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Motivated By The Death Of Nightwing Batman Begins As

we said This is a new water. His detective case maybe there’s an even greater mystery that the Wayne’s murder was covering up and don’t do it because if you if you kill him we could never be together weight cycles them slash the Riddler’s Oh my god theory I’m super excited to talk about the Batman today Did you guys see that there’s a photo that has a huge clue about what the movie could be about because of a potential working title We’re also gonna touch on the Suicide Squad. There also is a bird in the studio. It is anything can happen when a bird is in the studio. The bird is fighting me to even talk.

I Want To See A Peck Someones Eyes

out. Oh I wanted to Oh, yeah would be very funny let’s let’s. try to get the bird in frame real quick. I want to call out that Erik’s headshot is still in the background because Erik has been winning rogue theory recently we will replace it soon hopefully guys I with me. This episode Our Erik the boss rustling Hello Tommy Bechtold so great to be so much for having me and welcome back to Geoff UK welcome back welcome back welcome back thank you two of us are old alright did you guys see this set photo yeah from the movie that may be referred to as Batman Vengeance may be at the Batman.

Its A Working Title.

There was a chair. You know those fancy director,’s chairs or actors chairs. Eric has one that says Eric on it that’s Mr. .

Vassa It Says Mr.

Bond for him and he’s done dirty things in it structurally sound I neither see all. Right so all right so this chair had the working title on it Vengeance. We’re thinking well why would a Batman film be called Vengeance even as a working title and that’s what our rogue theories are going to be about today. You guys are gonna tell me why the Batman is going to be a story specifically about Vengeance alright Here’s my road theory on vengeance.

We Have Seen Batman In Recent Films Break

his one rule in a way that not all fans care award that’s right. This Batman will wear white pants after Labor Day as much as he wants while not killing anyone either we’re having Robert Pattinson as the Batman I think we’re gonna see him get real close to that line just not cross it but dangerously close to the line in a way that’s kind of freaky and kind of scary we’re talking. Torture we’re talking broken limbs He’s gonna waterboard ants He’s gonna do a Robert UK stomp on someone’s knuckles on he’s gonna curb stomping RobertNK] does that well In the Irishman he did so okay what if the vengeance is like a true angry vengeance for the death of his parents and when you and I are working on an episode of Big question We’re looking at the the emblem, its new emblem and a lot of people and I points out and I break down to the teaser. It looks like it’s made of parts that it could be like a gun part like it looks like two handles or the split handle of a gun and one of the theories out. There is that this is Joe chills gun and that we’ve seen that in comics before so what if like this Batman takes vengeance for his.

His Parents To A Whole New

level where he is going as far as to torture members of the crime families that maybe were implicated in this murder of Gotham’s, greatest philanthropists, the Wayne family and what if we we start this Batman in Arkham Asylum year two what if he got arrested for some of these murders some of the crimes he’s committed what if this Batman the world knows that Bruce man is Batman and that’s how like the way that Todd Phillips made Joker something that was really hard to ever try to put back into a Cinematic Universe. What if this Batman is something that were it’s gonna be completely an Elf’s world universe where everyone knows who Bruce Wayne is we. We know he’s Batman and he gets out of Arkham and now he’s going back in he’s getting revenge and he’s just kind of. detached from any kind of moral code, what said I think that could be true because if you look at the outfit. I think you can see he also is putting the pearls of his mother’s necklace that gets ripped the thing that’s interesting that you point out aside from the theory.

I Think I Think By The Way

that’s my guess out of the gate is sorry guys I’m already what vengeance story is more prominent for him than wanting vengeance for the people that killed his parish or it’s driven him to do really insane things like just like a bat, but something else that you just pointed out is his secret identity is out and part of me is like yeah wait a second who cares right he doesn’t it’s not like oh my families now his family is also bad vigilantes too that are also regularly. In danger, why does first friend Wayne really need history? Yeah I think in the past it was something that he did so. We could hide in plain sight that he could continue to run enterprises and have access to the weaponry that the company was building whereas if you are a true vigilante, you can’t even walk the street unless it’s at nighttime in your back. It’s very in right now to have no secret I didn’t like Spider-man got reveal Superman in the comics. Just like Man is the the Batman equivalent in terms of the billionaire who to use his own tech to fight crime and was just like straight up like Yeah I’m Iron Man.

Its Me And Then Nothing Changed About

his life really got to be Iron Man so maybe part of Bruce Wayne’s mission in this new Batman story is to like to. After the government and the infrastructure that you know allowed Gotham to collapse including like the new district attorney that’s gonna be played advice Peter Sarsgaard who’s so good at playing like an blumin like I feel like he’s gonna be the villain that Robert Pattinson’s going after Mm-hmm so and so it’s gonna be a more ground level not supervillain right Yeah crime families Yeah and and just general murderers Yeah like maybe. There’s an even greater mystery that the Wayne’s murder was covering up like Maybe Thomas and Martha Wayne knew something about like the crime families. Their implication to the politics that’s why they were killed. Some people are gonna fight you on that and be like no.

It Should Be A Random Act

of violence because that’s what happens in this town but it can still be a random act of violence and what. happens in this town and still you know indicative like why is that guy running maybe you know maybe they happen to see something in that moment and he has to kill them for that reason, and he he actually he’s gonna try to kill Bruce too, but Bruce runs over it doesn’t necessarily need to be a robbery. It can still without a beam like the Wayne family actually has been at war with the Joker family for decades there’s no like didn’t have to be this weird yeah and you know Joker reframed the death of the Wayne’s as like kind of a random act of violence in a Joker riot as opposed to someone trying to rob them. So I I think fans will be less Precious about like the exact motive for why they were killed, but either way it’s reflection of the insanity and violence. of the city and I cool I like it and I think it’s gonna happen so you only get one road view.

I Think Its Just So Likely

Yeah Dang that’s how this works Tommy okay so here’s let’s get serious guys. This is all about vengeance and it’s not vengeance for his parents. You basic blumin it’s Vengeance for Nightwing Nightwing aka Dick Eg Dick Grayson Gray day every day is dead. Nightwing is dead so Nightwing so he’s an adult not an adult man. A fully formed adult you’re not killing children’s using manscape razors on his body.

If You Keep It Sleek Keep

it tight they didn’t pay for this episode we don’t need to shout that out sleek keep a knife motivated by bang energy loves that Jumanji card game which do you have a deal did you watch it card again. We don’t. Don’t have a deal with the Jumanji card I have a deal with everything Jumanji Okay. Jumanji I got a piece of it anyway motivated by the death of Nightwing Batman Begins as we said this is a new are his detective case. He is the world’s greatest detective so we are going around investigating we’ve got Paul Dano as the Riddler I’m fairly certain we’re gonna investigate the Riddler We’re gonna investigate the penguin we’re gonna investigate Carmine Falcone I soon there’ll be other famous Batman if not necessarily supervillains Rogues for him to question all leading to clues about a mysterious killer that we find out very similar to the UK game Arkham Knight was actually this is a huge spoiler for that game, so if your games been out for years all the time.

I Just Know This Is A Big Spoiler

for who the killer is. In Arkham UK and Tommy already forgot the killer is checks notes Batman that’s right because there is a character in this movie, played by Peter SkarsgĂ„rd that’s gonna be an aggressive district attorney, but I think he might not be who he says he is because I think when we do a little dig deep dig er deeper digging into who this character is it’s none other than Dr. Jonathan Crane aka Scarecrow Okay who has a serum that can make people pursue their worst nightmares have have violent fantasies and delusions and I believe that this character, who is then who is also going to be investigating. The murder of Dick Grayson aka Nightwing is really just creating the cover-up because he tricked Batman into murdering Nightwing that is my rogue theory and I rest my case was he just in like a hallucinogenic raid was he killed. We could share a roadie for it.

Im Willing To Push It Towards Lovers

quarrel Oh wow that you guys can hold this rogge together for the rest of the segment joint custody of UK. If you put it down. Though you guys both lose Rogi or we can cut it in half okay, then you are the true God. We claim the weak link you of the show. Oh no I’m for sure Tommy I love it thanks.

I Really Liked The Idea Of A

detective story that has Memento elements-who hires Batman for this. Batman hires himself who usually when the person who hires Givaudan Orcas usually ends up being the guilty party or at least associate because he dress up as like a bombshell. He’s like I need your help save me bet very cool so okay so in the night Wing has been murdered. murdered secretly it’s been by Batman, but he’s trying to solve the murder of Nightwing and so he’s gonna what happens when he needs to get the vengeance Vengeance is against himself, so he commits himself to Arkham. The ultimate.

The Ultimate Final Straw For Batman

is to stop himself from stopping crime by stopping the most dangerous person he knows which in this case is him self Venn gone south Vengeance my favorite kind just a masochist. So then he locks himself away and that’s where we leave it. This is like Joker. This movie exists in a standalone piece and I understand that that may I mean the reason. This is a rogue theory is because that’s a tough pill to get your UK comic fans to swallow it’s like we’ve made this epic Batman movie and in the end it ends on a kind of chilling note.

But If Were Gonna Try Something New And

daring Joe chilling note that’s right no chill Joe chill as I call him yeah. I think you know this one’s gonna be a bit of a like U downer well. It’s a bit of another Rogi for you, but you would have had it if you had had five seconds of stamina. I have no integrity. I’m just so weighed down because my body hasn’t been scaped manscape.

Ive Skipped Your Body And I Appreciate

that was a great weekend great so Geoff change our picture in our mind right now-anything else well. I please why did we why did they hire Robert Pattinson because he is hot and has a huge fan base. All those Twilight ladies, so they want to make this a love story because we do know that one Selena Kyle is going to be. be in it so picture this he’s it like some kind of banquet event as Bruce Wayne. He meets Selina Kyle.

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Theyre Flirting He Loves It All The Riddler

comes in holds it hostage. He can’t do anything because he’s Batman and then she gets thrown out of the building kind of her origin story and so now he is on vengeance to figure out quick important detail yes just not on the first floor. The big this banquet is on the penthouse of the highest building in costume okay UK plummets down to her supposed death. So this is about him trying to get vengeance against the Riddler, but every time he gets close. The evidence gets stolen away by some new burglar on the beat.

So Now Hes Like Yeah.

I have to find this burglar who’s trying to beat me to the punch with the Riddler and get the Riddler and then spoiler. It turns out this other burglar is none other than the Catwoman because she wants to get revenge on the Riddler, but the same time they’ve like fallen in love. So at that pivotal moment. You know he’s just like she has the Riddler and she has like I don’t know a knife to his throat a gun to his head.

Something Hes Like Dating Joyce Yes Kitty Claws

like and he’s like Don’t do it because if you if you kill him, we can never be together cycles them slash the Riddler’s-Oh my god like hot-I think it’s because he started to whisper Oh wait try whispering something no matter what you say is hot as hell if it’s whisper so. Whisper so he is trying to solve a murder that didn’t take place exactly He looks like yeah, but he and you just want some vengeance Cuz. He hit it off one night with maybe they were dating for a while we need to have one Zoe Kravitz Robert Pattinson sex scene Yeah and I think it should be hardcore just the UK release you buy the tube to tape UK you get a full penetration tables in the scene, but we’re not saying what just watching Jeff. You get Al Rogi and then you get an additional Rogi because that theory was worth two hottest fell druggies and then also the still have the road game earlier from being a nice daddy Yeah well done guys come back to me in a tweet need to find out who night wings killer is look in the mirror and you’ll see. Clearer, Batman Flower Friday Batman Poison Ivy Catwoman Mr.


Freeze Commissioner Gordon Vicky Vale, Nightwing Robin that’s the only one doesn’t add in concepts she might be dead call her quick Okay My tweet is Batman’s vengeance is to avenge his parents who were actually killed as part of a conspiracy between the Maroni and the Falcone crime families which goes all the way to the top baby. A thread. One–second tweet bad puns and finally we find out that Peter Sarsgaard is actually the man who pulled the trigger well done Yeah and Jack Riddle me this great love that Alright yes riddle me. This what’s more dangerous than vengeance whispered it again.

Im Very Again Im Very Intrigued Actually

you guys did a decent job because I would watch all of these movies because Batman doing a detective story that’s more does need to be this kind of thing and I’m feeling it I’m not loving what Tommy’s doing with his eyebrows but that’s fine it’s unrelated yeah He doesn’t even know he’s doing it so guys great job on those I want to hear your theories. In the second about Suicide Squad because we also got a little bit of news about that and we’re staying on a UK kick but first real quick just Eric tell them what we’re doing this week for a big question you already kind of did a little bit yeah we’ve been working on this whole idea of the Batsuit right there’s there’s this new Batsuit there’s this test footage mock-up so we were able to put. put together that shows what it probably actually looks like if you fill in the above nipple gap and write years even yeah and a lot of you guys been tweeting this about this emblem asking like how is it changed Cuz it looks different and of course they do that with every new iteration of Batman, but this one looks like it can be removed and turn and weaponized so like I’m Phillip and I are currently working neither of us are seeing what each other working on but we’re currently working on like we’re trying to reconstruct this emblem to see what kind of weapon it could be and see how effective it would be in hand. -to-hand combat and I’m really excited to see like what you’ve come up with because right now mine’s kind of a mess so so watch that episode a big question please if. Like it let’s go to move on to Suicide Squad okay, So there was a set photo that was released.

We Dont Know Much About This

movie. We just know that James Gunn is completely maybe even disconnecting it from the first Suicide Squad, but it’s also he was like no it’s not just gonna be guardians of the galaxy so we know it’s gonna be still in the vein of the darkness of the Suicide Squad not not toned, but rather people died right unlike guardians mostly so the one thing that we can add to this story. Now is that we’ve seen that for some reason the squad goes to South America and I do the way you guys Nodded makes em feel like you guys are not sure what that is okay explain to me real quick so not Southern America so okay so there’s America, which is the greatest country in the world and then there’s hat there’s there’s a candidate hat it’s called hat let’s called hat hat and they’re going down to boots is boots Central America or Mexico or all the way there’s a Central Dorothy’s forehead Zoot suits great and then Jeff. How do you want to insult my people and by your people you mean Youtubers right we don’t know where exactly in South America, but there are theories that it might be Brazil Okay Yes so I go ahead and pitch me why the squad is going as they. Say down under South America the same continent We do know that Benicio del Toro is playing a character named the General or the mayor.

Its Its A Named Yet But What

if like it’s gonna be kind of like a narcos situation or even better Fast Five the best of the past series where they have to go to Brazil and there’s this like warlord drug Lord basically who has taken over a town and they they have a heist They drag a safe through the streets of the city. It’s amazing imagine like the Suicide Squad being sent by the UK government, but the UK government cannot sanction they can’t send likeNK] Team six in there they have to use these like squad of criminals to take out this drug lord because he’s like too powerful he’s got access to some kind of new thing maybe. Maybe in this case like granted not everyone was crazy in the first Suicide Squad about the whole in tranche for his storyline where she goes to Peru and she goes in this cave and that’s where you know she ends up becoming in chant rest’s what if there’s like some other kind of like relic or talisman from that cave that also Toro has gotten access to and he has to be stopped so they send in the Suicide Squad but now it’s James Gunn, who’s in control of it. So he’s kind of making fun of the first one A little bit of how goofy this this mysticism was, but now he’s applying his kind of sense of humor to it and they’re addressing past suicide squads. But this one’s kind of like.

We Got To Deal With This

again, but now it’s in the hands of Benicio. Del Toro, a drug lord who’s like taken over the small town potentially all of Brazil Yeah, What’s very cool so you’re so you’re taking Dirty Dozen UK which you know Suicide Squad is kind of based off of right, but something that the government’s like well. We don’t really care about these people. So we can send them my mission, but you’re kind of combining with heart of darkness and Apocalypse. Now Oh sure this idea of like the Colonel Kurtz character that is like somewhere deep in the jungle theoretically whatever and has created like maybe a whole compound that is not even penetrable right and then they have to go in and take him out except you add to Colonel Kurtz now some sort of talisman is giving him insane power.

She Actually Has Powers Instead Of Hes Just

gone delusional right okay all right I’m feeling. it the amount of full quarter okay all right yeah, but it’s straightforward, but I like it yeah yeahNK] all right my theory and I’m actually I’m pretty proud of this one. I think that the the gang’s back to look it’s not a sequel. We know but there are a lot of similar actors. So your are actors from the first movie that are reprising their roles.

So I Think Its Gonna Be Impossible

to truly separate them. But I don’t think that is as important to the central plot as as it may seem they’re gonna discover that there’s a compound or a factory setting up that is mining, precious metals and and energy sources in South America with this unknown power source that is allowing them to ramp up production just basically destroy the ecosystem of where they are and they need to send the suicide. Suicide squad down to stop this stop stop them from just mining into the earth and destroying and creating all of these climate problems. When they get there. They discover that Benicio Del Toro‘s character has somehow through some technology.

Maybe A Lex Luthor Like Scientist

or someone with genius intellect has and maybe Benicio Del Toro is playing a character from comical Canyon that does have like a science background has has captured Hal Jordan in the Green Lantern MmM and has him in a medically-induced coma where they are stimulating his brain to synthetically creator or artificially create the impulse to create power with his Green Lantern Ring, so they’re basically mind controlling Hal Jordan to manifest his will as a power source and that’s what’s allowing them to create these super drills and super harvesters that are basically destroying this This this this ecosystem of this country. South America so there you go in to get to basically unplug Hal Jordan and you know Killa no I think he’ll be the Green Lantern. Then this also could be a way to kind of back channel in some UK Cinematic Universe characters like whoever the new Green Lantern is gonna be or maybe. It is the death of Hal Jordan which gives us Jon Stewart or something like that awesome yeah you could backdoor Jon Stewart I would love to backdoor Jon Stewart both the Valerius Lantern and the comedian but maybe Jon Stewart we we don’t know who John Stewart is but maybe there’s you know soldiers that are helping that are assisting the Suicide Squad with Rick Flagg with Joel Kinnaman his character and maybe one of them is Jon Stewart you know and so he gets the ring. Maybe Hal Jordan does die Maybe he is dead you know all but brain-dead except for that you know what they’re using them for and then when they unplug him off of the machine that is you know using him as a power source Jon Stewart gets the ring and becomes a new Green Lantern and then that leads us to a Green Lantern movie Do we know who either saw was playing I don’t think officially there’s a lot of rumors that he’s playing vigilante which we’ve seen in arrow Yeah they’ve used on UK.

They Use That Character An Arrow But That

was kind of I don’t know just throw out there that you know you could have a Jon Stewart there. Yes absolutely can I throw in a pitch of a scene. I’m Hearing all pictures Yes Yes I can at one point. Harley Quinn get the ring so that she can turn Courtney‘s got to get it for a second throw a massive green boomerang Yeah I think yes that pitch is accepted and integrated as they say in key and Peele it’s going in the movie I also reminds me a little bit is it in flashpoint where Superman is held kind of like for his whole life against as well Yeah Yeah Yeah and then he becomes this little disgusting weakling yeah Yeah so but doing that with Green Lantern very cool Tommy. You get a full quarter Oogie ranks and then Jeff what do you got why are they in South America Mine’s a little far-fetched but there we go work with me here all right a bunch of celebrities are in Brazil–like protests this new area.

Being Like Good The Rainforest Is Going To

be demolished, but then this militia has taken over and taken them all hostage, but because Republicans are in power. They don’t care about these dumb liberals. So Amanda Waller is being funded by the Liberals to save the Soros and the head celebrity that’s down there that’s been kidnapped is Pete Davidson. He is going to blame himself in the movie and then immediately I’m like people are sacrificing themselves for Pete Davidson, what’s for the money, but when they get down there it turns out the twist is it is actually they’re not there to save the celebrities. All the celebrities get mowed down immediately.

Its Actually Lex Luthor, Whos Being Held

hostage and they are actually the militia people are actually good guys trying to stop Lex Luthor from mining a Kryptonite Meteor right Yeah and just remember Pete. Davidson gets brutally murdered in this movie, What do you have a get? Are you team A Loriana Oh Yeah that’s a full-blown rogue gear Yeah very solid I want to hear him again. You know maybe like a little bit of a tweet for sure. Suicide Squad is narcos meets Fast Five with Benicio Del Toro as a drug lord the small South American town who needs to be taken down yes okay ah lanterns of green Yeah. You know what I mean just wasted so many characters unplugging Hal Jordan and maybe meeting Commissioner Gordon.

Suicide Squad A Backdoor To The Uk

Cinematic Universe. Of course that’s the twist what’s the environments last hope Oh UK safe environment, essentially Lex Luthor right yeah billionaire. I think that’s the look he’s going and I’m out of normal thanks get somebody else how about this alright? These rookies each represent the Suicide Squad in South America and whoever most quickly can come up with ways that the Suicide Squad goes out gets a member of The Suicide Squad so just start shouting out how a Suicide Squad remember Captain Boomerang Koala bear syphilis that’s one for Harley Quinn sniffs the wrong thing just missed something bad Killer Croc, a Florida gift shops at Harvest Crocodile to you too much rhyming rick Flagg. He just gets a paper cut infected Oh no froggy I’m Idris Elba it says something offensive gets cancelled and yah blow riding the Maid of the Mist of Niagara Falls and having the water put out his fire. It’s just so dream you know you lose both of those two rules of the game.

All Right, Lets Recap Where Do These Rogue

is at three. Why but I trust Eric a lot so you’re at four because that’s what Eric said you had all right and guys it’s time for rogue questions great alright. This could change everything in ways that don’t matter all right guys. Harrison Ford said in an interview that this week that he doesn’t know what a force ghost is explained. Force goes to Harrison Ford in a way that he’ll understand have you ever wanted to see your grandpa again because he was so kind if he was good enough you’d be able to as a ghost he could talk to you, but he must have up some other way in his real life.

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Cuz He Aint A Rogue A

force ghost he’s just a regular ghost self–censor. Hey you know how that like voice of Calista Flockhart is. At you imagine if it was in hologram form that’s a force when someone dies when someone dies. Harrison Ford they go to heaven, but what if God told them get off my plane of existence. He only understands his own movie quotes.

Its A Roadie For Eric Alright Leaked Footage

from the set of Venom 2 shows Woody Harrelson’s Carnage has got this a different haircut than in the Venom one end credits scene what what incredible in-universe explanation do we have for this in undescribable hair change so Spider-man webbed up his hair, his curly Sideshow Bob hair and because his webbing dissolves after an hour. It’s like the perfect conditioner. It just dissolves into his hair follicles and made it straight Oh. I think that electro came in and kind of tried to give him a hug, but there was a puddle and so the current of. Through carnage and electrocuted his hair.

I Think You Know It Just He

saw his mail or any God. It was a discount coupon for Super Cuts, Yeah I like simple explanation, the best superhero, Super Super Coupon, Yeah Guys and the pot of the upcoming Bill and Ted sequel came out this week and in it, the two heroes have 90 minutes to write the best song ever. I’m not gonna give you 90 seconds to come up with the best song ever and we’ll go ahead and cut to 90 seconds from now now several bad puns later do-do-do-do,-do,-do, Bill and Ted Do plan to fill in Ted to the best of friends. Drill at Ted on a roller coaster to Bill and Ted conquers a coaster to Phil intend to on Tinder 2010 to in a blender to mix them up do George Carlin so impressive it. kept changing and it kept flowing and he didn’t even take any breaths that’s a full other Rogi for Jeff.

It Was He Really Was The Strongest

that’s gotta be a high score of roadies Alright let’s get our our final point totals. I have four roadies and my worst showing ever on the show I have to Jeff do you want to give any of your Oh Geez to anyone else Oh my god everyone George Bailey Ville of roadies Oh Oh Captain Alright in the highest point total yet 1212 rogue ease for Jeff give it up for Jack Jeff if you can submit a headshot We will put it on on the back there and then Tommy’s wish on one day. Eric’s wish and Jeff’s wish Eric must look into the camera and confess his love of Lucky Charms cereal in his best Harley Quinn accent Oh. I love Lucky Charms, cereal, the horseshoes, the clovers, the blue moans. They all taste great but not as great as Mr.


J. It was like a perfect ad for Lucky Charms until it got even better it’s not milk all right guys you can file your complaints with these people individually on their social media Eric where can we find you a UK vas everywhere and on this channel. Obviously we got some great videos coming out this weekend we’re gonna be talk about Clone Wars guys it’s back and and yeah we have this really great episode. A big question that I’m very excited to hear your answers on how this suit is engineered case it it’s really crazy Tommy at Tommy Beck told Tommy-back told somebody gonna send you a request for six thousand dollars have it because I’m rich you can follow me at.

At Evil Jeff On Instagram Or

the podcast I host comic-book Queers at Comic Book Queers I thought it was Queens took weights and then follow me on Instagram and Twitter at Phillip Malina thank you so much for watching and make sure to get this as a podcast. Tommy’s getting really ready to clap so if everyone just kids ready for Tommy to clap, he will end the episode and this will be it for us good bye to everyone and Tommy is almost ready. He’s almost warm here it is about to.


There’s a photo that has a huge clue about what the movie could be about because of a potential working title . We’re also gonna touch on the Suicide Squad. Motivated by the death of Nightwing Batman Begins as we said This is a new water.& His detective case maybe there’s an even greater mystery that the Wayne’s murder was covering up and don’t do it because if you if you kill him we could never be together weight cycles them slash the Riddler’s Oh my god theory . There also is a bird in the studio.& The bird is fighting me to even talk.& I want to see a peck someone’s eyes out.& Oh I wanted to Oh, yeah would be very funny let’s let’s. try to get the bird in frame real quick. The bird was fighting to get it in front of the camera.& Erik’s headshot is still in the background because Erik has been winning rogue theory. We will replace it soon hopefully guys…. Click here to read more and watch the full video