Amber Heard Makes BIG Mistake After Getting Her Sister To Testify Next Week


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Amber Heard Has Reportedly Made A Huge Mistake

by asking her sister to testify in court next week previously. There had been rumors surrounding the idea of whether her sister would even be allowed to testify in court. However, now that the possibility appears to be confirmed Amber heard’s sister is going to testify very soon. However, this appears to be going against Amber hurd and might end up favoring Johnny Depp instead. There have been discussions about the implications of herd’s sister testifying in court and the results are not looking pretty for Amber heard so what’s about to happen during the testimony of herd sister and how will it benefit Johnny Depp let’s find out in this video Twitter has been on top of this matter.

As Soon As Rumors Began Circulating Regarding Amber

heard’s sister appearing in the trial. The rumors became a confirmation when the matter. was actually brought up in court and the judge did not appear very convinced about allowing her sister to testify. Let’s have a look at one of such revelations in court that might end up changing the course of the case. Meanwhile, fans are fully supporting Johnny Depp.

One Twitter User Writes Amber Heard

sliced part of Johnny Depp’s finger off burned his face with a cigarette crapped on his bed spit on him withheld his medications punched him and then played the victim in front of the entire world. He lost his job but she didn’t and Jeannette Levy, who is a crime expert working in the us. Recently broke new developments on the largest social media network by posting about Amber heard’s sister she tweeted new info. Amber heard will return to the stand next Monday and we can tell you. Actress Alan Barkin will testify along with Amber Hurt,’s, sister Whitney Enriquez and Johnny Depp will be called to testify.

This Became The Start Of A

really interesting discussion on Twitter, where people were implying that the testimony of Amber Hurt’s sister won’t exactly work out in favor of her anyway. A user replied to Miss Levy’s tweet writing the only way Whitney is testifying is if judge penny allows it Whitt never finished her depo and Ben Chu has objected to her being called as a witness. I will believe who’s a witness when I actually see them in court. This was the point where really interesting revelations and opinions were drawn regarding the part of this case. A user called Kia Cooper replied to the tweet, giving a really interesting perspective here’s what she wrote.

I Say Bring Whitney She Will

crack under pressure same as in her. Deposition and be destroyed on the cross and Cometh Whitney Cometh Jennifer Howell, who will refute much of what Whitney says below her excerpts from a letter from Johnny to Whitney after giving a statement to Adam big mistake, Let’s have a look at the deposition before moving forward to the actual updates. In the case, Kaya Cooper tweets Adam’s deposition, which reads as follows the things that came up during the deposition with Adam are as follows. The incident on the stairs was one of the inciting events that led you to ask to move in with me. You told me and others on staff that you tried to stop Amber from attacking Johnny and nearly got thrown down the stairs at no point in time was it ever said to me that Johnny had hit Amber nor abused her in any way had you ever expressed concern that.

Johnny Was Abusing Amber.

I would have gotten a social worker or someone to help you to remove your sister from that situation. I would have done anything to help you in any way. My father reminded me this morning that I told him that Whitney had moved in with me because she was terrified of her sister Johnny Depp’s, Exes Winona Ryder, Vanessa Parody and Jennifer Gray were among those who reacted to herd’s claims Vanessa parody. His ex-wife called the charges outrageous and distressing Winona Ryder described the allegations as very distressing, while ex-fiancee Jennifer Gray described the trial as insanely sad.

This Resulted In A Threat On The Matter

where Adam’s deposition also came to light. The depositions had not exactly gone in favor of Amber heard, which is exactly what puts her in a bad position At the moment a Virginia” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>virginia jury will decide whether Johnny. Amber heard will be held accountable for millions of dollars in damages in their dueling definition claims. Seven jurors will determine weatherherd 36 to fame Deb 58 in a Washington 2018 post op. It piece in which she described herself as a public figure representing domestic abuse.

A Jury Must Also Decide Whether She

should be held liable for millions of dollars in damages. The jury is going to determine damages for both the claim and the counter claim sources close to herds legal team told the post if the jury finds Amber was liable for Mr. Depp, it would determine damages if it found that Mr. Depp was liable for amber’s counter claims it makes a determination of damages. The aqua van actress who dated Depp and was married to him for 15 months faces no jail time because she is only facing civil claims not criminal accusations.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean Star Sued

herd for 50 million saying she ruined his reputation and career costing him tens of millions of dollars when she wrote the op-ed, although her did not identify Depp in the article. His lawyers contend that it nonetheless defamed him since it plainly referred to domestic abuse charges made by his ex-wife when she filed for divorce in 2016 and obtained a temporary restraining order against him. Deb has denied ever physically abusing herd claiming that she was the one who was abusive in their relationship. Meanwhile, heard has accused Depp of abusing her several times. The actress subsequently filed 100 million defamation counter claims saying that Depp was wagering a smear campaign to.

Life For The Past Four Weeks.

The two have been battling it out in front of a jury in a fairfax County courthouse. The trial has been put on hold for a week. The jury might begin deciding the fate of the estranged couple as early as May 27th. Following closing statements, according to a source close to heard’s legal team, the jury might be unconvinced by either side and decide that neither depp nor herd should be granted damages.

A Depth Spokesperson Confirmed Jury Decides Damages

and yes. It is possible that no damages are awarded. If the jury decides that herd should not be held liable in depth’s lawsuit, she will be able to reclaim her legal bills from deb. According to the sources, the sum would be established by a judge at a later date if Depp is successful, though it might have a chilling effect on. Other claimed victims, according to Haleem Danadina, a criminal defense attorney and former California judge Anytime a defamation lawsuit is successful.

It Has A Chilling Effect On Speech.

Dahadina said there has always been a chilling effect for victims to come forward and speak out against institutions or entities or people with power because they feel like their world would come crashing down on them. She continued the trial of Johnny Depp against amber heard is underway and the pirates of the Caribbean actor is receiving support from his fans. According to a source close to Depp, the love from his followers has energized him. Throughout his trial.

Johnny Is Extremely Grateful For His

fans being so vocal on social media and in person. Throughout this entire case, it has given him a renewed energy to keep fighting for what he feels is right. The source told Hollywoodlife in May. 2022. Deb sued heard for defamation in 2019 after an op-ed in the Washington Post highlighted her experience with domestic abuse.

The Trial Began In April 2022, Despite

the fact that the piece didn’t identify people Deb claimed that heard’s op-ed damaged his career and forced him to abandon parts like Jack Sparrow and pirates of the Caribbean. Despite all this, his supporters continued to support him. Fans have been lining up outside the courtroom in fairfax, Virginia to see the actor and offer him support. The judge presiding over the case threatened to exclude some of depp’s admirers if they laughed during Depp’s testimony.

On April 25 2022.

I’m so pathetic when it comes to knowing what movies I’ve done. I’m sorry I just I don’t watch them I feel better not watching them what was the question again. He responded and the crowd erupted in laughter Judge askarit.

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In The Court Or Ill Have You Removed

understood thank you? Prior to the trial the court issued a warning against fan conduct. They urge that no one engaged the case should pose for photographs or sign autographs in the courthouse or on the courthouse grounds. If so, then they would be punished Accordingly. The court also warned that audible comments of any kind during the court proceedings or provocative or uncivil behavior within the courtroom or courthouse will not be tolerated.

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There Shall Be No Gestures, Facial Expressions Or

the likes suggesting approval or disapproval during the proceedings. Anyone violating this order will be expelled immediately from the courtroom and will not be able to return during the pendency of the trial. That will be all for this one folks thanks for watching and have a great day.


Amber Heard has reportedly made a huge mistake by asking her sister to testify in court next week . The judge did not appear very convinced about the possibility of Amber Heard’s sister being allowed to testify . Amber heard sliced part of Johnny Depp’s finger off burned his face with a cigarette crapped on his bed and then played the victim in front of the entire world. Amber heard will return to the stand next Monday and we can tell you. Actress Alan Barkin will testify along with Amber Hurt,’s, sister Whitney Enriquez and Johnny depp will be called to testify. Amber Hurt’s sister will testify in the trial next Monday. The trial is set to begin next week. The judge will decide whether to call Amber Heard or not to call her sister’s testimony. Amber Heard will be allowed to give testimony again. The case is expected to reach a verdict of guilty verdict of not guilty verdicts of not clear whether Amber Heard is guilty of sexual assault or not guilty of any sexual assault…. Click here to read more and watch the full video