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announcement of the remaining venues of My American 12 Rules for Life tour and the new Canadian venues that will open up in July and August, followed by a lengthy discussion with Ben Shapiro on the narrative substrate of human Commission derived from his new Sunday UK video and podcast So Hi there I’m in Denver Colorado today It’s May 7th 2018 I’m going to give the fourth talk of My American 12 rules for Life tour Tonight or Maybe It’s. The fifth first one was Toronto and Washington and Chicago then Detroit now Denver So Yes I guess that’s the fifth I’m announcing the remaining venues today in the UK where tickets are still available and the dates and places for My Canadian Tour 10 Canadian cities in July. So there’s tickets remaining to ten venues in the United States on. 23rd. Philadelphia on May 29th Houston on June 8th Richmond on June 10th.

Charlotte June, 12Th.

Nashville June 14th Louisville June 15th. Indianapolis June 16th. Milwaukee 25th. Portland 27th.

Sacramento And In Between All That On Wednesday

that June. The 5th will also be in Rick Javac in Iceland. So tickets are available for those and then I’m going to be to her in Canada and July in August. The 19th in Toronto on the 20th in Hamilton that’s July again 21st in London, Ontario 22nd in Kitchener on the 23rd in Ottawa on the 26th in Vancouver on the 27th in Calgary on the 28th in Edmonton in August on the 14th at Regina and on August 15 in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. He can find out more about that if you go to Jordan B Peterson comm and look up events that’s Jordan B Peterson calm under events also in this video is a discussion that I recently did last week.

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In Fact Was Just Released With Ben Shapiro

as part of his new Sunday podcast initiative and I think we had a very good conversation and so the rest of this video was taken up with the conversation that I had with and I think we got further on the issue of how human perception and cognitive function is nested inside a fundamental narrative substrate and we related that to modern findings. Neuro-psychology related to hemispheric function. I think it was an excellent discussion and so I’m very happy to bring it to you there’s some ads in it because I took it directly from Ben’s video so anyway so. That’s the tour Philadelphia, Houston, Richmond, Charlotte, Nashville, Louisville, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Portland and Sacramento, and that’s all in June and May and then Rick G Vic in June as well and then the Canada Tour in July and August Toronto, Hamilton, London, Kitchener, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina and Saskatoon and as I said you can find out about that Jordan B Peterson comm events thank you very much and I hope that you can come to one of the talks they seem to be going really well so far. We sold out a very large number of them and the people seem quite enthusiastic and I’ve been able to get farther in my thinking than I was in my book and each of the talks is designed to illuminate a different element of the let’s say the 12 rules and the topics that are associated with that so thanks.

Very Much And I Hope You

enjoyed the discussion with Ben Shapiro. There’s lots of times in your life. You’re not going to be happy and so that’s not going to work. You want to have something meaningful that’s the the boat that will take you through this storm well here we are with Jordan Peterson and I could not be more excited to talk with the best-selling author of 12 rules for life and I will talk with him. But first I want to say thanks to our sponsors over at Helix League, so there’s nobody on the planet like you so why would you buy a mattress built for everyone else working with the world’s leading sleep experts.

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been guest for up to 125 dollars off. Mattress order again that’s Helix sleep Calm slash been guests get the deal with Ben guests and make sure that they know that we sent you okay, so I could not be more excited to speak with Jordan Peterson well as Jordan knows before the show we talked for an hour before the show. Just about interesting things we should have caught on tape, but now we’re actually gonna get a chance to do it live so here is the Jordan’s new book. If you haven’t bought it yet everybody on planet has bought this book I was walking through the office today We didn’t have a copy in the office person the front desk had a copier book you’re sitting on her desk sup that’s the way this works twelve rules for life an antidote to cast fantastic book obviously topping all the bestseller lists all over the world. Jordan thanks so much for joining the show really appreciate it thanks for the invitation well.

You Know Obviously Your Your Prominence

has just blown up in the last year and a half when we were talking before the show about why that is and why there are so many people who suddenly are very angry about you. I notice there’s an article in Politico suggesting that young angry white males you are now their their leader so congratulations no you have said I want to ask you about that why do you think that number one your profiles become so big of late and number two. Why do you think it is that so many members of the of the left are so angry about that why are they characterizing people who listen to you as angry and enraged young white well. We could we can look at the characterization to begin with you know because I think it speaks to the pathology of the radical left Instantly. They’re absolutely incapable of viewing the world up through group identity terms.

You Know And So If Someone

comes out and disagrees with them, then they have to characterize them by their fundamental group attribute whatever that happens to be maybe its gender because that’s a favorite or maybe it’s race and so angry white men young there we go sexist ageist and racist all at once right they’re angry young white men well it has to be that way if you’re gonna be the if you’re gonna. play the leftist game because that’s the only way that you can look at the world and then if you can’t make your opponent reprehensible in some manner, and it’s strange that they would attempt to make them reprehensible on the grounds of race age and sex. Since that’s precisely what they stand against hypothetically, but if you can’t make your enemy reprehensible along some dimension, then you have to contend with them seriously and so you know if I’m not an all-right fascist. Like Hitler, you know or Milo you know Alice which was how I was characterized in Canada because the radical leftist can’t even get their bloody insults straight. He’s like Hitler or Milo innopolis, it’s like because there’s no difference between them right no obvious difference.

Its Just Another Attempt To Pillory As Far

as I can tell and I think that it’s it’s dreadful. I really think it is? There was an article written in by the I believe the editor of the New York Review of Books, that was just republished in The Globe and Mail talking about the emergence of hyper masculinity and how I was somehow responsible without or contributing to it Like Mussolini and I read that and I thought yeah like miscellany and I thought okay so what are you doing. I see you’re you’re defining masculinity or conflating masculinity and hyper masculinity at the same time. Then your virtue signaling by being against hyper masculinity, but really what you’re trying to do is bring down whatever it is that’s masculinity and what masculinity is in in this frame is something like competence and so it’s part of the radical Leftists General War on competence as well, which I think is one of the most pernicious elements of the.

Culture Wars The Dissolution Of Hierarchies The The

assumption that every hierarchy has to be based on power and served them the needs of your group. Whatever that happens to be that there’s no such thing as confidence and so and then the other thing that’s reprehensible about it because that’s not enough is that it’s just wrong like there’s. I’ve got tens of thousands of letters from people and people come up to me all the time on the street I’ll give you an example. This is a great story.

This Is Really Touching So I Was In

UK about a month and a half ago and I was downtownNK] and downtown.NK] is kind of rough and I was wandering around and with my wife and this young guy pulled a car up beside hopped out and he was kind of a stylish looking 21-year-old. year-old Latino guy something like that it was all excited. He said he asked me who I was and I told him and he you know that’s what he had presumed and so he was kind of excited about that he said look I’ve watched all your lectures and it’s really helped me and I’ve been straightening out my life and trying to get my room clean and he laughed about that but you know developing some aims and trying to tell the truth and and look I’ve really fixed up my relationship with my father and so then he said wait wait just wait a minute and I thought sure what sure so he went back in the car and he got his farther out of his car and he came over with his dad like they had their arms around each other and he said look we’ve.

Really Improved Our Relationship And They Were Both

smiling away and you know that’s man if you’re gonna target me for that just go right ahead and as a real white supremacist, Oh Yeah Yeah and it’s wherever I go now and this is one of the things. This is the thing that’s so wonderful about that all of this as far as I’m concerned is that people come up to me all the time and that’s exactly what they say they say look I was lost, aimless, depressed, nihilistic anxious drug-addicted alcoholic wasting my time masturbating too much. Although they don’t generally use that particular example you know loss essentially and and and hopeless in some sense and I’ve been watching your lectures and they’ve really helped and I’ve really been putting my life together and I’ve been trying to say what I believe to be true and.


This video has two components, a three-minute announcement of the remaining venues of the My American 12 Rules for Life tour and the new Canadian venues that will open up in July and August . A lengthy discussion with Ben Shapiro on the narrative substrate of human Commission derived from his new Sunday UK video and podcast . The rest of this video was taken up with the conversation that I had with Shapiro as part of his new podcast initiative and I think we got further on the issue of how human perception and cognisism are connected to the reality of human perception . The video was released on May 7th 2018 and was released by Jordan B Peterson at the end of the video . The tour will take place in the UK where tickets are still available and the dates and places for My Canadian Tour 10 Canadian cities in July, August 15 in Saskatoon Saskatchewan . The videos are available to download here: B ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video