway. This is a classic movie. It’s got a lot of classic moments in it it’s so fan hastily acted it’s back in Jack Nicholson’s prime when he was really getting well-known for his acting performances.

Now Im A Big Harrison Ford Fan

and you guys may know that but I really liked clear and present danger. This is one of his Jack Ryan films. The other one was Patriot Games that came. This I don’t have Patriot games yet I do want to get it but I haven’t got a chance to get it yet. I also don’t have Hunt for Red October yet but I do want to get that one for sure I don’t really care for the sum of all fear so much though there won’t have been a flick hopefully Jack Ryan with Chris Pine later this year is good but clearing present danger is a pretty fun film it’s it’s not like an action movie.

You Know Its Its More Of A Thriller

really where you have like really big scenes. There’s this great scene with Harrison, Ford and Henry’s journey. I think you say his name the guy from Mission Impossible and yeah overall clear and present dangers a lot of fun if you hadn’t checked it out yet William Dafoe was in it as well. Pretty good movie My next film is a very underrated film in my opinion is actually one of my favorite movies stars Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx and that is collateral by Michael Mann. This is a hugely realistic vision of City nightlife.

I Adore The Way This Film Is Directed.

There are so many things about this movie that are not Hollywood eyes the sound effects the location the lighting the use of UK cameras so much of this movie feels so in the moment you just get this incredible feel from it. The kind of reminds me of Cowboy Bebop at times with the music and the look of the film the performances are great it might be my favorite Tom Cruise performance actually I’m not positive on that but he is excellent in this movie as is Jamie Foxx. This is the movie that really helped Jamie. Foxx he had this and Rey in the same year, and this was a movie that year that proved that he can do more than just imitate Ray Charles and that was a lot for him.

This Is A Great Movie If You Havent

seen collateral yet please check it out next is the Cowboy Bebop movie. This is my favorite anime I adore Cowboy Bebop and I love the movie as well if you haven’t seen the show dude check it out it’s a great anime show and I strongly suggest the movie as well and once again. We have one of those movies that’s just special for me. You know a lot of people like this relief It grew up with it in the 80s if you watch it as a kid to me. It’s a special movie.

Its Just Incredible If You Have

not seen commando with Arnold Schwarzenegger You haven’t lived all the way yet come on Bennet its body in the vein of the last movie that I just mentioned we have one of the cheesiest action movies ever made and I love every single second of it and that is Conair How can you not like look at that look at that Nicholas Cage with long hair. It’s impossible you have to like it. It’s okay if you don’t but I mean come on Nicolas Cage holding a bunny with Trisha Yearwood singing how do I well he looks at his little girl. You can’t beat it man it’s Conair it’s so horrible Oh my God I love it though I don’t know it’s a guilty pleasure for me next. We have a Crazy Stupid Love, a film that has three great central performances.

That Of Steve Carell, Julianne Moore

and Ryan Gosling, especially Ryan Gosling in this movie. I mean he really stole the show in this movie in my opinion not just because I’m a fan of his I thought his character was so well done and entertaining and miss Stone is pretty good in the movie. Also I don’t want to forget her now besides my cowboy bebop movie I haven’t really mentioned any foreign films yet and we have Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. This is one of my favorite foreign films. This is one of the few foreign films that actually broke through the United States Mold and became a really humongous box-office success in the States.

Next We Have One Of My Favorite

Martin Scorsese films. In fact it might actually be my favorite. The departed terrific film UK Nicholson Damon David Sorry Wahlberg was also great in this. Actually Oscar-nominated to Alec Baldwin Martin Sheen. This movie had an incredible cast and I can tell you why the script is airtight and it’s extremely riveting.

You Guys Knew This Was Coming Drive Drive

is one of my favorite films. It was a humongously impactful movie. When I first saw it. It’s a beautiful looking blu-ray the picture quality is terrific. Doesn’t help the cinematography is already fantastic.

But This Is A Kind Of

movie that a lot of people reported seeing a second time and suddenly really liking the first time. I saw they didn’t really get what was going on because I thought it was going to be more of a transport type thing definitely not that type of movie. A lot of people loved it the second time and I’m actually hearing a lot of the same things happening with only God forgives myself included I. Liking it more as I watched it a few more times. The next.

We Have A Film That Some

people didn’t really like that some people thought could have been better myself included. I actually do think this when we could have been better, but there’s something about it that keeps drawing me back to it and I think it’s because Mel Gibson is in this movie edge of darkness, and he gave such a great performance as this really broken father who was going slightly insane because of this thing that happened to him with his daughter and it all worked really well for me. I thought it was a really well directed movie by Martin Campbell. It also stars Ray Winstone and although the film could have been a little bit better than I thought it was it was a little too boring at times there were aspects. of this movie that I thought were truly brilliant and for that reason I do own the film because I enjoy watching it from time to time Okay now this is a childhood classic for me.

I Watch This Film A Few Times

a year. I cry it just affects me John Williams music it just I don’t even know what’s going on Et is a film that I don’t really have to say much about if you haven’t seen it yet what the what just go watch it man it’s et it’s fantastic and you have to see it at least once in your life next. We have another film that some people regard as a masterpiece. A lot of people think it wasn’t that great I think it’s terrific Eyes Wide Shut Stanley Kubrick’s last film Tom Cruise Nicole Kidman. This is the type of movie that is.

Such A Mind Cluster Bomb Of

death when you’re watching yours like what is this? It’s very much kind of like only God forgives the first time I saw it and then I started thinking about it and thinking about it and thinking about it. I couldn’t get it to escape my brain. I really like eyes wide shut here’s another film that I grew up with that is actually one of my favorite movies. Also this is a film that really inspired me as a teenager. I got really into the idea of baseball and the sort of mystic quality that it has because of Field of Dreams.

I Think This Is A Terrific Movie

with a great score by James Horner. A really good performance by Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones, and it’s horrific ending if you guys have not seen Field of Dreams yet because it. Is kind of a 80s movie and a lot of people haven’t got a chance to see it Yet. I really think that Field of Dreams is a kind of movie that has slipped under the radar a little bit for a lot of movie fans and this next movie is one of the best films that came out in the 90s. It stars Brad Pitt and Edward Norton and that is Fight Club directed by David Fincher.

This Is The Kind Of Movie The First

time I saw it. I was like Wow that is a really deep dark intense movie, but I could not get the style of it out of my mind, and this story was so different and interesting. But this is definitely one of the types of movies that has a little bit more style over substance, and it really works because David Fincher used. His style to almost boost the substance and I really like the way This film was made and the acting the performances it’s definitely one of the most entertaining films ever made. If you can get over some of the more graphic moments and we are back in Harrison Ford Ville with the fugitive definitely one of the best films that came out in the 90s.

This Is The Prime Example Of A Straight

forward action thriller being as good as it could possibly be. Harrison Ford was so sympathetic in this role. You really felt for him. He was just the perfect casting for this movie because you knew he didn’t do it and you really wanted him to be okay, but you also really loved Tommy Lee Jones his character who was after him as well and that the way those characters went back and forth really boosted. This movie and I really enjoyed the fugitive it’s definitely movie I grew up with and it could watch over and over again countless times and I have watched it over and over again that kind of feel like watching it now the fugitive The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Another David Fincher Film Daniel Craig Rooney Mara

terrific performances another film that just looks so great and there’s actually quite a bit of UK that was used to accomplish some of the shots, which is Lily interesting because they read Fincher hit it very well and I was really impressed with that I’m so sad this but we didn’t do incredible at the American box office because now David Fincher apparently isn’t doing a sequel. We’re never gonna get to see the rest of it. Ah I’ll go watch the originals next. We have a film that really boosted. Matt Damon’s and Ben Affleck’s career Good Will Hunting and also Robin Williams because he won his first OScar For this movie.

This Is Such An Emotional Movie.

This is one of those movies that has such a rawness to it now as I said earlier. I do have a couple films that a lot of people consider bad and I completely understand that because this movie is kind of stupid, but this is another guilty pleasure for me for some reason. I saw this movie at just the right day okay and I don’t know what it was I just really had fun basically laughing at the silliness of this movie and I had fun and I enjoy myself gone with Amanda Seyfried. It’s a stupid movie.

Its Silly But Something About It.

I like it and I only it was only five bucks. So I’d picked it up. And you know what I don’t mind this movie next We have Ben Affleck’s directorial debut Gone Baby Gone. This movie really impressed a lot of people myself included terrific performances all-around fantastic script really really dramatic story.

I Loved Comedy Be Gone A Lot Now.

I have two more films I’m going to group into one that’s Hellboy one and two. These are two really underrated superhero movies that a lot of people actually don’t know that much about I didn’t see him in theaters when they came out and I’m really disappointed that I didn’t because these are a lot of fun. Ron Perlman is terrific as Hellboy. Guillermo Del Toro did a great job with the visuals, and there’s some of my favorite superhero movies actually now especially the second one I love the second one I thought it was such an improvement over the first one.

I Even Enjoyed That One Too

now We have one of Steven Spielberg’s most maligned films that I don’t get it personally Cuz hook, you know it’s awesome I called the year 2011 the year of Gosling because Crazy Stupid Love Drive and Ides of March Fantastic film directed by George Clooney starring George Clooney and Ryan Gosling. I really enjoyed this movie and the reason I think this movie is so great is because I am so not into politics at all yet. I found this movie completely riveting from beginning to end. I’ll never forget the first time I saw inception inception was like just Oh because the Dark Knight blew me away and when inception came out I was like yes this guy. This guy is truly incredible This director Christopher Nolan.

This Is One Of My Favorite

science fiction films. It’s one of my favorite action. films and that’s one of the things I love about it. It’s such a great combination of action and science fiction, and it’s so original. Even though it borrows from other films.

I Thought That It Did A Great Job

from it. I know that a lot of people said it borrowed off with their anime film Paprika which I can understand but in all honesty every film borrows off of other films. It just it’s going to happen you’re either copying or you’re borrowing or you’re paying homage or it’s similar to another idea. It happens an inception in my opinion is a fantastic movie all on its own Independence. Day I just did a review for this on July 4th My Buddy John for the flick Pic channel.

You Guys Know I Enjoy This Movie.

I think it’s a lot of fun and I grew up watching Independence. Day and it has some really fun performances and some fun moments even though some of the UK is a little bit dated. I have a lot of fun with the dependents Day and I just said fun like seven times because that’s what this movie is If you guys know anything about me. You know that I love Indiana Jones the Indiana Jones collection on Blu-ray is a must-own for me.

I Absolutely Adore This Collection.

It’s one of my favorite things that I have I think it’s a beautiful beautiful collection. It has really really great custom artwork for each film Raiders Temple Last Crusade and this is actually a really well directed movie to me was just a script and some of the characters that were the problem very disappointing, but I still enjoyed aspects of it. Last Crusade is probably my favorite Temple of Doom and. Almost like equally? I think Temple of Doom is one of the most underrated movies ever made, but if you don’t have this and you’re a movie fan I’m like why you have to next on the list.

We Have One Of My Favorite Tarantino

films possibly actually my favorite Tarantino film and that isn’t Glorious bastards not a popular opinion. A lot of people are like what Pulp Fiction Reservoir Dogs. You know great movies on their own right, but I for some reason really enjoying glorious bastards now as I said. There are still some films that I don’t own yet that I want to own like pulp fiction. Don’t have that yet like the Kill Bill films Don’t have them yet next we have one of Christopher Nolan’s much earlier films insomnia.

I Think This Is Also A Very Underrated

movie great performance by Al Pacino and Robin Williams. I think this is a terrific crime thriller. A lot of people don’t judge this movie correctly in my opinion they think Walter Christopher Nolan movie has to be epic judge this film on the genre that it encompasses crime thriller. It’s top-notch next we have an Iron Man I do not own. Iron Man 2 because I’m not like Iron Man 2 and as I said I’m not a completist if I don’t like a certain film in a series I’m not going to own it unless it comes in a giant collection or something and you have to own it then that’s just gonna happen.

Iron Man Is One Of My Favorite Superhero

films. This is also a big surprise because Robert Downey Jr. at that time wasn’t at the level. was now? This is the movie that made him extremely famous again because he had a lot of problems in life and this one we surprised a lot of people Is directed by an actor. It starred Robert Downey Jr.

And It Was Incredible Next Time.

We list you have a film that came out late last year that I personally really enjoyed and that was Jack Reacher with Tom Cruise. I thought this film really captured the character really well and for once. I can actually say that having read one of the books. I read the book killing floor and I really thought that the character here was very close to the character I saw in the movie.

Despite The Fact That Here Hes Like 6-4

and Tom Cruise is 5 7. This film is an absolute classic Jaws and it looks terrific on blu-ray it was. a cool experience seeing this on Blu-ray I’ve seen the movie a billion times. It was almost like watching it again because I could see the crispness of the colors. The clarity of the image and everything just was so improved from the original negative of the film.

Now Once Again We Come To

a film that I like because I grew up with it. Some people may not like it, but that’s fine I don’t care because I own Jumanji seriously though this movies kind of awesome. I don’t know what it is I really liked you mangy. I grew up with it that’s probably why I had the clam shell giant UK case of it as a kid I still enjoy this film quite a bit. It’s directed by Joe Johnston, who later went on to direct Captain America Robin Williams is a lot of fun this movie.

Always Wanted The Board Game When I Was

a kid and I was always hoping it was gonna come alive and things are gonna happen. It was obviously a movie that was made. Then The the board game was sold and it made a lot of merchandising profits and everything but I enjoyed you mangy. It was a fun movie for me as a kid and I still like it as an adult now Once again I am UK a completist. I have Jurassic Park and the lost world and not the third one because I don’t like it a lot of people really don’t like the lost world that much I think it’s pretty underrated.

I Honestly Think This Is A Very

strong movie until the whole city section. At the end, a lot of people thought that that’s where it breached and it was like this feels like. a different movie, and I completely agree with that but up until then I think the Lost Worlds a terrific film. Jurassic Park is a classic here’s another film that I think is just magnificent. That is so underrated and that is the Last Samurai.

I Think This Is One Of

Cruz’s best movies and one of his best performances. This movie really captured the beauty of another culture of another land and a lot of people were like Oh Tom Cruise the Last Samurai. He is not the Last Samurai In the movie. This always annoys me. I see comments like Oh Tom Cruise always has to be the big guy because he’s the last Samurai Samurai is plural okay.

Its About The Last Living Samurai

people. It’s not Tom Cruise being the Last Samurai Sorry for that little rant it just always bugs me when I see that. Please check this movie out if you haven’t seen it I really think it’d be worth your time Next. We have the first film that I saw the Toronto International Film Festival Joseph Gordon-levitt and director Rian Johnson came out and introduced Looper. It was such an incredible we’ll be to see there at the true premier with all the stars everyone is dressed up, but it wasn’t just the cool event a movie was so different in original and that’s one of the things that’s so great about Looper.

Its A Terrific Screenplay.

It looks great. It was so well acted, but it was so original and different as well and that’s what I loved about it was a movie that actually made time-travel work which is really hard to do. Next. We have the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

I Know Youre About To Say Why Dont

you. Extended editions I prefer the theatrical editions I honestly do and a lot of fans are about to shoot me in the face but the thing is I don’t like an extra hour of scenes that although are well made to be honest. We’re cut out of the movie for a reason. The extended editions are really fun for hardcore fans of the novels and of the film’s to really delve into those things, but I like to watch the films the theatrical versions because those are the films that in my opinion are paced the best. So these are three terrific terrific movies that honestly when I watch them now The special effects don’t even seem dated and I’m so amazed at how great of a job.

Peter Jackson Did At Capturing Those

novels next. We have another one of my all-time favorite films that is the matrix. This. Really inspired me as a kid. I remember my friends and I going out and making Matrix fan films and trying to imitate the moves and all the slow motion and everything and we just had such a great time with the matrix.

Its A Movie That Was Constantly

imitated because it really opened the eyes of filmmakers in regards to special effects and a lot of people were trying to then all of a sudden imitate. Though the world creation of the matrix had no one has ever done it as successfully awesome movie next we have another one of Christopher Nolan’s early films memento. This is a type of movie that demands repeat viewings. You can’t watch this movie once and just latch onto it. It’s just the kind of movie that you want to watch again and again next.

We Have One Of My Favorite

Clint Eastwood. Movies and one of my favorite films that he did direct Million Dollar Baby three terrific performances that of him Hilary Swank and Morgan Freeman. I’ll never forget the first time I saw this movie in theaters. I was able to convince to my friends to go to it. They were like.

Why Are We Seeing This Movie Called

Million Dollar Baby and they left the film so impacted by it. I’ll never forget that and I felt the exact same way next. We have another Spielberg film and one of my favorite Spielberg films and one of his more underrated films Minority Report. This movie is awesome and now we have Mission Impossible one two, three and Ghost Protocol. This is one of my favorite film franchises.

I Liked Pretty Much All Of Them

too is definitely the weakest one, but they all have really great moments to them. They already saw that I own The Big Lebowski, my other Coen Brothers movie is No Country for Old Men, another really well-directed movie with terrific performances. This is a movie that a lot of people are a little offense about simply because of the way it concludes you know what I really liked it. I really think that it’s different and I like the fact that they were able to create a sense of detachment from a few of the characters where you were with them and you really wanted them to succeed, but you really felt as if you were more on the ride that the filmmakers were taking you so when certain things happen. It didn’t bother me.

Oh Oh As It Did Other

people and now I have the oceans trilogy Ocean‘s 11 by far is the best one and I think this is actually a mazing movie one of the best directed movies I’ve ever seen Steven Soderbergh did a great job of combining arthouse elements with mainstream elements to make such a great movie and although 12 and 13 weren’t as good. I everytime watch the first one I do feel like watching the others, which is why I own them and I do enjoy 12 and 13 too. But the first one is so good now as you guys know I am a fan of scary movies I do like to be creeped out by film the others definitely did that job very well. Nicole. Kidman was great in this movie very nice to look at.

But It Was Also A Really Atmospheric Movie

that. was very well-directed and I had a lot of fun with the others. Alright guys were on my last row here We’re starting off with the Patriot The Patriots. Another Mel Gibson movie that came out and after Braveheart. It was another period piece Mel Gibson war movie for some reason it’s that one movie role and I’m Rick Maid that was way beyond the level of his other films.

A Lot Of People Were Complaining About The

fact that doesn’t follow history to a tee I’m fine with that this is a really great film also starring Heath Ledger in a very good performance. I really enjoy the Patriot now speaking of Mel Gibson payback the straight-up director’s cut so much better than the original. In my opinion, it’s honestly a completely different movie it has a whole nother UK page simply for this film and the only. that a director’s cut can have another UK page is if it honestly is a different movie in the eyes of UK like if enough has been changed to warrant a second page for it they’ll make one completely different movie different, ending different beginning different color scheme. Even this movie is so much better than the original because the original.

There Was All This Feuding With The Director

and they they even fired him and another person took over this movie is his original vision as best as it could and realized Gibson is great in this version. If he’s checked out the first one thought it was kind of ant check out the director’s cut much better and I honestly never buy into the director cut hypes of films to me. It’s just they added some deleted scenes most of the time and it’s never that much better. This one truly is better now. We have what is so far my favorite film of 2013.

I Saw This Film At The Toronto Film

Festival last year and I had the opportunity to actually buy this film today because an awesome store by my house sometimes will put out a blu-ray a few days before it’s supposed to come out the place beyond the pines comes out on Tuesday. I got it a little bit early which is pretty awesome. I love that store I love this film. I can’t wait to watch it a second time because I actually have not seen it since September still I love seeing this in theaters Gosling was there Bradley Cooper was there. Eva Mendes was there the whole cast of director.

Everyone There Was A Great Uk With Them

afterwards it was so much fun to be there for that experience. This is a type movie that surprised me so much on so many levels. I’m so glad that I finally have it on blu-ray and I can watch it again Now. This next film is definitely one of those movies where you just I don’t know what else to say but to show it to you Point Break its Point Break and that’s all I’m gonna say Patrick Swayze Keanu Reeves surfers UK agents bank robberies, What else do you want now if you guys have been following my newer segments on my favorite films You would have seen my review of Predator one of my favorite movies as I just said I just I love this movie it’s directed by John UK who did die hard, and there’s aspects of this film that is just so well done and Arnold is actually really great in this movie and it. A really good sense of sci-fi and action combined really love Predator Here’s another one of Nolan’s movies that’s pretty underrated and that is the prestige.

This Film Stars Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale

and Scarlett Johansson, Michael Caine and David Bowie believe it or not and you know what that guy can actually act really well hey labyrinth labyrinth right. This next film for me is a childhood classic. I watched this film like once a week going up whenever I was sick from school had to stay home. This was the movie that I wanted to watch the Sandlot Panza. This movie can quote it from beginning to end myself included such a great movie.

Its Such A Childhood Film, But It

also is really heartfelt and just just awesome we have yet another Steven Spielberg film here Saving Private Ryan, one of his best films truly a horrific. To watch really honestly the first time I saw this movie There were moments I couldn’t look at the screen and that’s saying something for me. I’ve seen a lot of movies and it’s such an intense movie. It really truly is the definition of intense Saving Private Ryan Zamu V. You have to see at least once in your life because honestly there are times and I’m like I don’t know if I can watch that movie right now but every once in a while.

I Definitely Feel Like Checking This Film Out

because it’s such a great tribute to men of war, and it’s really truly a beautiful movie Now Here’s a movie that I think is really truly underrated with a pretty cool ending. I really like the book as well which I own by Stephen King and that is secret window with Johnny Depp I really. wish he’d do more performances like this that have a cool different vibe to it, but at the same time it’s a real grounded person. I’m also very excited that he is teaming up again with David Koepp for his new movie Mordecai coming out soon I really enjoy seeker one No I think it’s a creepy movie. I think it’s an entertaining and funny movie, but I think it has a terrific ending as well and a lot of people were bothered by that ending and I can understand why but I really enjoyed seeker Wicca quite a bit here’s another one of my all-time favorite movies and that is 7.

This Is Actually My Favorite David Fincher

film as I just talked about with secret window speaking of endings. 7 has one of the best endings hands down ever put to film if you have not seen 7. yourself because this thing is a machine? This movie is incredible A lot of people have asked me what my favorite Stanley Kubrick movie is The answer is the shining with Jack Nicholson I like 2001 a Space Odyssey I liked Eyes Wide Shut I liked a lot of his films, but the shining is the one that I keep wanting to watch whenever. I feel like watching a Stanley Kubrick movie Jack Nicholson‘s performance is so great in the movie In my opinion one of Martin Scorsese’s. Most underrated films is Shutter Island’ with Leonardo UK Mark Ruffalo and Ben Kingsley and it has a great off–kilter sense to it where you feel a little bit nuts as you watch it and I love that about this movie also the musical choices they used in film because it doesn’t have a score if the score was taken from other.

Orchestrations And Great Choices Because They Really

work well Now. We have the film that started it all for me as a filmmaker As a film critic. This is a movie that I saw that made me want to delve into films more that made me want to be a film critic. Signs I saw in 2002 and this will be just impressed me quite a bit to this day it’s my favorite M night Shyamalan film I love this movie. There are so many different defenses.

I Can Lay Up For Why This

movie’s awesome I’m thinking about doing a science analyze review one day to be able to do that for this day Every time I watch this movie. It just gets better and better it’s such an incredible movie I loved every second of science. The Silence of the Lambs is definitely a creepy movie featuring one. of the best performances ever by Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster not to be overlooked very good in this movie and I’m telling you she does some for me man even today. She still does something for me.

I Dont Know What It Is About That

woman, but she does something for me too bad. She plays for the other team. One of my favorite movies that came out in 2012 was Silver Linings Playbook. I thought this was such a great movie with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. It has such a great emotional vibe to it and it was also kind of cool to see Chris Tucker back in a movie that wasn’t rush hour which is awesome.

Its A Kind Of Movie That I

felt so into as I watched it like the characters didn’t feel like fake people. I really felt like I was watching real people. interact The Sixth Sense you can’t really not have it if you’re a fan of Shyamalan. It’s kind of like his most famous movie. It’s the big twist and it started everything.

The Sixth Sense Is A Great

movie. It’s one of the first ones that Bruce Willis. It was in where people were like wow that Guy could actually really act and Haley Joel Osment I see dead people one of the best child performances ever given in a movie next. We have Skyfall, which is one of my favorite Bond films. My second favorite actually second only took a Sina Royale speaking of Bond I have not yet shown you my bond 50th anniversary collection.

This Features Every Single Bond Film On

Blu-ray and with Skyfall I officially have them all on blu-ray. This is kind of the crown jewel of my entire thing and with them together. happy to say bond love it next we have UK Abrams Star Trek. This movie really changed a lot of people’s opinion of Star Trek goes up into this movie. It was very much kind of like a cult thing Yeah, the like Star Trek.

It Didnt This Movie Really Helped It

be a little bit more mainstream and was also a great movie to boot same time. No yes I do have the original Star Wars films on Blu-ray. Despite some of the changes I’ve basically accepted the fact that the changes are going to happen whatever I love these movies there are three of my all-time favorite films Empire Strikes Back is my favorite. Then Star Wars The Return of the Jedi Yes. The film is still called Star Wars to me not a new hope.

It Was Called Star Wars When

it came out and to me. Is I love these movies? They’re so great I’ve loved me ever since I was a kid and I watched the original uncut ones on UK tape for the first time, and I still love him to this day. Super 8 was a really fun movie for me because it felt like The Goonies and Close Encounters of the Third Kind all wrapped up into one and UK Abrams did such a great job with this movie. I really like the children’s central performances. Spielberg as a producer and even though it felt like Goonies and Close Encounters all in one the biggest inspiration was definitely UK and you can really see it in this movie and although there are times where you feel like it might be copying off it a little bit.

I Still Had Quite A Bit

of fun with it and since Spielberg produced it it’s. Like Okay, he’s paying homage to Spielberg for sure next we have taken and only taken never and never will I have taken two taken is a great action movie that really started the whole. Liam Neeson I’m going to break your neck with my pinky and he did such a good job in this movie. He was already famous for films like Schindler’s List and episode 1 Star Wars Phantom Menace, but this film really helped him get more of an action vibe to it. Even though he was older and it really helped kickstart that whole old guys can still kick ass kind of thing really enjoyed taking quite a bit next.

We Have Terminator 1

2. In my opinion, the only ones worth owning two is one of the best action films ever made and one is one of the better action films that came out. In the 80s such a great revelation and swartz If it wasn’t for this movie, we probably wouldn’t see him the same way that we do today for sure but Terminator 2 was really the one that was like wow what a terrific action movie Next We have another film that is most definitely a guilty pleasure for me that I grew up with that is just yeah Don’t Don’t laugh at me but you can if you want I own Tomb Raider um I own tomb raider on blue ray what can I say. The second one’s coming out on Blu-ray on October 8th.

How Do I Know That Because I

like it. This is a really stupid movie, but I really enjoyed for some reason. It’s Just a guilty pleasure for me and Angelina Jolie is hot and it’s directed by Simon West Conair Expendables 2 that is like this movie after Gone Baby Gone Ben Affleck proved that he could still direct a great movie with the town really terrific movie with some great action sequences excellent performances but a really good dramatic story as well and after this he made Argo that guy is a serious directing talent now today a lot of people have actually changed their mind about M night. Shyamalan in regards to a certain film unbreakable for a lot of people is actually their favorite M night. Shyamalan film and I can see why because I like it more than $0.

06 Personally.

I think this is such a cool superhero film because it actually is kind of a superhero film. It’s a comic book film in a way, but it’s. original it’s its own tale and I really love the original way that Shyamalan structured this movie. This is in my opinion definitely one of his best great performance by Willis Great performance by Samuel Jackson.

Robin Wright Penn Is Also Very Good In

the movie. The score by James Newton Howard is also fantastic here’s. Another pretty underrated movie, Valkyrie with Tom Cruise by Bryan Singer. This movie to me was a pretty suspenseful tale with a really heart-wrenching emotional finale that I thought really worked there were aspects of it that could have been better. I’ll admit that for sure there were certain parts of the pacing that could have been a little bit stronger.

Some Of The Characterizations Could Have Been

better, but for the most part I really enjoyed. Valkyrie. It wasn’t quite as suspenseful or white-knuckled as it could have been but I’m not entirely. What Bryan Singer was going for? Nevertheless, I really enjoyed this movie and thought it was a really well-done film war The worlds has some great moments in it has some really truly great moments in it, and then it has Justin Chatwin thanks Justin Chatwin we’re gonna get back at them. We’re gonna get back at them get back at them seriously he kind of ruined every scene he was in in this movie honestly he’s my least favorite actor If you guys didn’t know but I do really enjoy War of the Worlds.

I Think Its A Fun Movie With Some

great moments, and then the ending is very cheesy and basically everything involving Justin Chatwin. If you just took up that character. This movie would be great in my opinion, but I still have fun watching it in the final movie in the Mel Gibson trilogy of. We who are soldiers I enjoyed this movie quite a bit now. I’m going to group three movies into one and the only three in the series worth owning X-men one two and first class not three and not origins, and when the Wolverine comes out I will be buying that as well.

I Think That X-Men Is A Film That

if we didn’t have this film. We wouldn’t have superheroes the way we have today. It came out in 2000 before that we had Batman. We had Superman but this was the movie that really showed people like hey you know what we can take other more lesser-known comic-book heroes and make it awesome X2 was even better. It did everything better and X-men first class was a humungous surprise for me that I really didn’t think was going to be good at all because of the terrible posters.

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The Trailer That Wasnt Really That Great

my opinion but it was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see Days of Future past. My last film on this list is a blu-ray that was really rare and out of print for a long time. It costs like a hundred and fifty dollars on Amazon, but they finally put it back in print. Zodiac, which is one of Fincher’s most underrated movies Haven’t seen Zodiac. It’s a long ride, but it is most definitely worth it because it’s such an intense experience and it’s the kind of film that makes you really feel like you’re in the moment you’re in the scenes.

Youre With The Characters And It All

feels very realistic well. Guys that is my blu-ray collection right now. There are certain blu-rays that I don’t own yet that I really want to get there’ll be. buy in the future? I assure you but for now thanks very much for watching this video. It’s a longer video.

I Know Thanks Very Much Also To

all my subscribers. My 500th video is so great thank you so much as always guys. If you liked this, you can click right here and get stuck mine eyes.


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