Adele filed for divorce and she has to pay her husband many women think its not fair


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Guys Welcome To But A Bachelor.

This is Joker with a face for radio and a voice for print. You know before we get started tonight. I do have a little bit of an article that I’m gonna read from about people that are stuck being together since you can’t go out in public and I did a video on how the divorce inquiries have gone much higher. But this one’s kind of fun because it’s it’s basically talking about couples that are stuck together are too stressed to fool around now interestingly enough it’s not the guys that are too stressed.

Its The Women That Are Too

stressed and I’m not gonna read down through it. I just wanted you to see here that it’s. It says it’s just hard to get in the mood couples who are stuck together so they are having less bedroom fun than ever. before with many blaming anxiety and kids being home all the time I leave the link down below for you guys if you want to read through it, but it doesn’t really I mean I’m a guy. I’ve never really had too much and I’ve been tired after a long shift or working a lot of hours.

But Even Then I Can Still Put

up fourth a B effort at least I’ve never been one to be like Nah I’m just really not the mood, but it’s interesting that that is not working out so well so as I’ve said many times before I still think it’s best to be alone. I get to do what I want when I want how I want and I don’t I don’t have anybody to have to worry about here. You still have to put up with all the normal rigors of family. But you’re not even getting any benefit out of it as far as a little bit of fun, so I’ll put this this story down below, but tonight. I want to talk about you know when you look at the long lists of divorces and I’ll pull up some of a list here of the most expensive divorces of all time Inevitably it 99.

9% Of Time Goes From The Guy To The

woman and women have always said hey if she’s with him through the beginning and through the tough times when he didn’t have anything and she took care of the household and he went out and made the money for the family. It should be evenly split and you know there’s a point where you say yes, but should you be splitting billions of dollars like you see Jeff Bezos and Amazon do because there or is there. A cut-off point where you say okay enough enough let me just read through some of these most expensive ones of all time. Now they put the guy the person that pays at the beginning number one at Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos 36 billion dollars, and then they go down through and it’s several billions and millions of dollars all the way down to number 25. Madonna and Guy Ritchie now her name is first and so I did look this up and she paid him ninety million dollars other than that and these are just mostly Hollywood ones, but or ones out of California, but all of them are millions and millions and millions of dollars and not all of them were an exceptionally long time and what started me on this path was seeing this tweet by a guy named engineer Tolu tezi and it says so it’s.

For Jeff Bezos To Give His X 30

billion and all other men but for a Dell to give 140 mil it’s an atrocity and not cool so now that the tables have turned Y’all are mad I see get that bag King and say said Oh I didn’t Adele I guess she’s getting divorced so I came across this news story. Adele’s 180 million divorce here’s what’s at stake in the singer split from Simon connect UK now reading through here that it’s been sealed. It’s a sealed court case. So they don’t know how much is getting paid out, but she is going to be ultimately paying him something and numerous outlets said that they may be splitting a hundred and forty million of her dollars. Some others say that she may pay be paying him 140 mil it’s hard to say doesn’t matter the whole point is.

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That She Is Going To Be Paying Him

off and what’s interesting about this is She’s the one that initiated the divorce and I think that’s key she’s the one pulling the the the you know pulling the separation and go on their own ways so but now she has to pay because in California it’s a 50/50 split state and here’s the article I want to read you know just like everything I always say look if you want to be equal if you want equality across the board when you get it you cannot complain and so here’s our main story Adele rumoured divorce settlement is not equality at work and this writer Kathlynn Catherine Singh says this isn’t what women meant when they demanded equality shocking so you only want you only want it to go your way when you want equality but when it doesn’t it’s. Not fair so let’s let’s read this story and I the reason why I go into these I don’t care about Adele I I mean UK like a couple of her songs, but mostly it’s too mopey and sad for me, but you know the whole point is even if you don’t like Adele the whole point is you gotta call out the the two-way street you gotta call out the hypocrisy so if it’s oh and it’s a matter of fact. In this article, she even references Jeff Bezos so let’s read down through here and you’ll see what I’m talking about. She says it’s rarely a great day to be on the Internet. If you’re a woman okay, you can solve that by hitting the power button, but yes the whole world even on the Internet is against you right okay, but right now is an especially bad.

To Be A Lady Online Because It

turns out that in a global bug outbreak not only are people spending more time on the garbage fire. That is Twitter which I agree it is a garbage fire, but some of their opinions are getting increasingly more problematic problematic opinions problematic could that mean they don’t agree with you and so they’re problematic right On April 6 a Los Angeles Court granted singer Adele’s request to keep the details of her divorce from ex-husband Simon Connect UK sealed the British Songstress and her former Boo were married for two years before splitting the couple to share a seven-year-old son named Angelo now here’s the thing number one. There is a child involved number two. They have a 7-year-old, so they’ve been together. They’ve been together for more than those magic 7 years in California.

I Believe I Believe If Believe If

you cohabitate with somebody or live with them for X amount of time you’re considered to be a partner or a couple and then a marriage on top of that they’re not just looking at the two years they’re looking at your total sum of time that you’ve been together if you’re at the same address. Seeing that they have a seven-year-old son together and then of a they got married. I would bet they’d live together so the even though that she goes on to talk about they’ve only been married for two years. Truth is they may have been together for more. I didn’t look all into it because I don’t care that badly about Adele’s life but it sounds like at least they might have been together for seven eight whatever years while the actual facts of her divorce are remained private as they should.

Swirling Almost Immediately That The Singer Has Been

ordered to pay her X-100 and fillion 140 million of her reported and that 190 million net worth let’s see the judge reportedly rules for Adele to pay her ex-husband for three years over a hundred and forty million in nasty divorce settlement Why is it nasty because she has to pay or was he upset about it. They don’t really go on to tell about that I would if that’s the criteria for nasty. I can I know a lot of guys they had to write some nasty big checks. It’s important to emphasize that none of this has been confirmed, and while the speculation around the terms their separation might potentially be misinterpreting the fact of the hundred and forty million they’re splitting it could be less blah Blah Blah, regardless of whether or not this exact number is. Connect you would receive in California where Adele officially filed for divorce sports spouses are entitled to half there you go of their partner,’s income and assets during the period they were married and living together.

I Believe If California If I

remember correctly. According to an April 2019 article by COsmo and one year alone thanks in part to a wildly successful world tour. Her net worth jumped from 69 282 okay well there’s 120 mil right there in one year and he was with her so that counts just like it would count if the guy was the one that makes the money wah-wah so our girl. Adele has earned some loot and it would be nice if she could keep it or at least not be forced to give more than half of it to her ex-boy. How many times has fellas said the same thing every.

And And Ba Player Every Musician

just look up the top most expensive 100 divorces. I think like 97 percent of them are men, and every one of them has to write a big old check. You’re going to tell me that a one single child needs 30 grand in child support a month no but to be honest. Regardless of the details Blah blah Blah let’s see the most egregious part of this whole debacle has been the online response. Some men online are pretty stoked at the prospect of Adele handing 140 million to connect e tweeting that connected deserves a large Mart amount of money.

Even More Specifically, A Whole Lot Of

them seeming perplexed arguing that isn’t this equality even when it comes to divorce settlements. What woman and specifically girl power wanted why yes it is and that’s really why the men online we’re cheering. I read through some of the tweets about it and yes they’re pretty much like this is what you wanted she makes more than him. They were married getting divorced in California. It’s been like this against guys forever welcome to the Club of equality.

Heres A Tweet By A Guy Named

local champion. It says when men suffer this everybody will keep quiet now. Adele has to pay a hundred forty million to her ex-husband and girl power activists want to talk yes yes dears. This is what real equality looks like it’s not all rainbow and rainbows and unicorns deal with it and sorry gents, but the answer is no and for several reasons.

Oh What What Powerful Argument Could You

have that means that a woman should not pay when a guy should let’s hear her arguments firstly a lot of people online are making comparisons between. situation in that of Amazon Jeff Bezos, whose 20-19 divorce from wife Mackenzie Basil’s made tabloid headlines and finalized their divorce. The former blob of 19 million shares so on and so forth I won’t get into it but the whole thing is they.


Joker says it’s hard to get in the mood couples who are stuck together are having less bedroom fun than ever . Joker says he still thinks it’s best to be alone . He says 99.9% of divorces go from the guy to the woman and women have always said hey if she’s with him through the beginning and through the tough times when he didn’t have anything and she took care of the househo . Joker: I’ve never really had too much and I’ve been tired after a long shift or working a lot of hours. But even then I can still put up fourth a B effort at least I’m never one to be like Nah I’m just really not the mood, but it’s interesting that that that is not working out so well so as I’ve said many times before I still think it’s Interesting that that’s not worked out so poorly . He leaves the link down below for you guys if you want to read through it, but I’m a guy….. Click here to read more and watch the full video