Alexandria Ocasio Cortez gets DESTROYED at Bronx Town Hall Meeting Chrissie Mayr Reacts


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Well Not A Good Morning For Uk She Was

reamed out recently. I don’t know if this was a town hall meeting or a city council meeting. I can’t tell the difference. I’m blumin but this is this clip has been going viral and I guess this guy here. Jose Vega is the one who shouted this who shouted her out in the middle of a meeting.

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So Im Just Gonna Play It

for you guys if you haven’t seen it. This clip is pretty fire so get your fire extinguishers ready Congresswoman none of this matters unless there’s a nuclear War which you voted to send arms and weapons to Ukraine Cozy Gathers. She’s left the Democratic party okay. You originally voted you ran as an outsider yeah you’ve been voting to start this war and you’re great first of all like nothing he’s been saying is. is is false by the way there will be no neighbors If there’s a nuclear bomb you voted to mobilize and send money to Ukrainian Nazis.

Youre A Coward Youre A Progressive Social You

can tell This is in New York because people are still wearing masks. No joke I was on the subway Yesterday. A good 40 of people are still wearing masks on the New York City subway it’s crazy what you have done nothing. Tulsa Gabbard has shown guts where you’ve shown cowardice. I believed in you and you became the very thing you sought to fought against that’s What you’ve become you are the establishment and you are the reason why everybody will end up in a nuclear war unless you choose to stand up right now and denounce The Democratic party really like some people are clapping, but some people aren’t because like New York.

Is Honestly At This Point Full

of plessies who are afraid to publicly get on board with anything you do that you do that yes or no yeah get them. This makes it broken none of it. You know that and now you’ll notice like it’s not even a security guard. It’s a security guard. We just saw him he’s standing there he’s chill but it’s this guy right here this blumin other white dude who ultimately ends up getting up to like confront this guy to tell him to calm down the only thing that matters he continued to fund it that’s what’s going on why not right now she says I will get to the issues.

Later Youre Being Rude Okay Thats The Point

of these meetings for people to speak up nobody has told you accountable that’s what’s happening and it is time for you. You to stand up and realize that what you’ve been saying has been lies Let your conscience come through for once look at this guy. Oh this white guy’s like and I’m not saying this because I’m like I don’t like white people, but it’s like this guy’s like I’ll handle it. I’ll save you UK I’m six feet tall let me handle this calm down sir what a hero what a fire Clips this is Jose Vega and his friend Nogotone Congresswoman none of this that’s a pretty fire clip. I’ve been I’ve been noticing in the comments.

Some People Have Said Oh They Were They

were mentioning Tulsi Gabbard often they’re probably paid or this was planned or I’m like Tulsi Camera is not a niche person like she’s not a nobody people know who she is so I don’t think that this was like a a planned. viral moment so to speak um UK is this so I’m going to get into some of these comments here on Twitter UK is the swamp sorry to all who bought into her lies. The rest of them are lying to you too leave that awful party behind and start something new about time. Someone holds her accountable. I can’t believe security let him talk for that long that’s what these meetings are for you’re supposed to get freaking.

Alex Stein Gets Two Minutes To Run

around in a bathing suit. You know like that’s the point of these meetings so the public can speak out and he wasn’t insulting her. There were no ad hominems other than saying she’s not being held accountable. She wasn’t saying like she has a juicy booty, he was just being critical of what she has done in office or hasn’t done God bless. That guy once again she shows her true colors She should just care less.

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She Should Care Less About Anyone She Could

care less about anyone in that crowd. She could care less about New York. She just wants UK and money yeah absolutely. This was a person cast for a role much like Hollywood no offense but toasty voted for the initial extremely consequential 300 million weapons supplemental that even Obama refused to sign into law and she had several public statements and supported the proxy war. She flipped too late going after C is totally warranted and legitimate, but contrasting her with a fraud who virtual signals anti-war is a bizarre thing to do interesting for those who think I’m playing up believing in her here’s an email I wrote to her oh here’s this guy here’s an email he wrote to UK in 2018 while my apartment.

In Literal Shambles Wow My Name Is

Jose Vega and my landlord has taken advantage of me and my family has been six days since a water leak has affected my apartment home and I can no longer live in these toxic conditions. My landlord has done nothing about it and got the plumber in yesterday even then there’s water damage in my room in a gaping hole my ceiling that has been fixed yet below I’ll attach a link to the Bronx 12 coverage of the situation that happened yesterday people tell me you’re actually a real politician who gets things done. I don’t know what to believe but what I do know is that you if you are really worth. What you say you are you get back to me and help me with the situation see help me with my water leak okay so he was a. fan he was you know into her interesting yes Everyone has been making the same um like the same point of all these people that were Rebels or part of the squad right they’re part they’re part of the establishment machine foreign.

This Was Awesome.

She said you’re being a rude damn that was excellent well done now expect The Young Turks to call you guys right Wingers yep there should be common ground between us yeah it just seems like they are doing everything can to split us up even within parties right your aunt your vax or anti-vaxx My man was killing it until he brought up that right-wing grifter Tulsi she’s a big frog all right Hmm Fox News Fox News wants to use this all right all right hey you know what he’s standing up to UK which I haven’t seen that many people do publicly. Least caught on film that Aren’t Alex died 99 Yeah, It seems like once these people get into office. They just tow the party line they make their money like she’s worth several.

I Read Someone That Shes Worth Like

20 million dollars. Suddenly UK she goes from bartender to multi-millionaire in just a matter of a few years that’s pretty sus precess UK she’s just sitting there like me in her suit in her pantsuit looking looking cute and being like you’re rude you’re being rude yeah Yeah it says q a right there more cute more Q than a. It seems yeah I never porch is saying I never thought I would see UK get lit up like this in her own backyard. I have heard that a lot of the New York congressional districts are competitive maybe this is anecdotal proof.

Yeah Tina Forte Is Running Against

her so I hope that people vote for her because teen is a bad blumin love you guys thank you for the chats thank you for the comments I will see you guys Tomorrow Bye Bye all right love you guys. I don’t even want to leave this candle smells so good. I don’t want to leave all right love you guys talk to you soon Bye love you all join the Discord feet Love you all wow you guys are awesome Bye guys Bye now I’m really leaving love you Bye.


Tulsa Gabbard has shown guts where you’ve shown cowardice . She voted to mobilize and send money to Ukrainian Nazis . She is the reason why everybody will end up in a nuclear war unless you choose to stand up right now and denounce The Democratic party really like some people are clapping, but some people aren’t because like New York.& is honestly at this point full of plessies who are afraid to publicly get on board with anything you do that you do . This makes it broken none of it. If there’s a nuclear bomb you voted to mobilize and send funds to Ukraine Cozy Gathers. You can tell This is in New York because people are still wearing masks on the subway Yesterday.& A good 40 of people are Still wearing masks in the New York City subway yesterday. It’s crazy what you have done nothing. I was on the Subway Yesterday. I’m not sure if it’s crazy. If you want to believe in you and…. Click here to read more and watch the full video