A studysurvey shows the longer youre married the less she desires you


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and they can suck it um first story. I want to talk about today fastest way to lose her love just marry her um. I talk about this a lot. You know and I do stories about where women say oh you know I loved him but the butterflies are gone the tingles are gone. I I need something more and this guy at the gym winked at me and I think he wants sleep with me.

So I Left My Husband And My

three kids and am. I the bad person and oftentimes they also do the I wish I had stayed well. This story. This has come from psychology today, how desire sexual desire changes after marriage and why less happiness as a bigger problem than less sex now What’s interesting. This is from January 30th, so just about a month ago.

Whats Interesting About This Is Theyve Done Some

studies and over time. It’s women actually that become unhappy with the bedroom they they become less interested in their partner and there may be actually some biological drive that tells the woman hey you probably should you know for the diversity of the genes. Maybe it’s okay if you go out and step out a lot and so in long-term marriages they find that men are not the ones usually again usually we’ll talk about the bell curve here they’re usually not the ones that. unhappy so they say two longitudinal studies reveal an emerging mismatch in desire over the early years of marriage. Five years into the marriage, the average husband’s desires are unchanged for his wife, but the average wives have decreased now.

I Know Many Of You Will

say well. I am shocked. I am shocked shocked well not that shocking but the jokes of after a man says I do she no longer says I do or he says I do and then she says I don’t anymore. This is true and and again studies have proven. This is why I say can you imagine promising your life half your bank account your future happiness on a partner that likely is not going to have the same drive or desire for you over time where men usually do.

They Say Knowing That This Is Common

pattern might help couples refrain from. blaming themselves and each other for fearing their marriage has problems. Hey let’s rephrase that this will let guys know that if they want to blame why the bedroom isn’t as good. They can blame their wives that’s the way I look at it. They say many a movie novel or opera ends with a loving couple getting married if it is a modern work.

The Implicit Happily Ever After Includes Plenty Of

sex. Yet for years, the data has shown or have shown a gradual decline in frequency during marriage of the in and out folklore awful offered the bottle theory of marriage. By that theory, the couple puts in a penny in a bottle every time they have sex during the first year of marriage and then removes a penny every time they have sex after their first anniversary, the bottle will never be empty. The data suggests the decline is not quite that severe, but it is unmistakable. Yet why we track newly wed couples over the early years of their marriages.

Every Six Months Or So They Answered

questionnaires about their desires, their marital satisfaction and other factors. No two couples are exactly alike of course, but the general pattern was clear from both studies over the first four or five years of marriage. The wife’s sexual desires declined steadily while the husbands showed no change. The same pattern was found for the questions that asked about desire specifically for sex with one spouse and with sex for anybody in general five years into the marriage. The average husband’s desire is the same as when he walked down the aisle, but his wife’s desire has dwindled.

This Is Important To Know Because I When

I was younger, you know they didn’t have the internet back when I was 28 or at least not nearly to the degree because that was 20 years ago. So that would have been what 2002 the internet existed, but it wasn’t nearly what it is today Where you have most publications articles videos. You know all this commentary out there so a lot of this was unknown to guys that were are my age and the younger subset, but the jokes still permeated the culture that women you know after the first couple of years, it’s definitely the win. The guys always want it more and the women want it less and here’s what’s important Most of the time when guys get married men men may get married because they do want a partner like a wife, men get married maybe. Because they want kids? But there’s also a really big drive for men because they say wow I really like this person The bedroom is great.

I Get And If We Get Married.

She’ll sleep next to me every night and I’ll have access to all the all the enjoyment of her body and oh. This is so awesome and then you get married and over the years it dwindles and I found this to be true in my case as well as most of the stories. I hear you guys say and and talk about where you say dude like if you want to guarantee you don’t get any action get married because then you’re trapped then if you want it she doesn’t you don’t get any and you certainly can’t go out and get any for on the side at least without the risk of losing half your. income it’s literally a trap and and you can say well some women do it on purpose.

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Other Women They Just Lose Their Desire,

but either way. The guy loses and that’s the important fact they say what’s more we found that marital satisfaction for both husband and wife deteriorated in step with the wife’s loss of desire the husband’s desire was irrelevant to anybody’s marital happiness now that’s surprising isn’t it might wives lose desire based on or because the marriage is turning bad No time. Lag analysis indicated that her loss of desire came first leading to lower satisfaction. Later early levels of dissatisfaction did not predict how rapidly the wives lost interest in the bedroom and and this is this is interesting and and this is important as well because here’s the deal what happens the guy desires his wife she gives it up less and less. and less so his satisfaction with her his satisfaction with the relationship his satisfaction with the married marriage tapers off in the in the same time she doesn’t desire him as much.

She Wants To Sleep With Him.

Less and his insistence of sleeping together can actually turn her off. He becomes a pest or a bother and she’s not attracted to him anymore, which also leads to the decline and what happens both partners fall off the cliff but it doesn’t start until she starts losing her desire. Now you’ll hear a lot of dating coaches and marriage coaches and everything else saying Oh make sure you keep dating her guys just like as if you were first dating. Make sure to take her out to dinner and make sure to wine and dine her and jump through all these hoops to make sure she’s happy but and a lot of guys do again myself included but that will never respark the desire for somebody and and here’s why because it’s a it’s a sunk cost that you can never recover.

This Is Always An Example I Use, But

it still holds true today imagine taking a woman out to a cup of coffee okay well. The cup of coffee’s been established. It’s new and it’s exciting because it’s your first date, or maybe you go out for drinks First date very exciting very interesting, but what if. You went out for coffee every week it becomes normal. It doesn’t become special.

It Becomes Kind Of Boring So

what do you have to do take her out to dinner and you take her out to dinner to her favorite restaurant. She loves this restaurant so you take her there once a week well. We’ve been here many times it is boring it is we’ve done this before we need new so you take her out to different restaurants and more interesting places you take her on vacation. You do this before you know it it’s kind of been there done that with everything with you and now the excitement wears off. It becomes routine and you can never keep reestablishing that new and exciting you know.

Eventually Youve Hit All The Positions You Want

to in bed. You have done everything and she becomes bored and and i. Don’t know why but it is a thing women just really desire the new the challenging the dramatic the interesting and you can’t you can’t always as a guy you just can’t always provide that they say crucially it was not due to having kids becoming parents made becoming parents made the mismatch worse as in steeper declines in wife’s desire in one study, but not in the other becoming a father significantly increased the man’s desire nor was it due to stress or depression those though although those may have had contributing factors to the part of the problem. In some cases, Folklore‘s bottle theory aside early signs of this pattern have been noticed. Bettina Ardent and an Australian journalist had an idea for a racy bestseller which was to have couples keep diaries of their bedroom lives.

Her Book The Sex Diaries Did Report Some

lively and creative. practices, but the more common theme was that of the husbands begging for sex while the wives refused pillow talk filled with memorable phrases like get that thing away from me Aren’t continued ruefully sometimes seem to cause women to go off the bedroom. Once they settle into a committed relationship again, it they literally become adverse to it. Now there are things like you know once you have kids being a mom you’re taking care of the kids.

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A Lot Guys Working Probably More To

to provide for the family that could lead to less time alone or less desire, but again they say the men became more interested in it when the women became less interested in it even after having kids a possible explanation that this fits our data is that female desire increases. During the brief phase of passionate love nature may have arranged that as a way to encouraging the man to make a long-term commitment. Humans evolve from other great apes, but none of the other apes take fatherhood seriously let alone provide daily food and shelter for their children’s mothers. Over many years human men are remarkably different in that regard and evolution has to arrange some serious changes to bring that about men.

S Desire May Have Taken On Addict A

addictive character so that men become attached and keep hoping for sex even when the yield of pleasure dwindles as in some addictions. Meanwhile, nature arranged for women’s desires to increase temporarily during courtship. The couples in which the women’s desire boosted enough to get the man hooked produced more children.


Joker talks about the fastest way to lose her love just marry her . He says women become unhappy with the bedroom they they become less interested in their partner and there may be actually some biological drive that tells the woman hey you probably should you know for the diversity of the genes. Maybe it’s okay if you go out and step out a lot and so in long-term marriages they find that men are not the ones usually again usually we’ll talk about the bell curve here they’re usually the ones that are unhappy . Joker: “I got a bunch of stories. I’ll chop it up into the usual thing same thing for Youtube.& If you’re here on Youtube, it will be edited because Youtube hates me and they can suck it” He says he’s shocked. I am shocked shocked well not that shocking. I know many of you will say well. I’m shocked.& This is from January 30th, so just about a month ago. What’s interesting….. Click here to read more and watch the full video