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You Spending A Bit Of Time With

true Geordie Brian Free Brian well dude. I want to talk about that because I think he’s converting to Islam. Did you know that did you get this is breaking news Brian is actually converting. Davidson is now Jewish Yep and Brian Trujody’s converted to UK Ryan is converting to Islam Yeah he had to give up the foreskin. Did you know that no he’s a good price to pay.

I Imagine Hes Got A Master.

I don’t know how heavy buddy you know what I mean Yeah Brian do you think Brian’s got a big big full skin Yeah Yeah. This is all four skills Yeah it’s just 90 foreskin. It’s like a soft it’s like a sock with a tennis ball in it shout out to Brian man Yeah so I I thought it was very interesting because you guys do. These sort of intros to the beginning of your pods, where it’s like a a rant like a bit yeah for maybe a minute or two minutes, and you guys have said some bleep during those that I I can’t believe gets put on the internet.

What Was Interesting About Watching Brian Is He

said something that could have been a bit taken straight out of one of your intros yeah right and he got smashed for it Gymshark dropped himNK] dropped him got banned for a while on Twitch. Yeah is there like a special button that people need to be able to press that lights up and says I’m doing a comedy bit because he’s not a comedian Yeah, but he dips in and out of Comedy Yeah and because of that it’s like he gets judged by the same criteria that a normal Creator does but. But tries to do the stuff that comedians do do you know what I mean it’s like people that cross both thresholds they’re kind of they’re in a bit of a tough bind because they’re going to be looked at and it’s like well that wasn’t a joke that was actually his true whatever coming out yeah it almost benefits every podcaster to do stand up once so you can say you’re a comedian so you’ve got the Canadian card yeah just do it one time and then say you’re a comedian and then just say more or less whatever you want because like Comics were like how do I say it it’s only it’s like if you see somebody dressed in like a provocative manner right and they’re your school teacher you’re like what the bleep but if you saw like a stripper dressed in that way you’d be. Like Oh She’s really conservative when she’s not tripping right so I think that’s what it’s like being a comedian where it’s like you expect me to say even crazier bleep so if I made the joke that he made nobody would give a bleep but I think with a lot with Brian. I think you expect him to be very serious like he’s serious about a lot of bleep, even though he’s bleep hilarious like he was hilarious on our I don’t know if you saw all right yeah, but that bleep is funny so yeah it’s a shame man.

Its A Shame Yeah.

I wonder how do you create that kind of protection. I always you know my thing is I’m gonna ride for the jokes my loyalties to the jokes. I know he was making a joke. There was clear misdirect He was playing off of stereotypes.

That We All Know Exists And

um Yeah I thought it was funny. I don’t know if he has like a hatred in his heart for for Muslims. I think he is a hatred. It’s hard for Andrew Tate do you know what I’m saying but like if Andrew take converted to Judaism, then he would have a joke about Jews right Yeah exactly like he’d say open it with like my Dark Twisted Fantasy or whatever like he would have something busting balls, so it’s not about the religion. It’s just about punishing this guy that he doesn’t like um Yeah Yeah that’s what I would say so Yeah I defend him.

But I Also Understand These Brands.

They’re looking out for themselves right. They don’t really care about him. They care about his audience and then once he becomes too radioactive for them to make money why are. They going to keep giving him money now He’s got to remember that next time he does business with a brand because if they come back later and he continues to have the biggest show and blows the bleep up and let’s say he becomes you know the the Rogue I guess maybe he’s already the Rogan of the UK, but let’s say he is the biggest bleep platform.

Then Jim Shark Could Come Back And Be

like hey we’d really like sponsorship and go bleep yourself. You left me When I was in a dark time so now. I’m not going to continue to promote your brand so that’s what I would do with him. I would just keep on getting bigger and then remind every one of those companies Ain’t bleep well that was the interesting Insight I learned from you that a lot of people believe there. Is this Grand conspiracy? Everybody is Unified together in this way to try and take people down what you said it’s it’s individuals It’s individual actions.

This Guys Got A New House That

he basically can’t afford the mortgage on and a kid that’s going to a new private school and blah Blah Blah wife expect a new car every so often Yeah and he goes I’m going to lose my bleep job. Yeah. The incentives are aligned for individuals to act in a way which makes it look like a coordinated conspiracy from the outside Yeah that’s not to say that there aren’t bleep like overlords out there that are trying to coordinate certain things. I’m sure there are yeah, but I do think that the simplest solution is individual. People terrified about losing their job.

Yeah Looking Out For Themselves 100

even even though situations where we think. They’re overlords a lot of times is the people under them doing what they think the overlords would like like I remember I used to go. There was like a few like Fox News shows that were like funny like they were actually funny shows right and um. They would have comedians on you can kind of say whatever and I remember going there and I remember like times like like my material would like skew a little bit more conservative. I remember reflecting on going like wait a minute am I just trying to say the thing that would win in this environment and I had to check myself and in that moment I was like Oh wow if I was an employee of this company.

Of Course, Im Gonna Do The

things that I think my boss likes I’m gonna behave in a way that you’re being influenced. Just skewed a tiny little bit we’re humans We like to be rewarded Bro Is there such a thing as a joke that goes too far yeah to everybody Everybody’s got a limit, but is there such a thing like objectively as a joke that’s too much could you write a joke that would be so much that it shouldn’t be allowed on the Internet or it shouldn’t be allowed to be published? Is it funny yes no then there’s not if it’s funny if everybody’s laughing then then no like you’re laughing like I mean that’s the thing I learned in my career is basically like in order for me to get away with the most bleep up jokes that I want to make I got to do it right to the people. I’m talking about so if I’m doing a joke. I don’t want to do any black. jokes with no black people in the room.

I Want There To Be Black

people in the room and I want to be doing the joke to them because if they’re laughing, you can’t be offended on their behalf and it’s usually white people offended on behalf of non-white people right but if you see the black people laughing now you got to shut up with your offense right so what I kind of realize that and I’m very fortunate. I got this you know very diverse audience. So I can talk about all these different things to those people and it’s not just a bunch of white people in the room, making fun of minorities which feels weird. Even if the jokes are funny yes like there could be a hilarious joke about Asians, but if there’s no Asians there it’s like all right what’s going on Bro doesn’t. feel weird talking about your friend behind his back while he’s not that I don’t even like talking about black bleep on the podcast without Alex so Alex, one of my co-hosts on flagrant like when he’s there it’s way more comfortable talking about black Bleep right because there’s a black dude at the window into the black world.

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Yeah Yeah He Could Be Like Okay.

This is now. I can see why people are upset or if he’s laughing. You know that it’s silly it’s still kind of fun Yeah it just makes it better yeah I know what I mean or even gay stuff like without Mark. I don’t want to talk about gay bleep.

Do You Know What I Mean Like

he doesn’t know he’s gay but he is you know so that’s why Mark is there so we have some gay representation you know what I. Just sitting in the middle of two guys the way he likes it is it you know what I mean listen you don’t get monkey Pox one at a time guys you know that’s a group activity shout out to the gays right with was that a thing in England Monkey Pox um did it come over here No no it probably didn’t no no England no that just wait Yo yo you gays in England are soft stepping up Step It Up New York Gays are the hardest gays on the planet like we have New York gays they’re okay they’re gay They’re gay the way I would be gay. How dick all the time Bro like like everybody was shocked that this monkey box thing was like a problem. I don’t know if you heard about it yeah yeah yeah okay okay because the what’s the guy’s name. Fauci Fauci basically came up and he was like you know the way it’s getting transferred or whatever what did he say exactly it’s like bleep I don’t know how he said he was getting drunk.

He Was Getting Transferred Through Butt Sex Yeah,

but it’s a specific type. It was gay Orgies yeah exactly okay yeah, so you know stop your orgies. I’ll do more and then get immunity natural immunity If you want I don’t care what I’m trying to say is like the places in the world that have gay populations that weren’t getting monkey sex. I don’t think that you’re taking advantage of being gay.

The Canary In Your Coal Mine Is

have you got monkey pox on that Canary in a coma. It sounds like some gay bleep Bro that’s what I just said okay that’s what I mean that’s a good pun when it. comes to when it comes to the brine.


Geordie Free Brian Free is converting to Islam . Davidson is now Jewish . Trujody’s converted to UK Ryan is converted to Islam. Davidson is Jewish. Brian Trujodody is now British. Ryan is now Muslim. Davidson converted to US. Ryan had to give up the foreskin. Brian’s got a big big full skin. It’s just 90 foreskin. He’s a good price to pay. He got smashed for saying something that could have been taken straight out of one of your intros . Gymshark dropped him.NK] dropped him got banned for a while on Twitch. Brian Free Free was dropped for saying he’s not a comedian. It almost benefits every podcaster to do stand-up once so you can say you’re a comedian so you’ve got the Canadian card. Just do it one time and then say you are a comedian and then just say more or more . He’s in a tough bind because they’re going to be looked at and…. Click here to read more and watch the full video