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Were Seeing This Article From The New York

Post talking about that New York City hate crime complaints have skyrocketed with anti–asian attacks up 343 percent now from the message boards and social media posts that I’ve seen people want to say the reason Anti–asian attacks are so high is because we had a president Donald Trump saying that there was a China virus and I for one think that’s 100 not true because you’re seeing the attacks on Asian people and it’s not really coming from the Naga supporting Trump flag waving people out there and this is coming from someone that actually received that type of stuff. When Los Angeles started to reopen last year and I was actually able to rejoin society and walk around. I had people shouting in my face and go back to wan and that was a big pause moment for me because. China at all and two listen to my voice I’m not from China at all so the idea that I was hearing that in crowded areas in hyper progressive Liberal Los Angeles and it wasn’t a situation where if you normally heard someone saying something you know against ethnicity or something racist you would have people stepping in saying hey hey calm down. Don’t say that but in the area that I was in it was just a whole bunch of people sitting there not nodding and agreeing, but also not stepping in and stopping it so it was a thing of I saw people with anti–asian sentiments and it wasn’t from a naga supporting trump flag waving person.

It Was Just A Bad Person That

doesn’t really need an excuse to be a bad person they were just doing mean things so looking at this article. I think it. to do with the lack of law enforcement we have in these large metropolitan areas and nothing to do with Oh! There’s a orange man bad figure out there and they’re causing these people that would be normally nice good contribution to society people they would never say something negative in their life, but because they heard Donald Trump say something they decided to ups anti–asian attacks up 343 of the community that’s not the case but looking at this article right here. It says that hate crimes complaints skyrocketed nearly 100 in New York City last year and anti–asian attacks were had more than tripled. They said hate-based complaints jumped 275 incidents in 2020 to 538 last year.

The Figures Show And Im Really

curious about what the figures were like in 2019 which I still believe they’re going to be lower but in 2020, New York City with. going to be less crime or I would think there would be less crime but reading on it says the largest portion of complaints were for anti–jewish crimes, which accounted for 38 of all reports anti–jewish complaint complaints increased 54 year. -over-year from 134 to 207. According to the numbers from NyPD data, but the idea that you already know right now that the way these police departments are juking the stats is if they can make a crime disappear and not be reported they’ll do that to try to make it look like they’re performing better than they really are and I’ve seen that personally where I had a person that I know that was robbed with a knife and then the next day they received two different police reports. One saying Oh it was like a petty theft against you and two.

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It Was A Brandishing Of A Weapon.

reports and combine them that’s actually armed robbery, but if you separate them, they’re two very much lesser crimes and it was just ridiculous to see that in person but reading on it says, but anti-asian crimes saw the largest increase in actual incidents going from 30 in 2020 to 133 last year for a 343 spike Asian bias crimes complaints accounted for 25 of all hate crime reports and I just really want to know they say that’s according to nypd figures, but how much do Asians account for in the entire population and is that something that’s going to be drastically out of proportion If there’s 25 percent of all the crimes over there so they say the they release these figures fridays when protest protesters in Chinatown are protesting for Michelle Go, who was shoved into the path of a on-oncoming subway train in times square. They said this incident was not ruled a hate crime which I think a lot of people don’t understand that when you talk about hate crimes occurring, it has to be because somebody was a specific ethnicity. If there is a dis disturbed homeless person in the subway and that is ran up and just knocked over a random person into a subway not because they’re Asian. It’s not a hate crime even though a lot of people would think that is like when you see all this happening over in San Francisco.

When Theres A Whole Bunch Of

older Asian people walking around the streets and they’re just bleep shove to the ground and at times dying because of their injuries. They sometimes don’t want to say that’s a hate crime because they couldn’t tell if I was Asian person or not, and it’s pretty crazy and tragic that. You’re having stuff like this and this isn’t The first time an Asian person was attacking the subway because you realize not so long ago. You had the Thai model that was beaten and robbed in the New York City subway. And they said that they were that she thought that she was lucky to be alive where yes we knew this terrible things happened.

We Knew Other Terrible Things Are Happening And

yet where is nypd and all this what are they doing Oh. They’re out there arresting a family that was trying to go to a to a museum of natural history when they didn’t have their vaccine passports. Now granted there’s a lot more that goes to the story over here. But this combined with the idea that the people were being arrested at a burger king because they don’t have their vaccine passports is a not. A good thing because you’re seeing this large police presence at the Burger King, a large police presence over at the the the museum of Natural history and yet you’re just having all these people being shoved inside of inside of in front of subways and this isn’t just Asians.

Its Just Isnt Other Models Being

beat up or i’m sorry Thai models being beat up. This is just people are afraid to be walking around over there because crime is so out of hand right now and it’s just nuts that this is how we got to right now so you know when you look at why it’s happening here’s my personal belief is we have these very very democrat-run liberal areas where you just have democrats top to bottom from the governors the um all your state senators your your congress people your district attorney where it’s all. thing and they end up with a very crazy Elysium like just those those terrible movies where it’s just like Yes. You have all these people living in the towers, super wealthy and rich and you just have the peasants living on the ground in these crime-ridden cities where if you look at something like Los angeles where where I live where you have. Governor Gavin Newsom visiting those those train tracks where a train derailed Do you have all these robberies happening right now and Governor Gavin Newsom goes to visit and says this I mean look like a third world country.

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These Images The Drone Images That Were

on the nightly news day in and day out, and he’s like he’s like what the heck is happening over there and I cut that part out, but he says what the heck’s happening. We look like a third world. And it’s like well. I wonder who you have to blame for that with your terrible policies that you keep on reenacting over and over now granted Los Angeles and New York City drastically different places, but I just think that that’s how we get right now If you have all these very hyper pro criminal policies and that’s what I don’t like to see right now is when you equate something like you have a movement for for a specific ethnicity saying okay we don’t want them to be you know overpoliced or something, but then if you sit there and try to side with every criminal every single time and say okay what about what we can. What can we do about them to make crime safer for them.

You Start To Just Sacrifice The Vulnerable

where it’s a thing of yes. A lot of these communities that need the police and their communities will oftentimes march in the streets to get the get policing away from them, and they wonder why all the elderly women are getting shoved to the ground over in San Francisco and dying or were you having just somebody sitting there just waiting for a subway and getting shoved in front of it or you have a nurse being beaten or you have somebody else over it’s a more recent story. Somebody waiting in an office building and beaten by two pipes and dying. It’s A thing of I don’t like it when you have able-bodied young men like myself that I don’t have to worry about as much of being shoved in front of a subway because I’m someone that is able to defend myself. I can handle myself in these situations, But if you have an elderly person or a smaller woman that’s sitting there in front of a bus and is just they’re they’re um not harmless They’re they’re They they’re what’s the word.

Im Looking For Right Now, But

the idea that they can’t protect themselves from a large person that’s just going crazy and it’s gonna shove them in front of a bus. An elderly 80-year-old Asian woman Asian woman walking to the market getting shoved down to the ground by some 20-year-old criminal. They’re defenseless as the word they’re defenseless from all this so whenever you as a able-bodied person say down with the police let’s make sure we don’t prosecute them once they get to court let’s vote in people that won’t prosecute them. Once they commit a crime and let’s just do things to make sure that the police can’t do their their jobs. It makes a situation where it’s like well.

Im Protected I Dont Have To

worry about being shoved in front of a subway. But all those people that are actually vulnerable to that I don’t care about them let’s go ahead and just let them be shoved in front of buses because no you know it’s nothing off my back. I’m not worried about it. I think it’s a. way to go about things and I think that more people should be waking up from this because just you just because you say this homeless person needs to go to prison for the rest of their life, and we need to have a stricter punishment for them.

When Theyre Doing Random Crimes Up To The

level when they’re doing something horrendous like this. Doesn’t mean that you’re against that ethnicity. It means you’re against one of those people like you’re just against that person that’s shoving that person or that woman Michelle go in front of a bus and it’s in front of.


Anti–asian attacks in New York City have skyrocketed with anti-Asian attacks up 343 percent now, according to the New York Post . I think it.& to do with the lack of law enforcement we have in these large metropolitan areas. It was just a bad person that doesn’t really need an excuse to be a bad . person they were just doing mean things so looking at this article.& I think . it was a thing of I saw people with anti–asians sentiments and it wasn’t from a naga supporting trump flag waving person.& It wasn’t . a person that would be normally nice good contribution to society people would never say something negative in their life, but because they heard Donald Trump say something they decided to . decided to ups anti-asian . People would never do something negative. They’re causing these people to . say something bad in their lives. They would never think that they would never said something negative and they’re causing them to ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video