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Today, Joe Biden Tells Israel To De-Escalate With

Hamas Also Texas bans mask mandates for local government and public schools. We have got a lot coming up today and it starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters I’m Sarah Gonzalez today joined by my good friend He needs no introduction America’s favorite Cowboy and future governor of Texas. Chad Prather. I love your optimism thank you yeah thank you. I it’s one of the few things that I remain optimistic about in life.

So I Have Lived Through 2020.

you forgot also joined by Matthew Marsden, actor and producer. He is it’s his maiden voyage on the show You are a new transplant. I am a new transplant so thank you very much for having me here from the place we shall not name the place that shall not be named yeah We want to talk. that that you definitely remember why you moved here to Texas Oh yeah every day yes and you will remember that when you go to the polls, Oh yes, As we asked me I’d just like to remind everyone who comes from California Oops, who comes from California Don’t forget why you came here that’s all I’m saying I think we’re safe with matt.

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I Think We Are Safe.

I think you’re okay. I think that’s why I invited Matt on the show UK so let’s get to the headlines of the day so Joe Biden reportedly told Benjamin Netanyahu that he wants a significant de-escalating de-escalation today in the battle between Israel and Hamas I cannot speak today in the Gaza strip now this is interesting because um you know we saw we had we had videos of it that we showed on the show we saw the iron. And I say, responding very like I mean responding responding to all of the rockets that yeah there’s the picture for those of you who are watching on. On video we saw all of the rockets being launched towards Israel Israel defending themselves with the iron dome and you know we said okay how is the biden administration going to handle this because you know previously obviously, the United States has considered Israel an ally that is no surprise.

But We Have This Creeping Anti–Semitism

coming into the Democratic party. We have the squad who’s constantly talking about Israel and constantly talking about the Palestinians and their right to exist and how dare Israel do this and so it was interesting to see how the Biden administration was going to play it they seemed to be a little bit neutral at first and now they are telling Israel that they. De-escalate de-escalate with Hamas, but I guess my question that I’ll start the ball rolling is how do you de-escalate with someone who is in fact just trying to wipe you off the face of the planet. I mean you’ve seen you’ve seen the meme where it says If Israel um if you know if if Gaza at the Palestinians were to quit shooting, then Israel would quit shooting and the opposite is true as well. If Israel were to stop shooting Gaza would not stop right.

Theyre Going To Continue Going Right

the bigger thing in in that regards to me with Joe Biden is he thinks everybody he could talk to everybody like their corn pop right you know hey Jack you know like he’s bossing everybody around and i don’t see where he has any political collateral with Bb Netanyahu at this point in time because he hasn’t behaved like an ally No he hasn’t supported it took him forever just to make the phone call exactly so and I I appreciate what Netanyahu said he said now we’re just going to stay the course I mean. Joe just wants to boss everybody around and that just that ain’t going to work yeah If that’s your if that’s your foreign policy, then it’s it’s a bad one well. I just think that you know you have a situation where this isn’t a theoretical right. It’s not a hypothetical situation. It’s like someone’s life is on the line so they’re just not going to say Oh yeah okay yeah we’ll we’ll listen to you we’ll de-escalate when they know what’s going to happen they’re going to get wiped off the face of the planet right.

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So Of Course, Bibi Netanyahu Is Going To

say no actually and how can I do that because if I stop they’re still going to keep bombing me right and that means that people are going to die. So you know this is the real world it’s not. It’s not a just a political sphere where you can spout off whatever you want and there’s not real consequences right so so that’s the issue. I think we’re dealing with. I always look and see it’s kind of like you know when you have a bad parents right.

You Have A Bad Parent That Says

when when people are squabbling like their kids are squatting not saying that they’re kids, but you know the analogy is when their kids are squabbling that they’ll insist on the kid that is willing to bend right the one that is reasonable right that will look. at the situation and say well you know for the not for the greater good, but you know for the benefit of others. I’ll I’ll kind of step back a little bit right and that’s bad parenting right because you have to look and say who is in the right and and what are the consequences for each other’s behavior right if someone punches someone in the nose, you want them to punch back so they’ll stop right so I think that that you know we we really if we look at it as a as a parental thing. You know it’s ridiculous you you cannot expect Israel to not respond yeah, yeah well so whenever so you you bring up looking at it as a as a parental and I love that analogy by the way, but I guess my question is at this point, how involved should the United States be with these types of issues around the world. You know Hamas is.

I Mean Its A Terrorist Organization Its

I mean it’s so we we we’ve got to show a strong backbone in this situation because you’re right there there is there’s only one way to put a stop to this. You meet with violence with with greater violence. You know you bring the gun to the knife fight and and you enable that the quicker the quicker that we support our allies and can put a stop to this thing and i’m not saying that. America has to get involved militarily or anything like that Israel can handle its own. I mean they’ve proven that throughout history they can handle themselves, but you got to say look finish this you know yeah finish this thing yeah, but if you don’t do that by turning around and walking away from it Yeah, what do you think yeah no.

I Agree And I Think That Like

you say you don’t necessarily have to you know we’re not talking about boots on the ground right. We’re just talking about a moral stance that says hey look this is unacceptable and I think that any killing. I mean we all say that and we all agree that any loss of life is tragic right, But you start they started it right. It didn’t come from nowhere and and again like you said I was thinking about that in in I think it was something that Dennis Prager did in one of his videos that said if one side laid down their arms there’d be peace and if the other side lay down their arms. There’d be a massacre right and I think that that’s absolutely true and and that’s again.

Weve Got To Have Big People

in the room. We have to have adults in the room that understand the reality of the situation on the ground. It’s not a hypothetical. This is real this is people dying yeah. I totally agree um.

I Mean You Look At The

Democrat Party though and there are a lot of people within leadership positions, but also just generally speaking who just have it so backwards and they think that Israel is the aggressor and you know I’m reading. I just happened to go to CnN specifically because I wanted to see what was on their front page and I wanted to see the slant that it was written in and sure enough it’s like you know these pictures of these children’s faces who happened to get hit in an Israeli You know rocket strike against against Gaza and it so it’s showing all of these children’s faces and Israel is so mean and it just makes you wonder how much of it is just complete misinformation that could be easily cleared up if we had an honest mainstream media yeah and not only that. I mean it’s kind of hard to fathom the the level of anti-semitism that is getting spouted by the blue check marks and the various folks in in the media as well as our government. It’s pretty it’s pretty astounding to see that um there’s a lot of hatred for Israel yeah it but again again it’s like how did that how did that happen How did we let that happen is it just I mean mainstream media obviously is that the only thing what is it. I think education schools is it’s a problem you know we don’t have we don’t have a freedom fair press anymore.

We Dont Its Clear And I Think

that there are so many people in positions of power in education that they’re teaching one side or you know whether it’s a right or wrong side. They’re teaching one side of the argument and. Allowing people to make up their minds. I think it’s. I think it’s super important if we really do trust in the facts.

You Know You Give The Facts

out to people and then you allow them to make a determination one way or the other which you know which way they feel like you say I mean if it bleeds it leads right so you put a picture of a kid on the front of an of a of a site and everyone’s like rightly so they’re like make it stop yeah right but again they don’t see what was going on before and just because Israel has been incredibly efficient at defending itself. If we didn’t have the iron dome. There’d be tons of Jewish kids dead on the streets right, so you know it is what it is as far as that is concerned. I think we you know we really need to educate people correctly on the facts on the ground yeah, and I mean notice that the Iron Dome was not activated until the rockets started launching in their direction amazing technology. I know it really is incredible to watch those of you again who if you’re listening on audio podcasts you’re missing it we’re showing the the footage of all of these missiles being intercepted.

It Really Is Incredible All Right.

I want to get to our next story. So President Joe Biden speaking of which faced intense backlash what what is today Wednesday yesterday okay face backlash yesterday over a report that said that his administration was going to wave sanctions on a company and its CeO who are responsible for building Russia‘s Nordstream 2 pipeline to Germany.


Today, Joe Biden tells Israel to de-escalate with Hamas . Also Texas bans mask mandates for local government and public schools . Matthew Marsden, actor and producer, is it’s his maiden voyage on the show You are a new transplant.& I love your optimism thank you yeah thank you.& Chad Prather.& We have got a lot coming up today and it starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters I’m Sarah Gonzalez today joined by my good friend He needs no introduction America’s favorite Cowboy and future governor of Texas.& So I have lived through 2020.& You forgot also joined by Matt Marsden.& He is it is also a new transplanted. I think we are safe with matt.& And I think that’s why I invited Matt to the show UK. It’s a good friend. We want to talk. I am a great friend. He is a great person to be a good person to share your stories. I love you…. Click here to read more and watch the full video