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Walter on hopper Stephen wake up Stephen faster what what’s going on freight You’re not gonna make your call time. What are you talking about is this what you’re looking for these things are positively dangerous. Steve No I disagree it’s just doing your take into account Walthers attention no. At first I was trying to figure out why do you research. I would walk now a book which you obviously have never read.

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okay. I’ll read it. I’ll read your book okay just let me out here No no no it’s far too late for that now it’s time for you to pay your penance you pre oh you mean really premium what the hell are you talking what’s going on over here. Why am I strapped down Bernie whatever it is you’re thinking. About you and please Don’t do it please Don’t do it? Bernie time to put won’t be loving for-profit health care to the test Ernie No Oh God No Bernie please, Don’t do this you don’t have to do this Just put the hammer down put the hammer down, Oh okay thank you very much I’m a very pleased to be hosting this program today Stephan Pires Mark Mark Levin Yes on the program later.

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course, we have a porter Afro-american Garrett What’s on our like a half Oriental Asian Gerald Morgan Jr with the wine of the day Yes and I brought a special one for you sir because the kind of policies that you tend to push on us do this to dissidents it’s called it’s called blindfold. They usually get shot right after who so I just thought it was for you that’s a reasonable yeah so I guess the question of the day which is important to everyone to we’ll be discussing right now crying Oh given the current state of our of our democracy which of the 217 people running against me should I choose okay it’s my running man. You pick a horse. You tell me in that’s the is it the comments section it’s the comments.

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