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Youtube mother lovers congratulations you made it to December the final level of 2020. may God be with us all but Don’t worry before the aliens come or whatever we had on our 2020 bingo sheet we’re going to take a look at some sweet sweet gun memes and on this episode we have a returning villain surprise surprise it’s the atf. There’s an article that was recently posted. It started with Ammo Land where it was pointed out that Espy tactical the big company behind I think at least the majority of the arm braces for pistols was revealed that several of their products that are currently out in the market were not actually approved by the AtF is pointed out by their article that Sp tactical has two classification letters from the AtF saying that their products are braces and not sbrs, although they have a couple dozen products that are not specifically covered by those two letters, which means the entire gun industry’s kind of been on pins and needles. This last two weeks expecting the big green weenie of the AtF to plow its way through this new opening you’re welcome when you sell millions of armed braces by advertising them as AtF approved, but they weren’t AtF approved.

I Was A Businessman Doing Business.

That’s the crazy part people Don’t really think about is how many arm prices are actually in circulation Now pretty much if you were buying an Ar or an Ak pistol specifically Ar pistols in the last I don’t know half a decade. Most of them came with braces because let’s be honest. They look a lot cooler, and they’re a lot more functional that’s a lot of potential felonies floating around in the wild sp tactical playing 6d chess with the batfe by releasing unapproved braces to promote non–compliance amongst gun owners. What the bleep does this mean well.

If Youre Trying To Promote Non–Compliance A Few

million potential felonies a great way to do it. Ar. Ak pistols. 80 receivers Honey badger bum stocks binary triggers SB tactical braces luckily the atf hasn’t gone after sb tactical Yeah I think there’s a reason for that, but I’ll get. Off I’m not gonna ruin it with logic yet I’m this is meme time we’re getting into the memes sp tactical social media person After logging in this morning all right.

Im A Head Out That Was The

crazy part about it. This all happened like right before everybody right while everybody was flying home for thanksgiving so the poor sap is probably shutting down the office computer being bombarded with emails and memes and everything as this article drops and it’s like you know what this is a problem for future me hate to be that guy bring on the apple pie puts pistol brace on pistol atf no that’s illegal now Ah yes this workaround of the law that you originally approved and then said that we couldn’t do it for a while and he said we could do it. We couldn’t shoulder it then you said shouldering. It was fine and now it’s only certain ones that we can do it with yes we cannot put that on the item it was designated for that you approved in its original configuration got it there’s a couple more of you get the gist it’s roughly all about the same thing sp tactical under quite a bit of heat for this at least they were initially I personally don’t really get it. I understand that the optics of a few of their products not being approved might look bad, but when you actually look at sp tactical’s lineup.

Its Its Braces.

They’ve submitted a few of their products in to be approved to make sure that their braces comply with what the ats description in the past has been of braces versus stocks. Those products were approved All their other products are not really departures from those products in my mind. They’re just using precedent to determine what is and isn’t allowed that’s perfectly rational to me. It’s just like in a court case, a judge can use precedent of a prior court ruling to determine how this ruling should go.

I Dont Know If Youve Got 30

skus i’m not sure that you need to submit all of them to the atf and individually wait. You know. However, many months it takes for the tech branch to get back with you because anybody who’s saying they should approve these all first has never dealt with the Atf‘s technology branch I. Don’t know maybe I’m alone in that but to me, I didn’t see this as egregious. What is egregious is the way.

The Atf Determines These Rulings Atf

classifications made easy. This is a rifle with a short barrel. This is not a handgun. It’s in any other weapon. This is a handgun and this is a machine gun.

Any Questions For Those Of You Watching From

outside the us. This is how American gun law works according to well I guess our laws and the way the atf determines those laws yes I know many Europeans are surprised to find out Americans actually have gun laws, but you know there it is the pistol is a short barrel rifle because it has a stock attached to it that glock is in any other weapon or an aow because it’s got a vertical foregrip on it that ar15 is a. pistol because it has a short barrel with a brace on it and that bump stock is now a machine gun because the Department of Justice forgot the definition of a machine gun. I guess AtF classifications handgun rifle okay that’s as clear as I can make it anyhow let’s move over to some other gun memes, but not before we give this one a rating. I rate.

This Meme 26 Because Thats How Many

children they killed at Waco that’s a splashy one anyhow on a much lighter note before we get to the rest of the memes. It’s time to thank our sponsor. Some of the people that make this possible spots for this episode is of course big Daddy unlimited as our Flannel-clad friend likes to say Big Daddy unlimited is like the costco of the gun world, an online subscription service that allows you to shop. their store and get access to some of the best prices on a lot of gun parts, accessories, pews, Ammo all sorts of stuff. They’re a huge supporter of the channel and channels like ours.

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to check them out just give them a look down in the description and in the pin comment there are links. We greatly appreciate their support of the channel first off as we’ve said in the past obligatory gunmen review Marty Robbins, Meme, Gunfighter Ballads and trail songs Rarity Maubin’s biggest iron carrying the two 500 magnums from Demo Ranch in Kentucky Ballistics of course and the hat straight from the Dimmesdale Dividone Fedex driver. After delivering 20 cases of Ammo I bought at pre-coof prices workers compensation claim form not gonna lie. This totally happened to me the other day I actually had it right over. Oh, I bought a few of these bad boys figure you know you could never do wrong with too much 762.

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My Poor Poor Ups Driver Is Coming Up

to my driveway. Oh hold on I gotta cramp my hip my ups driver is coming up the driveway and I I saw the ups truck coming so of course, I’m looking like package and the poor guy starts coming up the driveway and just having a hell of a time with it so I go over to help him He’s like you’re gonna have to help me man I don’t lift weights poor guys doubled over I’m like God it can’t be that heavy and then I remember Oh that’s 2 000 rounds of 762. right Biden‘s proposed policy for assault rifles mandatory registration under National Firearms Act 200 tax for each assault rifle owned extra 200 tax for each. High-capacity magazine basically turning everything on my wall into an NFa item regulated the same way as a pre-86 machine gun, a suppressor or an spr oh. Although I’m an Sot so like I have to show up there’s already machine guns and sbrs not the point you know what I mean and turning each high capacity standard capacity magazine into an NFa item which is absurd.

My Buddy Donut Operator Seems To Think So

as well screams you can come count them as I pour gasoline into my sprinkler system and put 17 claymores on my five roombas see the claymore. Roomba is a gun meme review classic Alexa activate Boomba Protocol 3. The gasoline sprinkler system that’s a new one. I have to keep that one in mind. I mean ah call your congressman and here We have a new meme template from our subreddit our slash brandon.

The Mp5 Video That We Did About A

week or two ago Me who just wants some cheap nine millimeter target practice Ammo 80 cent around wolf steel case price gouging middleman retailers you about to get to schlep yeah nine millimeter especially is just getting ridiculous. I just bought a whole bunch from Jng. It was like I I was awful it was I think I ended up paying like 75 cents a round for a thousand rounds of steel case and it’s really not the retailer’s fault Ammo is just impossible to find these days and it’s actually even down to the components. The primers some of the powders. This stuff is just getting really hard to come by because there wasn’t enough reserve for the amount of demand.

There Was Pretty Much This Entire

year for one reason or another. Unfortunately, I don’t see this getting any. Better anytime soon, which is not true for the memes, We’ll get our rights back after the coop is gone anyone that’s read a history book isn’t It really funny. How 15 days to flatten the curve has turned into nine months. It’s almost like the conspiracy theorists saw this coming my mom My dad holy bleep you guys are bleep up man that is quite enough of that when you go to check the subreddit for memes for a new gun meme review and all you see are memes that people didn’t proofread.

We Actually Chose This Because Thats

what just happened. Meme spelling review being a part of the AkG notification squad paying attention in class. It’s so funny watching all the comments from guys who are like. I was in the middle of a physics lecture and then I saw the notification pop up my internet has.

Problems Now I Appreciate How Much

of you are loyal to Internet gun memes instead of your education that will further your life where’s I going with that government education will fade in time. Memes are forever anyways. If you aren’t part of the hashtag Akg notification squad man what are you doing all you have to do is make sure you’re subscribed first of all because over half of the people watching this somehow are still not subscribed yet I miss you.


Gun meme review What is up you sexy? Youtube mother lovers congratulations you made it to December the final level of 2020 . We’re going to take a look at some sweet sweet gun memes and on this episode we have a returning villain surprise surprise surprise it’s the atf. Sp tactical has two classification letters from the AtF saying that their products are braces and not sbrs. Although they have a couple dozen products that are not specifically covered by those two letters, which means the entire gun industry’s kind of been on pins and needles . Ar.& Ak pistols. Honey badger bum stocks binary triggers. 80 receivers . 80 receivers honey badger bingo stocks binary trigger triggers. Honey Badger bumocks binary triggers . The Atf is an AtF approved product. The AtF is an approved product that is not approved by the Atf approved product, which is not an approved version of an approved weapon. It’s not an authorized product. It is not a rifle….. Click here to read more and watch the full video