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I Want To Talk About Right

because this this was a theme kind of you’ve been going off on twitter. We have we have Tom cruise hanging off planes doing the most even at 60, doing all his own stunts and it’s like. I know like I can’t expect a woman to you know because we’re just so fair and delicate you you fragile little flowers You we’re so fragile, if you’re so fragile like why are you in this line of work. This is the thing like you know there’s been so many awesome accuracies and stuff and stunt women over the decades that have done incredible like high-risk things and they’ve not complained about it. But then you get stuff like this it just makes me want to puke.

I Dont Know Maybe.

I I feel like this is and I haven’t even really looked at this. Yet but I think this is happening because when you’re a white person, it’s not enough just to be like do your job and be white. You have to be like somehow a victim and I think this is her way of like gaining some kind of of a victim status. It’s so sad now I will give her or I’ll give the article at least um a degree of latitude because what they’re basically saying here is that she couldn’t stop herself from showing fear during battle scenes.

You Know When She Had Like A Big

muscly guy coming at her with a sword. She just flinched away from it over and over again and she needed help she needed therapy to stop herself from doing that but again. I don’t know isn’t the point of being an actor that you can pretend to do stuff or pretend to. be someone that you’re not Yeah isn’t that part of her training like you’re doing battle scenes like I mean I think yeah, I think you would be smart enough to realize like when a person comes at you with a sword. They’re an actor as well they’re not actually going to attack.

You You Know Youre Just Putting On A

show for the cameras. Oh yeah it’s not when I was playing collegial. The stunt team said you’ve got a problem because you’re because you’re used to being attacked on film. She told empire about Jrs tolkien’s Middle Earth fantasy world I would flinch a lot when people came at me. They did so they did exposure therapy with me where I would have all these huge huge men running at me screaming with swords to stop me from looking frightened because I’ve definitely been cast as a victim.

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And Galadriel Is Not That Im

not even sure what I can describe Galadriel as I think someone described her as like a mixture of a Karen and yeah. Oh what was the other thing Amiri Sue and I think that’s probably pretty accurate Yeah. I’ve only watched the first two episodes and I can’t decide if I find her performance like a little flat or she’s trying to do this like kind of forced stoicism. This kind of you know trying to just be overly calm and controlled. I I think it’s the former because there’s scenes where the character is clearly meant to be reacting to things and she’s meant to be all fired up with people like if someone questions their judgment or suggests that you know she needs to she needs to let this one go you know she’s meant to show real fire in those.

Moments But The Actress Cant Really Bring

that to the fore and I don’t know if she’s just too young or too inexperienced or what but she doesn’t really she just can’t convey that kind of gravitas and that danger that you would expect from someone like this at least the way they’ve written her um she’s perfectly fine when she just kind of has to stand there looking at things off in the distance. It’s like yeah okay. She’s really prey and stuff and she captures that kind of look that you would expect from an elf like this, but man she can’t bring it when she needs to in terms of acting range and I know she’s like this beautiful actress but and we mentioned this on like Fnt the she her face was never dirty once like I’ve never seen her actually look dirty or bloody or. She’s always like at a ten in every scene and I’m just like I have man like you’re really even from that first scene like they’re climbing up this glacier with the crampons and nobody’s slipping and falling to their death. Like they they climb all the way up and then they’re like I guess we’re done we’re gonna go back.

I Mean Plot Aside I Just I

wish I could have seen them make her look a little bit more disheveled and like she’s actually been working on. She’s just she should look like she’s having a hard time getting around. You know it’s just not that realistic when I think they will yeah. I think they will show in later episodes because well the picture there’s a case in point. But then there’s other stills that I’ve seen where she’s like walking through like some battlefield and there’s.

Fire And Everything Behind Her And

she kind of looks a bit messed up there but Yeah who knows how well she’s going to be able to actually sell it. Obviously she is she’s very dusty here I’m looking forward to seeing her get dusty I’m excited to stay tuned. The 33-year-old rings role is different from the types of jobs. She usually books. She is most recognizable for portraying, a traumatized nurse in Saint Maude, but she’s always been a fan of Tolkien’s franchise even if she’s right right away sure she was bleep reading these books when she was 10 years old.

Like I Was Like Yeah Right Every

actor who’s in this now claims that they’ve been a lifelong fan of Tolkien. It’s like Ah what did he have never even heard of him until like you know 10 minutes before you were cast. I was used to playing a traumatized nurse. So part of my therapy included my holding a clipboard and people in scrubs running after me. Let’s see traumatizing for her the first audition.

I Didnt Know What I Was

auditioning for Clark recalled the actress next to me looks over all sneaky and was like do you know what this is for it’s Lord of the rings and I’m forever grateful to her. I I refuse to believe that’s true so she auditioned for something without even knowing what it was that’s impossible how would you know how to prepare for it or anything even when you arrive like even if you’re auditioning for a commercial, you get there every place you go to sign in the script like you’d have yeah. I I don’t believe that she had no idea look at this as well. This next light I went into the toilet and stared at myself and I was like you’ve got to pull yourself together. You’ve been training for this for years like how have you been training for years.

You Didnt Even Know You Were Auditioning

for it and you weren’t and you’re saying you weren’t the biggest fan but you’ve been training for it for years Yeah you know what to do it’s in your blood so yeah and then everyone applauded Ah because I’ve been obsessed oh. Now she’s been obsessively watching Lord of the rings for her whole childhood. Sure I believe you always a fan wow. The series is said thousands of years before the original films and features new diverse characters that are meant to modernize the series. Why do we need to modernize the series drinker because it’s got to reflect the world we live in.

Even Though Its A Completely Fictional

fantasy world because literally it’s impossible to separate contemporary politics from art now At least if you’re a Hollywood writer, it is impossible and it’s never going to stop. I don’t think maybe we should blend blame. Jeff Bezos, who also is everyone’s a longtime fan of the franchise. He passed that passion down to his son who Bezos said gave him some advice on the show. I don’t know how much of this is his fault.

I Mean Obviously He Originated It All

because I i’m pretty sure his directive was just give me a microwave to game of thrones that’ll just be like and it’s like what can we use like what’s recognizable Lord of the rings like biggest fantasy you know name on Earth like the most classic of all time cool let’s just buy that and we’ll throw so much. bleep money at it. It’ll it’ll overcome every problem and that seems to be the mentality behind it and then it’s lower level people that ultimately make all these decisions about casting and um you know reflecting the world we live in today. So Yeah I think Jeff’s just just a completely out of touch billionaire who just wanted a hit Yeah his son looked him in the eyes and said very sincerely Dad please Don’t eff This up Bezos shared at the series premiere in London on Tuesday and then sorry and then and then his dad took the the prime tape that’s on all the boxes and taped my mouth up with it and said Shh I got this it’ll it’ll be there in two days.

This Is The Problem Though Right

because it’s such a big deal like and one way or another it’s contentious and it’s. Just all generating publicity for the show. The first few episodes will get insanely high ratings because everyone one way or another wants to see it even if they just hate watching it, but that’s the problem because then they’re gonna trump it as like the biggest show on Tv because of that but then it’s not necessarily a reflection of its quality. Yeah it’s interesting like they will be so critical basically of anyone who is critical or who leaves a negative review.

But At The Same Time Do You

think that people such as yourself or gary or the geeks and gamers guys actually draw more attention to shows like this and ultimately help it get more views even if you do have a negative review. I mean it’s hard to say because the attention was there already. I think because you know it’s been you know a saturation of publicity over the past six months like it’s been everywhere There’s been news articles trailers, everything it was out there regardless of what we said or did. But it’s a reflection of how just how massive the amount of interest in this show is like when I watched the first two episodes.

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I Did Like An Impromptu Live

stream with no prep work or anything in the middle of the afternoon here so it was like early morning in America and I had 13 000 people watching me live just talking about it that’s how much interest there is in the show wow not me but the show and like just because I was talking about it that’s what that’s what got so many people watching um and so yeah It’s a huge deal for for better. or worse? I guess yeah interesting as a comment in the chat here, Bezos just needed a billion dollar write-off to counter all of Amazon‘s profits and I’m looking here that the rights alone cost 250 million. It was reported that the first season cost 462 million.


I think this is happening because when you’re a white person, it’s not enough just to be like do your job and be white.& You have to be a victim.& This is her way of like gaining some kind of a victim status.& I don’t know isn’t the point of being an actor that you can pretend to do stuff or pretend to. be someone that you’re not. It’s so sad now I will give her or I’ll give the article at least um a degree of latitude because what they’re basically saying here is that she couldn’t stop herself from showing fear during battle scenes. The stunt team said you’ve got a problem because you’re . used to being attac.& She needed help she needed therapy to stop themselves from doing that.& Oh yeah it’s Not when I was playing collegial. I mean I think yeah, I thinkYeah, I’m just playing collegiamicially. I’m not sure if she was playing ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video