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joker with a face for radio and a voice for print today. I’ve got an email first of all you guys the email into me. You don’t have to make fake email accounts. I’m not going to out you. I’m not with the FBi just email me and if you don’t say that I can specifically use your information.

Im Not Going To Use It.

I’m going to hide it just like I did today so feel feel free to send in any questions that you want links below so as you guys know I’m I’m I don’t like hypocrisy and I don’t like people that say do as I say but not as I do and so when we’ve got a situation where um guys want to step out on their wives or do things that in general we we kind of. Frown upon it’s not me to say whether this is okay or not, but because you do you but I am going to. I am going to tell you what I think of it since you asked my opinion so email comes in today. It says I’m, a 38-year-old European Japanese mixed who was raised in Europe, but living in Japan for almost a decade married men with married man with two kids and working my dream job as a global producer in an entertainment company earning a salary above average.

Hey Congrats You Have The Lifestyle That Many

men that at one point or another like myself got married and said Hey maybe this is something that I can live. Maybe. This is a life lifestyle. I can I can have so I’m looking forward to that let me brighten this up a little bit there we go. He says let’s say I’m not super happy about my sexless marriage well.

We Talk About This Over And

over and over again with many of the videos that I put out that once you get married and especially after kids, but usually the fall off starts at about six months and at about a year and a half to two years. It really falls off unless you have kids before that and in that case. It may fall off sooner because many women do not wish to have kids or wish to have the bedroom fun once they’ve had the kids, which is why I say Don’t get married. This whole email actually is about why not to get married, but we’ll continue on um, but she says I’m. not super happy about my sexist marriage, but I used to really love my wife when we started dating.

I Still Love Her As A Family Member

a teammate since raising kids is a tough team is tough, teamwork as much as I want to maintain good relations with her. She’s a few years older and I no longer feel attracted to her after she gave birth, um well you’re the one that put her in that state so you kind of had to expect that to happen and a lot of times women do not feel like. They want to go back to the gym and work out and get back to the state in which they were before having kids or when they were younger. You know when you get married. If a guy decides to put on 100 pounds or a woman decides to put on 100.

Pounds You Are Legally Bound To That Person.

Once having kids now you have kids to support as well. He continues on She’s a good mother and a good housewife. Though we are not openly in an open relationship. Okay so not an open relationship, but I generally have freedom to do whatever I want without being asked too many questions would that be riding motorcycle and enjoying your hobbies or would it be doing things behind her back.

He Says Maybe Thats Why Shes Not Much

interested in me or my life In general. She threatened me with a divorce on one occasion in which in in case I was cheating, but I would not let her find out for once and also I don’t think she’d have the huevos to do that since it would destroy the family kids well-being and i’m the only one provider so financially. would be really tough for her so what it sounds like to me. Here is This is a situation where you said you know what I want to get married and have a family and you did and you have a good career, but now you’re not attracted to your wife anymore that can happen and it doesn’t seem that you two. I mean you still care for her as far as a teammate, but not as somebody that you want to sleep with that sounds a lot like a lot of the videos that we talk about here and a lot of things that guys complain about hey you know what I married her.

I Gave Her A Good Life.

I’ve been a good supporter and now she says she’s not attracted to me and wants to bail or cheat on me and we say boo this is wrong. We don’t like this she should break up with at least have the capacity to break up with the guy before cheating or if she ends up getting divorced. Maybe not take all the money just leave and start your life over well what you’re basically saying here is you wanted to marry her and she married you and you wanted to have a family and she gave you a family and now After having kids you’re not attracted to her anymore, but she’s kind of done everything you’ve wanted her to do so not sure how I feel about that I mean if you were to um and it sounds like she doesn’t she you say she doesn’t have the huevos to leave you because you’re the only financial provider so imagine look at things from her view. I married this guy I had his kids.

Hes The Only.

One providing for us and now I think he’s stepping out on me, but I can’t leave because I’m financially stuck or I. I can’t leave because we have the family together and I don’t want the kids to be punished for him cheating or for me leaving Do you see how you’ve kind of put her Now you’ve painted her into a corner where she doesn’t have a lot of outs and we talk about how bad that is in relationships here. He continues on I if I knew how much struggle having kids was I might not have cho I might have chosen to be single forever and we talk about this too you know here. We’re hearing it right from a guy’s mouth guys that you you get married.

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Things Fall Off In The Bedroom

in the intimacy department, but you still have someone you’re close to. And a friend and a good mother and so on and so forth so you’re kind of trapped a little bit right and here he’s had two kids and now He says never knew how much having how much of a struggle having kids was. If I knew this I might have chosen to not have them and stayed single so realize this is a guy that is now talking to himself or you 10 years ago 15 years ago 20 years ago. This is a guy that if I think that if he could speak to himself as a younger age, he’d say this is what you’re in for it’s not everything you cracked up to be really think about this because things are not going to turn out the way. You want the reason why I’m reading this this email is not to to shame him or give.

Him A Hard Time.

It’s to let you guys hear what maybe 10 or 20 years down the road for you okay and and that this is how he went from I was. I wanted to be married. I wanted to have family too not quite what I wanted to be. He says however, when I moved to Japan.

I Wanted To Settle Down And Have

a family like we said before moving to Japan. I’ve been living a pretty wild rock star type lifestyle moving from one country to another be it Europe Usa, Australia, bottom line being as much as I miss part of the wildness freedom um while being single I don’t really see myself living apart from my kids and divorcing my wife not to mention living in a different country. For example, I think I’d be pretty miserable without my kids, and then he says. Hey if I knew all this. I might have stayed single and not had kids, but now that I have the kids.

I Love Them And I Want To Be

with them, But I also not so much thrilled with being with the wife again not judging, but just listen to the storyline We’re working through here right and at the end, I’ll get to the questions. He asks but there’s very very important stories in in this email he says however, I have a strong need and drive for intimacy and romantic relationships. I tried to kill it many times, but it just strikes back. I do believe in love. I am full of love but I don’t really believe in monogamy and committing to one person throughout life as it’s against human instinct yes but you say that now but you’re the one that asked her to marry.

You And Youre The One That Had

children with her now in knowing this I bet you would have said to her Hey. I want to have a family someday, but I’m not so sure about the committed monogamous relationship right. I would like to have a beautiful slim young girlfriend wouldn’t we all to enjoy great time with and have intimacy with like being in an open yet committed relationship without the well without risking the well-being of my family. cuckold with a trophy hot wife is my unrealized fetish of mine so I’d like to explore all things life has to offer with an open with open-minded girls okay but let me ask you this and this is important what if your wife came to you one day and said you’re not providing for me in the bedroom anymore.

Im Gonna Go Have Other Guys

fulfill that. for me now if you say I’m okay with that then you need to have a conversation with her and tell her that if you’re not okay with that, then you need to not step out on her because now you’re saying rules for me but not for me and that’s not fair okay and I’ll sum up all this in a big rant. But I want to get through the email so you guys know what I’ve read not a rant but during six years of my marriage. I have and had girlfriends.

Id Screw Around While Being On Business Trips

and I have plenty out that I have plenty of. I have girlfriends in Europe, but with the current bug situation. All my business trips are now cancelled. I broke up with my quote last girlfriend after four years 15-year older woman who was understanding about my.

Situation, I Did Some Swiping Dating

for a short period of time, but it’s a waster. I even considered being a sugar daddy for an 18-year old, but I realized this is totally not for me too much money for little or no experience. I’ve been thinking about using escorts after breaking up my girlfriend as I’m again.

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This is joker with a face for radio and a voice for print today . He says he doesn’t like hypocrisy and I don’t like people that say do as I say but not as I do and so when we’ve got a situation where um guys want to step out on their wives or do things that in general we we kind of . Frown upon it’s not me to say whether this is okay or not, but because you do you but I am going to . I’m going to hide it just like I did today so feel free to send in any questions that you want links below so as you guys know I’m I’m not going to out you. Feel free to make fake email accounts. Just email me and if you don’t say that I can specifically use your information, I can use it. Don’t have a fake email account, just email me.& I’m gonna hide it. You don’t have to make a fake account. I won’t out you…. Click here to read more and watch the full video