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My name is Joker with a face radio and a voice for print. I found this story a couple of days ago. It’s it’s a it’s kind of a one of those side sites that obviously are desperate for clicks and getting attention like so many websites are today and you know what I I didn’t set up. I didn’t set up my overlay screen.

Let Me Do That Real Quick Shows You

what happens when I forget to to set up everything. I have to do it on the fly there. We go and then I have to adjust it to make sure it fits in my window anyway. So I found this article a couple of days ago and what happened as I got scooped. I very rarely get scooped on my stories where and then getting scooped is where another Youtuber decides.

To Do The Same Story That

you’ve got planned out but I made my thumbnail and I’ve been doing this and I I saw today when I I woke up the podcast of the Lotus Eaters , which I enjoy. I actually watch these guys. If you don’t give them a watch. They talk about pop culture. They talk about politics and many other things they had they.

I Saw The Thumbnail It Was Like Oh

Geez. It’s from the article that I was gonna do I haven’t watched their episode yet, but it’s how to hide promiscuous past from your new man, which is as you can see here and I was like man that sucks. I hate getting beat out on an article, but in the same token. I realized you know what this may not actually be a bad thing because it goes to show you and. And it goes to say what I’ve said many times that even people that are not in the mana sphere so to speak people that don’t normally talk about this stuff.

Theyre Seeing These Articles.

They’re coming across this stuff and they’re talking about it, which just goes to show you that that the craziness and the silliness that these women are are propagating and pushing forth is making it into the mainstream, which means more and more men are learning about this which means more and more men are going to be protected, so even though Podcast lotus eaters beat me to the punch. I’m kind of glad they did, but let’s talk about the story here because it’s still pretty important. I think because what’s happening is men, especially the men that are kind of traditional or conservative, or are good men. They’re saying you know something marriage.

And Dating These Women, Its Not

turning out so great for us and we’re getting broken up with we’re getting our hearts broken, We’re getting cheated on we’re finding out she has a higher body count than she said she did and we’re not so much in on this and instead of women cleaning up their acts instead of women saying you know something guys don’t like it when it’s time to settle down or find a boyfriend or get married or have kids or whatever guys do not like women that have had risky bad pasts well instead of cleaning it up instead, what Lulz has decided to do is put out a a a a an article expressing what many do in the female dating strategies on reddit and many other women are pushing for which is we’ll just lie about your past just hide it just be. A deceitful person that’s okay don’t worry about it just hide it and and what happens if you’re the guy, who thinks you found a good woman and all of a sudden you find out she’s got a body count in in the very high double or triple digits well that’s going to be a bad time for you and and all this does is this re-cements our messaging of hey you got to be really careful because women are just fine lying to you about what they’ve done in the past and their past so this is how high to promiscuous past from your new man. Sometimes the sex is so slamming you can’t risk scaring him off here’s what you got to do. In other words, sometimes you’re getting the d so good from your current guy or you’ve gotten it so good in your past you better. to your new boyfriend about it They say first of all let’s make one thing perfectly clear.

There Is Absolutely Nothing Wrong With Being Easy.

I I can’t even I can’t even read this this word on Youtube without getting demonetized so they’re saying Hey there’s nothing wrong with having a huge body count the fact is you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince okay yep kissing is one thing having your legs folded up behind your ears and letting every guy have a sample of that is completely different. They say this and and in this year of 2022 people are free to express sex no matter their color or creed again. You can express it sure but if you express it dozens hundreds of times you’re gonna have a problem. They say also your current partner is the only person it could.

Possibly Concern And That Means That A Wild

ride is by definition the past in an ideal world. Men wouldn’t care about our number whatsoever, but seeing as this is still a white supreme patriarchy. We’re gonna go ahead and assert that men absolutely will find issue with a woman having scored numbers on the higher end of the easy woman spectrum Now notice again. This is not a parody article and notice again that they’re blaming it on us white guys and the patriarchy instead of just saying hey you know what guys don’t like easy women they never have they never have long before the internet long before anything as a matter of fact. If you go way back in time.

Women Who Were Who Got Pregnant

outside of wedlock, they were sent off to like a nunnery and they had the kid quietly and put the kid. up for adoption and then came back and the men. The men ran off to the military them or the men that got them in the motherly way. This is not new men do not want an easy woman because if they have a high body count and they’re promiscuous in their past men. ‘s fears are and this is hardwired in men’s biology men’s fears are that the woman will repeat that and either cheat on him step out behind his back and maybe sire a child that isn’t his and that is a real worry for men, and it’s a real thing of course that happens, but of course they’re going to blame it on.

I Guess White Guy Patriarchy Now If I

ask those of you that are not of the fair skin tone the brothers out there the the Asians the latinos the whatever if I were. To ask you guys It has nothing to do with race. It has to do with easy women because you don’t like it any more than guys like me do and of course they show here all the salute pride marches and of course the guys like it well. At least guys like this like it because they go hey and if you look at this picture. There’s not a whole lot of winners in this picture, but they’re like hey yeah women be easy please just be easy with me make sure they say and sometimes the sex is so good you can’t risk scaring him off this tutorial is for those times here’s what you got to do so.

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I Guess If Your Side Piece Is

is slamming. You’re really good hide it from the boy for the current boyfriend again why have the current boyfriend why lie? to him because women want to act bad with the bad boys and have their fun. But then when it’s time to settle down. They Don’t want to settle down with a bad boy because they know he’s going to go out and sleep with other women too. They don’t want a promiscuous man either they want Mr.

Old Reliable Mr.

Good guy at home, but they want to act like they’re a good person too they say so rule number one try to find out the number of people he has slept with I thought that doesn’t matter oh, but it does it you gotta find out his number. She says if it’s more than what you’ve bagged so far chill you don’t have to say anything so. In other words, if he’s had I don’t know 100 partners and she’s had 90 it’s okay. Don’t you don’t have.

To Just Hide It Dont Worry

about it here’s the thing if you’re going for Mr. Good guy Mr. Guy next door Mr. Reliable odds are he’s probably not even well into the double digits because things are a lot different for your average guy today than they are for the average women. They say lie it’s that simple important and then follow up with an almost virginal act but don’t overdo it so in other words act act like the girl next door.

Say Youre The Girl Next Door.

Even though you may have a body count in the high double or triple digits. Just lie that’s the best way to start a relationship. According to these women is just lie right out of the gate. They say tell all if you must but with a twist like promoting a couple of bonks to an old boyfriend status that.

Way You Can Get Down To Telling Tales

about two or three men in total. I don’t know like promoting a couple of bonks to an old boyfriend status. Oh I guess so they’re saying like say some of the these indiscriminate men in your past were old boyfriends and then explaining that it was two or three men in total instead of the the total number of people okay they say tell the truth maybe this is this is modern dating advice maybe tell the truth. Nowadays.

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Some Men Are Actually Not Bothered By

a woman’s lively past, but before you tell all be sure that you are dating what be sure that you are dating one such how do you found out well is he hot well here’s the thing obviously a hot guy is going to have a much higher body count than your average everyday dude. But I got news for you Ladies a guy with a really high body count and it’s really good looking. He’s not going to want to settle down with an easy woman either He’s got choices. He’s got options and so he’ll go on continuing to to sleep with and have fun with tons and tons of women and the only one he’s going to settle with is one that’s probably not got a super high body count.

Its Just The Way It Is

pretend past lovers were terrible. Now here’s the key word pretend obviously they’re saying lie tell them that they were all terrible and that way it’s not going to be on his mind and of course the follow-up to that would be tell him tell the current guy you’re with he’s the best you’ve ever had again what are the odds that you can actually believe. Because these lies start piling up guys how many times have you been in a relationship and your spidey Spider-man tingle sense starts going off and you go something’s up.


Joker gets scooped on a story that he was about to write about how to hide promiscuous past from your new man . Joker: “I hate getting beat out on an article, but in the same token. I realized you know what this may not actually be a bad thing because it goes to show you that the craziness and the silliness that these women are are are propagating and pushing forth is making it into the mainstream, which means more and more men are learning about this . More men are coming across this stuff and they’re talking about it, which just goes to shows you that it’s going to be a good thing for men to be protected . Joker says he doesn’t have to set up his overlay screen and has to adjust it to make sure it fits in his window anyway. He says he has to do it on the fly there. He doesn’t want to be afraid of women in the wrong way of thinking about what he does. He wants to be careful ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video