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If you are new here, we talk about the law and the facts if you are about that life Don’t forget to like this video share this video and subscribe to the channel that this case has been very hard for you. So let’s talk about that and why all right your lies have been exposed to the world multiple times right. I’ve been lied about anything I’ve been here to say you sat here and told this jury that the events in Hicksville started with Mr. Depp getting really upset about a woman leaning on you.

Is That Correct Yes Thats Effectively

what happened Yeah. You testified that he actually grabbed that woman’s wrist and twisted it right and told her that he could effectively break her wrist by saying he knew how many pounds of pressure are asking her how many pounds. of pressure it took to break the human wrist but your own witness your former best friend Rocky Pennington. She didn’t corroborate that did she I’m not quite sure what part of that night she saw there were a lot of people there. She didn’t testify that Mr.

Depp Rap Grabbed Anyones Wrist In Hicksville Again.

I don’t know what Rocky saw There were a lot of people there that night. You testified that once you brought Mr. Depp back to your trailer. He trashed it correct that is correct and the manager of the Hicksville trailer Park was furious that Johnny had wrecked the whole thing.

Do You Remember That Testimony Thats Correct Well

we heard from that manager of the Hicksville trailer Park Morgan Knight on Monday didn’t we I’m not quite sure who that guy was or if he had any involvement in this I know a. lot of people come out of the woodwork to be involved So you’re accusing Mr. Knight of testifying and committing perjury. I’m not accusing anyone. I just don’t recognize that man you heard Mr.

Knight Testify That It Was Actually You

who was upset with Mr. Depp spending time away from him isn’t that correct how would he know he wasn’t there you heard Mr. Knight testify that it was actually you who was yelling at Mr. Dub again. I’ve heard a lot of people say a lot of things to be involved in the Johnny Depp show, but he wasn’t there.

He Doesnt Know And He Certainly Doesnt Know

what happened The manager and owner doesn’t know like most people so you’re calling Mr. Knight a liar. I am saying he wasn’t there and what he testified to doesn’t match what I know happened but I don’t fault him. He wasn’t there so how would he know he testified he was there misheard did you hear that that’s his testimony yes so you’re calling him a liar. I’m just saying he wasn’t there you heard Mr.

Knight Testify That The Trailer Wasnt Trashed And

that’s why you’re calling him a liar. He testified that a light fixture was broken similar to the way that yeah the only thing that was broken in the trailer. According to Mr. Knight was a light fixture yes or no I realized that he summed it up by saying a light fixture was broken just the way his security guard summed up him trashing my closet as being raised honor. I’m going to move to strike everything after he summed it up that it was a light fixture as non-responsive.

She Answered The Question Youre Right

over Oprah will talk in the security guard. I’ll allow it go ahead Mr. Knight also testified that he charged Mr. Deb only 62 for the damage light fixture. You heard that correct I did in Hicksville.

You Were The Only One That Was Jealous

and Mr. Deaf was spending time from other people Isn’t that correct ms hurd that is incorrect in Hicksville. You were the one who was upset that Mr. Depp wasn’t giving you enough attention incorrect again everybody’s lying it’s heard you told this jury that you had no idea. The press was going to be at the courthouse when you got your tro on May 27th 2016.


do you remember that testimony. I said I did not have anything to do with it yes no my question again. You told this jury that you had no idea that the press was going to be outside after you got the ex party tro on. May 27th 2016,.

Do You Remember That Testimony I Apologize I

must have misunderstood Ms Vasquez um. I actually had no idea whether they were going to be there or not. When I walked into the courtroom that day, it was completely quiet still empty, even though I had given Johnny’s team notice that I was fired and your honor. I would also ask that you instruct the witness to please stop talking once I lodge an objection your honor. She’s trying to answer the question as best she can miss Vasquez is misrepresenting to her what she testified too well.

I I Was Like The Last

part is non–responsive just if you just answer the questions asked okay thank you miss her just answer the question. In fact, you testified that you were quote shocked when you saw press when you were leaving the courthouse yes yes you weren’t. All though were you incorrect? It was you knew the press would be at the courthouse right Miss heard no well You did bring your publicist to the courthouse with you. On May 27th 2016, didn’t you. I sure did I’m a public figure.

I Brought My Publicist In Case

it blew up in case you actually had alerted TNc that you would be filing a tro against Mr. Depp that very day didn’t you no I didn’t one day you didn’t bother to wear makeup to cover up the mark on your face. I did not call TMz or any other news source or Paparazzi source No one I never did testimony from former TMZ employee Morgan Tremaine Yesterday correct did I hear his testimony. Yes yes I was here yes and you heard Mr. Tremaine’s testimony that he knew to dispatch the paparazzi to the courthouse on May.

27Th Right, I Heard Him Say

that he knew that yes Yeah and that he dispatched paparazzi to the courthouse to capture a picture of an alleged bruise on the right side of your face. Do you remember him, saying that I remember him saying that that information must have come from your team right misheard absolutely not why would I want that what actual survivor of domestic violence wants that you now The video of Mr. Depp beating up some kitchen cabinets. You admit that you took that video correct yes. I did and you acknowledged that the video was released online.

The Day Before You Were Deposed In Connection

with your divorce from Mr. Depp In August of 2016. right. I believe it was yes but you testified that you had absolutely nothing to do with the video’s release right absolutely not and you testified that you learned. about it when you landed after flying into La do you remember that testimony upon touchdown is when I was alerted to the videos you heard Mr.

Tremaine Testify That This About This

video as well Yesterday didn’t you yes I did and you heard Mr. Tremaine testify that TMz received the cabinet video the same day you landed at Lax Yes. I don’t know if that I I don’t know if that’s what his testimony was and so you heard Mr. Trumaine testify that the cabinet video was posted 15 minutes after TMz received it yes that’s what I heard him say and that this could only have been possible. If the video was received directly from the source.

Yes I Heard Him Say That I Dont

know if that’s true or if that’s possible because it didn’t come from me. I was flying Tremaine so I know that’s. Incorrect is what I mean to say another liar on the stand another liar Another TMz owns the copyright to the cabinet video right that’s news to me. The cabinet video you filmed of your then husband yes the copyright ownership of that is news to me. I learned that yesterday it’s the cabinet video that you captured of your then husband yes that is correct.

I Did Capture That Video And Yeah.

The same cabinet video that was released the night before you were deposed in your divorce Yes that’s correct you must have also heard Mr. Tomaine testify that the version of the cabinet video that TMZ received was incomplete compared to the video the jury saw in this trial. Did you hear that the video that the jury that you have seen is complete right, but the one TMz got the day before your deposition in the divorce was incomplete. I don’t know I haven’t seen it.

He Testified That At The Beginning

portion of the video where you set up the camera that wasn’t included in the video that TMC received. I don’t know what video TMz I’m talking about Mr. Tremaine’s testimony Miss heard let’s just repeat his testimony. No I’m asking you if you recall hearing him say those words to this jury. I heard his testimony we all did and he testified at the end of the video where you can see be seen smirking.

I Know You Testified Earlier That.

You haven’t been smirking in this trial, but you sure were caught on camera smirking in that video. I disagree with that was also not included in the TMZ video. Everyone can watch that video and you can determine whether you think it’s funny to me or not that’s because the video came from you right miss heard no it did not. You had a video.

You Edited Out Portions That Made You Look

bad before sending it to TMC. You’re very wrong about that so that I wanted to leave information. I could have done it in a more effective way a lot sooner and a lot more because I was living in the mountain of this evidence. If I wanted to leak it, I could have done a lot more with it. I thought you testified earlier in this trial that you didn’t know how to leak things.

I Dont Oh She Did Say She

didn’t know to leak it you that video before you gave it to TMZ so that only Mr. Depth would look bad Yes that’s absurd right in the middle of your divorce proceedings again you’re very wrong see it doesn’t matter the answer I’d like to show you um a picture from that’s already admitted into evidence it’s defendant’s exhibit 799. going back to pictures now she’s a leaker now. This is this is fundamental cross-examination right have her. This is at the courthouse on May 27th 2016 when you got your domestic violence restraining order against Mr.

Depp Right It Is And Next To You

is a woman named Jody Gottlieb right right yes yes Jody Gottlieb is your publicist and dear friend now. I’d like to show you what’s been marked as plaintiff’s exhibit 1316. . This is a picture of you. your friend Rocky Pennington, right that is correct your honor.

Id Like To Move To Admit

this photograph any objection to 1316. no your honor all right 13 16 and evidence you can publish the journey. This is a picture of you. On May 28th 2016. Right Miss Herd.

I Dont Know When This Was

taken this is the day after you obtain the domestic violence restraining order against Mr. Depp right. I have no idea when this um image was taken. I did not take it. There’s no guys on your face in this picture again.

I Dont Know Where This Was

taken and also I’m outside. I was obviously wearing makeup there’s the next. This is an article dated May 30th 2016. Right Mister that’s what it says yes and this article contains the same photograph of you, Miss Pennington We were just looking at yes yes I. See that and the article is entitled Amber heard smiles as she puts arm around friend One day after getting restraining order against Johnny Depp is that what the title says I know that’s what the title says yes your honor.

Im Going To Move To Admit And

publish the article with everything but the headline and date and the photo redacted objection. Your honor that’s inconsistent from the way you treated all of these. I’ll sustain the objection all right next question. Let’s take a look at picture plaintiff’s exhibit 1317. wow the next day.

No Brew.

This is also a picture of you and Miss Pennington. On May 28 2016. Isn’t it I don’t know when this photo was taken but it looks like the same outing as the picture prior your honor. I’m going to move to admit and publish Plaintiff‘s exhibit 13-17 any objection no you’re.

It All Right 13-17 And Evidence You

get published Wow There’s no bruise in your face in this picture either right right. I disagree if it is taken when you represent it was taken. Then obviously there’s a bruise on my face. It’s covered by makeup as per usual wow let’s zoom out of that picture for a moment please thanks Tom that’s Josh drew in this picture right yes that’s correct Miss Pennington that is correct and there too Mr. Pennington submitted a sworn statement on your behalf in support of your domestic violence restraining order didn’t she i believe she did yes Mr.

Drew Also Submitted A Statement In

support of your domestic violence restraining order. I believe they both continue that’s right I’d like to show you defendant exhibit 512 which is already in evidence she is destroying her once and again understand the theme you’ve. seen this photograph before right I have everyone else’s line on the second day of your direct testimony. You testified that this was taken in the downstairs of the main apartment on December 15th 2015. .

Do You Recall That Testimony Yes I

believe so that’s what you said so it’s your testimony that defendants exhibit 512 reflects damage to penthouse 5 that occurred during the december 15 2015 incident. Yes I’m not quite sure from what incident. This is when I see this photo in a in a vacuum without context. Let’s give you that context can we please I could have day 16 trial testimony UK so This is so so what they’re doing is saying you said this picture was from this particular day this particular time that’s it she said well. I don’t know where this picture’s from so they said all right let’s get your trial.

Testimony This Is From Impeachment People Lets

get to trial testimony. Let’s see what you said about this picture Then here we go. What did she say what do you guys think she said Do you think she did She said she didn’t know back then she please turn first to page four five eight five. So they’re going back to a truck so they were ready for this oh why put it back on the stand to be abused like this. This is not even fair specifically on starting on line 16 where it says let’s talk about December 15 2015.

Im You Said Four Five Eight.

Oh four. I’m on four four eight five. Sorry you said four five eight five four five eight five. Line sixteen.

Get Your Lion Ass There Unforced Error

number two yeah when they say didn’t you say this in the past she’s. Not let’s talk about December 15 2015. do you see that yes and then do you see that your testimony about December 15 2015 follows Let’s see it’s just the first line or two. He sees it follows she’s trying to slow it down she’s trying to read ahead too to see what she said Yes okay Now I’d like you to turn to page four six zero three because you’ll have to pick up the back starting at line twelve. I think career is over four six zero three.

This Is The End Of October

this into Aquaman two you you’re watching Mira get taken out Justice League starting at line 12 and going on to page four six zero four. Line four again. It’s funny okay and do you see that you testify that defendant’s exhibit 512 which is on the screen. Yes is a picture of the. Downstairs of the main apartment that’s correct and the main apartment is Penthouse five in the eastern Columbia building right no the well yeah it depends the main apartments.

Penthouse Three.

Generally when we say main apartment, Penthouse five was where you had your closet. The downstairs was kind of like had some of my painting studios set up in a reception area upstairs. She’s trying to clean it up mezzanine office was in between all right. So it’s your testimony that defendant’s exhibit 512 reflects damage to the penthouse.

Penthouse 5 That Occurred During The December 15

2015 incident. Right I’m just not sure from which incident this is a picture of since I’m only looking at even though our counselor was asking you questions about December 15 2015 and then admitted this test this picture into evidence again in relation to that incident sorry go ahead in relation. to that incident on December 15 2015. this exhibit defendant’s exhibit you are the defendant number 512 was admitted into evidence in this court. You testified that this was the result of damage that occurred on December 15 2015.


yes or no I just need to orient myself. Because I’m just looking at a picture of a partial no picture of it. You didn’t just look at the picture. You’re dying you looked at your testimony.

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  • testifying
  • testified
  • testify
  • defendants

Youre Dying Pointing Me Towards The Page

and then ask me a question. I haven’t actually reviewed it. I don’t know if this was submitted in relation to my favorite let’s actually leave up defendants 512 and please pull up defendants exhibit seven two five. All right now she doesn’t know where the picture is she doesn’t know you’ve seen this photograph as well right I have on the third day of your direct. Testimony you testified that this photograph reflected spilled wine in penthouse 5 on May 21st 2016.


didn’t you again. I don’t know because I’m looking at a partial picture of a floor so unless you’ve removed the metadata. You’ve covered up. We could then tell if you I didn’t cover it up you’re on could we unredact them.

So We Could Get Contacts Thats How Its

in evidence that’s how it’s in evidence thanks well the metadata next to it is so this is heard. There is no question pending and I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t be making argument to the jury sorry that you would ask me about it no. I didn’t ask you about anything let’s look at your direct testimony from um the third day Yeah Camille’s going to kill her. She’s going to kill her camille’s going I’m going for the one for the kill spilled wine on the 15th spilled wine and said it was the 21st thank you the pictures don’t make sense they’re all over the place the same pictures but there’s all for different days. Let’s turn to page four seven five zero in Day 17 transcript Sorry four seven five zero Mira joins the suicide squad Ugh yeah she’s she’s going to be with Harley Quinn specifically line 16.

Sorry Do You See Where Mrs.

Bradhoff asked you to describe for the jury. What took place on May 21st 2016. I see that and do you see that your testimony is reflected about May 21 2015 Yes that follows Okay yes now. Let’s turn to page four eight zero four See with someone so squirrely like this you gotta make sure you at line 14.

You Get You You Cuddle For The Avenues

of of of Bs right four eight zero. Whenever there’s like a little angle of Bs. She’s gonna try to wiggle out starting at line 14. Yes I really don’t know through four eight zero five. Line four.

Now Shes Having To Read It All

going to whiteline line 4 at 4805. take your time you see that you’re testifying the defendant’s exhibit 725, which is reflected on the right side reflects spilled wine on the floor in penthouse 5. . that’s correct okay and defendants exhibit 512 and 725 seem to be different versions of the same picture. Don’t they that’s correct okay so which is it which one was taken on December 15th 2015 or May 24th first.

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  • testified actually grabbed woman wrist


if you remove the redact metadata, you can find out it’s right there or if you’re telling the truth, you would know recognize a portion of a spilled wine on the floor and I’m supposed to know off the top of my head when you live through five years of this stuff. I don’t think so that’s not how that works okay thank you Tom miss heard at the beginning of your cross-examination last year we approached you yes he’s killing my case Camilla’s just killing how long do we have to go through. This is it lunch time your honor can we go to lunch. I need to talk to my witness She’s being destroyed.

This Is Hell People This Is

the hell. This this is what this is what it is when you’re in trial and things and blumin just hit the wall number one. Why would you you’re calling her up again after that bad cross the first time she’s up there again lethal Latin. I want to be a lawyer so lord now so I can catch liars well. She is caught.

She Is Caught Camilles Got A Nice

little flow going so they they’re jumping up. I think I think they’re going to argue about scope again because that’s where I’d be arguing like a scope scope scope. We gotta limit the scope because right now she’s she’s being just bludgeoned to death up there. So right now all right ladies and gentlemen in the gallery. I would ask that there’d be no words or no phrases, no words no sounds at all coming from you.

If I Hear One More Sound.

I will clear the gallery and we will continue this testimony without anybody in the courtroom understood good all right. Your next question people are making noises At the beginning of your cross-examination last week. I showed you an audio where you told Mr. Depp to tell the jury tell the judge tell the world that he is a victim of domestic abuse.

Do You Remember That Thats Correct When You

testified. You found it hard to believe that Mr. Duff would tell the world that he’s a victim of domestic abuse didn’t you. I said I find it hard to believe that he would do that knowing that he himself had beat me up for five years. He did say that but he has told the world that he’s your victim of domestic abuse hasn’t.

He Well.

He started to say that only recently he didn’t make that claim up until very recently so when we signed our divorce agreement and we signed a statement saying that neither party. ever said false claims for financial gain it was relevant and important to me because I was the only one making the accusations. I was the only one making those claims he wasn’t doing that at the time, and he signed his name to it. You didn’t expect as many people to show up and testify on his behalf that did did you incorrect When you told this jury under oath that you never assaulted actually struck that’s right um when you told this jury under oath that you punched Mr.

Depp Because You Thought Of Mr.

Deb pushing Kate Moss down the stairs. You didn’t expect Miss Moss to agree to testify that that never happened. Did you incorrect. I know how many people will come out of the woodwork to be in support of Johnny so you think needs to come out of the woodwork to testify for.


Depp everybody who was around in the 90s and the early aughts knew that rumor I had heard that rumor from multiple people of course that’s what flashed through my head when my violent husband not only swung for me, but all of a sudden swung for my sister of course, I thought of that I did not expect her to show up or not expect her to show up it didn’t matter it doesn’t change what I believed at the time when we were on the stairs and I thought he was getting my sister by pushing her down the stairs. You told this jury under oath and Mr. Depp was aggressive and trashed a trailer in Hicksville. You didn’t expect the manager of the Hicksville property, Morgan Knight to come forward and testify that that wasn’t true did you incorrect I’ve already been through trials with this.

Man I Know How Many People Will Come

out of him when you told this jury under oath that you had no idea that the paparazzi would be at the courthouse. On May 27th 2016. you didn’t expect employee to show up to testify that TMZ had been alerted that you would be at the courthouse and knew exactly which side of your face to take a picture of your body’s lying. I know how many people will come out and say whatever from everybody that’s his power that’s why I wrote this op-ed because I was speaking to that phenomenon, how many people will come out in support of him everybody fall to his power. He is a very powerful man and people love currying favor jail time for committing perjury excuse me.

I Didnt I Didnt Hear Your Questions

Ms vasquez if you do please just repeat the. I didn’t hear you curry favor and commit perjury in this courtroom. I have such a powerful man. I have seen people do this time and time again. Everybody’s that’s why I was found exactly where he said it would be did you there.

It Is.

I have never heard Johnny testify to knowing where his finger was or really frankly making a claim that he knew where it was when it was found everybody’s. I’ve never heard Johnny claim that you didn’t exactly know why Johnny has never heard. He said that it’s heard and I think the jury can yes there’s no question pending shut up you didn’t expect keenan Wyatt Mr. Depp’s long-time sound technician to show up and testify that Mr.

Depp Is Not Being Fed Lines Through His

earpieces, but instead of music did you not that it matters much but if you’ve gone okay. You probably expected Isaac to come and testify for Mr. Deb right all the lies have been um I’m not sure I thought about that but you didn’t expect Mr. Bruce to weep to weep for Mr.

Depp After What Youve Put Into The Family

so many others with your life. I’d relate to. I relate to Isaac because he and I are the only ones who cried on this stand all right that’s the thing everybody’s lying everybody’s lying except for you everybody’s got p got something again.


Lawyer Nate the lawyer says Johnny Depp‘s lies have been exposed to the world multiple times . He says he has been lied about anything he’s been here to say . Depp testified that he grabbed a woman’s wrist and twisted it right and told her that he could effectively break her wrist by saying he knew how many pounds of pressure it took to break the human wrist . But his former best friend Rocky Pennington didn’t corroborate that did she I’m not quite sure what part of that night she saw there were a lot of people there that night.& I don’t know what Rocky saw There were a . lot of . people there . There was no evidence that Mr. Depp had any involvement in this I know a.& He trashed it correct that is correct and the manager of the Hicksville trailer Park was furious that Johnny had wrecked the whole thing. He said he wasn’t there. He was angry that he was upset that Johnny was upset with Mr….. Click here to read more and watch the full video