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This is joker and you are not I’ve got to mix it up. I haven’t figured it out yet, but I’m going to change my my sign in phrase for 2020. I got to mix it up a little bit. I got to keep things fresh so I haven’t come up with a new one yet but that’s that’s what I’m using today for those of you that complain or say something um today.

I Want To Talk About A Letter That

a woman named Courtney Kirchhoff wrote on stephen crowder’s louder with crowder website now. This is a site for conservatives and um you know oftentimes. We talk about well like and I’ve done it in the last couple of videos that a lot of the feminists tend to inherently support the Democratic side, and this isn’t about politics, but a lot of. The anger against men seems to come from the the left. They’re the ones running the the men bad and um you know women need power and and guys take it away and patriarchy and all this other stuff seems to come a lot from the left, But what about conservative women are they the good ones are they the women that want to have the conservative values and get married and have kids more so yes.

However, They Still Fall Into The They

still fall into the same demographics or same statistics that we talk about for divorce for men getting rung through the ringer. There’s no safe space so to speak for guys to go to that say hey you know what if you date a girl from X you’ll have no problems you don’t have to worry about her cheating you Don’t have to worry about divorce. You don’t have to worry about any of these problems. There is no. There is no magic place you can go, but a lot of women say Hey, um and I’ve gotten these emails and I’ve gotten these messages.

Hey I Am A Good Woman

what about me and because you’re not representing me or you don’t talk about us well. I’m gonna read a letter from a woman who feels that she is a supporter of men and she may actually be but you have to understand something that there is no. There is no magic wand that a man can you know wave and he knows that a woman is going to be good to him or not hurt him or take advantage of him or end up in divorce or end up cheating just like women say well. There’s nothing that you you can know of for. Men either granted and that’s part of what we talk about on this channel is that it is so difficult Now you know if you go back many many years and look at the statistics of how many women and and this so when I say women I mean it had to be fewer men as well, but they don’t have these the statistics that they came across but going back.

I Think It Was The 1950S.

How many women had um pre-marital relations out of marriage. It was like five percent and then you flash forwarded now and it’s like 95 and I don’t remember the actual numbers so if you look them up. Don’t call me out on it. But it’s been a dramatic swing and then when you and I’m not again.

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Im Not Saying That You Have To

wait until marriage. I’m saying never get married. But I’m I’m saying that that this still isn’t a a a silver lining to any of this then when we look at the number of people that are suffering from from deep sadness the depression, you look at those numbers and for men it’s growing exponentially why because they’re not able to date. They’re not able to have relationships or their girlfriends cheated on them stepped out or this that and then when you look at the women the women say well. I’m not happy either.

I Have All These Partners Or Im Able

to go out and score with a lot of guys because I’m a woman and that’s kind of how it works. But then when it’s time to settle down either men. Don’t want me or I’m unable to find happiness or I I feel like this guy that I found that’s supposed to be great. For me isn’t great for me and it’s not working for me and I don’t know what to do and I read those letters here all the time, so I’m going to read. I’m going to read this story just so you can kind of see hear what a woman that says hey, but I’m one of the good ones please listen to me.

This Is My Letter To All

the the man bashing women out there. I want to talk about this so I’m going to read her letter and I hope this expresses the feelings that the the the women that supposedly don’t do this and the good women that come here maybe this this resonates with some of you, but I’m going to tell you why guys still will be very cautious in dating and all of that even if you’re a woman that professes you’d never. Do this to a guy so this is from louder and crowder. She says in this court. Courtney Kirchhoff like I said screw off feminists an open letter to men from a real woman dear men Every day there’s news outage or news or outrage about the latest female tragedy the war on women the feminist women the body shaming women there’s the snuggle struggle culture that’s unwanted affection.

Well Call It And Male Privilege

and microaggressions now. This is written about four years ago five years ago now but it but again I think it voices well her what women are still thinking today about this. She says seems to me if you’re a man in this world there’s nothing you can do right if you tell a woman to smile you’re sexist if you tell a woman she’s pretty you’re reducing her to just her looks if you. Tell a woman she’s smart you’re being sexist for being surprised that she’s smart and more than just her body. If you vocalize that you think a hot woman is hot.

Oh Geez Bar And Lock The

doors the girl power advocates will come with you with their steely knives well. There’s a woman yeah it’s courtney Kirchhoff here not stephen crowder here’s something you need to know women love men for being men okay. Several feminist keyboards have just been reduced to dust. Chicas are hammering their keys like old cavemen hammered their women before dragging them into the cave. Oh that right there that’s a joke.

I Know You Feminists Dont Find It Funny

nothing to you is funny that’s why it’s funny Yes I know you’re out there you’re going to call me a b you’re going to call me a cello you’re going to say I’m. ignorant this and that and plenty of other four and five letter words because I dared to write women love men despite the glaring proof that women do, despite the glaring proof women do love men proof the perpetuation of the species. You know men and women getting together doing the deed and having and not getting rid of their babies. I can hear you all yelling patriarchy and snuggle struggle out there yell and scream and stomp all you want I don’t care background noise. This letter is for men who go out and do who build who create who purpose excellent who make the world a little better by being unapologetic men.

Im Not Talking About The Jerks Or

the creeps. They get too much attention and they do not represent all men okay okay sorry guys I had to address these harpies first because they’re shrill and. annoying where was I right? Women love men? Let me pause here for a moment and when I’ve I and I wish I had pulled one of these up but I haven’t, but there are our studies and they’ve done they’ve done interviews. They’ve done actual literal studies they’ve done um they’ve they’ve done surveys and what they found is women are not attracted to feminine men. They don’t like the the the girl power advocate guys that say you’re right men are bad and I don’t like them even though I am a man you’re right they’re not attracted to those men they’re there and as a matter of fact searches for and I have to be careful on my wording and you guys give me harsh about this.

But I Want This Video To Make

sure it can reach as many people out there as it can. When women do searches on spicy websites to watch some video to perhaps relieve some stress They do searches for struggle snuggle sessions. They look for men being aggressive in their bedroom fun and and again their articles out there you don’t have to take my word for it. You can google search it. I wish I’d pulled this up for the this but I’m already ahead of myself anyway.

They Like The Strong Masculine Empowering

now does that mean they want it to happen to them in real life. Gosh no that doesn’t mean that at all but it does mean that there’s something alluring about the ma the man that takes what he wants and when he wants her. It’s exciting for him to take her not the guy that says is it okay if I touch your shoulder is it okay. If I do this is it. Okay if I I do that and so there’s this very dramatic problem in the dating world and from young men that this is again why so many men are stepping out of it is because when a man is aggressive like the way that that women find attractive well, he gets in a lot of trouble for that So then when he does what they ask and they say he says okay I’m not going to be aggressive.

Ill Ask For Permission And Ill

babystep it and I’ll make sure you know my feelings because women ask to know men’s feelings. I’ll make sure to do all the things you do those women say ah he’s he just doesn’t just doesn’t turn me on he’s too weak and he’s too apathetic and so guys are completely confused about this so when somebody comes out and says hey we love. Men for being men okay maybe that is a subset of women, but they’re not the ones in in this case. This is why I’m reading this article. They’re not the ones writing the articles.

Theyre Not The Ones Being Cheered

on in the media. They’re not the ones that the the main the mainstream journalists not journalists journalists are coming out and saying hey um you know this she’s wrong what men really should do is and those are the stories that catch all the news and so again there’s this this conflict and men are saying well. I’m told to do this by the this group of women and I’m told to do this by this group of women. But I don’t know which group of women is which when I’m just meeting a woman out on the street.

There Was A Survey Done In

college and this. is from a couple years ago where 25 percent of men were asked. Do you think asking a woman out is harassing them just asking them out on a date 25 of college.


There is no safe space so to speak for guys to go to that say hey you know what if you date a girl from X you’ll have no problems you don’t have to worry about her cheating you . And there is no magic place you can go, but a lot of women say Hey I am a good woman what about me and because you’re not representing me . But what about conservative women are they are the good ones are they the women that want to have the conservative values and get married and have kids more so yes. But they still fall into the same demographics or the same statistics that we talk about for divorce for men getting rung through the ringer.& There’s no safe spaces for men to go, like a safe space for them to go for women to go and date a woman from X.& I’m gonna read a letter from a woman who feels that she is a supporter of men and she may actually be but you have to understand something that there is…. Click here to read more and watch the full video