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Getting Back To The Haters This Chick

let’s run it off get it back from libertarian drama. She posts Clint’s like real name his addresses of all the property his business like his business that’s like has nothing to do with the internet um his family’s names like their information all of their numbers like all that stuff and she’s just continuously posting all this stuff and her boyfriend Pete who I mentioned earlier who’s like a big podcaster in the sphere instead of coming out and saying and like initially and condemning all this he’s like you can’t tell me how to control my woman. You start a war with her. You get war and he’s like freaking like blandering cussing, talking about how everyone’s gonna drink his piss and all this crazy stuff like he’s up there with Scott Horton, Dave Smith and like he’s talking about how. Like you can’t control his woman Blah Blah like how she has every right to do what she does and then all of her stuff gets taken down by Twitter because it’s violation against you know the anti–dock stuff.

You Know Who This Person Can I Is

bring their profile up. So I have some comments yeah She’s yeah you deleted her twitter because I basically destroyed her. I don’t even have like a mental image of the story like I’m trying to he. Pete Quinones and his girlfriend’s I’m to Google who Pete Pete Quinoa okay that’s what Sarah called him oh my gosh whenever you feel like your life is a disaster in a certain sphere like people like you. The way Tiger King was made like Tiger King.

Theyve Got All This Crazy Drama Going On

and no one else cares or gives a bleep that’s true. about it and they all think it’s the biggest deal to the point where they’re trying to murder each other that’s a good thing. This is like Yeah, the libertarian thing have no idea who any of these people are they’re ruining this person’s life in that person’s life but everyone outside of it is like okay Yeah funny dumb stand-up comedy drama it’s like literally at the end of the day. Four to seven people care and that’s it he didn’t care like about any of this boxing stuff and then Dave Smith came out and condemned it and Scott Horton got word of it and so pete basically within a day it’s like I condemn my girlfriend’s actions but I can’t tell you what to do better drama too. Scott Wharton, who’s this he’s got 40.

5 K Followers And This Mf4 Is

share your screen keeping it. Safe yeah see I don’t know who that no I have like 700 tabs open I I’ll put it in the okay so Scott Horton is like 70 or something Why is he involved in any drama. He has a show like he has a show with Pete and like now. Scott knows about this and so Pete’s all freaking out like worried for his career. So he like publicly says I can’t control my girlfriend blah, blah blah blah and this is Scott Horton’s girlfriend No no no no no no I need to understand the story.

Im Going To Draw Matt Okay.

Scott Horton and Pete who the bleep what’s his name I’m I’m going to look him up follows me Oh my God he’s like indy okay okay great he’s not young he’s not who’s his what’s pete’s last name he goes by he has a show. called man behind the wall on I don’t know his name on Twitter anymore, but he used to have over a hundred thousand followers on Twitter and then he got banned and made a new one okay So he’s banned he’s gonna be so happy and talking about him. I need a visual aid for this Pete Davidson dude’s name wait do you think he’s like what’s his last name Ashton I’m going to come over there and slap you through the screen what’s his last name it’s like Q u i it’s like a green x pistol Okay so he’s an old dude that’s gold with a beard all right Pete Quinones okay so we got Steve and Pete and then it’s Pete’s girlfriend that is mad Stacy so stacy is nobody Stacy so she’s stacy she’s going to be she has no following. She is a nobody She knows so we got she got 3000 followers and she deleted her twitter and this is basically why so Pete was like I can’t condemn my girlfriend Blah Blah Blah.

All This Bleep And So Then He

finds out oh bleep my career’s in trouble. I’m losing subscribers everyone’s condemning me. Dave Smith is condemning all this So then he breaks up with his girlfriend you don’t know you don’t know who Dave Smith is probably gonna run for president in 2024. Dave Smith Do you know what Dave Smith is no I don’t even hear that Dave Steve Smith is like okay. He’s the comic yes he’s the cosmic.

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Hes A Liberal You Know What

this is like an intersection of drama between libertarians and comedians Yes. This is just math problems you would get what is it math problems at school You would. get where they’re like Jen is the tallest on the team. He is one and a half times as tall as the shortest girl whom is foreign. How tall is Jeb like that’s what this sounds like that is Heatherfield Okay, how does Dave fit in so Dave is disavowing.

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David You Should Have Drawn A Picture Of

this yeah. This is all I’ve got that’s a bleep notepad I’m trying to put it together so Dave Dave basically works with with um pete. He has pete come on Sometimes okay I gotta add him Okay so who’s Scott Scott is right Scott is on the show detective mode You’re is connected he works with Pete, but he’s just down okay well to take her name off. She don’t count then 3 000 that’s not enough to good care what the bleep you’re so funny I’m trying to put this. Bleep together Okay David Oh my gosh are there any other characters in this moment Yes please that’s the one who got talked Don’t be a Clint who is Clint friends with how do I catch Ashton that’s Ashton’s boo, where how do you? How does Clint fit into Scott and Pete Stacy and Dave Stacy docks Clint so is not his wife Clint is his real name, but she she docks his last name.

Why Like For What For What For What

because you have her on his podcast, but I thought Stacey wanted to be on Pete’s podcast and that’s why she dated him so she didn’t talk so she went hold on Okay so what does Scott and Pete have to do with this bleep story then so Scott because he works with Pete It looks really bad that like he basically condoned his girlfriend originally like. He let the doxing happen and then like he waits over a day like she didn’t delete her tweets doxing Clint, Okay and Pete Basi basically tells people like fu to everyone um My girlfriend has the right to doxx people All this Bs I’m a piss on you and then a day later he’s like Oh, I actually condemn everything she did but she’s my girlfriend and I can’t tell her what to do because she’s her own person and so he is simping for stacy. Even though yes he did something wrong yeah and then disavow Dave comes in and disavows it all. She just wanted to be on Clint podcast, even though she only has three thousand followers doing nothing over here. I don’t even know why he’s relevant to the story because this is libertarian theory because when when so here’s like Pete did not give.

A Bleep Okay Sorry Why Third Parties Are

problematic so this is here’s. Pete didn’t care about the doxing like he didn’t have any remorse until he found out that Scott found out and that hurts their business relationship so basically. Pete then after finding out Scott found out came forward was like I’m so sorry Blah Blah Blah Blah and then he dumped his girlfriend right well like Pete and stacy broke up yeah I can’t erase this pen they’re connected so he’s trying to play it off as if he wasn’t part of Doxxing so but here’s the problem. We have proof that well here’s the thing. I have proof and he has explained himself explain quote unquote, but I still have a theory that Pete was part of the doxing because the the way stacy got information from Clint about Clint was that she found like his.

Old Business Account On Twitter And Her And

Pete both followed it and it linked them to Clint’s real name, which allowed them to get his phone number. His addresses his family are Scott and Pete’s podcast competing with Clint’s podcast or are they friend podcasts. They’re friend podcasts but the thing is the thing is Pete here’s the thing Pete recently and I noticed this got super hostile towards Clint the moment Clint’s viewership got more than Pete’s. I do want that out so okay so we are trying to figure out if the friend podcasts are no longer friend Podcasts and Pete was actually complicit in the boxing which doesn’t make sense because Pete broke up with stacy. I’ll get to that I have I’ll get to that this is like a murder mystery yeah It is I I already figured that out I figured that out so.

Heres The Thing As I Was Looking

into this if he actually broke up with Stacy because he thought it was morally wrong for her to Dox Clint. He would have done it the moment. She did it because she kept her tweets up up until Twitter took them down like 24 hours later. It took 24 hours later for all the stuff to go down and Pete instead of con condemning her at first was just like my girlfriend has the right to doxx people basically in a huge twitter threat where he was drunk and talking about pissing on people and and the second one he’s like I love my girlfriend, but I don’t condone these actions and then it he didn’t break up with her until Scott Horton found out about all this stuff.

So I Almost Wonder If Pete Broke Up

with Stacy to cover his. tracks and be like look I didn’t actually help her like I don’t remember this. He broke up with her because of the the anger online so he broke up with her over Clout or maybe they just had like a random couple fight and then he pretended that it was over the whole podcast thing for sure there’s the side plot thank you there’s the side plot that they could actually be Frenemy podcasts pretending to be friends and he got this this ho stacy to pretend dox them to destroy the other libertarian podcasts and win the realm of Libertaria that’s what it is this is a. This is a libertarian podcast Turf war Never Clint can be happy because she only had 3 000 followers, so no one else retweeted it right more than 3 000.

So She Basically Did It Out Of

malice and then everybody. found out about it and everybody who found out luckily enough. It was more like people were basically like trashing her for doxxing because in the libertarian realm, I slept.


Pete Quinones and his girlfriend’s I’m to Google who Pete Pete Quinoa okay that’s what Sarah called him oh my gosh whenever you feel like your life is a disaster in a certain sphere like people like you.& The way Tiger King was made like Tiger King.& They’ve got all this crazy drama going on and no one else cares or gives a bleep that’s true. Getting back to the haters this chick let’s run it off get it back from libertarian drama.& This is like Yeah, the libertarian thing have no idea who any of these people are. They’re ruining this person’s life in that person’s . life but everyone outside of it is like okay Yeah funny dumb stand-up comedy drama it’s like literally at the end of it.& I don’t even have like a mental image of the story like I’m trying to he.& It’s a good thing that’s not true. It’s like that’s a bad thing….. Click here to read more and watch the full video