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Today The Fbi Raids Donald Trumps Home

in Mar-a-lago. The Biden Justice department gets sued for failing to declassify documents related to the Russia Collusion Hoax and a biden staffer tweets a meme with Nazi imagery that’s all coming up right now hey what’s up everybody. I am hilary Kennedy welcome to the news and why it matters I am filling in for the very lovely Sarah Gonzalez who is off this week. I’m excited to be here because we’re going to have a killer show for you and when I was filling in for Sarah in previous times. I got to know Mr.

Yaakov Bullions.

I’m so excited to be back with you you of course are a blaze Tv contributor and the host of the bottom line so good to have you at the table and then for the first time I am meeting Mr. John Doyle The contributor here at Blaze Tv and then also the host of Heck off Commie It’s true I’m sure you’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about me that’s all I’ve heard a wonderful day No I’ve seen you I’ve seen you with Elijah I’ve seen a lot of clips that you’ve done and of course your show on youtube so I was excited to meet you thank you to the best you’re loved brother thank you I needed that to get through this overcast day in central Texas. We need rain never mind overcast Yeah speaking of Storm Clouds. Donald Trump has had one over his house recently because FBi agents they took numerous boxes of documents from his home at Mar-a-lago in Florida yesterday as part of a criminal investigation into allegedly mishandled classified national security information So These agents were reportedly at the property all day long they.

In Plain Clothes Leading Staff To

believe that they were U.s Secret service agents, which is why news of the search warrant didn’t leak out, but Trump’s Secret service agents were notified about the raid only moments before it occurred. Former president Trump. He did have lawyers present during the raid. He was actually at his home in New York City.

When It Happened And They These

agents they looked in all of his offices even his personal safe on the property. They took numerous boxes full of documents that they’re going to sort out at their South Florida FBi office. They were not being judicious about what they took is what a source told Fox news they’re saying this raid happened after Trump reportedly delayed turning over approximately 15 boxes over to the national archives until they became a serious legal risk to him. Some of the documents were reportedly marked top secret They’ve opened this investigation back in May into trump over whether classified material ended up at his home and if it was mishandled. The main purpose of these types of investigations is usually for federal authorities to determine if any of the classified material was compromised and that way the intelligence officials can take steps to protect sensitive sources and that kind of thing.

So First I Just Want To

get your response because I know that you have been friends with the trump camp and people there so what are your thoughts on what happened Yesterday yeah look I think we have to it’s a new day in America yesterday as it happened literally as it was happening John I said and they just lost the election. They just helped fortify the Republican party. They just helped do something that. We couldn’t do on our own bring the gop together They just galvanized the base and they’ve literally turned Americans against them point number one number two. This has never happened.

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No U.

s president has ever been raided by the FBi. You would think that someone who served the nation in the capacity of a president would either get a notice to say look we think you have material can you hand it over you would subpoena it you would have have him and his team be able to bring documents if you thought there were such documents, but this is not. This is a witch hunt. It’s a fishing expedition and the problem with how the material was taken aka very much like Rudy Giuliani’s raid when they went through his offices is this protocol with how you take this stuff right and so it’s just it’s almost like.

A Swoop In Snatch And Grab Snatch Grab

go and who knows what um and I don’t put it over an administration for something that wasn’t in a box to find its way into a box. I don’t know I mean it’s just this is tricky. This is a very tricky situation. John what do you think is it surprising that the left is still so terrified and concerned with President Trump no absolutely not because the the state of the left throughout history and philosophically is just simply a constant state of revolution and the reason they hate. Donald Trump isn’t because he’s a counter-revolutionary but because of rather what he represents as a candidate, which is just like a normal American man.

I Mean Hes Cut From This

sort of cloth that we don’t really see in the younger generations and if you took his like platform and. applied it to the political standards of like the 1980s or 1990s. Not only has he been saying the same thing for his entire career in public life, but normal people would have said the same things back then and it’s only now that things have become so revolutionary and as a result, every metric by which you would measure the health and prosperity of the country has gone down and so they hate trump because he’s just a normal guy. You know they call him a far-right radical extremist but trump isn’t exactly reading you know political literature he’s not exactly surrounding himself with these really far-right people he just basically wants a border. He wants you know American dollars to be put towards American people and that’s like more or less the essence of his platform.

He Also Doesnt Speak Down To

people He sounds like a normal. Sounds like if you hit shuffle on the American population and wound up with some random guy in Wisconsin. They could more or less have a conversation. He wouldn’t talk down to him. He would talk like him and that’s why they hate Trump because these people have contempt for the people over whom they govern and Donald Trump is just the symbol of that a lot of people are wondering what he had to say about it.

He Did Issue A Statement On

the raid. He said These are dark times for our nation as my beautiful home. Mar-a-lago in Palm Beach, Florida is currently under siege rated and occupied by a large number of FBi agents like Yahoo said he said nothing like this has ever happened to a president of the United States before after working and cooperating with the relevant government agencies. The unannounced raid on. was not necessary or appropriate? It is prosecutorial misconduct the weaponization of our justice system and an attack by radical left Democrats who desperately don’t want me to run for president in 2024, especially based on recent polls.

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Do You Agree I Do Look

and yes those polls and then of course, there’s polls within the party. I just think I think it’s a big overstep. There was a tweet and a meme that went out you know and trump didn’t do it but it was his face and he said they’re not coming from me. They’re coming for you. I’m just standing in the way right and that’s really John’s point is is we have to look at this and personalize it and say well we can say well.

If They Could Do This To

a president they could do it to you they intend to they intend to. silence you into submission to whatever and drive you so far from normalcy? Which is what what is normal as an American for their agenda and so we we need to pay attention if we didn’t before John Do you think it’s kind of telling that they are going after Trump, but they really haven’t done this with Desantis do you think that’s sort of the left saying like we know who the front runner is going to be and so we’re really targeting this guy yeah They they would very much like to, along with the sort of class of neocons make it such that Desantis is elevated to be the front-runner. I mean you look at people who are supporting Ron Desantis who I love by the way but I would love for him to stay in Florida and be an example for state governments to to mirror. example, rather than throw him into the DC Swamp because even if you look at his voting record, I mean he isn’t exactly as solid on the issues as a lot of people would like him to be even though he is good, but if you notice where his strongest points are, they are in opposition to the most radical things coming from the left and so the question has to be can a man who by the way’s political career exists because of Donald Trump be the guy to carry the torch if he’s only willing to take a stand on only pushing back from the most radical things. The left is doing critical race theory open borders things like that.

I Dont Know If Hes Necessarily Capable Of

carrying the trump torch, but that’s what they would like to see that’s why he’s being supported by people like. Jeb Bush that’s why he’s being supported by all the never Trump people because the whole idea is oh well, He’s more electable than Donald Trump by whose metric I mean if you look at what Donald Trump did, He was able to bring out tens of millions of people who had never voted before who or who had given up on the political process. Simply because they liked his rhetoric so Desantis might be more filtered, but he’s not going to inspire the same loyalty that Donald Trump would, which is why they’re trying to prop him up and get Donald Trump out of there by any means necessary. If they wanted Desantis they would target him too.

But They Dont And Theres A Reason For

that yeah, I don’t really even think it makes a difference yet whether it’s Trump or Desantis, they’ve galvanized the people and and. I do think Ron Desantis will do a phenomenal job Of course, President Trump’s track record show he he does do a phenomenal job and would again, but but this is an interesting thing here. Hillary um you know I’ve said this for a long time and not that I say this is what I want but if they by some sort of a condition disqualify. The president former president to run again watch out now that man outside the White House is way more dangerous to them than inside the White House.

Imagine That Man Flying To Foreign Countries

and brokering on behalf of America with an ally in the White house and they don’t have him on any string congress can’t silence him. You know they can threaten him so the problem is you know they’ve teed up January 6 to throw it at him day one and that whole thing everything we see January 6 is aimed at him of course here they prove this they aim it at him so they have set their sights on him and say they’re afraid of him. They’re scared of him like you can’t believe but.


Hilary Kennedy is filling in for Sarah Gonzalez who is off this week . Today the FBi raids Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-lago.& The Biden Justice department gets sued for failing to declassify documents related to the Russia Collusion Hoax and a biden staffer tweets a meme with Nazi imagery that’s all coming up right now . Hilary meets John Doyle, a Blaze Tv contributor and the host of Heck off Commie, for the first time I am meeting Mr. Doyle. I’m excited to be here because we’re going to have a killer show for you and I got to know Mr.& Yaakov Bullions. I needed that to get through this overcast day in central Texas.& We need rain never mind overcast. It’s true I’m sure you’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about me. That’s all I’ve heard a wonderful thing about me that is all I have heard a nice thing about him. I was excited to meet…. Click here to read more and watch the full video