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com excuse me just a moment well I’ve seemed to have misplaced my invitation to see 20 minutes of Amazon’s the Lord of the Rings, The Rings of power in London, but apparently some of our friends have but before we even get started with that let’s check back in on the Lord of the Rings, The Rings of Power Trailer. The American one has 1. 6 million dislikes and almost 49 000 comments. Let’s see if any of them are favorable well.

Heres Mine With An Actual Quote From

Tolkien with two whole likes on it from a month ago nothing going on there. The canons of narrative in any medium cannot be wholly different and the failure of poor films is often precisely an exaggeration and in the intrusion of unwarranted matter, owing to not perceiving where the core of the original lies that is a bleep slap one. Of the most polite ones you’ll ever get from J. r. r Tolkien The intrusion of unwarranted matter.

We Will Get To That In Just

a moment because the Big Tolkien fans might have seen 20 minutes, but I might know a thing or two about the entire first episode all right then keep your secrets go back to the shadow You cannot pass or there is no curse in Elvish entish or the tongues of men for this treachery guarantee If this was released without a mention of the Lord of the Rings. No one would think it had anything to do with Tolkien that’s how incredibly removed this is from his work. The teaser trailer is still ratioed at 116 000 dislikes and the Amazon Uk trailer is still ratioed at 57 000 dislikes, but I wouldn’t want to rub it in Oh and Harper Collins decided they didn’t want. to sell books anymore by showing us these covers today and the response from you and the fandom perfect we’ll get to that as well But first let’s go to the onering. net rings of Power footage draws high praise from the Tolkien community.

Several Phds Publish Authors Tolkientubers And Ticktalkers

have shared their first impressions of completed footage from Prime video’s Massive new Lord of the Rings Tv series, The Rings of Power and Yes We will check out their report too we’ve gathered all of these reactions in one convenient post. I really appreciate that Amazon assembled a wide group of Tolkien fans for this adventure, but if anyone on the trip is to be considered a celebrity it is Dr Corey Olson, known as the Tolkien professor. He is the founder and head of Signum University, an accredited online-only graduate school which counts Stephen Colbert as an. Avid viewer that’s a plus corey held court from his first introductions entertaining a revolving circle of fellow ringers and fans of his work throughout the week. I love seeing how excited folks were finally to meet him while I’m sure he will share his thoughts over the coming days and weeks across his many broadcasts on twitch Corey’s small but powerful statements has made waves as the acknowledgment of the quality of the showrunners in charge far be it for me to question a professor and Stephen Colbert, but wasn’t this the guy who got it wrong about Dwarven women’s beards what’s the deal with everyone saying that dwarven women are meant to have beards is that from the books it’s like a bizarre fan fascination.

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Toki Never Says Dwarven Women Have Beards That

said that Numenor was near the equator when Arda was quite flat at the time. Don’t say that that’s not true now. I know I’m gonna hear all these channels say well. I was invited it’s not gonna affect my opinion at all and you know. In some cases it might not but the thing is These people were pretty much on board from the get-go so you’re just preaching to the choir Last week.

I Was Invited By The Lord

of the Rings on prime folks along with a bunch of other Internet Tolkien fans to attend advanced screening of some footage from the Rings of Power show and to meet the showrunners. I must say after meeting them. I feel the show is in very good hands now that’s a statement that might sound a little familiar as we go on to other statements, but before we get into that a quick reminder of the bad reboot Mo modus operandi for the professor. Activism before quality back to the onering. net.

It Was Wonderful To See Some Finished

footage that they can’t talk about and even more wonderful to hear the enthusiasm and passion of the two folks in charge. There will no doubt be many varied opinions on the details of the rings of power. When we finally all get to watch it This fall, but anyone who hears the showrunner speak could not doubt their respect for the writings of Tolkien hold full stop actions speak louder than words and right now that’s all we’ve heard and some of the first words they have chosen in their first statements are very concerning one of their first public statements. Amazon’s upcoming the Lord of the Rings showrunners. J.

D Payne And Patrick Mckay Recently Released A

joint statement describing J.r. r Tolkien’s fantasy franchise as epic diverse and filled with heart their in-depth knowledge of. Legendarium and their desire to do justice to Middle Earth. We all know and love it seemed like everyone in attendance was impressed and excited by what they heard Alas.

We Cant Share Any Details Right

now, but we can tell you. There are wonders being crafted to bring to the small screen. This September September 2nd the anniversary of Tolkien’s death and we hope you’ll find that an encouraging thought so a bunch of people were invited all expenses paid to London and Oxford to see 20 minutes of Tolkien footage. It was a catered event. There was a party and they all said very similar things and they couldn’t tell you anything about the 20 minutes They saw.

I Can Tell You Much More.

But first let’s hear what they say that sounds really similar fellowship of the fans who has me blocked on Twitter Amazon invited me. to an event in London where I saw footage of the show and got to meet the showrunners. The showrunners were excellent and their passion filled me with confidence and time will tell whether that is translated onto the screen digital Tolkien Project I was fortunate enough to be invited by Amazon Prime to see some footage of the upcoming rings of Power and to meet the showrunners. I was very excited by the footage and I’m looking forward to the show even more now, but what really excited me was the opportunity to hear from the showrunners.

We Got To Have A Q A

with the showrunners, JD Payne and Patrick Mckay. What I would consider to be my most major concerns are significantly less concerning now. After having spoken with the show runners the prancing Pony podcast Alan and Sean were invited to London by Amazon Prime Video. To view a sneak peek of footage from the rings of Power and to meet the showrunners. We can say that we have moved from cautious optimism to restrained anticipation and are looking forward to telling you more what we saw of it allayed a lot of my fears.

There Were A Couple Of Things.

I was a little bit worried about and then we heard from the show runners and I think they delayed the rest of my fears Dr Maggie Park, Lord of the rings on prime had me and the Tolkien Professor to London last week to see bits of the rings of power. Tolkien’s Oxford and to meet the showrunners who kept up with the best of us their passion and knowledge made me feel like they were one of us. They get it I’m feeling very optimistic. Allen and Sean host of the prancing Pony.

Podcast What Did You Guys Think Of What

we saw today pretty excited pretty yeah Yeah. I think I’ve gone from cautiously optimistic to genuinely excited yeah, but I think even more than the footage. I think it was what we heard from the show runners absolutely it’s made me excited. I mean it’s just yeah. I mean I think their passion and knowledge really showed through yeah and it seems to me like this is really gonna be in good hands.

I Know I Know The Shows In

the right hands just like star Trek was in the right hands. I’ve been a star trek fan since I was I don’t know 15 years old and I’m totally versed in the next gen. You know history and embarrassingly know like a lot of the episode names by by title and we’ll reference them as such when when talking about development stuff you know um well, you know best of both worlds. Part two we actually have the you know with the board t with Tolkien they start off by saying they were cautiously optimistic, but after learning much more about the show and its creators. I do feel quite a bit more confident going forward from what I’ve seen it seems to me that the show is in competent hands.

Then We Hear From The Tolkien

society that’s right the same Tolkien society that had the seminar back in 2021. Tolkien and diversity featuring gondor in transition a brief introduction to transgender realities in Lord of the Rings, The problem of pain portraying physical disability in the fantasy of J. r. r Tolkien, pardoning Saruman. The queer in Tolkien’s the Lord of the rings, the invisible other Tolkien’s, dwarf women and the feminine lack something mighty queer destabilizing Cis heteroana normativity in the works of Tolkien.

The Show Has Been Created With A Level

of craftsmanship and attention to detail, which is unparalleled and which is a love letter to the professor. This is a level of commitment and interest that can’t simply be faked speaking with the showrunners. I am convinced that they are the right people to adapt Tolkien’s works to be fair Sean gunner closes with this and it’s very similar to what Nerd of the ring said as well. But I don’t want to just love what I hear. I want to love what I see on screen.

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I Know Not All Tolkien Readers

will agree with the creative decisions the team will make remember that but I am looking forward. to September with the hope and anticipation that we will see a Tv show that we can all fall in love with myself included I’m sure the show runners are perfectly charming because Jar Jar Abrams is perfectly charming that’s what these guys do. Unfortunately, they’re much more charming and much more adept at the art of bleep than at filmmaking are you ready for the tidbits. I’m not gonna spoil the whole plot of the first episode, but I’ll tell you right now how the episode starts you remember Peter Jackson’s epic prologue prior to the Lord of the Rings that breaks down very succinctly what happens in the second age and hell Even the prologue to the hobbit is pretty good wait a minute and I’m not saying there isn’t one here, but it’s preceded by and this is the very first scene Galadriel getting bullied that’s right.

Galadriel Getting Bullied Does That Sound Like

Tolkien or modern bleep, I’m not saying Elves weren’t capable of bullying little girls, even one that’s going to be the most powerful of all of them. One that is royalty. Maybe it’s her brothers the ones that all end up dead prior to the second age, although it looks like either one.


The American one has 1.6 million dislikes and almost 49 000 comments . The teaser trailer is still ratioed at 116 000 dislikes . The first episode of rings of Power footage draws high praise from the Tolkien community . Several PhDs publish authors Tolkientubers and ticktalkers have shared their first impressions of completed footage from Prime video’s Massive new L. of the video’s massive new L . of . the Rings of Power . trailer . If this was released without a mention of the Lord of the . Rings, The Rings . of Power was released in London, but I might know a thing or two about the entire first episode all right . then keep your secrets go back to the shadow You cannot pass or there is no curse in Elvish entish or the words for this treachery guarantee for this betrayaly guarantee . But I wouldn’t want to rub it in Oh and Harper Collins decided they didn’t want to ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video