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the big question. The show that gives you too much information about how all societies shutting down is scary, but not as scary has everyone suddenly flooding back into it. We’re talking about fictional world as always I’m Erik Bosse here with Phil Polina how you doing man I’m doing good real quick you just reminded me that rewatching Endgame recently went so if you guys are doing Ari watches with us too you’ll notice everything about endgame predicted everything about coronavirus in quarantine. Yes it’s crazy like once you rewatch it. There are so many similarities Actually we can get into some of them, but there’s so many more when you actually watch it it’s insane.

They Knew The Whole Time And They Did

nothing whole time. I’m sorry Oh God well they tried to warn us and our infinity saga every. Watch did just reach affinity war Thanos stuffs at half of all life and yeah! This blip that we’re now in it’s gonna last another five years until everything changes an endgame. It’s it’s familiar it’s eerily familiar so Phillip let’s let’s ask the big question today, What would the real-world implications be not just for the snap but for this awkward sudden return of everyone who dusted let’s get some snap locations and some duplications. Let’s say no or fake words that you love.

I Think The Second One Means The Implications

of the Bible. We are living in the biblical sense. I do I want to acknowledge a lot of people can be like this topics been covered before we know what happens or plenty of Business Insider articles are written about the implicator Blah Blah Blah first of all they’re not caught up all the way through. From home Yeah, which I’m gonna try to be more caught up, but second they really boned it in on the blip side of it. So like Eric said it gets way more interesting when you think about everybody coming back and also why Tony Stark may be a terrorism ladies and gentlemen We got him but look every week we just accuse him of terrorism.

Well Get Him One You Can Accuse

the dead of anything it’s legal that’s right I can’t see you. I’m gonna break this down into the snap and the blip. Those are the official terms like the snap is the dusting and the blip is the return. So we’re gonna start with the snap and talk about its implications and I’m gonna try to skip most of stuff that we already know like. For instance the snaps effect on the environment We’ll go through.

This Just Really Quick The Environment

would thrive never been better dabbing everywhere, just being happy the whales in the Hudson right. It is the line we learned in the endgame and that’s actually crazy Lee supposedly happening right now. People said that they saw dolphins in the Venice canals, which sounds like alive but I really want to go there so please come back. It was a dolphin wearing like a striped shirt like with the gondola with a gun get Oh my God, but what is totally true is that that would totally would happen because you might have just seen this. This week they announced the carbon emissions in our world.

Right Now Are Down 17% Which Might

not sound like the craziest amount, but that’s a fifth of the carbon emissions are gone. It is at the lowest rate since World War two Wow after everyone. was nuked yeah exactly which is also a terrible time. The world is able to finally like take a breath and that would definitely happen post-snap, so let’s just move on past the environment and move on to what really moves the wheel the economy money. What we’ve learned in real life is that some people put the economy above everything.

So This Is Actually How We Would

feel the effects of this nap immediately post snap. There would be a lot of reshuffling of the economy. There would be a huge stock market crash. It would be a lot like what we saw as coronavirus was kind of hitting hard. We immediately saw that the stock market every day was getting worse.

It Was Similar Post 9/11.

This is what happens post-tragedies. A lot of people are just worried that we’re never gonna rebound and if they’re. Gonna lose a lot of money, but then let’s look into further implications beyond that first day first of all the workforce the available people to work. Right now we’re dealing with very limited workforce that’s in those essential roles.

Heres Whats Interesting About The Way

Danos did it So he picks half of life to be gone, and he theoretically does it completely at random unless he like really doesn’t like Al Gore or Ronald UK or something to make sure like they’re definitely on the right side, and you could say that the genders is probably roughly equal. I believe there’s a little bit more women than men on earth, but basically it evens out to about 50/50 there so there’s not gonna be much of an issue there, but each life no matter their age counts the same and most people alive today are between the ages. of 15 and 45 so that’s the section that would see the biggest loss? The ratios would be the same page thing, but we would lose millions and millions and millions and millions of people between 15 and 45 And why that matters and why doesn’t matter that the ratio study ain’t but that we lose so much from that sector is people between 15 and 45 are the group that are primarily only able to do certain jobs. There are jobs at there that are from before their time and there are jobs that are probably after their time, But there’s a group of jobs. This is kind of like our age people we’re somewhere between 15 and 45 and we’ll never tell what side of that we’re going to do and don’t ask what one of us is on one end and wonder what that means is that.

People That Are In This Middle

group represent entire industries and so the perfect example that I could think of is the social media babysitters Oh yeah, Oh, yeah no no no babysitters are bound. Anyone can can watch a baby. You just sip a beer and make sure it’s not near a fire but Stacy from baby-sitters club get done but voluntarily she was already on her way out is what I’m saying it suggested into sugar so okay so that’s the joke, but social media managers think you know right those are people who there’s no one over 45 who’s a social media manager and you know there’s not really like middle school kids so they’re they’re more qualified than the rest of us to do it so that’s a whole field that would just go way and I mean you might think that doesn’t matter but I. That’s where the quick 24-hour coupon codes get shared that’s who apologizes when a company says something really insensitive and you know how many companies would be making commercials about the snap where it’s like get a coke for your friend who’s gone or something you know like there Definitely would be a lot of things to apologize for and so the companies just wouldn’t be able to communicate with people as effectively which would negatively impact them. But also let’s remember that there are certain jobs that only exist in that older group.

The Over 45 People Who Even Though Its

a smaller group of people. There’s not many people doing those jobs so those are completely gone now-so we got no Walmart greeters. Oh completely done and also nobody knows how to operate a radio station. It’s just beyond everyone where will you get your golden. Oldies, I believe every radio station is just operated by eternals.

Youre Wondering Where The Eternals Are Theyre Runnin

UK with those smooth chocolaty voices back to you Steve Inskeep Stevens keep somewheres like ah my ears are burning cuz They’re on fire baby so realistically though as I did more research about these jobs and what happens in these times of crises, those jobs honestly would be gone anyway because the workforce would get consolidated into the roles that are considered essential so that means somebody like a plastic surgeon would have to just become a general practitioner in UK to make up for the missing doctors fancy chef would have to become just like a general line cook to make sure people are fed high-end escort would have to settle for like sad saps that just want someone to cry on so basically. This means entire sectors of the economy and the workforce would just be gone wiped out industries would be gone, but the government actually has a record of how to behave in situations like this and this is actually what I’m very much hoping have legitimately hoping happens now and the same thing that happened. In response to the Great Depression and that’s the New Deal so the New Deal was an effort to pull people out of the situation by giving them opportunities and building new industries that maybe weren’t needed before or investment in infrastructure so what would probably happen is a lot of people would second in new jobs or suddenly there’s a bunch of openings because there’s a snap remember and there’d be lots of investing in exciting new new things pull new forms of insurance would probably English assurance when do you have too much dust. in your laundry filter? Where did all this extra dust come from and also where’s my husband? So in that end, we actually would start to kind of future-proof the economy and it would take some leaps in industry so that actually could be kind of interesting and then if you stay on that path, you realize Danos wasn’t totally wrong Danos did nothing wrong me immediately. I knew we’d get there gonna get there because it’s really easy to start doing that Matt rent the cost of rent just plummets.

Thered Be A Tremendous Oversupply Of

housing and people would also have more disposable income because they don’t have dependent children to feed anymore. They don’t have girlfriends to buy gifts for and wives to buy gifts to make up for the girlfriend Yeah I got them hey go go also your general pay would actually go up there. Less people that are qualified for your job now and a lot of people have to get immediately promoted because their boss turn to dust that’s right then it’s didn’t snap half the money’s away and since I assume we’re still in the old standard it’s not like he Goldfinger the the gold that our money’s based on Oh, I feel like I’m getting this raw it’s does the Federal Reserve adjust interest rates and that they print currency and inflation and they just made a trillion dollars so yeah I think you that’s basically it works like magic got it great yes yes but you’re basically right the money is there for the taking and people would start making more money each one so as we kind of got over the awkward phase people would start buying things like crazy and a lot of those things would be cheaper. Because it’d be too much supply, so it’d be like clearance sales, so the economy actually would rebound in not too long moving on the government responds so this I’m learning based on the way things are going right now a lot of the government’s initial response would be what other government should we blame for this Yeah I thought about this and actually it’s pretty easy to think of who would take all the blame what condo Oh Yeah and it’s not just because of racist reasons. You gotta think about the timing there was a secret country that nobody knew about the had crazy weird technology that nobody knew about and then some essential battle that had ramifications throughout the universe took place in Wakanda and then suddenly half of her everyone is gone.

It Just Seems Kind Of Convenient Conspiracy Theorist

hundred Alex Jones would be like. driving in this world Yeah and then the UK version about shows is of course Jay Jonah Jameson here yeah all over this yeah for sure and the fact that Vision walked around with one of these things in his head and then they harbored and sheltered this piece of crap in their country and lured Thanos to Earth and that Street food and that hiding that Street but you know if they got a taste of that street food they might not be so good. The secret ingredient is vibranium. They just sprinkle very good taste great it makes my teeth itch not the heart-shaped herb that’s edible vibrate so our country would probably have issues with another country in a lot of countries. Maybe there’d be a little bit of shake up, but it doesn’t matter because democracy would die because if you think about it voting doesn’t.

Do Well On The Other Side Of A

crisis that there’s no response to and what that means is when we’re at war that feels like a crisis or right now we’re in the middle of a crisis and it feels like the government has a role to play in this so a lot of people are gonna motivate their vote. Based on what the government might do to help them accept the snap the government is completely helpless. Your vote means nothing it will not bring back your math teacher who apparently you care a lot about so democracy would suffer and because the economy would be in turmoil for a bit there and people would be kind of freaking out decent chance that an authoritarian government actually would act much faster and kind of kick in faster and that’s what we might be seeing right now too is. that supposedly some of these authoritarian governments were able to flatten the curve very quickly because they were just like stay home and there yeah we Don’t got to tell us twice. Yeah authoritarian I mean hey that’s what happened in the early 20th century was Spanish Flu after the huge depression that hit the industrialized world after World War one.

A Lot Of Fascist Regimes Rose In

that time because they were able to promise security and people people bought into it. I mean it’s in the New Deal like we had a depression here in the 30s and UK was able to give a lot of power to like the executive branch away from the legislative branch, just because he was able to justify it. It’s like we’re in a national crisis right now and what’s crazy is it worked Yeah I mean so so people wouldn’t have. These great arguments against fascism theoretically because it works man I’m just saying if Thanos did nothing wrong fascism works I’m doing great here. In fact, we actually do have, according to Black Widow in endgame what the government’s real response was to the snap and I think this shows you how ineffective they are at helping their immediate response the governments around the world was to conduct a census that’s what their response was that’s the only really concrete detail.

We We Got So Far What

they did they’re counting how many adults are out there and how many kids are out there. Hey Philip a sense. This is a very very important thing and they’ve wants to take part in yes. The census is very important post snap a little weird to deprioritize, but actually I might ride to come up with like why would they prioritize the census just Cuz like they want to count to three billion and confirm its own. It is exactly fifty percent.

How Weird Im Gonna Think That

what they really mean by census is. They’re trying to figure out one who’s gone, but two what kids are suddenly orphaned and literally alone in their homes. So actually imagine that census workers could be part of this new workforce part of a new deal. Just going out there and knocking on doors and trying to find children who suddenly don’t have parents at all so it’s not the worst idea if you think of it that way now what would happen to these kids right what the government would do with them We’ve kind of. seen versions of this both with with immigrants or relocations of people, so the children would probably get put in centers that that said there’s so many of them that they’d have to retrofit other centers, so it probably hotels would get turned into homes for children to scoop serve to make it 3.

Im Not Driving A School School Was Canceled

for a bit so those would be turned into homes. This is sounding pretty great so far for the kids no school live in a hotel. I was gonna say also likely they’d overflow into private detention centers, but that is kind of how it works but here’s what’s interesting then the next step. Once they collect all these kids is to try to relocate them into actual homes and first they would try to put them in with relatives right if you have a relative out there. You’re gonna go live with them but there’s gonna be so many kids that they can’t find the relative.

They Have No Living Relatives Their Relatives

so yeah my relatives, a Youtuber that’s a child endangerment right there Oh my God what that would result in as they’re trying to get people out of these large centers is the largest foster care system. We’ve ever had where millions of kids are put into foster care and that might sound terrible when we think about foster care and all those little kids singing tomorrow but silver lining here there would be millions of parents who have suddenly lost a child and they’ve got a child-sized hole in their apartment a bedroom a bed clothes that they kind of wish they could be making you so because they’ve heard the last kid out of the wall and then ofor I’m just. A hole, the size of the kid the kid ran through the wall really fast but really like it actually would be this sweet thing where these two people who have lost like the most important person in their life would probably come together and so adoption rates would also be higher than they ever have been so not the worst thing and maybe the people that are able to adopt again might sometimes make this is true for a lot of people sometimes they make better parents and the ones that had to give them up of course. These people don’t give him up by choice, but people that welcome children into their homes. I was gonna say you good people but that could go the exact wrong direction not an It takes two storied Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen.

There Is The Family Just Kept

adopting kids and made. work at a junkyard yeah, but remember in this scenario it’s just Ashley Olsen so speaking of just kind of families and human relationships next up human relationships. This is what I know nothing about. Although I do know about awkward relationships and that actually is the first thing that immediately happens post snap. It’s just so uncomfortable for family to deal with and not just the death of a family member.

I Want To Even Put Like

the extreme what if you were doing this what if you were doing that think of the simplest version of you’re sitting on your couch watching UK with a family member and they turn to a pile of dust. That relationship you now have with this person is so uncomfortable because you’re like literally do I get a dustpan and have to and scoop them into something that is a little nicer. Do I make sure the cat doesn’t see this pile of dust and make use of it immediate effects is just so awkward and uncomfortable, and that is probably the worst moment of everyone livings life but some time passes and now you’ve got kind of some opportunities. So actually if you think about it. There’s a lot of new young widows out there a lot of new young widowers they’re looking for someone who knows what they’ve been through and then on top of that not only is there suddenly a lot of people are suddenly single and eager to mingle but dating has never been better.

You Dont Need Reservations To Go To Any

restaurant. They’re completely available. You can get tickets to Hamilton the night of and get front-row probably and they’re super cheap. It’s Assuming the casted and does Philip no Hello Broadway understudies Eric How dare you be such a snob Do you walk out when it’s not Lin-manuel I do when I get that insert in the playbill. I tear up the playbill and I say this is not what I paid for and then people are like that’s a performance and then you get up on stage.

Theyre Like Seriously Whats The Deal With

understudies and then you’re fighting the with the cellist and he’s got that sword for a whole other reason. You have a fight with this cellist No I won’t be speaking of that by the way they don’t play with the sword. It’s a sword. It’s sharp well then he should tune it alright what I’m basically saying is dating would be great and then also this idea of starting a new people would take this opportunity. I’m kind of doing this with what we’re going through right now you kind of get like this blank slate and you can start over and then you kind of can see it from Mr.


Harrington’s wife’s perspective where he what happened with your life? This is an opportunity to kind of start over of course you don’t have to pretend that you were dusted but she did did I tell you how my wife pretended to blip out turns out. She ran off with a guy in her hiking group, but a lot of people would be doing that and basically people would be living as their authentic selves for the first time and I mean to the extreme a whole segment of the population would become hedonistic as hell we’re talking like Hedonismbot fed on grapes sucking off pineapples. I apologize for nothing there would be n times. Level of partying right end of the world kind of parties and that sounds hella fun as long as everyone is playing by the same rules in there all game and it doesn’t get too out of control because you know historically speaking Debauchery stage get out of your cellist.

Im Not Talking To You Use Your

sword. I’m just saying Debauchery is not always safe for everybody sometimes it’s just throw away in Sodom and Gomorrah boy Oh boy Oh boy is that what it is Gomorrah why Kamorin that’s why I my mind always mixes up Gomorrah in nebulas name. Even though I know there’s I know who is who was just like the bad one is nebula, which is confusing because Gomorrah is the more good character, but she’s associated with a biblically bad fit Yeah, how funny would it be if Thanos was like my daughter’s. Gomorrah and Sodomy like I’m still stirring robot that’s the snap and I think we kind of understand what a lovely place to live in. If you are one of the lucky 50 fifties.

If The Gangs Havent Seized Your Property

and murder to you by now sure there’s no gangs everybody came together into one peaceful gang called the human race or the gang bank in the hedonistic parties, but also great now let’s talk about the ramifications of three billion people coming back all of a sudden at a moment’s notice in the speed of a snap the blip it doesn’t go well we’re gonna start bad and we’re just gonna get worse so first let’s just talk about these and some people are just asking about these a lot Just these little weird uncomfortable scenarios and these are some of the ones that have kind of bit. Address so like the environment I’m coming to go through these quickly We saw that basketball team kind of suddenly reappear with the marching band Yeah I in Spider-man. They called it the blimp so that tells us that you returned the last location. You were in a lot of people are like what if you were in the middle of a surgery and you’re suddenly back there and you’re you have a gaping hole and you bleed out and you die The famous one what if you were in a plane and that planes not there anymore. When you reappear.

This Has Been Answered By The

Russos has been confirmed. Just on the marble side. Hulk’s nap was not everybody come back it’s everybody come back real safely specifically a safe return for the people that came back. But there’s no way that the Hulk went through every scenario. was like you know so let’s not make it like awkward or uncomfortable for anyone.

They Just Said Safe So Lets Stay

on that plane one for a second right. You were in the air you suddenly a brought back, but it knows well you’ll die if you stay there let’s even just conclude the logical next place let’s take him there Gate of destination at the airport that they were headed to imagine half the people that were on a plane. So was that 200 people 250 people so 125 people suddenly in one moment appear Matta gate all at once which probably already has a whole planes worth of people ready to leave. Not only is it just like a pile of people like like people are breaking legs people are kissing inadvertently and falling in love and having to leave their families but I’ve seen but we. could be live together and I choose us please Kate one cup of coffee.

You Can Always Go To Paris

just please. I want to try again. I mean our marriage I hated your hair. I hated your ugly legs your forearms. I hated kissing your lips.

Dave Okay And Thats Why I Lacked Enthusiasm

when your blumin was in my mouth. It is just an insane pile of people think that is happening all over the place There’s no way This is like the easiest smallest stakes. One is one of the most uncomfortable. You got snapped and you got dusted while you’re on a public toilet. No it is safe for you to sit in someone else’s lap on a public toilet.

No Matter What The Teachers Say It

is safe, but it’s not comfy absolutely. I’ll say I’ll throw it out there 1 million people. People probably landed on the lap of somebody else who was already pooping decent chance the person that landed on top also pooping. You know what confuses me is just a simple physics of how you return is it read us ting just manifesting now occupying the space to us we’re you’re not dropping you’re just like a period what if you’re inside someone else in that moment is it just like the boys and they just splatter their blood and guts. There are gonna be some implications like that, but I’ll say that you’re not coming back from the dust you were because nobody is near themselves anymore right so much of the dust we saw went into the wind so it doesn’t like bring it all the way back it just kind of snaps that person back got it as a whole unit so let’s go back again.

To The Category That I Said Matter More

than anything money the economy the money everyone’s back there should be so many consumers right No immediately everything gets way worse okay remember there was there more than enough housing for all those people that were left behind and theoretically will that same amount amount of housing should still be there so there should be housing for everyone except millions and millions of people would blip back into existence into an apartment or a place. They’d rent that now has new tenants. Oh yeah it’s like back to the future. The guys who the hell are you a lot of people shot on site immediately, but also yeah you got snap back. What are you doing to my daughter?’s better now considering that it’s been five years right it hasn’t even been just few months it’s been five years.

Its Very Very Rare For A Resident To

have a lease that lasts that long so almost no one has a scenario where they are still the tenant of that rental property Yeah all the people not living in rent-controlled apartments. You’re gonna have someone pop into your life now gun to without driving each other crazy even in the rent-controlled ones because they didn’t read any continue to renew their lease Oh that’s right, though the courts would find there would be no right for that person to keep that home anymore. It’s the same thing as if you faked your death or disappeared or something after a certain amount of time the contract is void so you also better believe. Not only do they not have a home now, but also when they’re like well it’s fine I’ll quickly put a deposit on a new place. All of their assets are at best frozen that’s the best-case scenario where the bank is like you’re gone we’re not giving you this money unless they had a will or something that they could give it to their you know it’s not a better case scenario even if they’re not frozen assets even if it’s not a will the redistribution of the person’s individual wealth would go to other people In five years Do you think those people didn’t just spend it.

You Think Theyre Just Like Sitting On

it like thank God. I knew you would come back in five years here’s all your money back plus interest no that money’s gone yes definitely we’re like their spouse was the primary earner. Gonna need that money in order to like exactly you know keep their life going so it’s like well man they’re in a tough spot This and that came back. They better quickly get back to work and not mourn except they don’t have a job anymore. There is huge tremendous unprecedented unemployment.

Theyre Not Gonna Get Their Old Jobs

back because either the company went under because of the snap or the company had to move on and has since replaced that employee leads me to what would immediately happen starvation. What’s hard to kick in and this isn’t just because these people are now homeless and jobless. It’s because like you’re saying there’s not enough food. The demand of the world’s food supply would suddenly double double and demand, but also you might think well we were saying earlier things cost less because there’s this overabundance of supplies. But it’s been five years now So we’ve used up that abundance of supplies and then we stopped manufacturing to that level of people because we didn’t expect them to come back.

So There Is Not Enough Supplies.

We’d run out of nearly everything immediately and eventually would catch back up but not in time for people not to starve Also very important immediately run out of toilet paper that’s a given we saw how quick that happens just a little somebody sneezed and it was like my store was sold out of toilet paper immediately and you might be thinking. Oh Philip is forgetting that suddenly there’s twice as many cows and pigs and chickens right that there’s a lot of meat suddenly available because the livestock had been dusted to kind of it does come back, but the amount of time that passes from farm to table is. too long to keep someone alive if they literally have nothing to eat and it’s even worse than normal because remember there’s so much less infrastructure, now less employees, less equipment they can’t actually handle this tremendous time. When they have too much of it.

They Usually Have To Actually Put Those

animals down. They got to put it down or they got to throw it away or they got a yeah. They need people to process and ship it. Yeah. I saw somebody throw a cow away in the dumpster.

Recently Yeah That Cow Is Being

a huge hassle yeah we’re like out of food immediately at least they have their loved ones back no personal relationships families they don’t their spouses have also like their jobs moved on many of these people in five years. Remember I said dating would be amazing and there’s people looking for love. Again many of these people have now remarried and suddenly their original spouse returns and might think well like you know I was there first or something. This has actually happened before in the United States. Even during wartime, a number of soldiers are declared dead or missing in action they stop looking for them.

People Get Remarried And Then The

person comes back and it gets very complicated. There actually isn’t a clear answer to it. You have to deal with it and you can’t pick both because legally you’re not allowed to be married to more than one person at a time so either way a beautiful love filled marriage is ruined one way or the other yeah. I mean think about it. Five years later, we knew someone who didn’t move on and was still just hoping that some Avengers might figure out a way to turn.

Back Time Weve Call Those People Crazy Yeah

move on with your life like it sucks, but it’s been five years now Karen. It was two weeks and you already have a new husband. I mean remember also those sweet adopted kids who found a kind of adoptive parent and recreated a new bond that they needed. They’re in even worse situation about this now because suddenly a kid appears in this bedroom was like who the hell are you. He also has a shotgun.

What Are You Doing In My

room wearing my clothes calling my parents, mom and dad and those kids themselves who have now come to find this wonderful parent, who took them in spent five years bonding with them. Those kids the courts would find they’re still technically custody to their original parents who are now back so they will all be gathered up there’ll. Be trucks they’ll be UK teams it’ll be like the Elian Gonzales case exactly like that busting in because the kid wants to stay and they’re gonna rip them out of an auntie’s arms and send them back to his creepy old long Dusty uncle who’s younger than they should be who’s not ready to take care of kids and just staying here In these tragic family situations it gets worse. Eric Wow okay this one’s so bad. I hate this implication, but it would totally happen.

The Snap Has Been Undone.

It’s now the blip they’re coming back the three billion people are coming back a part of you. I’m getting goosebumps even just thinking about this right just like holy crap it’s all done my Daniel is coming home to me except there’s gonna be so many instances where people died because of the snap as a result. of the snap but not that they were dusted but that something happened because of that perfect example, the post-credits scene of infinity war that helicopter slamming into that building 28 people dead probably Oh we undid the snap! The Hulk brought everybody back it’s like Oh, my God Daniel he’s back Oh no he didn’t like Undo like funny deaths He only undid the dusty ones yes so are these people gonna get their hopes up exactly their work hard or just the the diseases that weren’t able to be treated or like you know people might have taken their own lives from the depression and the years that followed. Like all the residual effects stay gone did Hulk think about all of those probably not he’s thinking about like do they sell triple extra-large cardigans that technically is all of those kind of categories those high-level things but.

In Our Discord If Anybody Had Some Specific

questions so staying here on this family theme For a second somebody was like well, what about the conjoined twins do they go way together, Do they come back together. This is really tough. If it is separate. You know you would say that they have two souls and if we think this is soulstone base, then the souls counting them as two people a lot of times conjoined twins share organs and ethos isn’t really thinking when he snaps okay let’s give one of those all of the organs and the other one let’s say that one doesn’t own any of the organs. It just rents if one does dust away first of all that one goes to dust.

This One Who Remains Dies Most Likely Shortly

after if their vital organs their livers suddenly gone or their heart is suddenly. Gone right so this one dusts away and then the blip happens and the other one comes back. But they are missing vital organs because the other one died years ago five years ago so now they immediately die too I’m mad at the person who asked this question that was Ruby on discord I like your Ruby. I’m mad at you as to it, but I will give you that it is possible if we just you have to you. It’s gonna be bad news either way, but if we say conjoined twins have no soul or they or they only share one.

Then You Could See That The Snap

looks at it in a scientific way and it’s like well. They share an outer layer of skin. They share blood vessels. They share UK cells interchange between the two of them. It could see them as one entity.

And Snap Them All Away And

snap it all back or blip it all back. You know we got a hope for that one but in that one again they’re sharing one soul at best another weirdo question here this one’s from Marius and perfectas from our discord. I was like well what about the people with a life sentence if they get blip back today at least now get to go free there’s precedent for this this happened in Iowa a few years ago someone was declared legally dead for a minute and they argued I died and my sentence literally said life and the court found now a funny good idea, but no you are back in prison. No loopholes on a life sentence Yeah If you wake up in your grave This they’re gonna dig you back back inside when they didn’t die when they dusted. They were just like erase what they did Yeah they brought back especially for them.

It Was Instantaneous Right Like Yeah

from their perspective nothing happened now there’s a decent chance that person just ended up back in their cell and didn’t notice Yeah. They didn’t end up in their cell for some reason. Then they would definitely would be sending those trucks around Elian Gonzales and once he picked up criminal and the other skeleton in there too and a cello player and then finally Cody asked this is the one she’s wondered about the most. She says what about pregnant women and their babies. Oh what if only the baby was snapped and not the mom would the mom.

Suddenly Become Pregnant Again Five Years Later, Oh

gross so This is one of the most controversial complicated thought processes. I’ve had in answering anything on this show. The answer depends on whether or not you believe that Thanos is pro-life or pro-choice Does this opinion matter or is it like is it well. I think the Living Tribunal is pro-life or pro-choice. It depends on on his mindset when he did it in the moment the same way that they say that cults mindset made sure everyone was safe well.

Then Dan Knows His Mindset Comes Into

play. So I don’t think it’s a surprise to say Danos. He’s not pro-life right like that’s kind of his whole thing. We’re also framing it pro-life or it should be pro-choice an anti-choice right like by calling it pro-life that’s that’s just the term des chose to say we’re pro-life. Just the matter of abortion well, it makes my argument easier if I say pro-life so no I’m saying it but his whole argument is that it is worth killing half the life in the universe because there aren’t enough resources to fill the bellies of the already living or the people to be left behind so to him.

It Could Be A Pro-Life Choice

with literally the word life and he’s still saying Nah I choose to kill half the life to fill those bellies so In other words, he makes a choice to prevent a potential life from existing any further if it means that it would be born into a universe of suffering and non full bellies. I am so uncomfortable with this line of thinking. I know the dude would definitely be on the pro-choice argument with the logic that you could add on that life. at birth when the individual creatures need for resources and consuming them counts against that new little baby individual because previously when it was in it’s Mommy and she was eating those resources that counted as a resource consumption person. Now it’s two units so this person has to stand alone and justify their own life and if that made you way too uncomfortable and you are real mad now pretend I didn’t say any of that and I’ll just give you this argument.

Buckeys Arm Buckeys Arm Dusts Away

along with Bucky right and that’s because we’ve since learned because of this mind send the way he defined an individual if it’s part of your identity. It’s something that you see as part of yourself. Then it also dusts away too and it’s very likely that a pregnant woman while that baby’s in there feels like that baby’s as. much part of her at least as much part of her as Falcons wings are to him so in this case, it’s most likely that a pregnant mother and the unborn child are treated as a package deal that both dusted or they both get blip. They both come back so no creepy suddenly been eight months pregnant five years later and that’s just not good for anyone that’s definitely a more convenient way to think about it though and the leftovers a woman has a baby have sudden departure from her womb that is something that some other creative has has speculated on and it’s horrible and it traumatizes everyone involved.

But In The Leftovers They Left

their clothes behind right no I don’t think I might be thinking of a war of the worlds’ with Tom Cruise or in left behind right left behind their clothes. Oh, a pine that’s right that’s right so I sodomy Gomorrah, my daughter’s I hope I did you proud it’s way worse to bring everyone back. I reason I said Tony Stark could be a terrorist is because he was so protective of his family unit that he said don’t change anything else just bring the people back. Five years later. Don’t undo it all just make us deal with those ramifications of homelessness and starvation and just uncomfortable people pooping on top of another person that’s already put my folks.

The One Who Pulled The Trigger

it was Bruce Banner who did it he’s the terrorist. He’s the one who’s he was following orders it’s just following orders. He’s got a simple brain and he’s just like safely safely hopefully Oh my God what it what a horrible decision. The Avengers made becoming smart. Hulk is probably still dumber.

Than Just Normal Bruce Banner Because Youre

clumsy and why would you want to live like that you can’t ever put on socks again. I’m a tall little person medium Oh no I think young fan notes from 2014 Ooh Hoo! They fighted the finale of Avengers Endgame he’s the one who had it right. He’s like you know what this is such a freaking mess. Now I’m just gonna tear the university shreds and start over and they won’t know anything that happened never tell them ever to yeah. It’s a miserable place.

Its No Wonder That They Have To

skip a lot of time and just kind of let stuff get figured out off-screen alright. Eric I ate up all of the time so I’m gonna give you one bite-sized question okay fair enough this question comes from Master man Alex on our discord in lost you got. cause JEfF? Why do people think the flash sideways is purgatory Yeah. I saw this and I get your frustration Alex because yeah a lot of people I think oversimplify the final season of Lost, What’s up you stand on this Philip I thought was underappreciated. I thought the final season a loss is fine but just to remind people.

In The Final Season Lost All

of reality split into two parallel timelines. We weren’t really sure what’s gonna I was kind of a Schrodinger experiment. We had the main events on the island where they condensed all the time-travel crap on the island. They’re all in the president and then like a flash sideways hypothetical timeline in which a Chanock 815 never crashed. Like they landed at UK and they all have these like different lives like Jack has a son, but then the finale episode reveals that that.

Sideways Timeline Was Really This Like Cosmic

limbo realm that existed outside of time that was created so that all these souls could find each other to reconnect before they move on to the next phase you know to remember and to let go The reason why I think a lot of people hated. This is because earlier in the series The Lost Riders were adamant that the island is not purgatory being on the Cylons a metaphor and it is that in some way so I like that you know that isn’t literally what it is that was like the big fan theory that they were asked from season one and they’re like no it’s not purgatory and it was that tone but a lot of people are like okay, so they must have something completely different in mind that’s not at all religious it’s not gonna be this. Other realm that’s similar to purgatory because they were so in denial about it being purgatory. They were like it’s Purgatory right they’re all dead and we kept saying we swear to God they are not all dead and while this whole thing wouldn’t it being it it is it exactly purgatory. No one calls it purgatory, especially based off of what we know about purgatory From Catholic theology and Dante’s Divine Comedy.

The Concept Of Purgatory Is Its More

of a something rooted in Catholicism in all of Catholicism is is metaphorical and interpretive. It’s not one of the literalists branches of Christianity by any means, so it’s kind of like a poetic interpretation of what might happen with certain Souls when they die. So the fact that this finale is kind of UK and it took place in a church like the final scene was in a church. There was imagery from a lot of denominations. There is Judeo-christian, so there was there was a lot of different imagery in there, but it was in a trickster sitting in pews like for a lot of people that is undeniably purgatory.

This Idea Youre Gonna Have Like

an additional life to work off some of the problems with your soul and to work through some of your ongoing problems that is by definition, a lot of people’s minds purgatory or at least it’s too close to what people understand Purgatory to be that they felt misled by the writers and Damon Lindelof. The the lost ocean runner have later admitted that he wouldn’t do anything differently with the way they wrote lost. They could have been better about expectation management and that some of the problems with lost were some of the the mysteries and promises that they made. the fringes of the show, as opposed to what story they’re actually telling that they created this whole other meta narrative that fans started to latch on to and that took over the show and that was honestly by their own mistakes for doing that and little off like a lot of people say always sucks this guy is went on to do the leftovers which if you’re into like the snap locations applications the leftovers, Amazing and Watchmen like this guy is a really really good. NK] show runner, but he definitely stumbled in some ways on lost, including the promises they made with that final season and he was kind of abandoned right.

It Wasnt Even His Idea.

Initially it was a UK Abrams show and he left it was UK. Abrams did set up a lot of those mysteries from early on but it was Damon Olaf. Olaf, who said it was not purgatory Yeah, but I also say and it is purgatory and that’s the answer to the question is that that’s why people think it’s purgatory. It’s all real it all happened everything happened.

Ill Also Just Remind You In Terms Of

where I land on it. The issue isn’t that it’s an interesting ending and an interesting final season. It’s that all the other mysteries are kind of just like oh, I mean we don’t have to answer those and it’s like those are the ones. We spend four seasons on our five seasons on Yeah Yeah Yeah all right so that’s our bite size so then it’s time for the question Bob yes. The grid cube of questions sometimes raises questions.

Theyre Just Statements That We Have Thoughts On

this one is scratched onto a Clorox wipe there’s so many other things you could use that for you find a blacklight places look like a Jackson Pollock painting person wants to know try the Russ Have you ever been a member of rising Have you ever been stuck in a holding pattern and if so, what did you do to get out of it all add successfully or unsuccessfully I had to look up actually a while ago. What a holding pattern was because I just imagine like you’re just like holding your nuts as you’re trying to figure out what to do next like in a in a pattern combination left left right right up up downtown like you’re naked in the middle of like a crowded city block and you’re like which door do I try holding batter is. like when a plane is just circling over an airport and they’re like you can’t land yet so just kind of hang out here and then we’ll tell you where to land the pilots just holding his nuts. I’m sure you feel this way too Phillip like it’s a lot of parts of my life. We’re looking back on I was like I was between phases there and I’m just kind of like drifting and I don’t really know what the next move was but like there’s always somewhere where you land on the other side of it and the go-to period for my life is like.

In 2015 My Apartment Burned I Was

suddenly homeless. It was a building next door. It was a construction site went up in a matter of seconds. There’s a huge drought. So Everything was super dry and then our it’s completely unlivable and I was in this weird place where I was completely stable had the same job the same routine for like years and years and it’s.

Suddenly I Was Homeless.

Really I was fine. I was able to salvage a lot of my stuff. I didn’t get injured No one I knew got hurt or died thank God but worst part of it was. I was just in this like floaty space where it’s like okay well.

I Know Im Gonna Find A Place To

live but it’s like halfway through the month so I’m gonna have to sleep on people’s couches for like three weeks and all right. I’ll just figure it out. I guess and I gotta get all new stuff and you know so it’s just like it just sucked because like I I didn’t I wasn’t. Hurt so bad that like I could really complain to people Every conversation I was in I was like well. It could have been worse.

It Could Have Been Worse Yeah.

I could have died yeah Yeah, so like I just hated being in that pattern of just like having the same conversation over and over again. I’m fine I’m okay and I didn’t deal with it properly really like I probably should have yeah no it was a trauma. There’s a trauma, but like I feel like I’m not waking up in the middle of the night. I didn’t fully understand what stress and anxiety are.

I Think At The Time I Didnt Understand

that like anxieties. This creeping thing that just like it’s always with you and it twists your emotions in a way that attack you and you feel guilty for feeling certain ways and that is. A form of anxiety so the way I process at the time is. I wrote this long essay that just like processed all of my feelings on and this whole like three-week period and you know just like thanking everyone for helping me out and then shortly after that I did something I don’t normally do I went out to a friend’s birthday party at a bar. I don’t normally like going to bars for birthdays like, especially if they’re like in a part of town.

I Dont Normally Go To I Might

give your childhood yeah. I grew up at a bar. I lived on Borrow is Don Draper essentially live in Bravo, but just doing that I ended up meeting a girl one no longer. This is a completely different girl friend years ago, but because like at that point my life I felt like I wasn’t allowed. get nice things because they might burn like I had Was in this weird state that like I was super immaterial and I was like I’m not gonna get nice clothes Because like I don’t want to have to just like pay for somebody might lose yeah, So I was just like as this date place where I felt like I didn’t deserve nice things.

So The First Attention I Got Like I

latched on-this person thinking that she was going to like rest. I was like a rescue dog. I was like yes please and I was in this lake. It wasn’t a terrible toxic relationship breathing, but we were not right for each other. It was like the first like serious relationship.

I Was In For A While

and I found out like other things. Later she’s like the truth or an anti–vaxxer like always it’s. I just know she likes Superman like I work through this. I just ignored those things thinking like this is like my life now because I didn’t fully process like this big revolutionary thing in my life luckily it ended she ended it you know kudos to her recognizing that it wasn’t right and I went through a period of depression after that and I did properly deal with it. But then I end up like understanding the the fleeting nature of home and I ended up turning that into like the best movie script I’ve ever written this whole idea of like you can’t really ever go home again so like home like Asgard is a people not a place.


I ragnar act myself my home burned down. Then I the getting a gaining weight and then I was fine on the other side of it. It’s funny. That’s the Eric that’s you don’t know this that’s the theme of the current script.

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Im Working On Exactly That Phrase You

can never go home again. Yeah we all we all get there right Yeah yeah exactly you feel at some point really telling the way you just described anxiety a moment ago the big guilt you had over your own thoughts yeah, but it’s not just the invasive thoughts. It’s then feeling terrible about them which is just a spiral. They fall down. Yeah it’s like me for feeling this way I don’t deserve to feel like if my life is relatively fine but yeah my thoughts aren’t valid right Yeah yeah suffering is relative.

Though You Know I Think Its Were

gonna remember like your inner pain is valid and you need to you need to work through it. You know I can’t just ignore that I had a different story that I was thinking of where about like trying to move out to UK and how hard that was but you you just reminded me of I kind of hinted at this before so it’s kind of more true than the other side of Intel, but there was a time in college. I knew you. Then I just wasn’t too public about it where I was 100% homeless. I had nowhere to live for four months and I did a little bit of couch to couch and I literally slept in Walmart.

I Slept In A Tent Really When I

could yeah in the in the 24 because it was only 24-hour place and so there was nowhere to be that you could be up that late so yeah I would go into Walmart at night and I. See the greeter and I would say you would be gone in the snap like what is the snap? And I was like it’s a dance craze but no I yeah. I would try to sleep in the tent try not to get caught. I usually didn’t and then eventually one of a just another friend who like knew how bad shape UK and let she was like I don’t have space but I have a car and so she let me live in her car for a while and so that was just absolutely like a very dark stretch of time, but also I mean talk about a holding pattern right. I was I also I was kicked out of school because I couldn’t pay for it anymore, um so just like so what do I even what do I even do like I know I shouldn’t go back.

To Miami Because Thats What Put My Family

in a situation where I’m in this situation and I’m trying to escape that so if I go back there I’m just gonna relive these same mistakes and lead to the same thing, so it’s like I can’t go back, but I also can’t go forward. I literally can’t afford to so then I started doing this thing where because I had nowhere to go at night. I know we’re good during the day but during the day, even though I was technically kicked out of school. I would just go to lecture halls and just sit in on classes that were like in that lecture hall all day. So like the one in Weimar All right and I would take classes that I wasn’t taking and just that but that I was just like interested in one of them was television.

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In American Society, Yeah And I Was Like

vaguely getting interested in becoming a writer or working in UK and media and things like that and so you know what they don’t They’re not checking UK at that no one here Oh no yes idiots Yeah They are now that’s the same lecture hall that I puked in at one time. Oh they had to tear out the floor but I I would sit in there and I would take notes because I was like you know studying to learn the content of the class and I would ask questions and everything and I was like Hey. I’m a student in this class. I would have this question and then eventually, I guess like there was this girl who actually ended up becoming a really good one of her friends, but she would notice I was taking all these great. notes and so She started asking for my notes and then other people would ask for my notes and then I have a little a little devil on my shoulder, and then I have dollar sign on the other shoulder, and they come together.

Sometimes All Right And I Was Like I

could sell these notes. So I started selling my notes to the class that I wasn’t even taking and then you know in order to make some real money with this cuz I got to think you know you got a scale that’s the important thing money is the most important things. I’ve always been taught money and then breakfast. So I started selling my notes to a tutoring company that helped people study for the exams. So they would sell like my notes and I was beat.

I Was A Published Writer.

All of the sudden and I was so excited about this I started going so I started making the most money I’d ever made, which is nothing and still it was just Gainesville Florida college student, but enough money where I was able to afford a bedroom in somebody’s house. So I suddenly like wasn’t homeless anymore. I got you a job doing the same thing. I worked there yeah yeah and you used it to buy a new Rolex burned.

It Started A Fire.

I tried to live in the box that it came in but so I did kind of like start to relive this life and then I never actually got to sign up for classes again because they were so expensive. But I was still doing that thing where I was kind of fake going to classes and then I realized. I have access in that same College to equipment through friends that I could I could kind of steal but kind of borrow the equipment and then so that’s what I ended up happening at the end of our time atNK] Where I kind of created a film major that they didn’t have and a comedy major that they didn’t have and I used all their facilities and all their equipment. I had a job so I like milk that school for as much as I could do it, but good honestly.

I Thought Like I Needed That That Money

back and I got out of the rut that I was in by you know. I think I’d been waiting for somebody to pull me out like my family to show up and rescue me or something. But instead I just like found these ways to kind of make. make my own opportunities and then you know build a ladder with them to climb out of it myself and that’s I mean that’s the same thing that I even do now that’s that’s what new rock stars was you like that’s. The one of the only ways out is kind of you’re like doing it yourself.

You Know What I Mean You

have and and but I also I’m gonna say before you know I hope that some people like do think that because I’m very aggressive about the amount of control you have over your own and power you have. But I think that’s actually a good segue because sometimes you still feel powerless anyway it and it’s it’s not it is harder than just you need to buck up and put your life together or something right um so we we’ve been talking about when we wanted. to do this and it just feels like an important thing to say while we’re going through all of this together but also separately. So We just want to talk about I’m just kind of what’s going on in the world, but also just this thing that it’s it’s probably more important than ever that you be spending time with each other in whatever way you can yeah like we’re watching this is like the perfect time to text not just a friend that you are already texting the co-worker you’re still kind of working with remotely but text afrien you haven’t seen in a while or you know you do it yourself schedule The Xoom happy hour do you think it’d happen or call your balance game everyone call your mom please play checkbox with your mom her so funny so dirty yeah just let the people in your life know that you’re thinking about them and also if that you need them. Somebody messaged me today, saying that they they just needed to.

Somebody Know That They Werent Doing Great I

was like I like that’s brave to tell me and I’m I’m like happy that you are brave enough to admit that to yourself because that’s the first step the next thing is now seeking help. If it turns out you can’t help yourself. I have here if you feel like it has nobody to help you it’s. I think it’s Nami is the way they say but the Nami is the nation’s largest grassroots version of a mental health organization and they can help get you support if you need it. They can teach you how to be a support system for other people.

If You Just Want To Find Another Way

to help May, which were technically kind of done with whatever but this was Mental Health Awareness. Month is one of the reasons why we want to talk. about this and Nami just has a ton of great resources for dealing with mental health issues, especially right now and the current state of everything so you can go to NAmi org so I’ll put the website on the screen, but it’s NAmi dot o-r-g or you can also call one eight hundred nine five zero Nami which is six to six for the 1-800 nine five zero six two six four just call them it’s like super easy you’re just it’s nice to talk to somebody you’re not alone, even though it feels like it right alright well. I think that’s a great place to wrap things up for this week.

That Is Our Show So Reminder That You

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The show that gives you too much information about how all societies shutting down is scary, but not as scary has everyone suddenly flooding back into it . Everything about endgame predicted everything about coronavirus in quarantine . There are so many similarities Actually we can get into some of them, but there’s so many more when you actually watch it it’s insane. They knew the whole time and they did nothing whole time.& I’m sorry Oh God well they tried to warn us and our infinity saga every. every.& Watch did just reach affinity war Thanos stuffs at half of all life and yeah! This blip that we’re now in it’s gonna last another five years until everything changes an endgame.& We’re gonna try to be more caught up, but second they really boned it in on the blip side of it. The show gets way more interesting when you think about everybody coming back and also why Tony Stark may be a terrorism ladies and gentlemen We got him…. Click here to read more and watch the full video