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Now We Take Georgia Then We Change America Hmm

change America sound at all familiar We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America. Changing this great nation has been an overt goal for over a decade now and it’s just getting worse it’s getting worse because they found success America has changed immensely even in just the last year. Many of the ideas we fought for that just a few years ago were considered radical are now mainstream, but don’t think it’s too late to return to the freedom. The individualism. The patriotism that you and I experienced as kids but if Democrats win the last remaining Senate seats in Georgia.

I Fear It Will Be Too Late.

This is clearly the most important election in the modern history and say that this is the most important election of my lifetime. It’s probably one of the most important elections of our lifetime. Most important election in U. s history.

Theyre All Right.

November 3rd 2020 was the most important election yet and though it’s still being fought by lawyers on battlefields. Inside of our courtrooms. We don’t yet know who our next president will be, but we do know that biden has a shot a good one at the White House and if he has the Senate standing behind him, then America will never be the same Georgia. The Peach state has just become the ball game.

The World Series Game Seven Last Battle All

tied up and it all comes down to this tonight battleground Georgia, the Radical Democrats who will transform America hello America welcome to the program. I want to put you on war footing as multiple house and Senate races are still undecided, and if we lose the two Senate runoffs in Georgia, we might just lose the country that we know and love. Kelly Loffler and David Perdue have to win their elections because the people that are running against them. Even though the Democratic Party is trying to hide it with the help of the media. They are the same kind of radicals that the majority of the country voted against during the election everything I’m about to show you is being hidden and suppressed by the left by the media and by social media and giant tech.

The Fight Between Kelly Loffler And

Raphael warnock is going to be insane. Both Republicans and Democrats are looking to spend 100 million dollars of peace on just this race alone, so let’s dig into it. Who are these people well? Since 2005 Warnock has been the pastor at the Ebenezer Baptist Church. The same position once held surprisingly not by Ebenezer Scrooge, but by Martin Luther King Jr. In 2016 Obama invited him to deliver the sermon at the White House Easter Prayer Breakfast Oh boy Warnock is everything conservatives wish we had from our pastors well except the exact opposite I mean I’d love my pastor.

You Know To Unite With Everybody

else and urge people stop killing millions of unknown unborn babies. He’s the opposite of that I would love for him to take a stand against unconstitutional lockdowns and government taking the place of God. We have to worship and submit to a government love that he’s the opposite we’d love for them to preach on how differing political ideologies. Don’t mean Jack squat in the House of the Lord We’d love. them to take a stand against critical race theory and all this white guilt? You’re a victim not if you’ve been set free by Jesus Sadly So many of our pastors are silent not all but many and in the absence of real leadership from many of our churches political idol ideologues, like Raphael Warnock have ascended to one of the most influential and powerful stages in the country.

The Pulpit If You Are A

supporter of Donald Trump. This is what this man who could be the key of changing America thinks of you. This is what he preaches to his congregation about you. If it is true that a man who has dominated the news and poisoned the discussion for months needs to repent. Then it is doubly true that a nation that can produce such a man and make his vitriol go viral needs to repent.


Don’t no matter what happens next month More than a third of the nation that would go along with this is reason to be afraid. America needs to repent for its worship of whiteness. All praise Almighty Whiteness sorry our support of Donald Trump has made us sinners We are worshiping forget What is we are worshiping whiteness How do you even do that? According to warnock, over 71 million Americans need to repent not just for voting for Trump but for worshiping whiteness. I don’t worship whiteness I worship God God is in charge my color your color nobody’s color Nobody sees color that’s the way we were supposed to be remember writing Luther King.

Politics Is This Mans Religion.

Critical race theory is his religion and these are the great unifiers. This is the man that Georgia may send into the Senate. This is the guy that’s going. to help heal the country how when you’re saying 70 plus million Americans are are horrible horrible people that need to repent because we’re worshiping Should I blow the candle out.

I Mean Is Are Worshipping Whiteness Race Does

not define everything but that is critical race theory in a nutshell and I wonder gee what would Jesus think of that I don’t know but I don’t think he’d be for it. I don’t think so either the man who welcomed gentiles with open arms. The the man who said hey that Samaritan‘s gonna find somebody who he doesn’t like at all is his enemy and he’s gonna take care of him. You know that Jesus well that Jesus is not the Jesus that warnock knows Jesus looks I think a little more. I guess like Joe Biden or I I don’t know who warnock was educated at the Union.

Theological Seminary In New York City, Where

we all go to just commune with the Lord New York City. Of course is the best his academic advisor whom he later would call his mentor was none other than Dr. James Hal Cohn recognize that name Warnock called Cohn quote a poignant and powerful voice of high spiritual magnitude. Oh yes he was well not really I mean as long as it’s the opposite day sure then he’s fabulous. It’s an interesting thing to say about a man that once said and I quote if God is white kill God this is jesus they’re right am I right yeah.

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He argued that white Christians are satanic and spoke about the need of quote destruction of everything white in our society. Man sign this up this guy up to be the senator won’t He be great in his 1970 book A Black Theology of Liberation Yep. He is the founder of that Liberation theology H black Liberation theology. We all know that isn’t based in Marxism at all.

Cohn Wrote That American White Theology Is

the theology of the antichrist. He said, quote there will be no peace in America until white people begin to hate their whiteness asking from the depths of their being How can we become black? What warnock cited his mentor over a dozen times in his own book The divided mind of the Black Church, but warnock has a much larger problem with America. Hating and yes Racist pastors I’m not even sorry to say that I mean anyone who says that you’re a racist. I just said he was arrested that makes you a racist. ##NK] they don’t love this country People who are Marxist Don’t love this country When they say they want to change America.

They Mean Destroy America And Replace Her

with something entirely different. Do you remember Obama’s Pastor Jeremiah Wright remember this class government gives them the drugs builds bigger prisons passes a three–strike law and then wants us to sing God bless America No no no not God bless America God damn America that’s in the Bible for killing innocent people God can’t help me all right all right. This goes on and on and on I think that’s enough. We get the idea easy to condemn that right sure I mean if we were in a sane America. We could come together and say that’s really not very good all right, but raphael warnock the guy running for Senate now the guy who is going to be.

Or At Least One Of Them

One of two wait till you meet the next guy? He can’t condemn that in fact in his 2013 book, he called it quote a very fine homily really again in 2014 at the Auburn Avenue Research Library, Warnock said this quote you got to go back and see and see if you can find it and read it as I have read the entire sermon, and it was a very fine sermon. Okay. This is an elaborate joke right. I mean he didn’t really mean that does he oh yes he does I don’t think we need to go back and listen to any of that garbage ever again. It’s pretty darn obvious what was being said there and there was nothing fine about it.

Warnock Was One Of Wrights First

supporters joining several other pastors back in 2008 to defend the damn. America Sermon he even went as far to say this quote. In fact it’s inappropriate not to feel outrage in the face of injustice. Even the Obama administration found it smart to distance themselves from right, but they dropped that Marxist mask long ago and warnock is evidence of it. He’s stuck right by his side, so what does he think now well.

Msnbc Was A Safe Place For A

Marxist to be asked point blank what’s with the relationship with you and Jeremiah wright What is your relationship with him do you believe he’s an anti–semite. I know reverend wright I’m not an anti–semite. I’ve never defended anti–semitic comments from anyone and Kelly Lefla knows better she is trying to engage in the same old washington politics of division and distraction and there’s a reason for this. She can’t explain why she is for getting rid of health care. To know what is your relationship and do you think he’s an anti–semite? He says well I’m not an anti–semite well okay we’re not talking about you right now um anybody who embraces this anti–semite is an anti–semite.

I Hate To Break It To You Pastor,

but he he didn’t say a thing about their relationship or anti–semitism For context of wright’s anti–semitism. He once blamed my favorite line them Jews it’s it’s usually more effective when you say it like this the Jews for not letting him talk to Obama and Warnock seemed to have his own issues with Jews and Israel. Last year he signed a statement comparing Israel to apartheid South Africa, which is exactly what the Marxist had been doing. Oh yeah and he’s right there with Jeremiah wright wait until you hear what this good man of God The man of the cloth has to. imagine the pain that she’s going through right now She’s having it and she’s having this pain.

Its Like Phantom Pain Shes Like Ow My

arm hurts you’re like sweetheart. You don’t have an arm anyway. I don’t know if it would work for her probably because I think relief factor it was developed by doctors, but they might have been white some of them.


We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America . The Peach state has just become the ball game. Now we take Georgia Then we change America Hmm change America sound at all familiar . The World series game seven last battle all tied up and it all comes down to this tonight battleground Georgia, the Radical Democrats who will transform America hello America welcome to the program. We don’t yet know who our next president will be, but we do know that biden has a shot a good one at the White House and if he has the Senate standing behind him, then he will never be the same Georgia. If we lose the two Senate runoffs in Georgia, we might just lose the country that we know and love. The Radical Democrats are the same kind of radicals that are running against them. We’re all right. They are the people that are fighting against them, the Democratic Party is trying to hide it with the help of the media. We need to win their elections….. Click here to read more and watch the full video