Amber BLAMES Her Lawyer She Cant Find Ways To Pay For Her Appeal


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It Took Elaine Bredehoff Only Hours After The Verdict

was read to get on interviews to Spew lies about Dep’s claims and she also spoke about how Amber would appeal. But it seems those were just that words is now that the final meeting between the parties has been held. They’ve made some revelations about that appeal subject and you’re gonna want to hear about them so exactly what is the gist on Amber filing for appeal. Till this day it is still not clear to many why Amber and her lawyer decided to get on national Tv to trash all the parties that were involved in hearing their case, including the judge and jury, but that’s not even the worst part of this whole thing. The worst part is that they actually revealed on those same interviews that they had chance to appeal.

The Verdict That Was Unanimously Reached.

by a jury, which raised a lot of eyebrows and although several professionals weighed in on the subject, with some even stating that they actually had a shot at winning it seems all of that is finally over his reports have revealed they only have little time to make their case quick if you can what the next steps are in terms of so you mentioned the bond. You mentioned that Elaine Bredehoff might be fighting this in terms of emotion now if we move on to an appeal um when do we have a sense of when that might be when she might have to file what how this process is going to work where it might be anything like that internet. You know she has a limited amount of time to file an appeal. They’ve already filed the notice of appeal and I’m looking through my notes Jesse.

Because We Werent Allowed To Have

any electronic devices in the courtroom, and I was writing as quickly as I could. So I think that they have she has to file something um somewhere between 21 and 30 days. So I’m looking through my notes again. So let me just double check on that before I actually say a definitive date, but it’s coming up soon is my point. She’s got a limited amount of time and obviously you can file the notice of appeal and a lot of times you know you don’t have your stuff ready and these lawyers go back to the court and ask for an extension of time and they’re granted an extension of time so that’s often how those things go and although it already looks like she is in a terrible position.

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This Isnt Even The Worst Revelation

that was made from the. Meeting, according to reports from correspondents inside the courtroom, the actress won’t be able to file for appeal if she doesn’t have that money and that’s not all. She not only has to provide the entire 10. 4 million dollars, but she also has to put up an additional six percent interest on that money per year, depending on what she pays and that six percent isn’t limited to the appeal alone it actually extends to whenever she has the money to pay Johnny Depp. All of this is pretty ironic, given that the main reason she wanted to appeal.

The Judgment Was Because She Didnt

have the money to pay the settlement that was awarded, and she saw it as an opportunity to evade it. But with this new development there’s no possible way on earth that she can avoid that payment. I know we already agreed that Johnny won. But I just have to say that this feels like another different win, especially because she had been consistently attacking him online over the past week. The meeting that was held between the two parties was pretty brief and precise.

The Outcome Was Pretty Unexpected For

many and that’s why a lot of fans are now talking about it online. Starting with this user who wrote, I have questions Elaine claimed Amber heard could not afford the 10 million dollar Shio‘s debt where is she going to find the money for the bond from to lodge her appeal will her ex-elin must pay at his child support No one is really sure what Amber plans to do about it, but whatever it is she better act fast tell us do you think she is going to find a way to raise the money and appeal in time where she’ll just. Her losses.


Elaine Bredehoff has already filed the notice of appeal for Amber Dep’s appeal . Dep was found guilty of sexual assault on Dep Dep last week . Dep’s attorney said the verdict was unanimously reached by a jury . Dep and his lawyer said they would appeal the verdict . Dep has a limited amount of time to file an appeal and will have to file something between 21 and 30 days to do so . Dep is accused of sexually assaulting Dep’s girlfriend Amber Dep, who was found not guilty of any sexual assault charges . Dep filed a bond of bond of $20,000 and Dep was sentenced to life in prison on a $150,000 fine . Dep claimed the bond was too much to bond and his attorney said it was not enough to bond the bond of up to $250,000. Dep’s lawyer said he would not be bound to pay for the bond. He said he will not pay for any of the $100,000 in prison. Dep was convicted of assaulting Dep….. Click here to read more and watch the full video