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Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice Is A Movie

that’s finally being released in theaters and I finally got to see it with my eyes after years of anticipation before they even announced this movie. I was anticipating the idea of a movie like this I remember back in like 2001. Seeing this as an upcoming release on Yahoo movies Calm and thanks to Zach Snyder. We can finally feast on this movie with our eyes, but is it any good. There’s a lot of controversy around Superman.

Hes An Alien.

He caused a lot of destruction at the end of Man of Steel Bruce Wayne aka Batman is not very comfortable with this because many people he cared for died that day, as well as other countless innocents so he is ready to take Superman out so these two heavyweights are pitted against each other, while Lex Luthor is. Also in Town played by Jesse Eisenberg, who has a very elaborate and evil scheme. No surprise there. There are things I love about this movie and some things that I do not love.

Lets Start With The Things I Love

first off Ben Affleck killed it as Batman. This guy was phenomenal as Bruce Wayne / Batman Bruce Wayne was interesting Bruce Wayne was investing I cared about him. I was behind him. I understood why he disliked Superman. Batman was a badass.

He Looked Incredible.

This is my favorite on-screen Batman costume we’ve had I do have one problem with Batman though and I’m going to get into that in a minute. But overall the character of Batman in this movie. His portrayal his Badassery Batfleck man you proved all the naysayers wrong You were fantastic in this movie as I said you would be three years ago. This was first announced I was one of the only people it was like Don’t kill me.

I Think Youll Be Okay.

Henry Cavill is just fine as Superman I wouldn’t say he’s amazing I don’t think he surpasses Christopher Reeve in any way in this film, but as the character he works for me, Gal Gadot or Gal Gadot fantastic as Wonder Woman. Her appearance in this movie is brief but it is definitely crowd pleasing a lot of people were very excited to see her show up myself included the fight Oh my God. It’s fantastic It felt like Dark Knight Returns a leap from the page onto the screen. I loved it it was amazing great great action.

In Fact The Majority Of The Action In

this movie Fantastic. This is a really pretty movie. This is a really good-looking movie. It’s also a mess Batman V. has a lot of problems and most of them are narrative and story based every Zack Snyder movie looks amazing, but he has a hard time balancing story with amazing visuals and Batman V.

Superman Is Kind Of A Beautiful Gigantic Splat

of Awesomeness and unfortunately not all of these elements are very cohesive. My biggest issue with this movie is the fact that it feels like two different movies. The first half is this very mature almost political thriller. There’s all this controversy surrounding Superman does he have a place on this earth is he welcomed. We have Bruce Wayne attempting to figure out secrets about other people that will eventually be in the Justice League and it feels very realistic and very grounded and then all of a sudden.

The Film Blows Its Metaphorical Load

and every single thing you could possibly think of suddenly appears in this. movie and becomes a gigantic science-fiction extravaganza. There are so many little elements. I’m going to get into with my spoiler video I’m doing with John the Flick Pic. He came with me to see the film that video is going to be up later this weekend that just didn’t make sense towards the last half of the movie.

The Film Has A Really Hard

time making Lois Lane relevant she has an object. She gets rid of an object. Then she has to get the object again. Then she gets trapped and she’s a damsel in distress and she goes back and forth between being a character that deserves to be in this movie and a character that’s just there because she’s Lois Lane at one point in time Wonder Woman gets a very important email from Bruce Wayne and the subject line of this email should have just. Justice League set up it is the most lazy shoo.

-In Of These Characters Ive Seen I Couldnt Believe

it. I mean certain people are going to be really excited when they see certain things but it’s so forced it just feels so forced do you remember Avengers age of Ultron pretty fun movie over all right well we’re about that Thor Ragnarok tie-in where he goes to that pool that felt really out of place right well. They needed that because the studio said Hey you got to put that in the movie didn’t really feel like it belong in the movie right right what’s the best superhero movie of the past couple years. In my opinion it’s Deadpool why was Deadpool so great because they could just make one great entertaining movie that wasn’t so overly concerned with setting up a world or a universe. Deadpool could be a.

Because It Didnt Have To Set

up a whole bunch of other movies now we all want Deadpool too because we loved it and that’s what filmmakers are forgetting about nowadays films like the amazing Spider-man 2. That movie was so concerned about setting up the sinister six that have forgot to be a good movie. This film is so concerned with the necessary puzzle pieces for the eventual Justice League that this film forgot to just be a great standalone movie. It was almost like the first half was trying to be a great standalone movie and then towards the end they just have to shoehorn in all of these little elements to make us feel like yeah. There’s going to be a Justice League and the script just couldn’t balance it it was so so sloppy.

Lets Talk About That One Element

of Batman that really let me. This guy shooting people left and right he’s blowing people up. He’s laying down machine-gun fire on all kinds of people, What and it’s not just the dream sequences in this film in which he kills people because I okay it’s a dream sequence. Whatever in real life this dude’s mowing people down blowing people away. I don’t know what they were thinking they completely took away the moral dilemma of the character of Batman.

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Batman Was Always Right On The

edge of becoming a criminal, but villains like the Joker constantly forced him to ride that edge and that was enthralling, and if you want go ahead and quote comic book issues in which this happened and while Chris you’d never read this comic book or well. Chris You don’t know about that story Arc There’s never a scene in this film where Jeremy Irons is Alfred who, by the way is fantastic sits down with Batman and goes look you’re going too far yeah well they killed Robin and I have no choice like if they had a scene like that. Then I would have been able to get behind it, but there’s never an attempt to explain why Batman has completely thrown the morals of his entire code out of the window. He just kills people now. Despite the fact that I loved Batman in this movie I really hated.

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They Never Once Attempted To Explain Why

his moral code has completely been forgotten about now about Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor well not since Ben Affleck being cast as Batman has there been such an uproar over a casting choice and it might have been. well deserved he was okay he was all right I don’t know if it worked for me. He was a little insane. He went the insane route. He reminded me of Nicholas Cage in the movie Matchstick men If you ever seen the movie matchstick men.

Nicolas Cage Plays An Uk Con Artist

who has a bit of a twitch every once in a while he’s like Oh and there’s a lot of moments like that in this film I mean moments where Lex Luthor will be standing there and he’ll just kind of go. I like Jesse Eisenberg. There were some scenes where I thought he did a very good job. There were some scenes where I thought he was very menacing. But overall the performance was fine and it could have been a lot better and I’m not sure if the insane twitchy UK route was really the best choice.

Batman V Superman Is A Very Pretty Movie.

It has some really good performances. It has some really interesting elements. It has some really cool action but unfortunately, if you saw that one trailer you know the trailer. I’m talking about you really have seen the entire film and there’s really no more surprises left The film makes a really cool choice, but then the film backs down from that choice and that also bugged me.

Theres A Lot That Could Have Been

great about this movie, but it is a mess and trust me. I wanted to love. It I used to run around the house with my underwear on on the outside of my pants and a towel wrapped. Around my neck because I was Superman damn it and I love Batman I should have been crying throughout this entire film, but unfortunately, it is a bit of a mess. I would recommend seeing it though as a comic-book movie fan I love these characters.

Batman Is Awesome In It.

I’m gonna give Batman V Superman dawn of Justice a C+ trust me. I’m really disappointed in saying that but I’m not saying it’s awful. There’s this thing with the internet where you have to love it or you have to hate it. I’m very middle-of-the-road I’m very conflicted on this movie.

There Are Things I Love About It.

The things I dislike about it guys those are my thoughts on Batman V. Superman spoiler video coming this weekend also please look forward to my hilarious ‘ti this Sunday because it’s going to be something very special. I to review some of my childhood films because they’re not that great and it’s time for me to make fun of myself. I think I’ve made fun of other people’s movies enough let’s turn the sights on me a little bit.

You Guys Have Asked Me To Show

you my Indiana Jones movies for quite some time. I’m gonna do that except I’m gonna review them. I’m gonna show you clips. I’m gonna make fun of myself. It’s gonna be tons of fun that’s gonna be Sunday Also thank you so much to everyone who’s bought my book.

Im Serious I I Cant Believe

it people have been sending me photos of themselves in the bookstore and it’s brought a tear to my eye. I am so grateful thank you so much for doing that guys and thank you to the amazing people who sent my wife and I stuff. In our p. o box this incredible painting really touched our hearts.

This Superman Figure Back There That

Wonder Woman season. You guys are amazing thank you so much. I don’t even know what to say I’m blown away by your kindness and generosity thank you you guys are the best if you like this you can click right here and get stuck man eyes.


Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice is a movie that’s finally being released in theaters and I finally got to see it with my eyes . There are things I love about this movie and some things that I do not love . Henry Cavill is just fine as Superman I wouldn’t say he’s amazing I don’t think he surpasses Christopher Reeve in any way in this film, but as the character he works for me, Gal Gadot or Wonder Woman fantastic as Wonder Woman . Ben Affleck killed it as Batman. He looked incredible. This is my favorite on-screen Batman costume we’ve had. I do have one problem with Batman though and I’m going to get into that in a minute. But overall the character of Batman in this movie is awesome. I’m not sure what I’m about to say. I think you’ll be okay. It’s a great thing to say about the movie. I was one of the only people it was like Don’t kill me. You were fantastic…. Click here to read more and watch the full video