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lovers now When we did our video on the 9×39 vsS ventures a lot of you guys kept asking Brandon, How does this compare to the American 300 Blackout? Especially since 9×39 Isn’t something that’s super available here in the us but 300 Blackout is. I thought that was an interesting question interesting enough that I thought that you know that might be worth coming out here to the range and doing a little testing with so then I realized something kind of embarrassing. I don’t actually own a suppressed 300 Blackout So I called up one of my anti–gun friends who did oh hi Brandon how are you how are you good okay I I brought up my sig rattler today. You know got the sound Serco suppressor on there the loopholed Lco. I think this is gonna.

I Think Its Gonna.

Cake I’m gonna see if it we’ll see if it beats out the the BSs it’s so much more prettier. I’m an air guy. You know that I don’t hold it against you. Though okay well you want to snap us into a montage yeah.

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I Think I Could Do That So Uk

and we both had one miss in there so we’re good to go what’s the proper way of shooting. I like that it’s very non-supported yeah it’s it you really feel the recoil of the gun 360 notes going that’s remarkably close Yeah Urban defense yes that one was way low that was a cool ass sound in ricochet. Though It’s the great part about shooting suppressed is you can hear the ricochets epic Oh yeah! We have we have to film the video don’t we we should probably do that so why are we comparing the 300 blackout in the 9×39 in the first place well they’re both rounds that are meant to be shot suppressed with a similar purpose behind both 300 blackout is a 556 cartridge necked up to 30 caliber, whereas 9×39 was a 30 caliber cartridge necked up to be 9 millimeter. The reason for that is you can use an existing casing but necking it up to a bigger bullet. A bigger diameter bullet allows you to get more mass in the projectile itself while also lowering the velocity to be subsonic.

So While Youre Going To Be Losing

energy by lowering the velocity obviously down below a thousand feet per second or so. You’re gaining mass which is going to help offset that so what we’re going to do to demonstrate the amount of energy that both actually have is well. If we’re gonna shoot some stuff. We got some big red here because if you don’t like big red bleep you so first up we’re gonna be shooting 300 blackout you see we do things very scientific around here. We’ve got our very consistent scientific grade big red targets.

I Mean This Is I I Feel

very I feel like I need a lab coat. It’s so scientific so really I mean we’re almost reaching above our intellect here, but I think you can handle it. We’ll be right all right you guys ready yeah all right firing in three two one oh we got a squirter. Oh I was gonna try to get some out of there in the air yeah. I think it went through it.

I Think So Ive Never Acted So Girly

running from soda before you have the diabetes now that’s yeah that’s really sugary. You also might have lead poisoning Now you need to like drink at least four fluid ounces of big bread that’s been shot by a 300 blackout to get lead poisoning all right now let’s try it with 9×39 fighting the war on obesity in three two one Oh Yeah good bit of energy there yeah so that one had a little bit of oomph to it that was the first one Yeah It sounded like it hit way harder than the second one like that’s Nice and good. I’ll also do it cheers big red bleep disgusting so yeah even comparatively this is the first one and then those are the second one in the lineup so it split it way. More yeah I should call her the reason why you were able to see a little bit more energy in the 9×39 is because you have again a bigger diameter bullet while they’re both going the same velocity. So you get a little bit more mass than 9 by 39, whereas what we’re using today.

I Think Is A Mixture Of Like 245

grain and 278 grain, whereas the 300 blackout is a 220 grain. Still a hefty projectile, but not quite as much mass as you’re able to get out of the 9×39 so science you accidentally learned something today so now we’re going to get real good and scientific with it but first an ad break so you may not have noticed but I’ve actually carried a gun on me. This entire video so far this gun to be exact. This is my everyday carry glock 19 that. I carry in my las concealment Holster.

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so if you want to check them out click the links down in the description and the pinned comment so what I have here is probably the most actual scientific thing We’ve ever done on the Bleep channel and I got a real decibel meter and I don’t know how this thing quite works it works It works that was over 100 decibels. I’m I’m pretty much a doctor now. I feel I’m scientist. I feel like we’re breaking new ground. I’m thoroughly curious your opinion on which one’s going to be louder.

Do You Think Your 39 Is The

300 blackout might be at a slight disadvantage because you do have a shorter suppressor on it. So I’m not sure but we will be able to find out so what we’re going to do is. We’re going to fire three rounds with a 300 blackout and we’re going to fire three rounds with the 9×39. What this will allow me to do is see what the maximum Decibels were out of the three shots and then we can get the actual data off the computer later hopefully and the business we call this foreshadowing. I mean I’m going to purposely not shoot steel and catch the case that messes with it, but yeah that’s probably a good idea because we’re actually like I don’t know how well it comes across on camera.

But We Are Dealing With Guns That

are so quiet that the steel is often times depending on how close you are to the steel louder than the actual gunshot All right Super scientific shot number one number two interesting so what I found out is that this is most likely not a correct reading, but it’ll still be good for comparison because it is saying right now that is 116 Decibels Oh, which that would be incredible it is definitely not it is hearing safe but that definitely ain’t right so we’ll figure it out we will compare the two now that we’ve got it on the same setting and we’ll at least be able to see which one is louder Because right now it is reading at the max was 93 Decibels Oh no no your yell was louder than that yeah so that’s not a thing it’s. Not an exact science it is an exact science. It’s not an exact science when you put it in my hand. The comparison will be the exact science exactly so I’m just not going to bleep with this switcheroo yes which roof you don’t mind now we’re going to use the vss for the decimal reading for 9×39. We’re actually using a kind of rare 29 round as bell mag just to kind of change things up a little bit you’re wondering you were talking in 62 decibels.

I Was Actually Very Curious.

I kind of talked loud that’s what my Mama says sorry I’m hitting you with every bleep round it’s okay. It was like a love tap um 92. 2 is the reading on that really okay, so it’s actually lower it sounds lower even standing next to it Comparatively to being on this gun it sounds like less. I think it has to do with the can too because the can is pretty short because this has got an integrally suppressed barrel with a lot of baffles and stuff like that going on, whereas that one that’s a pro I mean it’s probably a good can I mean it’s a great can considering how quiet it is with how short it is you know I’d be curious though if we took my integrally suppressed bolt gun and and shot it to see if it’s similar to that well if you brought it out let’s it’s back in the truck.

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Ill Just Drop It Out Some Redneck

science how Yeah the cool part about this one. It’s integrally suppressed and so it’s part of the it’s like a monolithic system. You can see the baffles built right into the barrel that’s rad pretty cool Yeah so that is what. A modern integrally suppressed barrel looks like the Pss is a little simpler it’s got just a couple holes drilled into barrels and then some baffles past that RBss is more complicated than the original really the original VsS um the suppressor. Of course it still had the holes drilled in the barrel and everything you know kind of bleed off and you know everything into the can but the original suppressor was just like three bent washers inside of it really yeah it’s pretty bad you got the new new then yeah exactly it’s the same same but different I’m gonna say this is gonna be quieter.

Im Gonna Say Its Gonna Be

a lot quieter okay so that first one was definitely a super it sounded like it it wasn’t it was all the same ammunition. I’m wondering if the cold bore had something to play with that. Because that was significantly louder that first shot comparative to the second time a ton that was weird first round pop exact same ammunition really exact same ammunition. I checked that yeah well that’s not gonna throw us off either because I forgot to hit Max before the first round. After the first round.

I Hit It And We Are

coming in at 88.3 Oh. It was quieter. There is no way in bleep by the way that these are accurate readings, but they’re accurate to whatever this is set to so Jay please bleep forgive me.

I Know This Is Bleep Grinding

your gears right now, but we’re not that scientific okay we just we act like it. We try we don’t try hey there guys future brandon here so I plugged in the decibel reader here into my computer and I’m looking at the data charts now and. I’ve come to an important conclusion sound doesn’t actually exist It’s merely a figment of our imagination now seriously. The data that is shown here on this chart is actually different than the data that we were being displayed from the device itself.

While We Were At The Range.

It’s also capped at 130 decibels, which is way too quiet for what we’re looking for why is that so when I was looking to buy a decibel reader that would read up to 170 decibels. This is the one that came up.


The American 300 Blackout is a 556 . cartridge necked up to 30 caliber . A bigger diameter bullet allows you to get more mass in the projectile itself while also loweriing the bullet . Both rounds are meant to be shot suppressed with a similar purpose behind both 300 blackout and 9×39 . The 300 blackout is a . 556 cartridge . necking it up to a bigger bullet . The reason for that is you can use an existing casing but necking . it up . up to . a bigger . bullet . You can hear the ricochets epic Oh yeah! We have we have to film the video don’t we we should probably do that so we’re good to go what’s the proper way of shooting. What is up you sexy? Youtube mother lovers now. The video is available to watch on iReport. Back to Mail Online home . Back to the page you came from .…. Click here to read more and watch the full video