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So The Hebrews Created History As We

know it you don’t get away with anything and so you might think you can bend the fabric of reality and that you can treat people instrumentally and that you can bow to the Tyrant and violate your conscience without cost you will pay the piper. It’s going to call you out of that slavery into Freedom even if that pulls you into the desert and we’re going to see that there’s something else going on here that is far more Cosmic and deeper than what you can imagine the highest ethical Spirit to which we’re beholden is presented precisely as that spirit that allies itself with the cause of Freedom against Tyranny. I want villains to get punished, but do you want the villains to learn before they have to pay the ultimate price that’s such a Christian question that has to do with attention by the way it has to do with with a subsidiary hierarchy like a hierarchy of attention, which is set up in a in in a way in which all the levels can have room to exist. Let’s say and so you know these new the new systems The new way let’s say the new Urban urbanist movement similar to what you’re talking about that’s what they’ve understood it’s like we need places of intimacy in terms of the house. We need places of communion in terms of you, know parks and Alleyways and and buildings where we meet and a church all these places that kind of manifest our community together yeah so so those existed.

Coherently For Long Periods Of Time And Then

the abundance post World War UK and some ideas about like what what life could be like cause this big change and that change satisfied some needs people got houses but broke community Community needs and then new sets of ideas about what’s the synthesis What’s the possibility of having your own home but also having Community not having to drive 15 minutes for every single thing and some people live in those worlds and some people don’t do you think we’ll be smart so one of the problems why were we smart enough to solve some of those because we had 20 years but now because one of the things that’s happening now is we’re as you pointed out earlier is we’re going to be producing equally revolutionary Transformations, but at a much smaller scale of time what’s natural to our. Children is so different than was natural to us, but what was natural to us was very different from our parents, so some some changes get upset excepted generationally really so what’s made you so optimistic. Hello everyone watching on UK or listening on Associated platforms. I’m very excited today to bring to be bringing you two of the people I admire most intellectually. I would say and morally for that matter.

Jonathan Pajo And Jim Keller Very Different Thinkers.

Jonathan Pajo is a French Canadian liturgical artist and icon Carver known for his work featured in museums across the world. He Carves Eastern, Orthodox, among other traditional images and teaches an online carving class. He also runs a UK channel. This symbolic World dedicated to the exploration of symbolism across history and religion.

Jonathan Is One Of The Deepest Religious Thinkers

I’ve ever met. Jim Keller is a microprocessor. engineer known very well in the relevant communities and Beyond them for his work at Apple and UK among other corporations. He served in the role of architect for numerous game-changing processors. Has co-authored multiple instruction sets for highly complicated designs and is credited for being the key player behind Amd‘s renewed ability to compete with Intel in the high-end UK Market in 2016.

Keller Joined Tesla Becoming Vice President Of Autopilot

Hardware Engineering. In 2018 he became a senior vice president for Intel. In 2020 he resigned due to disagreements over Outsourcing production, but quickly found a new position at tens Torrent as Chief Technical officer We’re going to sit today and discuss the perils and promise of artificial intelligence and it’s a conversation. I’m very much looking forward to so welcome to all of you watching and listening I thought it would be interesting to have a three-way. I have been talking a lot lately, especially with John Viveki and some other people as well about the fact that we seem it seems necessary for us to view for human beings to view the world through a story.

In Fact That Are When We Describe

the structure that governs our action and our perception that is a story and so we’ve been trying to puzzle out. I would say to some degree on the religious front what might be the deepest stories and I’m very curious about the fact that we perceive the world through a story. Human beings do and that seems to be a fundamental part of our cognitive architecture and of cognitive architecture in general. According to some of the world’s, top neuroscientists and I’m Curious and I know JIm is interested in cognitive processing and in Building Systems that in some sense seem to run in a manner analogous to the manner in which our brains run and so I’m curious about the overlap between the notion that we have to view the world through a story and what’s happening on theNK] front. There’s all sorts of other places that we can take the conversation.

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So Maybe Ill Start With You.

JIm do you want to tell people what you’ve been working on and maybe give a bit of a background to everyone about how to how you conceptualize artificial intelligence yeah sure so first. I’ll say technically I’m not an artificial intelligent researcher. I’m, a computer architect and I’d say my skill set goes from you know somewhere around the atom up. up to the program so we we make transistors at atoms.

We Make Logical Gates Out Of Transistors.

We make computers out of logical Gates. We run programs on those and recently we’ve been able to run programs fast enough to do something called a artificial intelligence model or neural network. Depending on how we say it um and then we’re building chips now that run artificial intelligence models fast and we have a novel way to do it. A company I work at but lots of people are working on it and I think we were sort of taken by surprise.

Whats Happened In The Last Five Years.

How quickly models started to do interesting and intelligent seeming things . There’s been an estimate that human brains do about 10 to the 18th operations a second, which sounds like a lot. It’s a billion billion operations a second and a little computer. You know the processor in your phone probably does 10 billion operations a second.

You Know Ish And Then If You Use

the UK maybe 100 billion something like that and big modern UK computers like open UK use this or Google or somebody they’re doing like 10 to the 16th. Maybe maybe slightly more operations a second so they’re within a factor of a hundred of a human brain’s raw computational ability and by the way that could be completely wrong. Our understanding of how the human brain does computation could be wrong. But lots of people have estimated based on number of neurons number of connections, how fast neurons fire, how many operations a neuron firing. Seems to involve I mean the estimates range by a couple orders of magnitude, But when our computers got fast enough we started to build things called language models and image models that do fairly remarkable things.

So What Have You Seen In

the last few years that’s been indicative of this of the change that you described as revolutionary What what are the com what are computers doing now that you that you found surprising because of this increase in speed. Yeah you can have a language model read a 200 000 word book and summarize it fairly accurately so it can extract out the gist the gist of it can it do that with fiction Yeah Yeah and I’m going to introduce you to a friend who took a language model and changed it and fine-tuned it with Shakespeare and use it the right screen place that are. good and and these kinds of things are really interesting and then we were talking about this a little bit earlier. So when computers do computations, you know a program will say add a equal B plus C. The computer does those operations on representations of information ones and zeros.

It Doesnt Understand Them At All.

The computer has no understanding of it but what we call a language model translates information like words and images and ideas into a space where the program the ideas and the operation it does on them are all essentially the same thing. We’ll be right back with Jonathan Pajoto and Jim Keller first we wanted to give you a sneak peek at Jordan’s. New documentary logos and literacy I was very much struck by how the translation of the Biblical writings jump started the development of literacy across the entire world illiteracy was. The norm the Pastor’s home was the first school and every morning it would begin with singing.

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The Christian Faith Is A Singing

religion. Probably 80 percent of scripture memorization today exists only because of what is sung this is amazing here. We have a Gutenberg Bible Bible printed on the Press of Johann Gubern Science and religion are opposing forces in the world, but historically that has not been the case now. The book is available to everyone from Shakespeare to modern education and medicine and science to to civilization itself. It is the most influential book in all history and hopefully people can walk away with at least a sense of that right so a language model can produce words and then use those words as inputs, and it seems to have an understanding of what those words are so, which is very different from our computer I’m.

Curious Operates On Data About The Language

models. I mean my sense of at least in part how we understand the story is that maybe we’re watching a movie let’s say and we get some sense of the characters goals and then we see the manner in which that character perceives the world and we in some sense adopt his goals, which is to identify with character and then we play out a panoply of emotions and motivations on our body. Because we now inhabit that goal space and we understand the character as a consequence of mimicking the character with our own physiology and you you have computers that can summarize the gist of a story, but they don’t have that underlying physiology first of all that’s. It’s a theory that your physiology has anything to do with it.

You Could Understand The Characters Goals And

then get involved. In the details of the story and then you’re predicting the path of the story and also having expectations and hopes for this story. Yeah and a good story kind of takes you on a ride because it teases you with doing some of the things you expect but also doing things that are unexpected and possibly that creates emotional that could yeah It does it does so in an UK model so you can easily have a set of goals, so you have your personal goals and then when you watch the story you have those goals Yeah you put those together like how many goals is that like the stories goals in your goals hundreds thousands those are small numbers right then you have the story the a model can.


The new Urban urbanist movement similar to what you’re talking about that’s what they’ve understood it’s like we need places of intimacy in terms of the house and places of communion . Urban urbanism is a new way of building community together . Urbanism is an attempt to create a new model of community, not just homes, but also community . Urbanist movement has a new set of ideas about what’s the synthesis What’s the possibility of having your own home but also having Community not having to drive 15 minutes for every single thing and some people live in those worlds but some people don’t do you think we’ll be smart so one of the problems why were we smart enougance? It’s going to call you out of that slavery into Freedom into Freedom even if that pulls you into the desert and we’re going to see that there’s something more Cosmic and deeper than what you can imagine, says the author . He says. It’s not just a matter of people living in…. Click here to read more and watch the full video