Hang On Covid Came From WHAT

A new report suggests that not only could Covid have come out of a lab in WAn, but one in America, so what was all that certainty and censorship about three years ago The story is changing Hello there you 5.9 million Awakening wonders thanks for joining me on this

Obamas Coming Unconstitutional Gun Grab Dana

The bottom line is this Guy knows how to use power the pain is in the process. It’s the subpoenas to gun shows for the names of people who have ever done this.& It’s it’s the nasty letters from UK that probably will cause half of the gun dealers to

Stephen Baldwin Dana

This is the next big release for pure Flix and it’s unique because it was a movie that had this heart about these two soldiers served in Vietnam . Kevin Downes is one of the actors in the film along with Dave White, . Kevin has been very fortunate. He

Justin Bieber PARALYZED Why is RARE so COMMON in 2022

Justin Bieber gets facial paralysis caused by a rare illness called Ramsay Hunt syndrome and this is after his wife Haley is diagnosed with a rare blood clot in her brain . At the same time, Hayley Bieber got her blood clot a top-ranked golf star Nelly Corda got a


It’s on President Trump is launching a major media conglomerate Poise to crush Big Tech . I’m going to show you exactly what this new media venture is going to look like . We’ll see how other multi-million dollar ventures are also taking on Big Tech and stick with me

The War on Soda Another Banned Food The HotList

The war on Soda is bubbling over I mean UK homes of today’s hot list at the blaze calm . Wendy’s and Burger King, along with a string of other fast-food joints are demanding that they drop sugary drinks from their kitty menus . California was the first state to

Are There Any Updates On The Wuhan Lab Leak Theory

CNN’s John Defterios was one of the first people to really get on the lab leak story . He says there’s a very strong but still circumstantial case, suggesting a very likely but not certain lab. incident origin of the pandemic China is still engaged in just a massive and