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is joker with a face radio and a voice for print today. We’re gonna talk about Sylvester Stallone’s wife so there’s my thumbnail for it. Sylvester Stallone’s wife leaves him for an insane reason um you know one of the important things about this guys and I want you to always remember this because they were together 25 years and again yes. He’s really good shape for a 70-something year old man and he’s popular and he’s powerful and and and and they got four kids together three kids three kids together. It doesn’t mean.

At The End Of The Road She Wont

turn vindictive she won’t turn crazy. She won’t decide to take you for everything you have there’s no guarantees Sylvester Stallone files or his wife files for divorce claims sly is taking marital assets. They They say Sylvester Stallone and his wife are calling it quits. She has filed for divorce after 25 years of marriage, um what do we have for Johnny No surprise there again eighty percent of the time women file and sixty percent of the time it’s divorce. So your odds are not in your favor and she’s accusing the actor of moving assets from marital funds, so in other words, sly is probably moving some money somewhere that maybe he’s trying to offshore it or protect it or do something because he smells.

He Smells That Money Hungry Jennifer Flava

Flavin coming which that’s his wife’s name Jennifer Flavin filed docs on Friday in Florida unclear exactly why she decided to pull the plug on their marriage, but some fans started to sense trouble thanks to a recent tattoo cover-up the rocky Star removed an image of Jennifer’s face on. Arm now here’s the thing she’s 40 something. I think he’s 70 something there’s 30 years. She’s probably thinking like hey I I don’t really want to necessarily be with an 80-year-old man. Even if he dies and I get all his assets.

I Can Bail Now When Im In My

40s and still have a chance to maybe before I hit the second or third wall in life. Maybe. I can mail bail now take half of it and still because she’s still an attractive woman for age anyway. This is them recently. They say flavor wants to wants exclusive domain over their house in Palm beach while divorce proceedings wind their way through the courts.

So Instantly Shes Like I Want The

house or this house sly knowing they’re in Florida when I’m going to read the statute here in a minute, knowing they’re in Florida. Knowing that she’s going to get more than her fair share is like let me stash a little bit away here so if I get reamed in court, I’m not going to lose quite as much and and said I sense the winds a change of coming so he maybe he did maybe he didn’t know he said he has not stuck any of the marital assets aside, but by her claiming that he is and then filing for divorce. She’s going to use this as a told you so moment when when they go to split their stuff and and what what amazes me is when you see the money disparity between the two earnings throughout their life. The fact that she could walk away with more than half, and she’s worried about him tucking a little bit aside shows you how bleep selfish they are in the divorce. Docs obtained by TMZ.

She Says Upon Information And Belief

the husband has engaged in the intentional dissipation, depletion and or waste of marital assets which has had an adverse economic impact on the marital estate. We’re going to put a pin in that and come back to that in just a second pursuant to section 61. 07 Florida Statutes Equity dictates that the wife be compensated and made whole by receiving an unequal distribution of the marital assets in her favor, what does that mean it means hey it’s gonna be any unequal and it’s gonna be in her favor that to me sounds like more than half Eddie. Moreover, the husband should be enjoined from selling transferring assigning encumbering or dissipating anti-assets during the pendency of proceedings, so what I think happened here now of course sly saying I’m not moving any money, but even if he is like. Wouldn’t blame the guy for being like hey I’m going to start stuffing something awake.

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Hes Trying To Do It Before

she files for divorce because then all the assets are locked and she’s guaranteed more than half how screwed is this guy and when you and again I’ll get to the marital or the asset portion of this here in a second but then you start realizing like wow She turned pretty much money hungry anyway. I got to be careful how many curse words I say because Youtube and all Jennifer wants to restore her last name Flavin. She also wants a judge to put the brakes on sly’s moving assets from the marital pot closer weekly first reported the split now here’s the thing. This is his three daughters and that’s his wife and what she posted on I guess it’s instagram tells you everything you need. To know he’s already out.

She Took To Instagram To Post A

photo with the three daughters that she and Sylvester share with the caption These girls are my priority nothing else matters the four of us together not the five of us not you know no he’s already out he’s already out and I gotta say you know the girl’s got good jeans. She’s pretty they’re all pretty sly’s not so pretty you know okay so how much has she earned in her entire lifetime. I looked this up now I came here and you know what she’s known for Rocky 5 is a delivery girl thanks to sly bar girls and Tv movie and she wasn’t like an escort girl. She was in a documentary about his brother Frank Stallone and then a lot of this other stuff was like access Hollywood and a bunch of fluff Tv. stuff that probably doesn’t pay great and she was probably on it because she was pretty because there’s no real acting stuff here and her net worth is as of the divorce right here her net worth is around um and when she’s 54 wow, she’s really good looking for a 54-year-old.

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I Gotta Admit I Thought She Was

still in her 40s um so good luck to her trying to find somebody else at the age of 54. anyway. They say her net worth where was right here 10 million, so she’s worth 10 million and and already she’s gonna get at least half of what sly has now yeah He’s trying to tuck stump some stuff away, but he’s worth 400 million. Now do you think he’s going to be able to hide 25 50 100 million before the divorce Filing gets started. I really doubt.

That I Really Doubt Thats A Lot Of

money to try to move and put into assets and get something going for yourself, but let’s say he did let’s say he even was able to liquidate 200 million of the value and so when she files divorce papers He’s only got two only got 200 million left. That means she’s at least gonna get a hundred million plus. While she’s already kind of worth 10 million on her own. You see when it comes down to really kind of coming down to the divorce time right all of a sudden it’s no more I love you. We have kids together we promised it’s been 25 years.

You Know Settle In Fellas Youre Youre

going to retire with somebody that loves you and you love them and and take care of you in your old age nope nope she’s literally running. away with at least half of his assets now they say his net worth is 400. um I don’t I don’t know how accurate these are but just playing with that number. Even if even if he tucked away, you know 100 or 200 million, she’ll still get she’s still going to walk away and instead of her being worth 10 million. She’s now going to be worth 210 million and yeah.

They Were Together A Long Time

and yeah you can say well. She desires half or she can get half even if all that’s fair. Her whole point is she’s screaming to death that he’s trying to hide a little bit of money, no matter how you look at this. She’s Still getting a 10-time investment or return on her investment in sly and she has kids with him and they’re all adults, so he doesn’t have to pay child support but and she’ll get the home and she’ll get all this other stuff and and and and while she was with him it’s not like they sacrificed. She had homes and vacations home and and lived large and went on vacation on his dime.

So Why Is It All Of

a sudden She and she makes 10 mil herself or is worth 10 mil herself, but she’s going to act the destitute like Oh. I deserve more than half that’s a story. I’m going to do over on locals here after this um so the if you guys want to join me over on locals. This is the kind of stuff that I continue to talk about when I say. Okay guys join me over on locals.

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so I just add extra stuff onto it just for being a member and showing up there. This is the kind of stuff that you can get um so what does this tell you? I’ve said it before I’m gonna say it again. In the beginning of the relationship. Men believe she’s good.

Shes Sweet Shes Wonderful Shes Awesome

she’d never do anything to me. I can trust her and you might have a family together and when you’re old and gray like good old sly is 75 years old and you say oh I just wish. I had a family and kids and people to love me so that as as I age and someone will take care of me and love me and I won’t be alone in my own age at 74. years old Sly is now alone now granted He’s not gonna have any problems dating probably another 25-year old Hottie but that’s probably you know I don’t know him but maybe at 74.

The Libidos Dropped Off A Little Bit.

Maybe that’s not what he wants. Maybe he just wanted to retire with his family around him and friends and enjoy his last years of. However, long he has left but instead the wife goes as you can see the girls are very close.

Maybe She Tells The Girls That He Did.

I don’t know bad stuff whatever maybe they believe it all of a sudden slides alone and yeah. He’ll have a lot of money, but everything that he’s loved for the last 25 years is gone because remember she’s filing and I haven’t heard anything about him doing anything wrong and maybe something does come out and. Then our story will change but as of right now another reason why even if things are good in the beginning, you don’t you don’t get so involved and think that things are going to go good right through the end because the odds of that happening no matter who you are whether?


Sylvester Stallone and his wife Jennifer Flava Flavin filed divorce papers on Friday in Florida . Jennifer Flavin is accusing the actor of moving assets from marital funds, so in other words, sly is probably moving some money somewhere that maybe he’s trying to offshore it or protect it or do something because he smells. The odds are not in your favor and she’s probably thinking like hey I I don’t really want to necessarily be with an 80-year-old man. Even if he dies and I get all his assets, I can bail now when I’m in my 40s and still have a chance to maybe before I hit the second or third wall in life.& She’s 40 something.& I think he’s 70 something there’s 30 years.& Now here’s the thing she’s 40-something there’s 40something.& He’s probably . She’s probably moving money somewhere somewhere that perhaps he’s . Maybe he’s … trying to . maybe he ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video