Jotmag.com’s mission is to convert video to text so that it can be properly archived by https://web.archive.org for future generations to enjoy, or in case of an alien invasion, where video is banned by the Hive Queen (all hail Her Majesty)
Jotmag.com helps where bandwidth is low by producing extremely small and very streamlined HTML pages.

People in emerging third world countries can benefit from the knowledge contained in the footage even in places where internet connections are slow or unreliable.

All translations to HTML are fully credited and linked to the original creators homesite and the video link.

Removal of Archive
1. If a creator wishes to have content removed.
2. First ownership must be established via the contact form.
2. And then a list of all jotmag.com URLs of the creator’s video translations can be submitted and will be removed within 28 days.