Arnold Schwarzenegger Compares Proud Boys to Nazis DC Riots to Kristallnacht This Hurts Everyone


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Former Republican Governor Of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger

has compared the proud boys to the Nazis and the DC riots to Kristallnacht. Now there’s a lot to cover with this, but I mean for one. I think that I didn’t see any proud boys at that DC riot and I believe Enrique Tario was arrested shortly before the January 6th and he was banned from it. I didn’t see anybody in proud boy apparel at that protest I may be wrong and also crystal knocked what happened that night is nothing compared to some trump supporters getting into a building of the Capitol building and protesting for half a day when you do things like this where you compare the proud boys to the Nazis or you compare the Capitol building being sieged to Kristallnacht you’re denigrating what happened to the Jews on Kristallnacht and any victim of the Nazis and. It’s making a mockery of what they went through and just dividing the country in a way that we’re never going to be able to come together.

If You Just Have One Party Calling You

a Nazi and saying hey you’re a Nazi you’re probably a part of the worst instance of history ever but also come together and help us pass this legislation Like we’re we’re going to a one-party system so you know let’s just go ahead and get to this right now If you like what I’m doing make sure you subscribe as I believe I’m giving a voice for the silent majority but going into this over here, where you have Arnold Schwarzenegger from esquire saying you know he compared the proud boy riots and to Nazis and Kristallnacht and they stayed while brandishing the conan sword. The former Governor of California terminated Donald J trump. They’re they’re all about this right now So it’s like a eight-minute video and they start off this. You can see how much they’re just eating up what he’s saying stating that you know esquire states like batman seeing the bad signal Arnold Schwarzenegger arrived to sued the nation in distress This morning In a theatrical seven-minute video, Schwarzenegger offered up his perspective on the past week’s events drawing on his own personal history to make a salient point about the country’s current crisis. A Schwarzenegger states that he grew up in the ruins of a country that suffered a loss of democracy and at the end they say luckily though and here’s where things get weird.

Schwarzenegger Believes Our Democracies Like A

sword and not just any sword, but the legendary sword of Conan as a vaguely patriotic music swelled behind him Schwarzenegger delivered an unexpected bit of. While brandishing a giant rusty sword and at the end, this woman, the journalist Abigail Covington says I for one feel better now there’s a lot to cover on this where they state that you know he believes this is the same thing as Kristallnacht and how Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming to save us from what the bad man did or Donald Trump, and also at the end where he made it about him at the end, where he’s like Oh yeah I for one here’s my sword you remember me on Conan the barbarian. This is what I went through and it reminds me a bit of that joke that I believe Daniel Tosh, the comedian said where whenever a tragedy occurs in the country and someone says on their facebook or their instagram or their twitter thoughts and prayers to such and such and what they’re really communicating. Is hey in this time of great tragedy Don’t forget to think about me make it about me. Schwarzenegger sees Wow trump did this thing.

Hey Did You Know That I Have

something that’s vaguely similar to that did you know that I was Conan the barbarian remember me the governor and it’s like I almost expected him to pitch his new book or pitch his new movie. At the very end of the speech. It’s at that level because I’m upset at the idea that comparing that they stormed the capitol building and got let inside in some places and tore down fences in other sense places I’m not trying to say what they did was good or necessary because five people died including one police officer, one woman got shot in the neck and three people had a medical emergency that’s a tragedy in itself and unnecessary for. people to lose their lives when they’re arguing about what they’ve read online and twitter and just the echo chambers that are that are making this more of a a bigger issue than it needs be, but when you look into this and he says, Oh, yeah the DC protest was like Kristallnacht now I’m, not the biggest historian or even that politically focused but reading about Krystal Knock, where they said it was a pogrom and pogrom. The definition of that is just a violent riot aimed at um at a specific group and it’s against it was a pogrom against Jews carried out by the Sa military force paramilitary forces and civilians.

Throughout Nazi Germany The German Authorities

looked on without intervening. The name Crystal not comes from the shards of broken glass that littered the streets after the windows of Jewish-owned stories buildings and synagogues were destroyed. One thing is did the did the American authorities look on without intervening or did they shoot a woman in the neck and kill her so kind of not like Kristallnacht and also the broken glass that littered the streets and the windows of Jewish-owned stores and buildings and synagogues smashed Did that happen or do they break a couple windows outside the capitol building walk around mess some stuff up and then move on so reading on this article here it says Jewish homes hospitals and schools are ransacked by attackers as they demolished buildings with sledgehammers rioters destroyed 267 synagogues throughout Germany, Austria and Sutan Land I’m pronouncing that terribly. Over six or seven thousand Jewish businesses were damaged or destroyed and 30 000 Jewish men were arrested and incarcerated in concentration camps so was anybody from a group arrested other than the people that were at the. No were people incarcerated later on in camps.

No Were Random Businesses Destroyed Or Was

it just a capitol building because you look at this over here. The image is a crystal knock and I won’t scroll too far, but it looks like it’s it’s terrible like they just went through cities and destroyed things and smashed windows and it was just unnecessary and signed a terrible omen of things to come over in Germany and you look at the DC” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Dc riot damage So you look at you know images of crystalline the Dc riot damage. I see them storming the front building. I see some smash windows a podium on the ground. Some guys sweeping some stuff.

I Mean Yeah Its Not A Good Look,

but it’s not this but what’s this look more like well maybe the blm ride damage where you have you know random buildings to. Smashed cars turned over and destroyed cop cars on fire random peoples businesses that just had political ideals that didn’t align with them just got smashed up and like places looted and just no was was Arnold Schwarzenegger out there shouting Hey I was there for Crystal knocked and when I saw the blm riots where people were just hey they didn’t have a black owned business or they didn’t have you know um a Joe biden sign in their window. We smashed their window because that’s what was happening over in Santa Monica where people are quick to put up black owned business or Joe Biden or just a sign saying hey we’re on your side and then otherwise you got your building looted ransacked and destroyed similar to one thing and I’m not trying to say that the blm riots are anything near what happened in Crystal knock. I’m not trying to draw that false equivalency because I’m not going to denigrate what occurred to those unfortunate people over in in Germany. Back then but they’re drawing this line and it’s unfair and it’s one of those things where it’s like.

I Feel That You Know When

you’re looking at the left right now they are picking and choosing when they’re going to be outraged at something but only for the side They don’t like but the conservatives for the most part have just been like no we don’t want any damage we don’t want any destruction They don’t like what happened here and a lot of them. Don’t like what happened over here and you’re seeing people like Ben Shapiro or Tim Poole. They’re losing subscribers from trump supporters and people that are very on this you know this movement because they don’t want to see destruction. No matter who is four and you’re seeing both extreme sides starting to generate the same ideas like okay it’s okay when we do it or if you do it, We’re gonna do it. So this is just retribution and it’s like no.

Were All Gonna Miss Out On

society if we keep on just pushing this forward and the sad part is though is I’m not just looking at Esquire writing this report. This was just the most the most eloquently phrased one I’ll say but it came from Esquire. It came from NBc news talking about wheeling the Conan sword. Schwarzenegger Blast spinelessness of fellow Republicans. After the capitol riot, he compared the deadly mob at the U.

S Capitol Building To Nazi Assault On Kristallnacht In

1938 Germany calling trump a failed leader NBc news New York post saying Schwarzenegger likens capital ride to the Nazi attack on. The Jews Rolling Stone says Schwarzenegger slams Trump implicit gop members over the Capitol riot, stating that Trump is a failed leader. He will go down in history as the worst president president ever and they they they have that tagged as action star former governor says Daily Beast says it all started with lies. Schwarzenegger compares capital rights to the Nazi attack on Jews and businesses Cider says Oh the Republicans are spineless in the video comparing the attack on the U.

S Capitol To The Rise Of Nazi Germany

and that’s where we’re at right now where they are literally trying to to frame. You know Trump is a fascist Trump as a fascist he’s doing this he’s like this dictator it’s going to be the rise of this terrible thing in the country. We need to defeat that and come together, but it’s to my understanding I don’t. Think there’s any fascists or you know tyrannical leaders that just get banned from news outlets that just can’t speak to their people.

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It Doesnt Seem Consistent And Its

this bizarre thing of the more they try to paint him as a particular way. The more. I question their motives what’s really happening here. Where is the decoy narrative and why are you guys all so quick to step up to this because you look at this over here and i’m glad I saved it is the a tweet from Donald Trump that essentially got they got him banned from the platform where he said go home with love and peace and remember this day forever and I know a lot of you know never Trumpers say this see this is him dog whistling to his base to do something terrible and then you have the forever trumpers saying see.

This Is Him Just Its All

part of the plan. We’re going to get back together and we’re going to rise up stronger and it’s just like no. I see this as exactly what it was phrased.


Arnold Schwarzenegger has compared the proud boys to the Nazis and the DC riots to Kristallnacht . The former Republican Governor of California terminated Donald J. trump . Schwarzenegger also compared the Capitol building being sieged to the Nazi attack on the building in Washington, D.C. and the Nazi attacks on Jews in the U.S. and. the Nazis in a way that we’re never going to be able to come together. If you just have one party calling you a Nazi and saying hey you’re a Nazi you’re probably a part of the worst instance of history ever but also come together and help us pass this legislation like we’re going to a one-party system so you know let’s just go ahead and get to this right now If you like what I’m doing make sure you subscribe as I believe I’m giving a voice for the silent majority but going into this, I believe it’s not about this. It’s making a mockery of what they went through and dividing the country…. Click here to read more and watch the full video