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Today, Joe Biden Speaks Out About White Supremacy.

The disinformation governance board is done before it even began. We’ve got all of that and much more coming up and it all starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters I am Sarah Gonzalez happy Hump day. I am joined today by Elijah Shaffer, host of slightly offensive which you can find not only on Blaze Tv, but also on Youtube which I suggest you go and subscribe to if you are not already we are also joined by Mark Lobliner. It’s his first time on the show.

He Is Chief Marketing Officer Of Tigerfitness.

com also pro bodybuilder. In case you didn’t notice the giant guns right there. I’m surprised security let you in they let me in they did they they had bigger guns than me. It is Texas, so I was I was like wow I.

Was Like I Thought We Were

a concealed carry station, No he’s not concealing he’s just like he just walks in we we. I thought this is like the whole idea. There’s no weapons on set, but anyway he didn’t he didn’t get the memo memo no thank you for having me it’s an honor to be on yeah yeah we’re glad you’re here um okay so I want to get into the headlines of the day So Joe Biden as we know very quick to make a trip to Buffalo. Don’t recall him going to Waukesha to make any sort of appearance. When there was a black nationalist that plowed his way through a Christmas parade full of white people, but Joe biden very quick to make it to Buffalo to talk about white supremacy being a poison of our nation and called the shooting This time conveniently the shooting is a terrorist attack watch White supremacy is a poison.

Its A Poison Running Through It

really is oh my God the mouth running through our body. It’s been allowed to fester and grow right in front of our eyes. No more I mean no more we need to say as clearly and forced as we can that the ideology of white supremacy has no place in America. What happened here is simple and straightforward terrorism terrorism domestic terrorism so again conveniently Waukesha not terrorism. All of the 2020 riots burning cities to the ground not terrorism protesters showing up at supreme.

Court Justices Homes Not Terrorism This Definitely

terrorism well you have to give him um some props number one. He brought a doctor with him on stage and as you know doctors are experts at everything so what if it’s an educational degree I like how he also then said clearly and forcibly. I think he meant, but he said clearly not clearly and then he thinks he said far something so he didn’t even his next word. After speaking clearly about something was muddled and i don’t know what he was even talking about and then we go on and he speaks in front of everybody who would have known the talking point. White supremacy is like a plague Oh clap.

I Mean That The Guy Is Just Literally

reading off the teleprompter and the teleprompter is clearly very huge because he’s blind, but ideologically let’s talk about. This number one Anybody who can’t just mourn 10 people being murdered is absolutely heartless, so like you have to look 10 people died every time someone dies. You know heartlessly in involuntarily. I don’t know if you die voluntarily. I guess maybe unless it’s euthanasia, but if you get killed in a grocery store that’s horrible and I feel bad for the families and and every attack that happens in America No matter if it’s racially motivated whether it’s gang motivated it is a tragedy that this happens in our country.

You Care About Black People Getting

killed Why don’t you mention for one moment what’s happening every day in South side, Chicago. A little six-year-old girl would have just shot the other day and killed. I think what 10 people were murdered 17 were shot in just one weekend. I mean 10 black people being murdered is just. Saturday in in in Illinois or whatever so I mean to act like they care about black lives.

The Only Reason Why They Care

is because the shooter was white. The same weekend that a shooter. An Asian shooter shot up a church. They don’t care about the Christians Don’t care about Asian shooters. We don’t talk about any of that.

Its All Ideological So One Reason

and the one reason is to tie the Second Amendment to white supremacy make white supremacy and racism. The issue and the way to solve racism is to take away. The second amendment. It’s disarming the populist that’s the whole point do you think it’s about the Second amendment or do you think it’s more about identity politics because they’ve managed. The Democrats are very brilliant marketers.

They Are They Have Found A Way To

tie white supremacy to Republicans so much that. If you’re a black Republican? You’re still a white supremacist, think about the cognitive dissonance. These people have and think about their voters and how stupid people are to believe some of the things that come out of his mouth. This is a man who literally mentored and eulogized a grand wizard, and now they’re looking at him as the savior of minorities who by the way aren’t really minorities anymore, so that’s the problem the problem is it’s all a play. They literally have people in a back room agencies.

I Believe They Are Tied To Marketing Agencies

large marketing agencies that come up with these talking points. There’s a reason why they don’t pay attention to those murders. I’ve gone online all the time and say if we paid as much attention we just sent 40 billion dollars to Ukraine 40 billion dollars, what could we do with. 40 billion dollars to the South side of Chicago. We can flood the streets with cops, we can have outreach programs.

We Can Put Youth Sports Programs And Keep

kids out of gangs. They don’t care about your kids. They don’t care about black people. They don’t care about white people. All they care about is power and money.

Yeah And Biden Is A Piece

of trash and that’s why they that’s why he got elected in in as we know the safest and most secure election I wonder if his electors were as real as the followers of his on twitter you know it’s that’s a great question because yeah because now we found out yep yep well. I mean that we all knew that to be true right you see the the amount of of live stream views that he has whenever they do any sort of Youtube. live stream, It’s like five people. They get rid of the dislikes because yeah okay so let me just clarify over half of his followers online are fake, but the people who elected him they’re all real so like I mean it’s just like everywhere else you look they’re all fake. You know Youtube and everything but in the real world.

Lets Just Put It Out There.

He is the most popular president in history. We just don’t have evidence of that anywhere else except for the most safe and fair election ever. So I want to I want to circle back to both of you made this point about black on black crime happening in Chicago every weekend. Nobody seems to care about that and now all of a sudden.

They Care So Much About Black People Being

killed not the same sentiment when it’s when it’s white people. I actually I keep getting tagged on twitter because apparently what someone has done is taken one of my tweets that I wrote I don’t know several weeks ago whenever I just went off on twitter and pissed off everyone yeah, and I said black on black crime is a greater threat to America than white Supremacy completely stand by what I said it’s absolutely true. The statistics are there to prove that that is true, but someone took that tweet and tried to pretend like it was part of the the shooter’s discord page and they said he posted this woman’s tweets before doing what he did as if I was and they were like thoughts do you have any thoughts on this and I’m like well. Number one. This is a completely made up like this didn’t happen and it was a really poor photoshop as well, but I was also like number two.

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Its Okay To Say What He Did Was

absolutely awful and heinous and should never have happened. It’s also okay to say that what my tweet said is also true like two things can be true at the same time. I don’t like anybody dying. I don’t know about you guys. I live in tennessee Yeah okay We just got indoor plumbing like six months ago like I live I live in I go to some areas with the wrestling squad, Backwoods, Backwoods areas.

Ive Yet To Meet A White

supremacist. Yeah and you can’t tell because I don’t share the features of my brother, but I’m a jew. I’ve yet to have any crosses or any of the like burned on my lawn. Nobody really cares look white supremacy if it does exist in this country. It’s look it’s a problem.

Im Not A Fan Of White Supremacists.

Okay World War Ii was bad, okay, bottom line is it’s not that big of a problem. I don’t feel it is I feel that they’re shoving this down our throats to divide us even further because if we unite we might actually realize that our true enemies are actually the ones on Capitol Hill, Yeah yeah right I was going to say, though on top of that it is so important though to define what that is because you know with white supremacy like there’s a reason why I’ve seen articles about the new diversity of the white supremacy movement or you know even seeing you know Vince Dow Vietnamese you know some multiple generation immigrant the new leader of the of the white. Nationalist movement of the youth and you’re going okay so you’ve got to just question when white nationalism and white supremacy are being led by non–white people are we really in the self–hating Jew, you know area again is this you know self–hating Vietnamese, how many more self–hating groups are we going to have or perhaps are they just conflating intentional nationalism, freedom and rights with white supremacy and we’ve seen this constantly In the last few years you’ve seen on your show. There was more that list that said that white supremacy was basically everything good with society and and this is what what it’s about deconstructing a society that white people built right and and the reason why is because the society that white people built it’s very important it was built by white people and it was built for white people if you look at the founding.

That They Said For Our Posterity And

they talked about even with voting, etc. We’ve reformed and changed things that doesn’t mean everything in the country is bad if some things were bad in the beginning, just because we might have changed who can vote or we treat black people like humans Because they are and we’re not treating them like and we’re you know getting rid of slavery things that are good. Doesn’t mean that every other thing in the country is also bad and they were saying you know being quiet.


Today, Joe Biden speaks out about white supremacy . The disinformation governance board is done before it even began. We’ve got all of that and much more coming up and it all starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters I am Sarah Gonzalez happy Hump day.& I am joined today by Elijah Shaffer, host of slightly offensive which you can find not only on Blaze Tv, but also on Youtube. We are also joined by Mark Lobliner, chief marketing officer of also pro bodybuilder.& In case you didn’t notice the giant guns right there. I’m surprised security let you in they let me in they did they they had bigger guns than me.& It is Texas, so I was I was like wow I. Was like I thought we were a concealed carry station, No he’s not concealing he’s just like he just walks in there. There’s no weapons on set, but anyway he didn’t get the memo memo…. Click here to read more and watch the full video