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You Know I Really Love James Cameron Hes

like the crazy eccentric father that I never had and he’s responsible for some of the greatest sci-fi action movies of all time. The Terminator Terminator 2 aliens the abyss. All of them sprang from the mind of this one man that being said Hollywood directors are a bit like moderately priced Supermarket wine. They get Beyond a certain age and they start to go a bit off. Just ask Ridley Scott how’s that next Prometheus movie coming along Ridley Cameron’s incredible burst of creative output came to a bit of a shuddering halt with the release of Avatar Way back in 2009 or as I like to call it dances with Fern Gully while Saving Private Ryan from 9-11.


It was a spectacular technical achievement built around the most predictable cliched basic blumin storyline since well any Liam. Neeson movie from the past 10 years, what’s that Liam You’re playing another retired UK special forces Guy who has to use his deadly skills to take down a terrorist group slash organized crime family blumin Color Me shocked anyway. Avatar pretty much broke every box office record in existence at the time. Briefly convinced us all that UK was actually going to be a thing and generally caused everyone to go a bit nuts for a few months seriously.

People Were Actually Suffering From Depression After

watching the film because the real world was so shockingly drab and boring compared to Pandora that they just couldn’t cope with it. Jesus try growing up in Scotland. Then you’ll know the true meaning of misery. There’s a reason. 95 of us are alcoholics you know but the real question was what was James Cameron gonna do next there was.

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Was Vague Talk Of A Sequel For A

while because really if you’ve just made the most financially successful movie in cinematic history there’s not many studios that wouldn’t immediately demand another helping, but Cameron himself remained tight-lipped the years ticked by without any real news and gradually the world moved on from Avatar, but hey I guess Cameron’s strategy was to strike once the iron was so blumin cold that it was approaching absolute zero because here we are 13 years later staring down the barrel with Avatar 2 the way of water. The first of three planned sequels to the original movie. Mother of God and I guess my first big question with all of this is why like why now why make a sequel to a movie, so blumin old that it’s practically irrelevant at this point. I mean there’s no denying that. that Avatar was a massive deal at the time, but the world has changed quite a bit since 2009.

I Mean Theres Kids In High School

now who weren’t even born when the first movie came out. If this had been happening in say the mid–2010s, then I could totally understand why the enthusiasm would still be there. It would be a decent length of time to come up with new story ideas to tease the development of a new movie and let fan enthusiasm and speculation build up, but honestly. I’m really struggling to understand how it could take 13 years to come up with a new idea for a film like this. As I said earlier, the original Avatar wasn’t exactly weighed down with some crazy convoluted plot line that required months of dedicated study to unravel.

It Was A Simple Tried And

tested story of two people. cultures falling in love against the backdrop of Simmer intense that eventually explode into open conflict, forcing the protagonist to choose where his loyalties really lie which faction do you think he sided with the peaceful spiritually enlightened noble-minded natives who live in harmony with nature or the evil capitalistic military Invaders who want to kill everything and strip mine the entire planets I mean it was well enough implemented, but it wasn’t exactly complicated and it definitely wasn’t subtle in its messaging. If you were inclined to seek out allegory in your movies, you wouldn’t have to look far to see the obvious parallels with the destruction of the Native Americans and the currently issues of pollution and deforestation and call me kind of cynical if you like but the world of Avatar never really felt like the kind of place that invites further exploration it looks fantastic to. sure but it’s all surface level spectacle with no real depth or Intrigue. There’s no hidden depth to this world that I wanted to explore no particular Mysteries to unravel and no overarching questions left to be answered.

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Even The Two Main Characters Were

kind of flattened boring with no real personalities to get invested in Jake was a generic military guy who starts out loyal but slowly begins to question his mission. While Naturi was a generic strong female character who’s good at hunting and wanting to protect her people and well that’s it apart from the fact that they’re both young and good looking. I can’t give you any real reason why they would fall in love like if you put those two characters in a room and let their conversation play out ask yourself this what the blumin would they talk about I genuinely don’t. Don’t know because neither of them feel like real fleshed out characters with unique motivations and personalities. All they really were were vectors for the plot, saying and doing the things that the movie needed to advance the story, and all of this is to say that well Avatar just doesn’t feel like a particularly big or strong Foundation to build an entire franchise on.

It Was A Simple Functional Story With

simple functional characters that worked fine in isolation and relied mostly on its visuals to hook people in it was like dating a hot girl that’s been cruising on her looks most of her life. She’s nice to look at, but the whole experience feels kind of vapid and empty and you don’t really want to learn anything more about her. As a Counterpoint I would happily re-watch Terminator 2 Aliens, the abyss or blumin even. true lies anytime anywhere and I probably have a blast with all of them. I can honestly say I’ve never felt that way about Avatar.

I Mean If The Trailers Are Anything To

go by then the visuals for Avatar 2 look spectacular which I suppose is a good thing because none of them seem to be able to tell me even the slightest thing about the actual story. I get the general sense that there’s another conflict Brewing between the humans and the blue people, which is the same basic premise as the first film except that Jake has a kid now how exactly does that work when he’s inhabiting some weird genetic hybrid body that was grown in a lab. Don’t know oh and everyone goes swimming now because James Cameron’s got a real thing for punishing film shoots and giant tanks of water. I’ve been reliably informed. that there are people who worked on the abyss that are still going through therapy to this day like I say this all looks fantastic as a UK demo reel which is what I’d expect from a guy like Cameron, who’s always pushing the limits of what film technology can do, but at this point once again I have to ask why it’s not 2009 anymore well.

There Was Still A Lot Of Room

for advancement and Innovation. There’s only so much further that UK can possibly go in terms of realism. Although blumin me you could be fooled into thinking that we’ve regressed somehow in recent years. But generally we’ve had so many visually spectacular movies over the past decade that to be honest people are getting kind of burned out on the whole thing. Basically, what I’m saying is that Avatar’s biggest strength back in 2009.

2009 Is At Best Not All

that impressive these days and at worst kind of a liability for audiences that are jaded and desensitized by a decade of visual overloads. It can’t even play on Nostalgia. Like top gun Maverick did yeah the first movie is old enough to have faded from the public Consciousness now, but let’s be real here Nobody’s particularly nostalgic for the late 2000s. Yet that kind of blumin will come in about 15 years when the kids of that decade are all grown up trapped in Loveless marriages, crippling mortgage payments and the boring corporate jobs that they swore. They’d never settle for prepare to have your dreams crushed kids because it’s coming believe that and then there’s the box office to consider Cameron recently came out and flat out admitted that because he spent so much blumin money on this.

On This Film Not To Mention Production On

its two sequels, The Avatar 2 needs to make at least two billion dollars just to break even two billion dollars well that’s great that’s just blumin great man now what the blumin are we supposed to do. I know this time when the economy is in the worst shape it’s been for decades. The price of everything is skyrockets in and people are regularly having to choose which is more important to them buying food for their families heating their homes in Winter or filling up their car with fuel that doesn’t sound like a sustainable business model there Jim and as hard as I try. I just can’t shake the feeling that recreating the success of Avatar is like capturing lightning in a bottle. a bottle all the elements that came together to make the first film a success are either absent or compromised now and it’s got a hell of a battle ahead.

If It Expects To Break That 2 Billion

Mark that being said if anyone in Hollywood can pull off an unexpected success. After going radio silent for blumin years as James Cameron maybe Avatar 2 will turn out to be a stunning creative Triumph of Victory against the odds that dethron’s Top Gun 2 is the biggest crowd pleaser of the year and if that’s the case then blumin it I’ll be happy to sing its praises and give it all the credit it deserves. But at this point I’ll take a generic UK Action Movie about blue alien cat people made by a guy who actually seems to care about his craft over basically anything. Basically anything being shot at by Marvel these days now just before I blumin off once more into The Ether of Cyberspace. Some of you may remember the critical Drinker Plush toy that got launched last year for a limited run.

Basically One Of Those Ego-Stroken Things That Uk

do to pretend like we’re Big Shots anyway. The whole thing seemed to go down pretty well at the time and because a lot of people missed out on it first time around we’ve launched the critical Drinker Plush 2. 0 this time with cybernetic enhancements just like a certain other James Cameron character so if you’re interested in picking one up the link to the makeshift page is in the description anyway that’s all I’ve got for today go away now.


Cameron’s incredible burst of creative output came to a shuddering halt with the release of Avatar Way back in 2009 or as I like to call it dances with Fern Gully while Saving Private Ryan from 9-11 . Avatar pretty much broke every box office record in existence at the time . The real question was what was James Cameron gonna do next there was. There was vague talk of a sequel for a while because if you’ve just made the most financially successful movie in cinematic history there’s not many studios that wouldn’t immediately demand another helping, but Cameron himself remained tight-lipped the years ticked by without any real news and gradually the world mopped up with no real news about a sequel . Ridley Scott how’s that next Prometheus movie coming along? We’re looking forward to a sequel to The Terminator Terminator 2, which is due to be released in cinemas on December 26, 2015. We are happy to see if there will be a sequel. We’re happy to answer that question….. Click here to read more and watch the full video