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Today, 12 U.

s service members were killed in a terrorist attack outside Kabul Airport as the U. s relies on the Taliban to protect them. Also, Youtube says it has taken down more than one million videos for Covid19 misinformation. We’ll get into that and by the way over in Australia.

They Are Very Lucky.

If they are fully vaccinated to be allowed to leave their home for one hour of recreational time. We have got a lot to get into today and it all starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters. I am Sarah Gonzalez back in studio. I broke free finally from the confines of my house.

I Am Happy To Be Joined Today By

stuber gear host of Stu does America also a survivor thank you thank you very much we share that now we’re going to support group together welcome back thank you. Also Eric July pleased to be contributor thanks for being here as well um all right so by the way but as we get started I would just like to just reiterate screw you China um so as we get let’s let’s get to the headlines of the day. I just you feel like what’s happening in Afghanistan. It just can’t get any worse and then it just continues to get worse somehow so there were explosions outside the airport in kabul. Today they killed at least 12 U.

S Service Members.

I know for a while they had said there were four and then a U. s official upped that number to 12 now and then of course, a number of others were being treated for wounds. Now This was Isis k who is claiming that that they are the ones who did this um but this was just I. Don’t know if you guys saw videos of it surely we cannot show those on this program.

Theyre Very Graphic But They Are Out

there. Circling social media and apparently the first blast took place right outside the airport’s Abbey Gate and then the second at the nearby Barren hotel scattered gunshot Scattered gunshots were heard after the blasts and it’s it was really sad to see I know I saw another video of people standing in the same location that the first blast went off and this was 24 hours previous and they were just all standing there you know holding up their things just begging trying to get a flight. You know a way out and then 24 hours later just complete and total devastation out there stu what are your thoughts it’s really dark day in U. s history honestly I mean it’s it was hard to go. Through this week, even though this stuff all happened while we were on the air for radio today and to see it all happening live you’re right I mean it’s.

They Said 12.

Another 15 wounded and the numbers for civilians are very high as well. One of the reports was 60 dead among Afghan civilians 140 injured and we don’t know how if there were any you know people Americans as well in that group that were just just you know not service people but just trying to get through the line um it is it’s incredible that this has happened and you know one of the things as we’ve been going through this and there look there wasn’t a big appetite for this for the this presence anymore in Afghanistan by the U. s population. Really both sides of the argument had come Republicans and Democrats mostly wanted to get out of there.

It Wasnt.

It’s not about that it’s about competence and we kind of started talking about this as things broke down a little bit and we were talking about it as this thing like Oh Biden screwed up true right . This was a you know a chaotic situation It was not planned well. Why did they do it in this order? Why would they let go of the air base before they get everyone out. All these questions came up and it was all being talked about as if it were this like thing in the past that he had messed up and what we were actually talking about.

At That Time Was The Best Case Scenario.

The best case scenario was that there was just chaos and we got. Everybody out and it was an embarrassing thing for the administration. We we are now taking a giant step toward the worst case scenario and we should realize we may not even be there right now. With all these people dead.

Theres No Way To Improve That Situation

they’re gone. So this situation can still get considerably worse. Saigon is a dream from where we are right now, which is a terrible terrible thing To say you know these people are out there trying to you know to do everything they can to get people home. We still have they believe a thousand people at least in the country that are American citizens, most of which that want to come home, though they keep spending an inordinate amount of time explaining why people wouldn’t want to come back. I don’t know why but we you know whether we’re going to be able to get any of them to the airport or whether this is even going to continue past today.

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I Think Is A Big Question.

Yeah let me Eric let me since you brought that up let me go ahead and play the U. s ambassador to Afghanistan who again. This is a very weird talking point that the administration keeps using which is well. I mean at this point, you know if Americans are still there they they’re just choosing to stay they just want because they just want to stay somewhere where the Taliban and also isis want to both kill them um apparently they just really enjoy.

I Dont Know Terror.

I have no idea listen to this from the administration. The question has been raised why didn’t the U. s get out Americans and our Afghani friends before the Taliban were able to take control of kabul good question You warned about this In a cable were you ignored. We put out repeated warnings every three weeks to Americans going back to I think March or April each one in stronger terms leave now leave immediately never in my my 40 years of working since I began working at the state department have I seen such strong such strong language used people chose not to leave that’s that’s their business that’s their right.

I I We Regret Now That That

many may find themselves in a position that they would rather not be in and we are determined to try to try to help them. No Eric. I don’t really believe him um because well, I mean number one if you go back and listen to Joe Biden‘s press conferences. I mean this was what the beginning of August and everyone’s asking him hey is it inevitable that the Taliban is going to take over and overthrow everything and he’s saying no right so the press conferences that he is giving to the American people are making it sound like everything will be okay. It seems weird that over you know on the other side of things that he would be sending all of these cables saying leave now get out immediately three weeks ago.

I Just Have A Hard Time Believing That

yeah it doesn’t add up. In July when you listen to his rhetoric and how he was talking about Afghanistan. It was completely different and of course, you have to kind of change your tone on things. Once it hits the fan, which is exactly what what it did but that’s. I mean if you look at it from that perspective.

I Mean I Would Imagine That Sort

of if they are sending out. However, they’re contacting Americans emails phones whatever it is with such a stern warning it doesn’t seem to match up because it would have sounded like they were okay if we are going by what biden was saying but yeah like you’ve mentioned this could absolutely get worse. I mean because what happened in the wrong order which we could sit here and argue all day long which order it should have been in, but I guess when you concede at minimum. Now it was the absolute bad bad order whatever this was it was wrong. It was incorrect whatever whatever just happened shouldn’t have happened and unfortunately a lot of people are stuck in a in a very bad situation and I I believe you kind of alluded to.

At The Beginning Of The Show Of This

whole you know our government is essentially letting the the Taliban know who these who our peoples are the names of them where apparently where they’re at as well as the Afghans that have helped them out which they’re probably dead on arrival as soon as they figure out where those guys are even located. All of this just makes for a very very bad situation and unfortunately can get worse and this is I mean me picking up one I’m not like some military folks so I’m not gonna sit here and act like. I’m some sort of expert on this but all eyes are on kabul. Why you told everybody to go there So if I’m a terrorist or if I’m a person that wants to do bad things to people where am I going to go like it’s a hotbed. Is it not is it not and I don’t think that oh well maybe they are stupid enough to not think they wouldn’t react based upon that well everybody’s trying to get there.

Why Dont We Go Over There

and mess mess something up and the reports are talking about suicide bombers and and all of this is just a bad situation, but it sounds like a lot of people were set up for failure regardless and to see Joe Biden and in this administration not even really want to talk about it at least not talking about it to us not really giving any press conferences to this regards just really goes to show. How bad this situation is but unfortunately, it can’t get worse because not just Americans There are other these allies as well that are there behind enemy lines and it’s not like they they seem to be making it easier. I saw a plane. Someone took a picture of one of the planes because people were unable to get to kabul one of the planes that left were virtually empty. It wasn’t that many people that were that won and that’s the conversation that doesn’t seem to be had it’s not just about getting people out of out of a kabul via flight.

Its Like Okay You Have All These

people that are nowhere near to where they need to get to how do they get there like you mentioned no military training nothing there’s nothing ensuring that that trip to the airport is going to be something that they. can survive look This is all bad, but I hate to say that yeah it can get worse. You think that like you like what stu mentioned look we’re on the other side of this. At least we botched it okay.

Yeah Some Things Look Bad, But

we can at least get our guys out of there. It’s not what we’re dealing with as you can see well. I mean I just never thought that I would see the day where the United States was literally just like yeah, We’ll negotiate with terrorists.


12 U.&s service members were killed in a terrorist attack outside Kabul Airport . Youtube says it has taken down more than one million videos for Covid19 misinformation . Stuber gear host of Stu does America also a survivor thank you thank you very much. Eric July pleased to be contributor thanks for being here as well. Sarah Gonzalez back in studio. We have got a lot to get into today and it all starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters. We’ll get into that and by the way over in Australia. They are very lucky. If they are fully vaccinated to be allowed to leave their home for one hour of recreational time. We’re going to support group together welcome back thank you. Back to the page you can read the full episode of this week’s . Back to Mail Online home front page:….. Click here to read more and watch the full video