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Message To Pereg Agrawal Ceo Of Twitter Dear Mr.

Agrawal I wrote this when it was literally two in the morning during my recent visit to beautiful Samos Greece, where I was on business. Attending to my efforts on the educational front. I woke up suddenly from my slumbers with you and your company on my mind in my jet-lagged state unable to drowze further and so I sat there writing instead of sleeping which the more cautious and sensible part of me wished devoutly. I was able to do instead a few weeks ago.

The Wise Folks At Twitter Deemed

it necessary to suspend my access to that platform, despite the fact that I had several million followers, despite the fact that I had used the platform in good faith, despite the fact that I had put in the years of time and effort necessary to gain such an extensive following. Despite the fact as well that I was a genuine force on Twitter trending with a rather appalling and frightening degree of regularity. In many ways. I’m your monster sir the reason for the suspension. It’s not exactly clear because very little is exactly clear Mr agrawal with regard to your social media network.

Apart From The Fact That You Allow An

awful lot of misbehavior what with the appalling proliferation of anonymous and near demonic trolls and bots and professional manipulation of the public space by actors such as the Russian and Chinese. governments and the proclivity of your own people to censor only those voices they don’t agree with politically the tweet that brought about my suspension was one directed for better or worse at the actress slash actor Ellen Now Elliott Page, who I criticized along with his or her physician for publicly trumpeting and publicizing the decision to have her perfectly functional breasts removed in the attempt to switch sexes, which decision was up to him or her and appropriately I at least half suppose but which also served as a much publicized, more than a million and a half instagram likes model for confused adolescents who might be considering in their juvenile confusion walking down the same direly and irreversibly damaging road. I don’t think for a moment that it was even the criticism per se that resulted in my ban but my use of Ellen’s original name a practice which the exceptionally active, yet exceptionally tiny and noisy and endlessly troublesome trans activist so-called community has decided to term dead naming and which has in consequence become by their anarchic and presumptuous fiat the modern equivalent of a mortal sin, but I don’t know do I because your idiot policies of arbitrary exclusion are unbelievably and appallingly ill-defined. Thus I’m not granted the opportunity to face my accuser or accusers Is there just one are there many who are they exactly are they inside or outside of twitter why have they been granted this decision-making power and I continue not to know even though I followed your equally ill-defined and parameterized appeal process with regard to this censorious and judgmental action. background of your equally shadowy company as I have yet to hear anything at all from the powers that be at twitter on that appeal front, but I know absolutely that you know personally of my suspension and that you have been questioned about that because I have been told by a very good and exceedingly influential friend of mine who spoke directly to you very recently that he asked you just exactly what in hell you were thinking when you banned me and I also have heard that an equally or even more influential person with whom you have also recently had very public dealings which did not turn out well for your company has raised exactly the same concerns and I also know that your demented and presumptuous minions have their eagle eye on my account, or that a coterie of influential activists is monitoring my online behavior.

On Twitter Assiduously, Despite My Banning How Exactly

have I come by this information well two days ago, I deleted the Ellen page tweet why When I said quite publicly that I would rather die than do so well I needed to do some house cleaning on my account in relationship to some other tweets. I had posted many months ago a relatively minor matter, but one that became a somewhat pressing practical necessity. Afterward. I reposted a screenshot of the page tweet stating that I was obliged to do so as I had given my word that I would not delete it despite my suspension and the attempt at public shaming that that suspension hypothetically constituted and bingo. Within hours I was banned again so your staff can act pretty damn fast when it comes to registering and reacting to my hypothetical misbehavior but are pretty darn slow when it comes to say responding in any manner Whatsoever to the appeal? I submitted objecting to the ban or at least raising questions about its rationale now those opposed to my views and indeed the fact of my very existence might object and do so frequently and vociferously on your hellhole of a platform.

Hey Self–Proclaimed Evil Capitalist And Proclaimer

of the value of free speech. The CeO of free market twitter and his propagandistic minions have the right to allow or disallow anyone they choose to post on their privately owned platform and that is true you and they see that care with pronouns have that right, but have also clearly accepted a commensurate, although more implicit responsibility. At least Twitter is a platform that owes its very existence to the habit tradition and right of free speech. The very foundation stone of the great country in which you operate and has as the only possible justification for that existence outside of sheer instrumental greed. Its hypothetical contribution to the exchange of views that make up part of philosophical and political discourse and humor and wit and indeed, the narcissistic and often near psychopathic commentary that accompanies such exchange particularly in its electronically mediated form, and I would say that your company does a remarkably and singularly bad job of bearing that responsibility as your former security lead has just fortuitously pointed out in an interview in time magazine, which is not exactly a bastion of the conservative or even classic liberal thought that you seem to oppose so randomly arbitrarily casually high-handedly and inappropriately Peter Zatko your.

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Security Lead Has Painted In The

words of that same time magazine quote a damning portrait of a company in crisis in an 84-page complaint to federal regulatory agencies and the Department of Justice, which was first reported by the Washington Post and CnN and which time obtained from a congressional source. He describes twitter as crippled by rudderless and dishonest leadership beset by egregious privacy and security flaws tainted by foreign influence a danger to national security and susceptible even to total collapse That’s a lot of flaws Mr. Agrawal for someone who also seems to believe that the arbitrary suspension of the truly bad people, such as myself, is a moral necessity to keep the sphere of public discourse pristine and we might also point out since we’re talking about moral insufficiency that your recent discussions with Elon Musk didn’t fare so well did they since your company. Utterly unable or unwilling to specify even the percentage of fake bought accounts active on Twitter, A supporter of Twitter might object, Mr. Musk was just looking for the way out of a bad deal.

I Personally Find That Argument Weak To

the point of preposterousness. It’s not at all obvious to me that Mr. Elon Musk is anyone’s fool particularly not Twitters and one thing that absolutely remarkable man did was reveal to the world just how troubled your much vaunted and incredibly troublesome social media network really is and on the heels of the debacle. This whistleblower emerged not a good month for you following as you have so recently in the footsteps of Mr. Jack Dorsey, who also seemed to regard the Twitter snake pit, he helped establish, but could not eventually regulate as a very good place to depart, and then we must discuss the issue.

Of Donald Trump, I Would Not

exactly describe myself as a supporter of Mr. Trump, although I probably would have voted for him instead of Hillary had I been American, although who knows when push comes to Shove and do not possess the paranoia with regard to his machinations that characterizes his most fervent and often near deluded opponents. I think that on the campaign trail and in office he capitalized somewhat dangerously on the resentment festering among the working class who were so carelessly and foolishly and arrogantly abandoned by their former political representatives on the Democratic side under Hillary Clinton, who richly deserved in consequence, the moral drubbing. She received at Trump’s hand. I think that appealing to that resentment instead of putting forth a positive alternative vision.

Although He Did Offer Some Of

that risked increasing the sense that the fundamental institutions of America your great country. have now been rendered permanently untrustworthy instead of simply in need of some reparative vision, some maintenance and a modicum of necessary house cleaning. I believe this was a mistake because the radical leftists who believe that everything should be burned to the ground Constitution capitalism tradition identity make the same claims and they are the most dangerous opponents of the Conservatives. Hypothetically represented by the Republicans and the last thing we need on the more traditional and cautious side is anything that makes those radical claims appear valid. I also believe that Mr.

Trump Aired Greatly Not Least Strategically

in his decision to push the narrative of stolen election. Even if he is correct and I don’t believe that he is technically even though he was treated more despicably and unfairly and prejudicially by his political opponents than any U. s leader in living memory. The former 45th president of the United States has spent a lifetime advertising himself and very successfully as the very model of a winner as the man to whom such things as having an entire country stolen out from under him simply couldn’t happen as the man whose business acumen and street smarts were such that he could outwit and out fox and charm not only the world’s most dangerous and intractable dictators, but his own nearby opponents on the political front in his own country.

I Do Understand As I Said That Many

unpalatable and immoral broadsides were. launched against Mr. Trump, including his banning from Twitter Mr. Agrawal a stain on the political landscape which has not yet been scrubbed away and I can understand why he feels uniquely embattled, but I stand by my diagnosis.

The Donald Went Off-Brand In A Potentially

fatal manner when he decided to cast himself as yet another victim, but Mr. Trump also accomplished some singular things in my estimation and got very little credit for it where credit was clearly due. He warned the Europeans a few years ago in no uncertain terms that their virtue signaling submission to the so-called environmentalist and utterly economically and practically deranged globalist Utopians was going to bring them great grief, not least by placing them under putin’s thumb and was roundly and thoroughly pilloried for offering this absolutely accurate and self–evident diagnosis as he was for so much of what he did and how much more correct could it be been as current events have clearly demonstrated and trump’s team finalized the Abraham Accords, which could obviously have been expanded more recently to include the Saudis the Saudis, who work diligently in the background to make that impossible peace with Israel a reality who offer at least a comparatively desirable alternative to the.

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In many ways I’m your monster sir the reason for the suspension is not exactly clear . The tweet that brought about my suspension was one directed for better or worse at the actress slash actor Ellen Now Elliott Page, who I criticized along with his or her physician for publicly trumpeting and publicizing the decision to have her perfectly functional breasts removed in the attempt to switch sexes . This decision was up to him or her and appropriately I at least half suppose but which also served as a much publicized, more than a million and a half instagram likes model for confused people . The writer says he was a genuine force on Twitter trending with a rather appalling and frightening degree of regularity . He writes to Pereg Agrawal CeO of Twitter to explain why he was suspended from the social media network’s decision to suspend his access to the platform, which he says was made to him in good faith and that he had used the platform in ‘good faith’ and that it was a ‘monster’…. Click here to read more and watch the full video