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What Does Your Morning Routine Look Like At The

moment morning routine is wake up if I round about what time I’m waking up these days around 6 a.m 6 30 a. m I’m trying to go to sleep by about 10-30 p. m. Sometimes it’s 11 sometimes it’s 10.

I Wake Up Um And I

have to be careful here because I whenever I’ve described my routine in a little bit of detail. People always say I can’t believe you don’t go to the bathroom that’s like well of course I so I so I want to be clear. I I take care of my basic functions um, but when I wake up I make a bee line for sunlight, so I’m gonna get sunlight in my eyes for the you know. I’ll probably go into the grave, saying this so forgive me if people have heard me say this. before but the single best thing you can do for your sleep your energy your mood, your wakefulness.

Your Metabolism Is To Get Natural Light

in your eyes Early in the day. Don’t wear sunglasses to do it takes about 10 minutes or so um if you live in a cloudy area. If you’re in the Uk in the winter yes or the summer or the summer. Maybe you resort to some artificial light as a replacement but as much as one can get bright natural and if not natural artificial light in your eyes early in the day without sunglasses, contacts and eyeglasses are fine. Don’t try and do it through a window or windshield.

Its Going To Take Far Too Long.

This sets in motion a huge number of different neurobiological and and hormonal cascades that are good for you reduces stress late at night offsets Cortisol a million different things really that are good for you, so I get that and yes somebody does that walk do a little walk ideally that would be a walk. But sometimes we’ll just go into the yard and have some coffee and and you know soak into whatever sunlight through through the clouds. If it’s a cloudy overcast day, it might be 20-30 minutes. If it’s a um it’s a very bright day.

It Might Just Be A Few Minutes, But

really the the quality studies on humans that have looked at this say try and get as much natural light as you can in the morning hours whenever. It is that that is for you, especially the first three hours after. Waking if you can work outside great if you can get in your window because as opposed to just in a dark conference room that’s better, but if you can get outside that would be fantastic, so I I get sunlight. I hydrate I drink water and then yerba mate is my favorite form of coffee Excuse me caffeine Are you waiting How long are you waiting for 90 to 120 minutes Are you doing any salts during that time are you taking any electrolytes in I am a fan of water with element before I had element packets. I would just take a little bit of sea salt or pink salt your favorite element flavor.

I Like Them All Theres One.

I don’t like I’m not a fan of the chocolate one but I like it yeah some people love it my podcast producer. His wife loves that so. I give it to her the chocolate mint one but um I like the raspberry the um the citrus one. I love that stuff mango chili is if you open the mango chili and breathed in Shortly afterwards, it’s like being pepper sprayed it’s absolutely insane.

Its Like Its Like Being Blasted

in the face, but yeah. I mean that’s that’s just the best way that cold glass of water and that first thing in the morning and I mean it was you who reassured me of the what I thought was bro science about your adenosine system not being active for the first 90 minutes and if you’re going to pump caffeine onto that you’re not really actually acting on that your adrenal system is the one that you need to be looking at optimal you hydration all that sort of stuff it’s just such a good way to. Start the day so okay We’ve got um 90 minutes deep, what have you been doing in that you’ve had your light in the eyes. What have you been doing between that and the yerba mata In 90 minutes. I do everything I can to not do email, not do social media and to take care of a few critical tasks these days.

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Im I Have This Obsession With

trying to do one cognitively hard thing a day one and one physically hard thing a day now does it not extreme physical not David Goggins level workouts or anything but um in that 90 minutes. I’ll typically try and read a research article. Start to finish or I’ll work on a document that I might be doing a grant or research paper or planning a podcast or researching a podcast. I try and get my brain into kind of a linear mode. I try and narrow that aperture.

So I Dont The Distraction Thats Created

by social media and interactions with others can kind of wick out into the rest of the day. So I’m not necessarily trying to finish something in that time. But I try and do something challenging. I experience great pleasure from battling through something mentally challenging but that’s something that I built up since my university years When I was about you know 19 or so got serious about school and really started to experience the the deep pleasure of like I figured that out or like that was really tough. I don’t always succeed but that’s what I’m doing in that hour to 90 minutes.

But I Confess Sometimes Well Take A

walk during that time and maybe talk through some things that are. That are challenging you know or sometimes I get lazy and and I’ll miss a day of that cognitive challenge. Then I do caffeine about 90 to 120 minutes after waking and even though I prefer to work out earlier. I generally will then do some sort of physical workout. I have a very consistent routine.

Ive Done Over 30 Years Where I Weight

train for 45 or minutes to an hour every other day and occasionally I take an extra day off and occasionally due to travel or other commitments. I’ll occasionally double up two days and then take two days off yep so it’s really boring you know talk about workout schedules, but it’s really simple. It’s like you know. I’ll do a kind of pushing day rest pulling day upper body push up rest, upper body pull rest and then legs take two days off something like. That are you doing on the off days? Are you doing some sort of zone three always jogging or skipping rope.

Those Are My Favorite Forms Of Cardio Sometimes

swimming, but typically I’ll go running for 30 to 45 minutes or if I’m feeling a little bit lazier because I always find the high intensity stuff to be easier than the long drawn out stuff. I’ll sometimes throw on a weight vest a 30 or 50-pound weight vest and I’ll go out for a shorter run or I’ll I’m a big fan of knees over toes Ben Patrick. I know you had him oh yeah great We were down in Costa Rica with him and his wife, who had the best time and learned so much . I’ll occasionally um do a backwards. You know he’ll walk um or throw on the weight vest for that um we sometimes.

Will Get Bands And Well So Theres A

great way to combine this We will sometimes get two people in one of these thick bands do Hill walks in the morning while getting our sunlight yeah, but that I don’t really consider a workout. I consider that just kind of rehabilitate as a movement so on the off days. I’m doing cardio and sometimes that’s the morning sometimes that’s in the evening. I do not like to wait training on the second half of the day because I like to be really caffeinated when I train I like to listen to loud fast music most of the time not always I keep my phone out or off of for most workouts podcasts maybe if I’m running but I really try hard when I’m working out to just focus on the workout and those workouts. The weight training workouts are always.

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10 Minutes Or So Of Warm Up And

then no more than 40 to 50 minutes of really hard work If I do train hard any longer. I don’t recover enough to be able to come in a few days later and when I train that way. I generally make pretty consistent progress and you’re taking yourself up until what’s up probably maybe 10 30 11 a. m something like that Yeah and then I’ll eat my first real meal now occasionally I’ll wake up really hungry if I didn’t eat that well the night before, but typically the after I train. I yeah.

Ill Eat I Like Oatmeal After I

train Oatmeal fruit some fish oil protein drink and then maybe 90 to 120 minutes after that. I’ll have a real lunch. My lunch is pretty much the biggest meal of the day. If I have my way it’ll be. A steak a salad maybe a little more starch, Although I sort of got it earlier um brazil nuts and that meal sometimes can extend longer than life.

I Love Being A Feeding Tube.

I love to eat Yeah, so I’ll eat and then I confess. I usually will work a little bit more for about 30 minutes or an hour. Typically email and then I’ll take a um 10 to 30 minute Yoga Nidra nap or a nap and then come back refreshed um. I really struggle with the naps when I come back after that and my emotions are all over the place.

Im Disoriented.

Maybe it’s because I struggle to fall asleep super quickly and therefore I’m extending that period out for a little bit longer than I need. I probably need to try the yoga Nidra thing but for me it’s I’m absolutely all over if. I do that I wake up and I don’t know what day it is and my emotions always feel a little bit out of whack as well.

I Wake Up Grumpy From Naps.

Sometimes I’m told okay. There are a few times when I’ve woken up just really angry. I have no idea what that’s about.

I Dont Know Any Of The

neurochemistry associated with that sometimes I wake up from naps. It’s really pleasant. I’ll occasionally do if the nap is early enough in the day afterwards. I’ll have a you know a nice double espresso and get back into work that’s the hardest part of the day actually if I was well structured in the early part of the day.

Its That 2 Or 3 P.

m the key is then to try and get something really useful done cognitively again. So some people might look at this and say wait you’re working for an hour in the morning and 30 minutes here and an hour in the afternoon when are you actually working but it’s really about the depth of the trench when you’re working and so if I’m gonna drop into something again for a few hours in the afternoon.


When I wake up I make a bee line for sunlight, so I’m gonna get sunlight in my eyes for the you know.& I’ll probably go into the grave, saying this so forgive me if people have heard me say this. The single best thing you can do for your sleep your energy your mood, your wakefulness.& Your metabolism is to get natural light in your eyes early in the day without sunglasses, contacts and eyeglasses are fine. Don’t wear sunglasses to do it takes about 10 minutes or so if you live in a cloudy area. If it’s a cloudy overcast day, it might be 20-30 minutes. It might just be a few minutes, but really the the quality studies on humans that have looke that have been done on humans have been very good for you. The quality studies have shown that the quality of studies on human sleep is to be a little less than a little more than a few years ago. It’s going to take far too long….. Click here to read more and watch the full video