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fast and die young tonight on the show. We’re going to talk about the old trope married men live longer than single men, so you must if you want to live the fullest longest life get married come to find out that’s a very old study and they’re not really so sure that it’s actually accurate. I mean if you think about it yes if you’re very happily married you’ll live longer than someone that’s miserable and alone. But I’ll go so far as to say if you’re happy and single you’ll live longer than someone that’s really bummed out and married so we’re going to go through a couple of these stories and then, according to a study that’s a little bit more recent. Apparently all this information is old and a newer study that comes out says it’s debunked.

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Women Actually Are Being Married Is Actually

more stressful, so we’re going to talk about that so let’s get recording and we have from HrF, which is well that sounds official doesn’t it let’s read through and then we’re going to get to the stuff that debunks it why married men live longer than single men okay now a lot of these things believe it or not you can do on your own. The reason why married men do them more often is because they have a wife that’s probably nagging them to do it so they say a wife insurance married men lives 17 years longer. Numerous studies have been carried out over the last 150 years. Their findings suggest that marriage is good for your health.

Some Of The Findings Of These

studies are below now later on we’re going to debunk this but we’re just going. To read this as is and we’ll talk about these talking points 32 percent of men’s single men’s risk of death is 32 higher compared to merry men now. I gotta talk about this a little bit, but in a later study, they talk about that if a woman divorces you and leaves you and takes half your stuff. You’re counted as a single guy so they’re like they’re really talking about married men that are still married but a woman has left you or you’re divorced or you’ve never been married. Those all get lumped in and I think some they may say this later on.

I Forget But I Think People

that had their spouse die earlier than them. They are counted as single so that’s not really exactly the metrics that we need to be talking about here. So they say unmarried divorced and widowed now remember. These are 150 from 150 years ago. Let me see if yeah studies over the last 150 years.

Im Pretty Sure Things Have Changed Even In

the last 15-20 years. Let alone 150. unmarried divorced and widowed men. Don’t eat as well as married men. I’ll ask you gentlemen this who’s the best cook You know in most of the relationships you have I’m pretty sure 80 percent or more of you are raising your hands.

Ive Always Been The Cook.

I am the better cook because I like good food that’s not to say that there aren’t women out there that cook, but it’s getting fewer and fewer let’s be honest about it so that one. I I don’t count that one we can cook for ourselves and if you don’t know how to learn how to cook you can get amazing food you can make it healthy. And it’s delicious unmarried men are less likely to exercise and more likely to smoke drink and take part in risky behaviors Okay do I drink a little bit more now that I’m I’m a bachelor yes why because when I wake up at eight o’clock in the morning and I want a beer. I have a beer and a bottle of whiskey No no because because I’m not expected to drive and let’s go out let’s go do this and we gotta run to the mall and we gotta go shopping and I wanna go out to dinner and when I go out to dinner.

I Cant Really Have Much More

than one beer because I have to drive home because usually guys are the ones to drive where here I can buy. I can buy a rib eye that normally in a restaurant would be 15 20 bucks. I can buy that on sale for 6. 99 at my grocery store is it top shelf cut no but you can get some good ones on sale man sear that thing up throw it in the oven 400 degrees for five minutes medium rare, very good and I can enjoy an extra beer too because the farthest they have to drive is from the kitchen right here that’s it um and then as far as the risky behavior. Yeah I ride motorcycle the all my exes or at least most of them didn’t want me to ride motorcycle if we were going to be in long term together because they didn’t want something to happen to me.

Yeah Well Thats Thats My Hobby Thats

going to happen an educated wife 2009 study showed that men married to a more ed two more educated women had a lower death rate we. Don’t need to go any further than that why because 90 and this is another study from very recently, and this is a legit study. I’m not making this up off my head. 90 percent of women that are educated or more educated than their husbands leave them they file for divorce so that one’s kind of out the window. A study of 27 779 cancer cases found that unmarried individuals were more likely to have advanced cancer at the age of diagnosis.

Those Who Had Treatment For Cancer

were married were more likely to survive okay 27 000. Out of how many 350 million I’ll take my chances with that married men have a lower risk of depression and happier retirement if they stay married but what happens if you’ve been married all your life and then you hit 50 something and she leaves you and takes half of. everything I’m pretty sure you’re going to be more at risk of being pretty bummed out when a partner dies. It increases likelihood of illness and disability in the surviving partner. Men are more vulnerable than women by what percentage also usually that happens and when you’re very old, so do you want to live 20-30 40 lives with you 24 20-30-40 lives with someone is what I started to say it’ll feel like that probably do you want to live 20-30-40 years with somebody um just to you know just to say hey.

I Got An Extra Couple Years Out Of

it. Married men are more likely to get regular medical care that’s because the wife’s harping at you to get it done. But if you take care of that yourself that’s nothing 82 percent of men who are less sociable have an 82. percent higher risk of having heart disease well just be sociable and also eat healthy men who have never married are three times more likely to die from cardiovascular disease. So say Japanese scientists okay maybe married men have better cognitive function and smaller risk of Alzheimer’s disease well here’s the good news if my cognitive function goes.

I Mean When Its In Its Lightest

form. It’s great because you can watch a football game and when your team scores you cheering you’re happy and then when they show the instant replay you think they scored again and you’re so you’re twice as happy you forget you ate. So you have a pizza and instead of feeling guilty about you know your next meal. You forgot your eight you ate and then you have like a cheeseburger and then you get cardiovascular problems but let’s move on here This then. The next story here is nagging by a spouse could shorten your life Yeah Now How many of us here had a wife that’s always like Are you just gonna sit in front of that computer all day or are you gonna go do something that I asked you to um.

Can You Take Out The Trash Are You

gonna help me on laundry all right Are you going to help me cook dinner. I cook dinner Are you going to there’s always something there’s there’s that’s why there’s a man cave so the man can go in and hibernate like it’s winter time and just be left alone. Please stop talking to me just let me because women don’t understand that a man a man can just sit and relax and watch something brainless on Tv not have to be always let me check facebook let me. See what’s going we’re not as social so we can just quietly do our thing. I I’ll go into my garage and I like I’m gonna build build a wood custom computer case because this case.

I Just Paid 50 Bucks For

my CPu is running a little hot and since it’s a micro it board an itx board. I only have one fan header because unfortunately on this one the second one’s needed for the motherboard itself case isn’t working. I’m gonna build a wooden case. I could go out there and just draw on wood and do diagrams and cut quietly and fiddle with the thing. Five hours go by and I’m like Oh man.

I Better Get Something To Eat.

I’ve never been married and had five hours to myself without hey hey hey hey like every 45 minutes okay nagging by a spouse could actually shorten. Your life? It’s part of a marriage that everyone loathes the occasional or in some cases, constant nagging between spouses and in CBs 2’s Scott Rappaport reported Friday Word has now come that nagging’s not only annoying, but it can even be life threatening ask any married guy to any married guy in the planet and he’ll tell you as one man told CBs2 Nagging is not pleasant, but now a new study suggests husbands of nagging wives can actually be nagged to death. Let’s see do I have let me find the right button for that men can be nagged to death.

I Am Shocked Shocked Well Not That Shocked

it’s not shocking. This is not shocking if you’ve been in one of these marriages. You know you’re just like I please sweet mercy let it end, but now a new study suggests husbands of nagging wives okay I. read that Danish researchers from the University of Copenhagen said having a nagging partner can significantly shortens one life and could result in three extra deaths per 100 people per year.

The Study Also Said People Nagged

by their spouses are more likely to get heart disease and cancer oop well. There goes the study that we just read from 10 seconds ago and this isn’t from 150 years up through present. This is present day science sounds about right said Stephanie Chileti i nag him a lot. The study also says men in particular at risk shocking shocking we are the ones that get all the nagging.

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I Find That Hard To Believe Right

um men who said they were they faced many demands from their partner or family and friends were more than twice as likely to die and compared to women in the same category who are 34 percent more likely tonight. You know you’re just hanging out man and it starts coming. You know you try to avoid it as much as you can, but you can’t forever said Chiletti’s boyfriend Terry Garcetti.


Joker live fast and die young tonight on the show . Joker says the old trope married men live longer than single men . The reason why married men do them more often is because they have a wife that’s probably nagging them to do it so they say a wife insurance married men lives 17 years longer. A later study, they talk about that if a woman divorces you and leaves you and takes half your stuff. You’re counted as a single guy so they’re like they’re really talking ab . Joker: “If you’re happy and single you’ll live longer . than someone that’s really bummed out and married. If you’re miserable and alone. You will live longer. if you’re unhappy and single. If a woman divorcees you and . leaves you, you’re considered a single. You are counted as . a single.” Joker: ‘You’re like a single man. If I’m single, I’m not single. I’m happy and I’m going to live longer…. Click here to read more and watch the full video