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Welcome Back To New Rockstars! The Mandalorian Season

2 introduced live action Ahsoka Tano and Grand Admiral thrawn in a double Whammy Day Felony homework assignment to watch all of Star Wars rebels by Friday Don’t worry While this could be something explored on the Mandalorian. I kind of feel like it is a too big a conflict for a show about the Mandalorian and grogu and I think we are looking at an Ahsoka thrawn spin-off i’m Eric boss. This is rogue theory the show that brings you all the nerdy wildest hot takes on topics. We can’t stop talking about which right now in the day of our Lord December 2020 is the Mandalorian with me to go Rogue today is our friend the joven Jedi Jovan glad to be back the setting stash strikes again strikes us against strikes so it strikes back stress strikes forever um. You can find her streaming on Twitch when she’s not gracing us with her presents Angelica Trey Hey I’m glad to be back.

Oh Im Doing Good.

I think we’re all doing good what a time to be alive with the Mandalorian who knew that we would be getting all this crap. In one season eight episodes, Oh man not a drop of filler maybe that ice Spider episode but not not now and rounding out the panel our buddy welcome back Tom Michaelson always great to have you man thanks thanks I I got my honorary grogu shirt and I’m gonna try to I don’t know why I’ve been saying Gorgu sometimes I’m gonna really try not to I know it’s not gorgu it’s Grogu so if I say if I say Gorgoo please Don’t be mad just let me know in the comments, but please don’t be mad. They’ll Yeah I’m sure they’ll be very polite in the comments Don’t worry about it that’s right there’s a gorgeous somewhere else. We’ll meet Gorgu in in season 4.

Youre Not Going To Throw Me Out

Grogo Grogan is going to cross over in thor foreign and i Don’t have any help now Yeah yeah back to baby Okay let’s dive into this chapter 13. The Mandalorian took Amando and Grogu to the planet of Corvus, where they meet Ahsoka Tano, played by Rosario Dawson. She is in the process of very much pissing off Morgan L Smith. we find out the apprentice to surprise surprise Grand Admiral Thrawn, the epic villain from Star Wars Rebels and before that various expanded universe novels and I’m gonna call it expanded universe because it’s not just legends to me. It is an expanded universe and that is thanks to Thrawn that Guy is the heart of all of it.

Without Thrawn.

We would not have these amazing stories that inspired this whole renaissance of animated series. You can tell that Dave Filoni clearly loves these stories because they find ways to put these into the new movies in the shows and we love that and Thrawn, Though more recently is important to us because he was such a big villain in Star Wars rebels. He disappeared alongside Ezra Bridger and that is who Ahsoka and Sabine were looking for in that final epilogue scene of Star Wars rebels so to find Thrawn means to find Ezra, but she seems kind of pissed off at him. There is a deeper anger there and I’ve made a couple theories about who Thrawn is what his plan might be and as well.

As Ahsokas Full Timeline Because Shes Been On

like Everything now and that includes Dave Filoni’s recent update that the rebels finale epilogue scene might actually take place after Ahsoka’s current arc on the Mandalorian, Possibly he says check out those videos here. I have these three experts that are gonna help me with this the reason These two heavyweights are being brought onto live action. I think is to give a big path forward to the future of the whole star wars universe. I really do think we could be looking at a spin-off so without further Ado I want to hear from you three pitch me what you think this Ahsoka thrawn spin-off could look like Jovan. Why don’t you go first Oh.

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I Am Ready To Talk Your Ear About

this but this rogue theory. I’ve got It’s not gonna leave a smile on your face as as accurate as it will wind up being it’ll it’ll It’ll get you feeling in the feels because outside of the mandalorian being the first Star Wars series that we have here we’re there’s talks of other Disney plus Spin-off shows an Ob1 series now maybe an Ahsoka Tano series and from what we’ve heard so far is that they might just be like you know one season telestory kind of thing and I think that’s what we’ll get from Ahsoka Tano Spin-off where it is her trying to find and stop Thrawn, but what is Thrawn doing well because it’s the Star Wars universe. Everything is connected and Thrawn is in fact connected to the plot of Star Wars. Episode nine by being that Emperor Palpatine has a few different eggs with baskets. He doesn’t have everything just kind.

Falling On On Snoke To Kind Of Get

the the first order up and running if that doesn’t work out, He doesn’t have to work out. He also has thrawn there. You know taking out all these different planets to get resources to create a fleet to create its own maybe fleet of the sith Just in case of all the other plans. Don’t work out. It’s just another puppet in the grand scheme of Palpatine and I think that Ahsoka Tano’s story is going to be about finding thrawn and stopping this from happening because we do hear her voice at the end of rise of Skywalker, implying that you know she’s no longer with us and that’s where the feels start to come in.

Weve Seen This Great Story Arc From

Ahsoka from from you know just the Padawan to going out on her own and then seeing. her as like a ronin samurai if you will and she if you read the book she’s like hesitant to help people. She doesn’t really know where she fits in She doesn’t know who can she who she can trust and I think this is where we see her arc where she finds her meaning to her life and what she needs to do. She has seen what an what a galactic empire can do what a giant fleet what a giant army can do to the universe so she’s going to do everything in her power to stop Thrawn from doing it again and I think that it will cost her her life to stop thrawn, but and unfortunate for her palpatine has you know those other eggs and baskets, and then that’s why we see the new order in Snoke kind of rise up with Kylo Ren on. the side because you know he he’s got plan B’s and C’s yeah! This guy is the ultimate contingency planner in every new corner Operation F yes that’s something different, but it’s also canon I have I either want to destroy the galaxy or also rebuild it.

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At The Same Time.

I’m a confusing Catholic Yes also he has kids and grandkids that guy why choose a vocation You can have it all and palpatine’s a proof in the puddin hey what you dig into there. Jovin with your theory is like truth about Ahsoka that she cannot be confined to just a subplot of the mandalorian and I’m so glad you brought up her book because as I I don’t think the way forward for her character is for Dave Filoni to just say her stories in Star Wars rebels and clone wars just go watch those. No those are going to They’re going to exist and they’re going to be great for people to go back and look at but they’re going to do more with Rosario Dawson, and there is more depth to her character that you can really only truly connect audiences with by having them in live action. I’m Sorry I love Ashley Eckstein, but Rosario Dawson is going to be the way forward for this character when it is the highest rated episode of Mandalorian to date and there’s no way disney plus doesn’t see that as a big old money sign oh it’s gonna happen um so I’m going to award you two points Joven I would give you more but I just have like slightly different feelings on whether Thrawn is a piece in palpatine’s puzzle.

I Couldnt See Anytime You Tie Something

to Episode nine. It’s gonna rub a few people that way. I just want to be his own thing. I want Thrawn to be a kind of an enemy to that whole thing Just so they can be like yes that happened. But now we have thrawn and you have thrawn and we all have thrown it.

S Gonna Be Great Um But Great

theory joven two points two points to drove indoors yes um all right angelica It is your turn. How do you think I thrawn Ahsokatano spin-off could look okay so this is good news for you. Then on your thrawn hopes and theories because I’m thinking Ahsoka will go on a revenge mission of like a cat and mouse chasing Thrawn in hopes of finding Ezra Bridger okay, since Thrawn is known as one of the you know most genius. Military strategist in the Empire. I definitely think he’s going to be a Moriarty style character that’s always going to be one step ahead of Ahsoka’s great Badassery Yeah, I love Moriarty and I love like I know it’s completely different franchise, but I think he’s gonna be such a good character for it and if I recall correctly the voice actor in who played was it thrawn at one point in the animated series was a character or like a villain from Sherlock, So there’s some ties here Oh Lars Mickelson was he yeah Yeah Yeah Lars.

Im Thinking That In This Spin-Off Were Going

to have that Moriarty style throng here too character who’s one step ahead and then along the way while Ahsoka’s on her journey. She runs into you. Know Sabine and Sabine joins that mission because Sabine wants to find Ezra as well and even. All signs point to Ezra maybe being dead or like they just haven’t heard anything they will actually find Ezra on maybe like a random planet laying low because he got separated from Thrawn after that space wheel jump, What are they called the the Pearl Pearls Yeah Pergal that are purging um so they’re gonna find Ezra it’s gonna be epic it’s gonna be the best best scene ever and Ezra’s gonna be like I’m actually tracking Thrawn and they’re gonna find out that Thrawn is trying to build his own empire and that he’s gotta be stopped before you know more casualties more innocence die yeah what I like about your pitch.


Angelica is the fact that like halfway through it sounds like Ahsoka meets Sabine so correct me if I’m wrong are you saying that you’re going with you’re leaning on the more possible than less. possible side of Felony’s interpretation that final scene that maybe it was after the current arc of Mandalorian We’re gonna follow her on her own for a bit more and then catch up to her when she runs into Sabine on Lothal, and they’re like all right girl let’s.


The Mandalorian Season 2 introduced live action Ahsoka Tano and Grand Admiral thrawn in a double Whammy Day Felony homework assignment to watch all of Star Wars rebels by Friday . Tom Michaelson and Angelica Trey return to New Rockstars’ panel to talk about the new season 13 episode of the show . Angelica Tano will be streaming on Twitch when she’s not gracing us with her presents . Grogu will cross over in in season 4. Grogo Grogan is going to cross over to thor foreign and i Don’t have any help now. I don’t know why I’ve been saying Gorgu sometimes I’m gonna really try not to I know it’s not gorgu. Please Don’t be mad just let me know in the comments, but please don’t get mad. There’s a gorgeous somewhere else. Don’t worry about it that’s right there’s a pretty pretty somewhere else to do it. Grogan will be back in season 8….. Click here to read more and watch the full video