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joker with a face for radio and a voice for print this one. This video is gonna be dating logic now I I I won’t lie. I put a completely different looking woman on the thumbnail because if I put the woman that says articles about you’d probably be very angry at the thumbnail, but it says new dating logic sleep with him first or asleep with him on your first date, Why so you don’t waste your time don’t waste your time Ladies find out if he’s good in bed find out if he’s everything you want just dive right in and what happens is the body count goes through the roof. Her ability to pair bond and fall in love with somebody and care for them him falls into the basement and they’re go and and by the time you. Actually might find somebody that’s in their late 20s or maybe in their 30s.

The Body Count Is Well Into Its Triple

digits, and this is not a good deal for men because no men want that to happen so before we get started. Don’t forget to join me over on betterbachelor. locals. com or rumble for the video. The science of attraction for some reason Youtube won’t allow it.

They Say That The Clips I Used

from the discovery channel make it ineligible and and all this other stuff so join me over the links are down below join me over there it’s a really good video and i want to make sure you guys see it and get the information. The last 20 minutes of the video is where it’s at the most important all right on to the main story. So this this is why I always. have sex on the first date This girl says and this is from the New York post again. You know these are these are supposedly good sources for news, but they they have this click bait now and the reason why this is important again because if you look at this gal and you say um let’s see where’s my I keep moving this and I wish I wouldn’t I’ve done it a couple times now let me find this again was she a great big fat person she’s.

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Shes A Bigger Girl Shes Not Traditionally Attractive.

She wears some pretty pretty out there outfits um but this this is the one that now. She can still go out on first dates and get get get some action every time. I almost said she can get lucky. I would consider it her getting lucky and the guy would get unlucky.

But Thats Just My Personal Opinion

on it It says if the classic Rom-coms were asses, we obsessively watched on repeat as teenagers taught us anything it’s that you shouldn’t put out on the first date. After all the key message we were told time and time again was that you’ll never see they’ll never see you as a serious girlfriend material. If you jump into bed straight away. I roll let me pause you right there no eye roll no eye roll. This is that is a thing.

Now It Doesnt Mean That The Guy Wont

date the woman seriously you know I mean if you guys go on a date and you have a really good connection and everything goes really well and you talk about wanting long-term relationship and and you really like each other and you decide to date have at it but if it’s just. couple of drinks at a pub and you want to go back and and bump uglies and then all of a sudden you expect him to deliver his undying love for you. It’s not gonna happen. I guarantee you so yeah, Don’t I roll because it’s true and women out there more than ever complaining guys. Don’t commit and men are staying little boys and men are just using them well here’s why don’t I you know this eye roll comments what ticks me off because it it’s literally been proven, but even though we’re old and wise enough to know to now know that it’s your compatibility that determines if the relationship will go the distance.

This Key Message Is Never Far

from our minds on first dates. Of course, they choose to ignore it. One person who’s trying to shake this dating myth is is oh my gosh. She’s a writer, one person who’s trying to shake. This dating myth is sex and relationship writer Mary Rose Madigan.

This Is A Person That Is

a writer about sex and love and relationships okay in a personal essay for Mamma Mia, The Sydney based writer says she actually found it to be highly effective approach. She explained honestly sleep with a man You are attracted to straight away if you want it’s fabulous and it’s also very time efficient yes. I’m sure it is but here’s the thing um that guy again. If he’s of quality he will he will not just do that and if he’s just a player or a guy that’s doing a hit and quit it he’ll be like great. I mean again looks are subjective, but he’ll be like hey great I I got some it was easy I didn’t have to put in.

An Effort First Date, I Got Some Moving

on unbelievable that she she’s the dating coach for or the dating advice writer today Good luck to you um When she first encountered the world of dating. She said she said she felt like she had to withhold any kind of intimacy to ensure guys would remain interested in her um surely you can’t be serious. I am serious and don’t call me shirley um. This meant she would have sex for a third or fifth date, and by that point she would be pretty romantically entangled with the guy. She added this meant if the bedroom was bad or it didn’t work out or they were kind of a man that finished within three seconds or didn’t truly understand where exactly the woman’s naughty bits are located.

I Felt Stuck.

I got news for you back in the day back. In the day long before people put out before they were married people would get in a relationship. They would learn to care about each other. They would maybe fall in love.

They Would Get Married And Then

they would go to the bedroom not always but quite often and then when things didn’t work out so great. They practiced and practice can be fun. But the wife also didn’t quite know what was supposed to happen The husband didn’t quite know what was supposed to happen and so for both of them they learned together what happens now is women expect men should just roll in there knowing everything under the sun. Maybe men expect women to to to know the same stuff based on some of the maybe the spicy movies that they want and they want her to do all those things and if either person is. Not quite up to the same level of expertise they’re like well, let’s dump it just keep looking the the point of finding somebody to actually enjoy this process with and and grow in together with the person is just gone and and to me.

I Find That Sad The Fact That

she just thinks I need to find somebody that’s that can get it perfect and that’s the guy. I want to be with but good luck to you as Mary didn’t think bad sex was bad enough or a big enough reason to break up. She ended up dragging out the relationship. Even though she felt deeply unfulfilled well that’s her fart that’s her fault that’s her fault that is her fault. After going through this process a few times a few times.

It Dawned On Mary That Something Had

to change and she decided to stop withholding. The bedroom describing how it made dating more fun. She added I wasn’t trying to play a strategic game balancing just the right amount of sexy without ever seeming too much on instead I was going on what felt right. It was much more simple and pleasurable system. It also meant I churned through men much quicker, which was a good thing guys she she is a la.

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She She Turns Through Men Does

it does that I mean again she churns through men. Now there are a lot of guys that are like man let me tell you something if I could churn through women. It might be fun um and and let’s be honest a guy that looks like this. I’m not trying to hate on any of you fellas, but you’re not you’re not churning through anything, except maybe a bag of cheetos and gallons of mountain. Dew like she’s a big girl, But men are so thirsty and men will lower their standards so much just to sleep with somebody that this woman can churn through men as the Supr has as this approach helped Mary weed out the guy she’s not compatible with.

She Said It Actually Helped Her

carve out more time for herself too what’s more Mary said it hasn’t stopped her from finding love either oh has she now as she is now in a happy relationship with a guy. She slept with. On the second date she added now we co-parent a pet Chihuahua and live in a tiny terrace together. I didn’t even have to withhold the bedroom for all of that to happen well. It sounds like if he fell in love and is willing to cope co-parent a pet Chihuahua and live in a tiny terrace with you.

He May Not Have Had That Much On

his plate to offer in the begin with to begin with. She says why because I met someone I liked who liked me and the chemistry was there from the very beginning. Okay. I know I know I’m I’m a horrible human being, but but she’s not my type that’s all I’m saying she maybe she’s some of your fellas type she’s not my type but the fact is that again. This is the message is and and guys honestly honestly for the top 20 percenters the world is what it’s wonderful.

Even In This Case Maybe The

top 40 or 50 percent of guys because maybe they got a shot at that forget for the guys that want action it is all out there. This is a great time to be alive. You don’t you know it now when I was. younger I didn’t you know you look at my parents age right they had to go out on several dates. They had to say they were in love with each other.

They Probably Well.

They were in a long-term commitment now whether they waited to marriage or not. I don’t know but they then they got busy then you fast forward to the liberation of the 60s and it’s just let your freak flag fly and in my day in the 90s yeah you could go out to a pub. You’d meet a cool girl. You go back to your place Hookup like I’m not saying it was a a lot different, but there were a the vast majority of girls were still like No.

Im I Mean I Want A

boyfriend. I Don’t cheat um I’m looking for a relationship that was the vast majority. You’d still find the you know the bad girls out there you could have fun with on very short notice. Now the bad girls are the new norm now the easy girls are.


New dating logic: Sleep with him first or sleep with him on your first date . Don’t forget to join me over on betterbachelor.&locals.com or rumble.com for the video . The science of attraction for some reason Youtube won’t allow it because of the clips I used from the discovery channel . The last 20 minutes of the video is where it’s at the most important all right on to the main story. This girl says and this is from the New York post again. She’s a bigger girl she’s not traditiona. The body count is well into its triple digits, and by the time you find somebody that’s in their late 20s or maybe in their 30s.& Actually might find somebody in their early 30s . Join me over the links are down below. It’s a really good video and i want to make sure you guys see it and get the information. The last part of the clip is where the last 20…. Click here to read more and watch the full video