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Hi Im Eric Vossen Whoo Boy Marvel Finally Released

a trailer for Avengers:_Infinity_War” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Avengers Infinity War and sure maybe on the surface. It doesn’t tell us more than what we already knew. Purple Bruce Willis is coming. Avengers will get rattled and the Chrissa’s will out wise ass each other. Looking closely at this frame by frame with our obsessive paranoid eye.

You Can Actually Start To Piece

together how Thanos is plot to gather the Infinity Stones and attack all the Marvel heroes might go down so join me in my insanity and heads up if any of my predictions in the beam right possible spoiler warning okay let’s get started. There was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable people okay. This trailer opens with narration that should be familiar to you. The voice of Nick Fury is joined by Tony Stark and later Vision Thor and Black Widow to Echo Fury’s line from the Avengers when he aimed to bring the team’s most opposed rivals together at the darkest hour the death well sort of death of Agent Coulson so repurposing the quote here makes a promise of what this movie will be once again. The Avengers will assemble at a dire moment, but also in a way that might close the door that Nick Fury opened all those years ago that might be why Tony Stark looks so grief-stricken here.

His Expression Suggests That The Scarlet

Witch induced nightmare scenario from age of Ultron of his fellow Avengers slaughtered or maybe just passed out after Avenger is coming true. At first I thought Stark was just holding his own dirty hand here, but it also kind of looks like He’s. a different hand of a fallen friend whose hand is it cap Scott Lang Yeah! It’s probably kept looking closely at the other visuals here. The planet here has an orangish red turbulent surface with lightning storms and that’s not the earth. I remember that’s because I don’t think this is earth check it out there are definitely two stars in this solar system to me.

A More Likely Scenario Is That This Is

Zander, the home of the NOva Corps and the Guardians of the Galaxy Movies and R is also part of H Ryanair, a star system remember the end of the first Guardians movies showed the Infinity Stone in that movie their purple hue Power Stone contained in the orb was locked away inside the NOva cores vault. Now later in this trailer will see Thanos adding the blues Basse stone to his gauntlet and the power. Stone is already there so I’m thinking BaƱos His first stop is Xander, and he’s gonna wreck this place back the area in the shadow. Here could be the ruins of that main urban center now for comic readers. This would make sense because Xander has a long history of getting their asses handed to him actually now’s a good time to explain the comic origin of this movie.

Marvel Is Adapting The Infinity_Gauntlet” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Infinity Gauntlet Comic Series,

along with the sequel miniseries Infinity War Maybe also Infinity Crusade. It centers around Thanos, a super powerful being who is in love with the physical embodiment of death known as mistress Death, so he goes on an epic killing Spree, leading him to assemble these six Infinity gems. In his Infinity. Gauntlet basically becoming master of the entire universe. Of course, his plot gets foiled and undone in ways that are a little too complicated to get into obviously the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been setting up these events for quite some time as far back as Stannis‘s cameo in the post–credits scene of the first Avengers when he grinned at the prospect of courting death Ya thought you did there and already we’re seeing some possible versions of comic book events Bruce Banner has crash-landed into the sanctum sanctorum as Doctor, Strange and Wong looked down at him concerned in the comics Silver Surfer does this but Silver Surfer is currently a Fox property like Fantastic Four the X-men so unfortunately, they won’t be part of this adaptation for now Hurry Disney Fox merger there’s still time let’s move on to see if we could become something more so when they needed us we could fight the battles.

In This Section, Vision And Scarlet Witch Wanda

Maxima are continuing their domestic romance that we saw in civil war. But this time Vision takes a more human form, something looking a bit more like Paul Bettany, amazing UK their kid inside I’m sure Bettany was thrilled to be able to do one scene without the Crimson makeup and the comics. Vision has gone under the more human looking alter-ego of Victor Shade maybe he’s doing that here or maybe he’s using his powers to take a more easy on the eyes appearance like Mystique does or this could be a mental projection of him created by Wanda. Whatever this is notice how the mine stone continues to glow on his forehead and I like how in this look it appears to smolder underneath the surface of the skin. Like an ember.

Its Depicts Visions Infinity Stone Like

a furnace. powers him but also an an organic part of him trying to burn its way out. Next we see Thor his back turned to us looking out a series of portholes. Now we find at the end of this trailer that these are the dirty unclaimed windows of the Milano, The ship of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Looking closely outside those windows appear to be the same Oranjee planet’s surface that we saw in that opening shot.

Perhaps The Milano Is Surveying The

ruins of Xander and realized in Thanos is in possession of the power Stone now and then we see what looks like an emotional reunion between Bruce Banner and Black Widow Remember age of Ultron left off with Hulk hanging up on Natasha as he departed Earth on the Quinn Jet, a transmission that Thor Ragnarok recently reminded Us about who by the way does anyone. Else think Natasha is about to brush her hand across that outreach palm at a Hulkbuster armor there like she did with Hulk and age of Ultron I still can’t get over that and yes that does look like Starks. Hulkbuster armor that we did see an age of Ultron and the background of this shot looks like the African nation of Wakanda, the home of Black Panther. Some later shots in the trailer actually give us more context about these details. So let’s move on you will know what it’s like to lose to feel so desperately that you’re right yet to fail all the same okay.

So After The Avengers Theme And The Marvel

fanfare, this trailer jumps to New York City feed stream starts Avengers tower visible and fog there. I Remember Stark was decommissioning an Avengers tower in Spider-man homecoming moving all operations upstate so that might explain why Scott off guard in the city now of course to regroup at strangest sanctum on Bleecker Street. In this shot of Wong Strange Banner and Stark notice how stark has a small glowing square on his palm there. At first I thought this was just part of his tag like a hand repulsor, but looking closely that looks a lot like that sold only in China vivo phone that he had cap used in civil war. Perhaps Stark has tried to connect with cap on a private line to warn him about the trouble coming his way in Wakanda and it’s we hear fan assists threatening voiceover we get this shot of Peter Parker’s arm hair sticking straight up.

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This Is Almost Certainly Peters Spidey

sense you never got to see. making use of his spidey sense in homecoming, but the director assured fans that this version of Spider-man does possess it. I love how Infinity War conveys Spidey Sense as a natural spur. -of-the-moment instinct for Peter. It’s a kind of nervous reaction we would all have except triggered by super sensory perception instead of the American Girl Store and this is actually grounded in real science.

Spider-Mans Spidey Sense Comes From A Spiders Actual

ability to sense vibration through tiny hairs that cover their bodies way to make this a teachable moment. Russo Brothers Yes Science I also just love the visual of Venice‘s mysterious giant ring hovering over Manhattan with it hanging in the fog like that it reminds me a lot of the movie arrival with the massive shell shaped structures that hovered around the world. I think Infinity War may be going for a similar aesthetic and that sense of awe and mystery at the opening act to the movie evoke to get a closer look at this thing In the next section, ready run so much Dustin’s still arrived okay here a close-up of Thanos. His device shows us that it’s way more mechanical than I would have expected compared to the shiny futuristic tech that we’ve seen in the UK with the Asgardians or the Sovereign or the Wakandans. This looks much more retro.

Star Wars.

It’s almost like the gears of a roller coaster like that bring a fire carnival ride which according to urban legends was probably even more deadly than this thing is. It also reminds me of the rings of the wormhole device in the movie contact which I’ve been weirdly bringing up a lot lately It just makes me feel like this device. open up a cosmic portal for Thanos to arrive through whatever it is. It seems to be associated with fire and floating debris in the city below down on the street level.

We Get A Better Look At

Stark and notice how he has a new arc reactor embedded in his chest. That’s interesting because remember Stark had his chest reactors surgically removed at the end of Iron Man 3 and beam it at some seals. I’m wondering if this new arc reactor is part of the bleeding edge armor from these civil war comics fans been bringing this up over and over again hoping that we’ll see in every new UK movie, but it’s based on tiny nanobots that live in Starks blood and bleed out of his skin assembling armor around him wherever he is I don’t know another big chunky chest Nuke doesn’t really seem to go. With discrete bleeding that armor so we’ll see next we see someone stepping over corpses now The editing here makes it seem like this is Loki handing off the tesseract to Thanos, but if you look closely these shots are actually all from different angles, so I’m gonna sleuth out the truth here but real quick big thanks to Merc Ari for sponsoring this video. Macari is a free app.

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Any Old Search Term Like Say

Avengers andNK] I just bought a great vision Funko pop to remind me of sweeter times when the Mine Stone was still firmly in his forehead and it’s not just toys and collectibles. You can buy and sell anything at bargain rates, clothes cookware and in my case some rad BB-8 swim trunks, the real guys just download shop and sell and put your holiday shopping and more Kerry Sands. It just makes it so so easy ok back to these Loki shots first these shoes and with a person stepping over the body doesn’t belong to Loki looking closely that’s actually a Beanie Ma a Beanie Ma belongs to the Black Order. The group of henchmen who served Thanos the corpse beneath looks similar to the garb worn by the Asgardian refugees at the end of Thor Ragnarok so I do think. This scene with Loki is part of that same scene, perhaps a continuation of the post-credits scene after Ragnarok that showed Dannis is shipped the sanctuary-dropping in on Thor and Loki ship remember During that final battle of Ragnarok.

It Was Implied That Loki Snatched

the Tesseract from Odin‘s Vault and I’ve dear eyes that Loki actually set up this interception by Thanos his forces to present the Tesseract to him, fulfilling his promise from the Avengers and endearing himself to Panos and speaking of that mad Titan we get a good look at his mug as he arrives through this portal, but I’m actually more interested in where he is by the look of the background behind him that architecture looks very similar to what Conda from the Black Panther footage that lots of footage from this trailer suggest we are in store for a major battle. sequence between the Avengers in Thanos, his army in Wakanda and to Me That is a pretty strong indicator that Wakanda is the location of the final yet to be revealed Infinity Stone of the Soul Stone after it didn’t show up in guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 or Thor Ragnarok. Many of us had theorized that it could have been with Heimdall, but if that’s still the case. Ragnarok missed a pretty big opportunity whip it out Black.

Panther Is The Only Remaining Uk Movie

to come out between now and Finity War and I’m Betting we will see this soulstone in Wakanda. Perhaps Cecil Stone is how to chala communes with the Panther spirits, which we saw a glimpse of and a black panther trailer. Let’s move on engage your defenses and get this Manish shift okay next up we get this big reveal of Spider Man. Now deciding to wear the new tech heavy armor that Stark offered him at the end of homecoming. I guess the side of a big purple demigod dropping in his friendly neighborhood was enough for him to wet through his old one.

We Still Dont Know What All

this suit is fully capable of I love the eyes light up blue. Many of us have previously speculated that this could be based on the iron spider armor that we saw in the Civil War comics design. -wise the Iron Spider is kind of a fusion of Iron Man’s and Peter Parker’s suits. It has additional appendages called Waldo’s that make Spider-man look and function truly Arachnid it’s very cool. Meanwhile, Thor appears in a different ring-shaped contraption holding parts of it together with his body.

His Move Here Could Be A

call back to camp and Civil War when he. Helicopter back on the roof now If the ring we saw over Manhattan was a portal I’m wondering if Thor’s ring here could be the other end of it like Maybe Thor is trying to block it from opening further or letting anything through. Then we get a few quick shots of this mysterious figure tossing the spear at another figure in shadow who catches it now it’s hard to tell but the first one is Proxima midnight another black order Henchman and the second figure is of course America” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Captain America, but he looks different obviously. There’s the Woodland creature on his face, but also he no longer wears the classic Stars and Stripes. What’s a deal that’s because cap is still on the run an enemy of the country whose values he used to embody the darker colors could be influenced by the nomad version of cap in the.

Comics Now The Winter Soldier And Civil

War. Storylines were influenced more so by demand without a country Series in the 90s, which seems to be continuing here. Now to Chawla has the best line of this trailer ordering it gets the Spanish shoot now he’s calling back the end of Civil War when Caps Shield was left behind in Siberia after his brawl with Iron Man and We’ll see what new shield cap gets later in Austrailia Now before I move on we get this shot of Iron Man’s Hulkbuster armor from this Wakanda battle sequence. I notice the way the suit moves it leaps like a beast almost unsure of how to control the repulsors. This isn’t at all how stark looked when he operated the whole buster.

In Age Of Ultron He Was Totally

in control as usual. I think this is Hulk or Banner in the suit are the reason I think this is recently some descriptions of infinity War Lego sets popped up on a Russian website describing quotes Bruce banners. Hulk Buster now obviously we can’t trust any sources from Russia these days and I don’t know why Hulk would need a Hulk Buster if he can just Hulk himself, but if it is true that might be we saw banner fiddling with that hole buster arm earlier. Like perhaps in this movie for some reason, he struggles to trigger his power that’s what Bruce it happens to a lot of guys. Let’s move on fun.

Isnt Something One Considers And Balancing Universe But

this does put a smile on my face Okay some big action here including a look at these nasty four-armed alien these are out writers in the comics they’re genetically engineered. Assassins our writers are telepathic too They can read the minds of victims by sinking their hand into their temples, and they report their findings back to the black order for Thanos Now we’ll see how or if the telepathy comes into the movie. Here they appear to be more beastly infantry level foot soldiers and as Thanos slams Spider-man to the ground. He says Samus is something one considers rebalancing interesting your choice there balancing it’s almost like Thanos views his aggression The same way Darth Vader’s rise to power could have been interpreted as bringing balance to the force. Like Vader Thanasis is kind of a lawful evil who seeks ultimate control in an otherwise chaotic universe.

Next Is To Me The Most Heart-Wrenching Shot

of the trailer vision getting his mind, stone clawed out of his head or maybe it doesn’t look like They get it all. Out I got the Sceptre that’s being used now that’s not Loki’s Sceptre, which was the source of Visions Mind Stone to begin with instead The Sceptre belongs to Corvus Glaive. Another member of the Black Order on west side of him is Proxima midnight again leads to our married next. We see the shot of Thanos with his gauntlet that I mentioned earlier adding the space stone along with the Power Stone to at a six by the way the other two that I haven’t mentioned yet in this video are the reality stone which takes the form of the red ether that we saw in Thor the dark World last we saw that it was brought to the collector for safekeeping and of course the Green Time stone which rests in the eye of Agamotto around Dr. Strange’s Neck the Rooster brothers have described infinity war as in.

Part A Heist Movie With Thanos Orchestrating Elaborate

plots to steal each Infinity stone. There’s also what looks like a new design of the Iron Man suit, which has interesting ribbed streak design similar to the streaks in Black Panther’s, Vibranium suit and even if stark fused vibranium into that armor. It doesn’t make any difference here. Dianna’s delivers quite the right hook and if you pause the frame. You can see a chunk of iron man’s helmet flying off Guys Dennis just punched his frickin jaw out yeah let’s move on okay Here we see more shots of this wakanda battle and notice how flanking UK Isma Baku aka Man 8, who has appeared in a black panther trailer as a tribal leader who’s a rival toNK] srew and after this shot a falcon Lighting up the battlefield.

We Get A Wonderful Slow-Motion Master Shot Of

our heroes. War machine Winter soldier Black Widow Captain, America, Hulk Black Panther Falcon, Okoye Yay Black Panthers warrior friend from the Dorm Elisha, a play by Tonight Gorilla and Michonne from The Walking Dead and I’m sure ant-man somewhere in the frame and if you look closely you can see that cap is wielding a new type of shield Wakandan Vibranium arm Gauntlets Vibranium is of course the same metal that his classic shield was made out of so it was generous of Shuri I. Assume two Challahs tech experts sister to supply him with these she sports her own similar gauntlets of Black Panther let’s move on to this final section. Okay Thor meets the Guardians of the Galaxy here officially bringing these delightful oddballs into the main UK narrative and the whole gang is there including mantas from volume 2. Star-lord Peter Quill with some goofy facial hair and teenage grood.

The Look Of This Trailer, This Infinity War

appears to have divided the heroes across at least three different fronts. There’s Wakanda with team cap including Cap Bucky, Falcon, Black, Panther, Hulk, Black Widow and War Machine. Then there’s a New York front with Iron Man, Strange Wong, Spider-man and banner at least earlier on perhaps also Scarlet Witch and Vision Maybe We’ll also get to see a man in Hawkeye somewhere in there and then there’s a more cosmic front with Thor in the guardians of the galaxy and then I think we will see these three fronts converge into a final battle with Thanos that we’ve seen only short glimpses of given the fiery orange color palette. Other shots. I’m wondering if it’s the Possible’s and our planet from the opening shot now It’s here where it seems very likely we will say goodbye to some of our.

Heroes And Thats Where I Throw It

over to you? Who do you think is the most likely Avenger to die. After seeing this trailer and another question, I’m curious to hear your thoughts about which Avenger do you think will be the most effective against Thanos. Now I would say Doctor Strange or vision since they’re packing their own Infinity stones whatever feelings Scarlet Witch is gonna surprise us with these strongest defense tell me your thoughts in the comments below or tweet me directly at Ei Boss and New York stars on Twitter at new Rock stars for updates on her videos like and share this video and subscribe to new rock stars for interesting detailed coverage on everything you love including everything Marble Star Wars and more and who really want to help this channel. You can contribute to us on Patreon Big thanks to all of our donors, especially Kelly Hopper thanks for watching Bye.


The Avengers will assemble at a dire moment, but also in a way that might close the door that Nick Fury opened all those years ago that might be why Tony Stark looks so grief-stricken here . The planet here has an orangish red turbulent surface with lightning storms and that’s not the earth. I remember that’s because I don’t think this is earth check it out there are definitely two stars in this solar system to me. A more likely scenario is that this is Zander, the home of the planet Zander . Purple Bruce Willis is coming. Tony Stark’s expression suggests that the Scarlet Witch induced nightmare scenario from age of Ultron of his fellow Avengers slaughtered or maybe just passed out after Avenger is coming true. It’s probably kept looking closely at the other visuals here. There are definitely a more likely scenarios is that Zander. The planet is not the Earth. The most likely scenario was that this would be Zander – the more likely to be the Zander.”…. Click here to read more and watch the full video