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Well I Made It Through The Second Episode

of the second season of Batwoman and while there’s only 11 unintentionally hilarious weeks to go not sure if I can make it through the whole season, but I will give it my best shot now Once again. The ratings were down but not as much last week. They gave the excuse of the NFL and they were up against championship games this weekend, but I don’t think there’s much crossover between Batwoman and football other than I Don’t think anyone’s watching either of them. Things did not go well for the premiere of Batwoman season two how bad was it. I mean aside from the horrific ratings and the beating they took on Youtube.

They Were In An Awful Big

hurry to get to their next show, and they dropped a trailer for Superman and Lois, which looked pretty good but. You’re not gonna get me CW I know we’re gonna get feelings in barns and feelings in Cornfields, and we also had a little mistake on Twitter Oopsie Considering we’re only two episodes in I can’t be that hard on the show, but it’s pretty clear that the quality really hasn’t changed. It remains the same dumpster fire it’s always been and the loss of Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane only to be replaced by Javisha Leslie’s. Ryan Wilder is just a zero-sum game. It’s the same bad it’s just a little different, but I will admit.

I Will Concede That Ryan Wilder Will Be

an inspiration to young black women who talk to their plants and live in late 60s vans down by the river around the world now in my star Trek discovery review. I briefly discussed Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey and then We also discussed the hero’s journey. Is you should have listened to our hero all along? But we have a brand new one now the victim’s journey while Batwoman gets better ratings than something like Doctor who here in the states, it has a very similar trajectory down In season one. The first two episodes received 1. 8 million viewers and 1.

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4 Million Viewers.

This season week one was 663 000 live overnight viewers, which has been adjusted to 659 000, but they did move the 18 to 49 demo up from 0. 10 to 0. 15. This week.

The 18 To 49 Demo Is A

0.20 but the overnight live viewers are 642 000 and companies actually pay money to advertise on this show now over at Rotten Tomatoes. The score has dropped from the last time I checked thirty percent on the audience side to twenty percent but the critic’s score has gone up and we have. A few more to expose as absolute shills this week. Alina Vargas from the Av Club Top critic says this show seems to be in good hands with Javisha Leslie, Jessica Mason, the Mary sue.

The New Batwoman Is A More

accessible and fun character than Kate Kane and that’s a very good thing and Javisha Leslie is an instant star Alex page pagey Javisha Leslie Shines as Ryan Wilder. The new Batwoman, despite some shortcuts with the writing to explain the changes from season 1. Batwoman Season 2 starts with a pow and a bang Elsie Rengifo from entertainment voice. The intentions of Batwoman in terms of pop representation are so welcome. You can almost forgive the absurdities in the plotting how quickly they abandon the alphabet Crusader.

Now Theres A Bit Of A Hangover From

last episode, but you can tell they’re trying to get by this Kate. Kane is missing thing as fast as possible without actually confirming her as dead because of the barrier gaze trope, so they will never ever do that There will be a little bit of a mystery, but it will eventually be forgotten because Ruby Rose quit the show, and she is never ever coming back and they are trying to insert Ryan Wilder’s Batwoman as fast as possible. At the end of the last episode, she beat the face off of Tommy Elliott, what face did she beat off literally Bruce Wayne’s face because they wanted to symbolize how powerful our new victimized Batwoman is by beating the crap out of Bruce Wayne. We also found out at the end of the last episode that someone named Sifia took credit for sabotaging Kate Kane‘s plane, which enraged Alice because she had some diabolical plan to have Jacob her father kill. Kate Kane, her sister with the Kryptonite bullet, but that is obviously off the table because Ruby Rose quit so now it’s time for a new ingenious diabolical evil plan.

Apparently Greg Berlantis Intersectional Feminist Writers Room Paid

attention in gender studies and nothing else. According to Alice’s dead brother Bats eat rats because bad seed rabbits Alice so Alice’s big plan is to duct tape a rat to mouse’s body. The rat would eat mouse and ingest the toxin. Then the rat would attract bats. The bats would eat the rat and they would ingest the toxin as well.

According To Pest Net Bats Hunt At

night and locate their food using echolocation, which involves sensing the rebound of high-pitched squeaks, much like a radar system. In other words, you can’t just toss a rat out and expect a bunch of bats to show up they’re not sky piranha. She tapes the rat to mouse, the rat eats mouse, the bats, eat the rat and all of a sudden. They have glowy eyes and they’re filled with toxin. This will be very important to the plot later, so begins the victim’s journey.

Our First Scene Takes Place Two Months Before

the current events and Ryan Wilder is dressed as a cat remember catwoman. It’s Halloween and Ryan Wisely decides to move her van from down by the river and I live in a van down by the river and park it in Drape tunnel, and she runs across the descendants of the Drapers from Wonder Woman 84. three white guys try to rob her and we find out that she’s broke and she has collection agencies after her because that’s normally what you’re going to talk to people about while you’re getting robbed with a gun to your face. Then she gets saved by Ruby Rose’s Batwoman, who was probably played by a 14-year-old boy in the next step in the victim’s journey We’re at present day and Ryan Wilder is being turned down for a job because she has been to prison. Of course she went to prison for a crime.

She Did Not Commit But She

decided to plea out because she didn’t think she would get justice from the justice system in our third scene in the victim’s journey. Ryan is looking for a little painkiller for the Kryptonite bullet that she took last episode. She rubs it because it’s bothering her and that’s the last time they bring it up. This episode The convenience store she’s in gets robbed by two white guys. She beats the crap out of both of the white guys they get away and then when the cops show.

Up They Arrest Ryan In Our Fourth

scene in the victim’s journey. Ryan is taken into the crows and interrogated by Sophie lesbian Number one who doesn’t believe a word. She says when she didn’t commit the robbery and is only forced to let her go. When they actually watch the security footage through our victim’s journey. We find out that Ryan is pure as the driven snow who only misses her mother and likes to talk to her plants and live in her van down by the river.

She Had Nothing To Do With Her

lady friends drug dealing. Although she did hold the drugs know about the drugs. know that there were crimes being committed and even drove getaway cars, but she was perfectly innocent and just a victim of the system well that and a nickel get your hot cup, a jack squat and apparently where they lived didn’t have a door. You could walk out of. I would worry about what kind of message Batwoman is sending but considering that only about half of the 642 000 people watching are doing it unironically it’s harmless.

So Jacob Knows That His Daughter Was Batwoman

and he decides to interrogate his daughter Lucy, who in my last video I called Mary and Sophie is interrogating Mini fox. They both lie about knowing anything about Kate Kane and that’s that then we have sophie walking past Julia Pennyworth and they have a lesbian stare down and they’re mad at each other and we have some more secrets and feelings. in Hallways and at a stairway and this brings us to the other CW ism aside from feelings and Hallways feelings on rooftops feelings in the back cave feelings in the Hall of Justice Secrets usually three to six people know a secret and they keep it from one of the main characters that one main character eventually learns the secret and gets mad at the other three to six characters until one of those other three to six characters learns a secret shares it with three to six other characters and keeps it from somebody else to keep the cycle going. Alice confronts Julia in her car in the parking lot at the crow security firm and says she wants to have a super villain Super Spy team up. Julia isn’t that sure Alice says think about it and then stabs her and then walks away Scot-free Ryan Wilder.

Beating The Crap Out Of Two Very

large men and breaking up a robbery and then being falsely accused of it after she didn’t get a job because of her prison record inexplicably shows up at Mary’s speakeasy emergency room, which was great timing because they just so happened to roll in the body of mouse. Later Mini Fox shows up and the body of mouse starts flailing away arms and legs and a bat flies out of it. I don’t know how a bat can make an entire body flail, but this is batwoman on the cw. They figure out that the bat is filled with the toxins. I have a question if the toxic male died from a toxin.

Why Didnt The Rat Or The Bats

but forget about all that greg berlanti missed a huge opportunity here you don’t need toxic rats or toxic bats you had. The toxic mail you could have just had them attacking the city, but they’ll probably save that for another episode speaking of good timing Mini Fox just heard from Julia Pennyworth, who got stabbed by Alice that Alice is up to something big and it’s gonna happen in a crowded place somewhere in gotham City. They quickly surmise that it’s gonna be the we want Batwoman rallyNK] are you serious the footage from Goliath Stadium from last season just in case you didn’t watch the show which most of you haven’t. There was a scene where the crows trapped Ruby Rose’s Batwoman and shot at her and that footage has gone out and gone viral. And they think the Crows have Bat woman and the people demand their lesbian liberator back.

The Big Problem Is They Dont

have a bat woman and she’s the only one who can disperse. Disperse that crowd Mary who last video I called Lucy suggests that Julia puts the costume on because she’s done it before, but Julia can’t because she just got stabbed by Alice and let her go Scot free, so the only option is Ryan Wilder Hello Black Mini Fox decides to let the girl name Ryan Don the Batwoman costume once again and their big solution for the big difference between Kate Kane and Ryan Wilder is the same solution they used in season one for the difference between Kate Kane and Bruce Wayne distance Ryan Wilder as Batwoman shows up in the words of bulls Trek looking like an overweight eight-year-old and tries to disperse the crowd. The crowd is so happy to have their bat woman back. They refuse to leave. Alice decides to show up.

They Have A Girl Fight To Fruity

loops music and she presses. But nothing explodes hundreds of toxic bats show up and they still don’t disperse the crowd. They decide to just stand there flailing around getting bitten by Bats. Alice disappears to magically reappear across town mind you Gotham City is 330 square miles and Ryan Wilder puts on her sonar device to find a sonar device, which is drawing the bats in instead of destroying it right there She has to get rid of it because she doesn’t want the bats to fly around Gotham City not that they need to because none of these idiots are leaving. In the meantime, the crows are shooting the bats with shotguns in a city so, while the crowd that refuses to disperse is getting attacked by Bats.

Ryan Wilder Takes The Sonar Device Gets In

the batmobile starts driving around and eventually puts it inside a crow’s prison bus She traps all. The bats in the prison bus and is about to blow it up. But she sees a young homeless girl and saves her from the explosion Never mind the people working late in the building right next to it. Mary, who last video I called Lucy magically reappears at her speakeasy emergency room and Alice Magically reappears there also giving her the antidote Mary who in last video I called Lucy borrows. Alice’s teleport device and takes the antidote to a company that synthesizes it overnight and saves everybody wow that was as fast as the Koof vaccine.

Im Sure Itll Be Fine Mary Who In

last video I called Lucy and Sophie decide that Alice must be up to something bigger because she is way too ingenious and calculating or is she just wearing a hell of a lot of plot armor and surrounded by complete morons We get. some lesbian feelings at work? Then we get some father and daughter feelings at work Oh poor Doug ray. He looks so sad some slow music starts playing as they finally officially make Ryan Wilder Batwoman at the end of the second episode, and then they finally do something that I completely agree with. She sits down with Kate’s diaries and she decides to pick up where Kate left off but instead of doing dear bruce they do dear Kate completely erasing Bruce Wayne from this series and I am extremely happy about that in the final scene it turns out Alice’s whole plan was to screw over Sophia turns out. Sophia wanted to use that toxin on somewhere else and now that there’s an antidote.

Its All Screwed Up.

In the final scene. Alice and Sophie meet in an alley, but they are jumped by bad acting Sword woman. Both knocked out and that’s where the episode ends now your little stunt with that miracle Cure has drawn Saphire’s wrath so Ryan Wilder is Batwoman did she train for years in different fields like detective work, genetics, biology chemistry did She also learn multiple forms of martial arts across the world or did she just learn half a dozen in a dojo in Gotham City and because of that she’s entitled to all of Bruce Wayne’s stuff so we’ve gone from a hero facing challenges to grow inner strength to a hero who was great all along who was just being held down by men to the victim who was great all along, but just being held down by the system a show like this when critics had some integrity would get trashed, but we are in the current year and of course they’re gonna over praise it because.

Of The Bigotry Of Low Expectations.

After the second episode, I can say that Javisha Leslie is better than Ruby Rose while that isn’t saying much she isn’t the reason. This show sucks it’s the writing it’s always the writing It’s not anything to be taken seriously logic distance travel have no place in this world and it only exists to be intersectional feminist junk food erotic. com please subscribe if you like what I do please consider subscribing to the channel and liking and sharing the videos.

It Really Does Help.

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The ratings were down but not as much last week . The first two episodes received 1.8 million viewers and 1.4 million viewers in season one . This season week one was 663 000 live overnigh . The show has a very similar trajectory down In season one. In season two, it had 1.7 million viewers. In the U.S. it has better ratings than something like Doctor who here in the states, it has a similar trajectory . The quality of the show hasn’t changed. It remains the same dumpster fire it’s always been and the loss of Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane only to be replaced by Javisha Leslie’s. It’s the same bad it’s just a little different, but I will admit that Ryan Wilder will be an inspiration to young black women who talk to their plants and live in late 60s vans down by the river around the world now . The series is a little more fun than Star Trek Discovery. The first episode of…. Click here to read more and watch the full video