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Hello And Today, Im Going To Be Talking

about back attacks in this video, which is sponsored by the great courses plus more of that later what is a back attack. I imagine some of you may be thinking well. I think actually it might be a term invented by gamers to describe something which they believed represents a hit and historical reality and I’m going to be arguing that I think they’re wrong a back attack is when one man getting the worst of the fight. Perhaps decides to turn and flee and his opponent has an easy time of killing him. He just sees this turned exposed back that is undefended and he just stabs to victory.

I Dont Think This Actually Happened Very

much. What am I basing this on well. I’ve actually done quite a lot of reenactment and live-action roleplay yes even live-action roleplay. actually does illustrate this I wouldn’t set much store by live-action roleplay in other circumstances. I don’t think it tells us very much about how people fought in the olden days, but actually on this one.

I Think Even Live-Action Role Players Might Think

Oh yeah that never actually does happen Doesn’t in a real fight well and also I’ve seen quite a bit of film of people fighting and football hooligans. For instance and the very very rare occasions you see people actually genuinely fighting with swords and so forth and I don’t see this ever happening. I’ve never known it happened and I think it’s something that’s made up by gamers, but perhaps the idea has permeated more mainstream society and a lot of people think Oh yes the back attack is a thing and I’m here to say that I don’t really think that it’s a thing. the situation one man has come forward and he says Aha you see he’s not tumour to mentally articulate if words were his his weapon, he would have become a poet or a politician. He just says her hat.

It Has No One Writing His Dialogue And

to be fair. He probably doesn’t actually speak the local language and another map he seeing his opponent having squared up to him. He says Aha well it’s only polite and so the two men are at what distance well they are I would say just out of striking distance. They can’t actually hit each other. That is the distance that people naturally come to a halt, so I’ve got say a spear.

So I Almost Get To The

distance where I can spare you, but then of course as soon as I make the threat of going to spear you you become. Quite active You start getting all hostile and unreasonable and so perhaps I hang back a little bit and you are in the same situation. Don’t know you can see that I’ve got a spear. It’s not a stealth spear. It’s a physical object that you’re quite capable of seeing so you can’t bother.

Im Talking About Two Ancient And Medieval

and melee weapons and so forth not modern fights involving machine guns and the like so you can see my spear so you can see what reach I’ve got so you know what appropriate distance to stand away from me to keep yourself safe is so there is this ideal distance. We’ve seen it you watch a boxing match. For instance, the two boxers Don’t just stand toe-to-toe thrashing each other both within easy punching distance of each other over and over and over again for round after round. How boxers fight yes? Occasionally they’re getting close and one man might throw a combination and his opponent rather than running away might throw a combination in return, but that’s fleeting seconds almost the entire belt. They’re outside punching distance just as I’m I’m outside punching distance from this microphone UK that’s just just below the camera here I can’t actually reach it so in order to to hit that microphone I have to step in and then I can then I can get that microphone, but actually I can’t reach it and this is that the distance I would fight a microphone at at least a microphone that I feared might fight back so you stopped at that natural fighting distance, which is just out of weapon reach and so if you want to run away.

You Can Because The Other Guy

can’t hit you because he’s out of. reach now clearly you have to pick a moment and you might even create a moment you might. For instance, feint an attack, causing the other guy took what get a defensive stance and then you like it. Oh He fooled me that’s a very easy way to do it. But actually you can just withdraw very slightly and then leg it you might because you want be withdrawing you see in order to launch attack, but he doesn’t know that so you withdraw slightly and then by and up.

He Cant Get You Because Youre Out

of reach Now There is a complication and that complication is yeah you guessed it. Other people. Other people like they so why don’t they just let us duel but real fights tend to involve lots of people now in a massive battle Of course, we have very large numbers of people but. Even with it a skirmish of just say five aside there will be a front line in Hollywood. They quite like every man to pair off against every other man and everyone fights simultaneously because you can fill the screen with action, but in real fights a small proportion of the total number of men involved at the front are fighting and the others are backing them up perhaps leaning over the shoulder yeah if they’re football hooligans so when you see the video of Millwall supporters taking on Chelsea whoever it is they don’t just they don’t interpenetrate a little pair off and all fight there’s a line forms and each man at the front.

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The Guys Were The Most Provider Who

want to just impress all their friends by apparently being the keenest for a fight. They say and if they step just one step forwards of their. line they feel the extra amount of danger they’re in and if anyone then threatens them they could whoop step back now? Why do they feel safe well? If I lunge for you and you flinch get out of the way create a gap. I could Haha having seen that you’ve created this gap make a charge into that gap. Unfortunately, if you feel lots of Chelsea supporters and you’re incredibly sorry.

I Dont Want To Say That

Chelsea supporters are very very aggressive anything. I’m not saying anything about either Millwall Chelsea and they’re just examples of football teams but anyway I pile in into the gap. I’m now surrounded anti and doesn’t know how good I am at fighting twenty guys just leap on me all at once. It’s over for me and in a real fight where we’ve got weapons. We’ve got swords got shields and Spears.

And Were Trying To Kill Each Other.

The situation is pretty much the same I’m not going to just pile into a gap to chase you. If you turn and flee. I’m not going to charge after you because I’m charging into tremendous danger even if your line is only one mandeep. If I charge through a gap in your line after you I am now surrounded cut off from my fellows is that what I want now so other people make it incredibly unlikely that people will charge after you so if you want to get away from from an opponent.

You Can Probably Do So In

almost certain safety. I say almost and I’ve never I don’t think I’ve ever seen a back attack actually happened except possibly if someone turned and immediately tripped over or something assuming that nothing extraordinary like that happened. I don’t think I. Don’t think I’ve ever actually seen it because people are not complete idiots. If what you want to do is run away, You can pretty much always pick your moment and run away in safety or do something like a feint attack create a moment and then run away in near enough perfect safety.

Also If There Are Two Men Fighting

one, then one of the two men can near enough always break off because he knows that the other man fighting remains a threat to the guy, so the guy can’t just chase after you chase past him because he’s got a guy to get past so if I’m fighting you and I’ve got my friend here and there you are and he decides to run away if you just charge After him. I’ll just I’ll get a back attack on you. Oh yeah, but you’re not going to. expose yourself like that are you and people Don’t when they’re running away expose themselves anyway the guy running away Doesn’t actually run away like this Doesn’t have turn his back and then move that’s just ridiculous if he’s got if he’s got a shield in front of him. Then he’s going to leave that in front of him isn’t he as he turns to move if he’s got a weapon and you charge after him he’s gonna he’s gonna stab with it.

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Hes Gonna.

He’s going to create some threat something that you have to defend yourself and that it’s going to just give you that the little moments of hesitation and he’ll get away, assuming that you’re off reasonably similar movement rates. So people don’t fight and then turn on the spot and run away because they’re not idiots is what I’m suggesting so I should say a word about our sponsor Now The great courses plus is an online resource of loads of lectures from prestigious professors from around the world. Although I do know notes that most of them are from America and they present lectures courses in history and science and loads of other things but in history in science. I mean you’re watching this channel you’re probably into things like history and science.

I Noticed For Instance That Theyve Got A

whole series 24 lectures on great military blunders Are we all have a good military blunder. Although I do notice looking at the list that 9 out of the 23 battles that are featured are British Midlet military blunders now I know we’ve had some absolute caucus. But I don’t think the British are actually responsible for 920 thirds of the world’s military blunders. I think it’s probably more to do with the fact that the British ones are particularly well documented and perhaps because we advertise them by going on and on about them because we love a military blunder do we the Brits Oh yeah it’s part of a national character. We revel in failure when it’s ours.

Although I Think Some Of This Revelry

is actually disguised boasting because take the charge of the Light Brigade. For instance, that disaster was only really made possible by the fact that the Light Brigade was so flippin excellent if they had lower morale them our would have cracked and they would have just fled back to their friendly lines pretty quickly or if their horsemanship wasn’t excellent, they wouldn’t have been able to keep in formation. and actually make it all the way down the valley under horrendously heavy fire, Taking horrendous casualties, so it’s like an advert for British excellence that we were able to pull off a disaster like the charge of the Light Brigade burn deterrent but anyway there are some foreign ones in there as well. Napoleon not having much fun at all attacking Moscow in 1812 or carry the Romans proving.


A back attack is when one man gets the worst of the fight and his opponent has an easy time of killing him . The idea has permeated more mainstream society and a lot of people think Oh yes the back attacks is a thing and I’m here to say that I don’t really think that it’s a thing. I think actually it might be a term invented by gamers to describe something which they believed represents a hit and historical reality. I’m going to be arguing that I think they’re wrong a back attack. I’ve never known it happened and I think it’s something that’s made up by gamers. I wouldn’t set much store by live-action roleplay in other circumstances, but actually on this one.& I think even live action role Players might think Oh yeah that never actually does happen. Doesn’t in a real fight well and also I’ve seen quite a bit of film of people fighting and football hooligans.& For instance and the very very rare occasions…. Click here to read more and watch the full video