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Right, This Is A Point About Bayonets.

Now My central point about Bayonets is UK Bayonets save lives. . . or, at least, saved lives.

Now, You May Think Thats A Bit

of a sort of strange thing to say; I mean after all bayonets were weapons, weren’t They They were designed for, well, bayoneting people, for sticking into them and causing them to die and stuff. Well Yes, but actually people didn’t stick around to be bayoneted. Being Bayoneted, it was very very unappealing to people who had no shields or armour. . .


and so what they preferred to do was run away UK than be bayoneted, and by running away. . . They remained alive.

So When A Load Of British

line-infantry in the Napoleonic Wars, Say, they got out their muskets, they waited for the French to come along., and UK shot a couple of Frenchmen, and then charged screaming through the smoke. . . By and large.

They Then Did Not Spend The Next Several

minutes Bayoneting Frenchmen (more’s the pity).. . Instead, They would find that the area that was previously occupied by a lot of Frenchmen. .


now wasn’t because they’d beaten a hasty retreat. People Don’t. . .

And Thats Not.

. . I’m not saying the French were cowards; they were humans, and humans tend not to stick around to be bayoneted. NO one does, including the British.


. . . When British military observers went,, to have a look at,, at battles in the American Civil War, They were pretty shocked at a number of things;.

One Of The Things That Shocked Them Was

the.. . how, er. .


. Er. . .

Miserably Effective Modern Weapons Were, And

they were thinking, UK I hope we don’t have any wars in Europe, because these modern weapons are really nasty.” ,, but they were also pretty shocked to see that the Americans were not using bayonets; they were not closing with each other. . In the American Civil War battles you’ve got a load of, um. .


one side would come up and then start shooting. . . and then a lot would then shoot back.


. and then. . .


This would carry on. . . for ages; the sides didn’t close with each other.

; They Didnt Fire And Then Charge In.

They fired and then reloaded and fired again and reloaded and the guy next to you got shot and, UK Dear, This is looking a bit bad. . . ” but, UK They fired and reloaded.


. . and. .


more and more and more and more of them got shot. . . on both sides.


casualties in the American Civil War were horrendous. . . UK people didn’t use the bayonet; if you charge him with a bayonet, you.


. the other lot , generally runs away. If You’ve got the advantage get in with a bayonet, and you will find that you’ve taken the ground from the enemy, and you haven’t actually had to kill them. .


so. . . not so many of you die, but then also not so many of them.

Die, But Youve Achieved Your Military Uk

you’ve taken the position, so the bayonet was still effective.. Bayonets were in fact very seldom used at all. . .


. . they. .


they look good. I mean, th. . .

Theyre A Big Uk Thing On The

end of a.. . on the end of a rifle; it looks aggressive, and looks as though you’re prepared to use it, and being prepared to use it makes you look very manly and very soldierly. .


. . . .

But The Portrait.

. . there’s a famous portrait of UK Thin Red Line’, erm. .


for instance at the. . . Battle of Balaclava, and yes.

There Was A Thin Red Line, And, Um.

. . . These,, soldiers with their bayonets did hold the line against a cavalry charge, and that’s very impressive, but actually the bayonet.


. wasn’t the thing th. . .

That Brought About The Victory; What They Did

is just shot the enemy as they came in, and, er, The enemy went down, and, and some of them fell.. . almost immediately in front of the line,. But it wasn’t the bayonet that stopped them; it was.


. it was musketballs. . .

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. . the bayonet in the picture looks really good, because you’ve got a line of guys with bayonets, holding fast. .


um, but actually the bayonets didn’t. . . didn’t do it; the bullets did.


. um. . .

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. . Bayonets. .


(that was a bit of a sideline, sorry) bayonets save lives. I suppose. . .

The Point, Er.

. . the reason I put that in was that it wasn’t the bayonet that actually got used; it was that. .


it was being UK to use a bayonet that has its effect. So when you charge in with a bayonet what you’re saying is, UK reckon I’m going to stick this into you unless you run away! Consider your options. .


what are you gonna do ” and, by-and-large, people ran away. So there you UK bayonets save lives.


People didn’t stick around to be bayoneted, it was very unappealing to people who had no shields or armour . So what they preferred to do was run away, and by running away.&.& They remained alive.& Now My central point about bayonets is UK Bayonets save lives.& or, at least, saved lives. The British military observers went,. to have a look at,. at battles in the American Civil War, They were pretty shocked at . how, er.& .& Er.& Er .&. & I’m not saying the French were cowards; they were humans, and humans tend not to stick around.& NO one does, including the British.& No one does . The British. and that’s not. Anyone who has no shield or armour is allowed to be Bayoneted to run away. The French were not using bayonetets; they didn’t use them. They were shocked to see that the….. Click here to read more and watch the full video