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put the world’s greatest detective to test but will vengeance Pattinson just curb stomp his way out of it. Oh this is the big question. This is my coors light. I promise yeah we’re we’ll put that in post no john enough taste the rockies. We put too much on taunting yeah John I need you to cgi this out of my hand make my hand look open and then put the cannon.

The Big Question Is A Podcast That Gives

you too much information about how Batman‘s detective work is actually not at all what you’d want a detective to do in real life. I see you like cutting the eyes out of photos of women. My son is a big fan of that too and what’s gonna happen when a zodiac style maniac actually makes him use his brain Yeah. I’m excited the the world’s greatest detective that gets his the people he’s supposedly protecting very injured or kidnapped or put into cases of peril, or just half of them perfectly burned right down the side, Yeah a very a very asymmetrical burn seared perfectly down the center absolutely I’m Eric boss here with me to analyze Batman’s detective work is upstate New York’s 10-time prosecution sidestepper Tommy Bechtol that’s right if the Zweigle’s white hot dog does not fit you must acquit that’s a very regionally specific that’s the rochester equivalent of that’s right well Matt reeves. The Batman film appears to take a cue from detective noir stories like seven Chinatown.

Many Are Realizing That Despite Being

credited as the world’s greatest detective when it comes to actual detective work. Batman’s Record is kind of a mixed bag, so Tommy our big question for you this week is is the batman actually a good detective Ah that’s a great question and allow me to become a detective and ask some questions like what makes a good detective well good detectives observe research interview find patterns are able to keep an open mind follow the evidence etc. They do that this is not the detective. I know from watching Tv in films my detectives drink real hard they beat people up yes and at the end of the day you love them. Despite them having no real family to come home to dead parents and they also notice one little thing wrong with whoever.

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The Most Famous Guest Star Is

and then they solve the case like wait a second Jean Smart has a feather on her pillow, but she said she was allergic to birds all right great job Colombo. You solved it they are so they do their homework. Unlike me, who had to repeat multiple grades and only was able to pass this class is when daddy put up money. They don’t work backwards from pre-formed conclusions. Good detectives collaborate with the community other state agencies and witnesses in order to build their cases.

Bad Detectives Do Just Enough Homework Pulling A

bechtold to justify hunting down someone their gut tells them is guilty. Bad detectives are violent and violate civil liberties. Bad detectives go at it alone lone wolves. You know any of this mean anything to you so what we’re going to do today is we’re going to review. Cases of Batman’s work and We’re gonna grade him based on the the you know the true world’s greatest detectives The Scooby Gang mystery team A plus detective work will be Velma B will be a Fred caliber Detective C C will be Scooby D will be shaggy and wait.

So Scoobys Higher Than I Guess That

makes sense that dog who can talk is definitely a better detective than a stoner who’s constantly running away from everything. I found some candles that’s right and by the way Daphne’s not even on this scale Yeah well Daphne’s useless. She just says Scooby-doo where are you and then gets tied up most of the time and of course receiving a falling grade is old man Jenkins so I guess the worst detective is the one who’s trying to pretend to be a ghost to scare kids off of a property. He wants and he would have gotten away with that is kind of what a lot of Batman are is They wear masks and they use fear to scare people away from things that’s right that’s the world’s worst detective and they’re always blaming the kids in their life like Robin. I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for that damn clown if it weren’t for you and damien wayne my son all right so first case that’s the people’s Court music Hush, which was a 2002 2003 comic series and a 2019 Banger of an animated film.

Many People Believe That Matt Reeves Is

gonna pull from the Hush storylines for his upcoming movie. So the mystery being solved. Is a man with a bandage face is masterminding and manipulating all of Gotham‘s villains in a plot against Batman so yeah what are Batman’s detective skills. that he puts to use here well. Batman smartly observes the out-of-character behavior of Catwoman.

You Know Bad Gal That Makes

him a little horny, so he finds clues such as the fact that only someone with familiarity with the Batmobile could shoot out its tire that’s the weak point in there most of the time you can’t really shoot those out. But there is like one access point and he notices that a little a little death a little weakness in the death story, but we’re not gonna. I’m not gonna say that they stole from star wars here so he doesn’t let his notions blind him too much from the truth. He does sometimes get a little off track in this saga, but he’s also suffering from a brain injury for much of it and as someone who received two concussions from football. It’s hard to remember stuff.

Get Hurt In The Head Yeah

Yeah now Where was I Tommy come back to us Batman coach I can’t I can’t play coach I can’t play I don’t have got enough left to the table wake up Tommy Tommy The year is 20 20. a darker timeline than where you came from so maybe you want to go back to it well listen. I was about to make a terrible joke that would have been edited out and I just won’t so finally he uses his great deduction to realize the riddler’s agenda and in the end he outsmarts the riddler into keeping his identity a secret, which I mean that’s that’s pretty intelligent it was like the world’s greatest Riddle is one that people don’t know the answer to so riddler’s like damn you know it’s such a great little moment there at the end of Hush Hush. is like one of my favorite Batman graphic novels because he like he actually is smart enough and dumb enough. He’s like an accurate detective and he uses smart detective work detective skills so that like when he fails.

It Makes Sense When He Succeeds.

It makes sense yes pretty amazing with that cumulative detective body of work we give this one a full on grade a velma. We give this one yeah sure the full velma which you usually have to pay for to get, but this one is a free full velma for you all right Case two Yeah and we’re talking this one is gonna blow the doors off this courtroom Case two is the classic film Batman forever 1995. why are we talking about this one This is the last time Batman actually faced the riddler on the big screen so yeah I guess in live. action for sure Yeah! Let’s Yeah! Let’s talk about Batman forever because that is an interesting one and as I’ve said Paul Dano is the jim Carrey of his time.

The Riddler Played By A Jim Carrey

in what created a million halloween costumes with the between the like fluorescent, future hair and the green body suit. I know I owned it and I don’t have a body for a body suit so everybody oh so the wardrobe on that film is wild like he’s got a light up. It keeps me safe when I’m jogging at night yes absolutely and the question marks. I mean I gotta tell you it was like the closest thing you could buy at Walmart to being like a set accurate costume because the real was it was literally just a leotard anyway. Yeah The river played by Jim Carrey taunts Batman with clues.

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About His Identity As He And Two-Face Played

by Tommy Lee Jones robbed businesses around Gotham at the same time. Bruce’s, former employee circulates the brain-draining vox around the city so yes, Oh okay, so yes you know it is interesting looking back on that movie. The point of the clues was to just screw with Batman to be like can you guess who I am like it directly contradicts what the riddler Edward Enigma is trying to do with like learn all of gotham secrets through his you know telecom tech yeah bit self–destructive. It is more of a like stalkery thing like he just wanted to be noticed by Batman all right so in this one let’s look at his detective skills and they’re not great. Batman is a passive investigator waiting to respond until the Riddler delivers clues directly to him literally into his back.

I Guess.

really go after him. He just kind of is like Oh another crime scene, Oh thank God There’s a clue here. The riddles are relatively simple. I remember solving them as like a teenager or you know I think I don’t even think I was a teenager.

At This Point, Batman Deduces An Easy-To-Find

numeric pattern that translates into the riddler’s name by the way a good detective would have made the riddler Edward Enigma connection weeks earlier and by then Yeah It was too late. The damage had been yeah and that alphanumeric thing was bizarre like it honestly felt like Eric Cartman putting the numbers together to make everything 911. like 18 is Ah e, how about Mr e mystery and another name for mystery. Enigma sequence two minus one is one one. One, eleven two.

Minus One Is One One One

and there are nine members on. of directors that’s nine one one nine eleven. It was cool in 95 and now looking back on it. Oh that’s why Q Anon exists yes exactly and by then he had already killed my dear friend Ed Begley Jr.

So It Was Too Late To Save

him and if you kill Ed you crossed me and that’s just simply a line too far we’re giving batman for that death alone we’re giving him a D which is a registered shaggy Yeah it makes sense because you gotta imagine Val Kilmer’s approach, while he is a very smart batman to that world. His investigative work is seems a bit stoned. It seems like he’s not really trying that hard he doesn’t seem like that eager to solve and sleuth out the case. No he’s not a very good detective in this story no no no case number three this one’s.

A Classic Arent They All Though

but this one really is The long Halloween 1996-1997 series is another great comic story line that people are thinking that Reeves film might be taking elements of for for its story inspiration. At least so the mystery is the holiday killer has a new victim every major holiday. I mean are we including like Secretary’s day here I don’t know.


The Batman’s record for detective work is kind of a mixed bag . The Batman film appears to take a cue from detective noir stories like seven Chinatown . Upstate New York’s 10-time prosecution sidestepper Tommy Bechtol will analyze Batman’s detective work . We put too much on taunting yeah John I need you to cgi this out of my hand make my hand look open and then put the cannon.& I see you like cutting the eyes out of photos of women.& My son is a big fan of that too and what’s gonna happen when a zodiac style maniac actually makes him use his brain Yeah. We’ll put that in post no john enough taste the rockies.& This is a podcast that gives you too much information about how Batman’s Detective work is actually not at all what you’d want a detective to do in real life. It’s not the detective. We will put that into the podcast. We’re we’re we’ll put it in post…. Click here to read more and watch the full video